Ryland Adams and Shane Dawson IN TROUBLE because of new video...

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This video is about Shane Dawson making a come back to SE-one through Ryland’s channel! Enjoy :)

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  1. Beth Eshete

    Beth Eshete

    Månad sedan

    I’m so confused. What do you want from him? When he stopped making videos you get mad because he has savings and lives in a mansion and assumed he was problem free and happy and now that he’s trying to step into the limelight again you bash him for not being “canceled”. Like legit what do you want from him? I wish cancel culture and creators like you will just stop acting like they’re the arbiter of who can make videos and who can’t. This is so weird

  2. searlena flesher

    searlena flesher

    Månad sedan

    Oh no please I'm not a fan of the man he makes my skin crawl

  3. Bridget Preston

    Bridget Preston

    Månad sedan

    I had someone on my bus be like Chris Brown is an abuser but he’s so talented and I’m sorry first no excuses and second HES EVEN THAT GOOD

  4. Jessica


    Månad sedan

    I’ve been out of the loop of SE-one drama for a while. I’m on here to follow lesbian content from around the world, and pimple popping 🤷🏻‍♀️🙈 SE-one used to be Shane, Jenna, zoella, Alfie, Trisha... and SE-one series like carmilla, Venice the series and so on... I’ve been out of the loop for a while. I need less talk and something like this Person • shit they’ve done/said 1 • shit they’ve done/said 2 • ...3 • ...4 Another person • shit they’ve done/said 1 • shit they’ve done/said 2 • ...3 • ...4 I’ve lost the thread on all the things on these people I used to watch on a regular basis have done or said. Since the Jeffree James drama I have no idea what’s going on 😬

  5. Vanquish12V


    Månad sedan

    “First video back we all are going to click on and watch.” Like FUCK I am. I find the cruelest thing to do with these people is actually right them off, forget their names, forget they exist, and literally spend my life fore and time on this planet trying to do good in the world, or desperately just not try to keep screwing it up. Can’t say that for most of these people. But, for accountability sake (I wonder who of these people actually knows the correct definition of that word... huh 🤔) I’ll give Angelika the views and time, instead. 🖤

  6. Rachel Outlaw

    Rachel Outlaw

    Månad sedan

    I just have to say: I don’t know how to feel about Shane. I’ve been around since ShaneDawsonTV, and loved his videos. I’ll go back and watch them sometimes for nostalgia. I have a big problem with cancel culture though. I don’t agree with or support the things Shane has done. I don’t think it’s okay in anyway. No one should support that kind of behavior. However, as humans, our entire job is to make mistakes and learn from them. I think as an internet community, we cancel people because we want to punish them when we should be fostering learning instead. Maybe Shane should come back, maybe he shouldn’t, but the cancelling is dumb.

  7. Becky Harding

    Becky Harding

    2 månader sedan

    I feel like Ellen being cancelled instead of other celebrities is maybe because she had done no wrong previously (that I'm aware of). Obviously people know of the past Chris Brown scandals, so him repeating that pattern shocks nobody. Shane has also had his share of controversy...add that to his die hard fans and he gets away relatively unscathed. Maybe people finding out about Ellen and her "true self" is too much to bear with her viewers?!



    2 månader sedan

    1. Shane apologized. Wether you accept it or not idfc, but the apology is there. But now don't come at people who'll support him. Your freedom ends when other's begin. 2. What he did was ages ago so....

  9. Lia Hamilton

    Lia Hamilton

    2 månader sedan

    Here we go again

  10. Wolviry


    2 månader sedan

    & also as you said yourself Chris brown is a serial abuser and we focus less on him than someone who made disgusting jokes 10 years ago?

  11. Wolviry


    2 månader sedan

    Thing is I get he's said and done awful things, but go on prison tik tok for like 2 mins and there's people defending domestic abusers and saying gbh criminals 'deserve a second chance'

  12. Georgie


    2 månader sedan

    hearing his voice actually made me feel sick, I am actually begging the internet to be decent and not let him come back 🙈

  13. D


    2 månader sedan

    Ellen isn’t cancelled lol she has a million other shows that she producers and hosts and will make all the money in the world. Shows how naive you are

  14. Janet MJ Meyer

    Janet MJ Meyer

    2 månader sedan

    Why is everyone acting like he doesn't deserve another chance? It was a long time ago. Shane for several years now, has been a better and different person. What if you were never forgiven even though you grew from your past mistakes?

  15. Alex Parchment

    Alex Parchment

    2 månader sedan

    The Shane clip is entertaining, I had to keep reminding myself what he's done. i was watching James Marriott and Pinely's videos about Shane's book, hearing the clips of Shane reading it was horrible. I felt disgusted by him, yet he's able to get people to forget when he's trying to act sympathetically.

  16. Georgina


    2 månader sedan

    Ryland would look good bald

  17. ilistentothecureandcry


    2 månader sedan

    shane was the first youtuber i ever watched and that was years ago and once i learned about everything he’s done i completely stopped following him and watching him. it’s honestly not that hard to have morals lol

  18. Lucy An

    Lucy An

    2 månader sedan

    i feel like constantly asking "oo when is he gna come back" even if it's meant maliciously is still serving his goals; it builds up anticipation for him and suggests that people expect him back. If he does post a video, everyone would flock to go watch it (even if it is just to leave a reprimanding comment), giving him the views (and therefore money) that he wants. In a way, everything that he's been building up in trying to slowly come back is working? Because even though we know what he's trying to do, we still give attention to it and bring it to everyones attention. Maybe we should just ignore him and let him fade into mediocracy

  19. Mario


    2 månader sedan

    Remember. the. kids.

  20. Jannika Martin

    Jannika Martin

    2 månader sedan

    It's so wild to think that Shane who was (rightfully) canceled is now starting to try to come back after quite a while. And at the same time there's Jeffree Star and he should have been canceled as much and just never really left.... I don't get it... They both should've been off the internet

  21. Virág Bozó

    Virág Bozó

    2 månader sedan

    I'm actually glad that you put those clips in the video because I was curious but didn't want to check ryland's video out xd

  22. anxiety Man

    anxiety Man

    2 månader sedan

    not gonna lie, i DO miss shane. but i miss the shane *I* knew back when i was living in blissful ignorance and could find comforting entertainment in his content. but i still believe that all of this was for the best, even if i did loose a comfort channel. i'd rather know about what he did and not support him than forgive so easily when he didn't even address ANYTHING.

  23. Vincent Cosey

    Vincent Cosey

    2 månader sedan

    Kanye West got canceled when he did that shit with Taylor Swift he literally had to go into exile. like this man legitimately ended up going to several different countries for a couple of years because of all the backlash lmao

  24. hailey stone

    hailey stone

    2 månader sedan

    watched shane for 10 years and dropped him shouldnt be so hard for others he was a comfort person for me and i dropped him faster than a hot potato

  25. Görel Barkbark

    Görel Barkbark

    2 månader sedan

    Everytime I see his face I get a creep shiver down my spine.

  26. Joslyn Ramosss

    Joslyn Ramosss

    2 månader sedan

    Why is Shane the human version of bojack horsemen

  27. Katie Hambrick

    Katie Hambrick

    2 månader sedan

    How many times Shane says ‘oh my God’ and dramatically screams about very minor things makes me want to stick forks in my eyes.

  28. oya oya

    oya oya

    2 månader sedan

    who else saw the intro and immidently went to his account lmao

  29. Thetruth Alwayshurt

    Thetruth Alwayshurt

    2 månader sedan

    What’s the commercial crap?? And Shane is a pos

  30. Ryan A

    Ryan A

    2 månader sedan

    Ellen wasn't cancelled, she could still thrive if she wanted to

  31. LuNa4Death


    2 månader sedan

    Wait....so he just got his driver's license and it was "the first time driving since tanacon"? He's defo manipulating once again. If your dl has expired or you never had one, you HAVE to take a drivers course or do a driving test at the DMV there are no other ways to get your dl....he is such a liar it's disgusting. Classic Shane trying to manipulate the viewers just like how he said "omg I've never been on a photoshoot" during the Jeffree Star docuseries when he had literally had dozens for his movie/book/shows.

  32. grace h

    grace h

    2 månader sedan

    my whole thing w shane dawson is that yes people can always get better he can grow and change and be a good person but that doesn’t entitle him to a platform. especially when he has plenty of money to take care of himself otherwise

  33. Kaleigh


    2 månader sedan

    I am so over people just willing to excuse the r*cism and p*doph*lla of everyone because "its been so long" or "i just want their x videos back"

  34. Amani


    2 månader sedan

    Sorry I had to skip the 5 hour intro

  35. Thatonegirl


    2 månader sedan

    I wish Shane made private videos where his fans can pay to watch cause 😩😩 I’d give him my money I know the haters wouldn’t pay

  36. Soulgarden


    2 månader sedan

    Why is the sound in this video so bad?? It almost hurts my ears and it's hard to understand the words spoken.

  37. wearesibz


    2 månader sedan

    What you said around 15:00 really hit hard. There is no one left to stop shane. He's like a bank at this point, too big to fail, and it's scary that someone who committed such intensely horrific things is going to be welcomed back warmly by hundreds of thousands when he returns.

    • Thatonegirl


      2 månader sedan

      Guys why?? Why can’t you guys just let him live. Don’t watch videos and give him views. Let’s all move on with our lives and stopped being obsessed.

  38. Nicole Froehlich

    Nicole Froehlich

    2 månader sedan

    I don’t think it’s so much that he’s been around for so long because people like Bill Cosby have been canceled and he was around for a long ass time. I think it’s more of the people don’t really think that what he did was that bad. When a lot of the other people being canceled out there are being canceled because they sexually assaulted people, this kind of thing doesn’t seem as bad.

  39. Tiarnie Edwards

    Tiarnie Edwards

    2 månader sedan

    I watched Shane for so long 10 years of my life as a kid to now and it was harder than I thought to cut him out. I'm a pretty radical person who doesn't put up with much to see how I let so much slide as a part of the BIPOC community makes me feel so much shame. So many people of colour watch Shane and are beaten down it's unhealthy and if you still support him your supporting the damage he's done because he's never really been held accountable.

  40. Ry f

    Ry f

    2 månader sedan

    yall literally don’t talk about shane don’t hate watch just don’t give him any attention when he comes back

  41. z0mbert


    2 månader sedan

    I think Shane genuinely feels bad about what he's done. I think people who think he doesn't care hadn't really watched him grow up. He tried to lose the edgy persona and overcompensate by being an "empath"(hate that word) and I think he's legitimately just stupid. I don't think he's evil or conniving, I think he's just fucking stupid. 🤷‍♂️ that's just my take on it. I don't support the man anymore obviously, but I also don't think he's a huge bastard. He definitely shouldn't come back to SE-one, or back in the public eye in general, but I think he at least should be able to live his life quietly yanno. Maybe this is a bad take, idk. I hope the death threats have gone away and maybe he'll just show up in Ryland's videos as an extra and thats it. Trying to make a comeback would be a horrible idea ._. But I'm sure if he doesn't know that, Ryland surely does.

  42. amigafines


    2 månader sedan

    I really miss Shane's conspiracy and top5 creepy stories about so and so- videos. Like those were actually interesting and scary sometimes, and I liked that content. Since I can't bring myself to watch his channel and/or support him for obvious reasons anymore, does anyone have any recommendations?

    • Thatonegirl


      2 månader sedan

      Nope he does it best

  43. Ivan V

    Ivan V

    2 månader sedan

    Yall are such pu$$ies I don't care if he eats a baby after f*cking it he was making edgy jokes not selling kidneys

  44. Champagne Mami

    Champagne Mami

    2 månader sedan

    the benefit to having been in hospital is coming back to lots of angelika uploads hihi

  45. rebecka a

    rebecka a

    2 månader sedan

    seeing him there makes me sick

  46. Sir


    2 månader sedan

    I agree Shane doesn’t deserve to come back. But you guys have to understand that we are not gatekeepers of the internet. We can’t dictate what people can post online. The only thing we can do is just band together and not watch his future content. If we hate watch we’ll just be helping him out.

  47. Elp Smith

    Elp Smith

    2 månader sedan

    I have very mixed feelings about Shane. I don’t think I will be watching in the future

  48. chey


    2 månader sedan

    about the point around 10:50 i also have watched shane since shane dawson tv literally like since 2013, was completely obsessed with him and talked about him non stop to everyone i knew but i had no problem cutting him out after realizing that all the things he's done are absolutely awful lmfao. i literally grew up with him and watched him since i was 12 and i think anyone who wants to cry about not dropping him just because of how long they've watched him need to get a grip dlsgkdjf

  49. It be like That

    It be like That

    2 månader sedan

    Shane Dawson is the face of pick me boys

  50. Lele deed

    Lele deed

    2 månader sedan

    Look, at the end of the day Shane will come back and we can’t stop it. I not a Shane Stan but if he comes back I just won’t watch him 🤷‍♀️ period. If u don’t want him to make money just don’t watch him. Also I don’t see why people are making a big deal about him being on his partners channel. Like it’s just him being with his partner, he fricken lives with him. Obviously he is going to be in videos. And if u don’t like it don’t watch it 🤚🏻😭 it’s so simple, u can’t stop him from coming on his own partners channel. Once again not a Stan.

  51. Ali D

    Ali D

    2 månader sedan


  52. Eizencloud


    2 månader sedan

    skip to 4:05 if you want to skip the sponsored part.

  53. Sibyla


    2 månader sedan

    Angelika, this perspective of the manner is a bit depressing, even if is kind of right, you're not looking in the right way. All his dreams about making movies, all the people that didn't think twice about have any association with him are gone.... He will never move forwards, those dreams are lost, anyone who gets involved with him will receive backlash. For the rest of his career, the only success he will have is not to loose what his got today. No amount of nostalgia can hold people interest for the new. Eventually they will move on.

  54. Maya


    2 månader sedan

    The only people who are excited for his return are the ones who weren't affected by what he did. e.g white fan base

  55. Danyelle K

    Danyelle K

    2 månader sedan

    i watched shane for about 10 year so it was a bit difficult to cancel him, of course i did. but i am grateful for the role he played in my childhood. :/

    • Thatonegirl


      2 månader sedan

      I didn’t cancel him. I will always have love because he helped me out of a sad dark place

  56. xcunt xcunt

    xcunt xcunt

    2 månader sedan

    Video starts at 4:05

  57. Hampton Ivy

    Hampton Ivy

    2 månader sedan

    Shane really just said a simple right turn was the most dangerous turn ever lol good lord

    • timmy841212


      2 månader sedan

      Yeah. Sounds like someone who SHOULDN'T be driving.

  58. Sadie Raffetto

    Sadie Raffetto

    2 månader sedan

    orrr... we stick around because yes. we have followed him from the beginning so with that said we have seen much he has grown and changed. all these exposing videos were from yearsss ago. at the time those videos were also pretty common and considered comedic. not justifying all the things he has done but you cant deny the amount he has grown as a person. all love. just saying.

    • Sadie Raffetto

      Sadie Raffetto

      2 månader sedan

      how much* not seen much😂🤦🏼‍♀️🖤

  59. Robin Siwula

    Robin Siwula

    2 månader sedan

    No they aren't shut up your pathetic

  60. 4bibimimi


    2 månader sedan

    Shane can't be a nobody. He wants it all back!

  61. Chloe Taylor

    Chloe Taylor

    2 månader sedan

    I wish we'd alll just ignore their content and not watch the videos of these people ! I know it's hard because the gossip is JUICY and a the virus has the real life fountain of drama and gossip DRY 😢 ..They don't come back because they "love and miss" the loyal fans 🙄 ...it's a JOB they come back for the money so if nobody watched or gauave them the attention they love they would go away for good! I'd LOVE this to happen to Jeffrey Star! Ryland lacks the personality charisma and like ability Shane used to have so even with him uploading and curious people purely watching Afro Shane gossip and the money is pennies compared to what Shane was bringing in !!! nostalgia..curiosity ..not wanting to miss out or not understand when everyone's talking about his new video ..along with the sick human nature to LOVE watching a car crash !! This doesn't just apply to Shane SO MANY celebs do horrific things and just get to keep living life like royalty because people like their music or their films bring img the big $ in theatres despite the wake of ruianed lives and criminal charges 😬

  62. Alice Potter

    Alice Potter

    2 månader sedan

    Relaxing, eating popcorn and catching up on the drama. Was never a fan of Shane or Ellen.

  63. Fated Destiny

    Fated Destiny

    2 månader sedan

    Has he ever apologized to the smith family to that video he made? Or did he just completely ignore that still.

  64. 천사


    2 månader sedan

    Just wanna point out that almost all the commenters leaving positive comments are WHITE PEOPLE I'm laughing my ass off rn

  65. tom fondly

    tom fondly

    2 månader sedan

    Ellen wasn't cancelled. She chose not to renew her contract; she planned on it before the whole toxic work culture scandal.

  66. Clo F

    Clo F

    2 månader sedan

    Just some feedback the advertisement is 4 minutes long its pretty lengthy when I already pay to get rid of ad’s x

  67. ihcezc


    2 månader sedan


  68. KCunlimitedEATS


    2 månader sedan

    Too much commercial.

  69. Lydia Parker

    Lydia Parker

    2 månader sedan

    holy shit, 4 minutes worth of sponsor? this video is almost 1/4 ad lmao...

  70. Megan


    2 månader sedan

    i have a few youtubers i've been watching for 10 years but if they did something awful i'd immediately stop watching. nostalgia doesn't excuse you from being complicit in giving bad people platforms

  71. PenguinFilms


    2 månader sedan

    Whether you like him or not, it’s his choice to come back or not. If he does, be mad and stay that way. If he doesn’t, then BE mad. I’m not on anyone’s side, I’m just being complete real and neutral.

  72. ニアピートゥングケルシ—


    2 månader sedan

    I'm going to post a comment and going to see if they're deleting negative comments. Stay tuned.

  73. Dani De Marchis

    Dani De Marchis

    2 månader sedan

    Can ppl just let fans be fans, if you don’t like shane just don’t watch him, don’t speak about him move on.

  74. holyhongjoong


    2 månader sedan

    see i’ve been a long-term fan of shane. the first time i ever watched a youtube video: it was shane. i grew up watching all of his extremely controversial videos and skits. i was like 7 or 8 years old when i started watching him. when i was that age, i didn’t think anything of these “edgy” jokes, but now that i’m an adult, i’ve grown as a person and realized that those weren’t jokes, it was just inhuman nastiness. i’ve had my falling ins and outs with shane over the years but i always ended up watching him and being comforted by him again. this time around, because his cancellation was widely accepted by most of the internet, its been easier to stay away (along with the lack of content but still). i still miss shane. i miss what felt like a friend, but that doesn’t excuse his actions. even though i know and it’s been confirmed that he’s a slimeball, i still wish i could support him. it’s hard to let someone go that you’ve been supporting for 10+ years. in order to keep myself in check, i constantly watch youtubers like you, d’angelo, and any other “shane dawson is scum and here’s why-“ videos that pop up in my recommended. i know i can’t consume any content from shane and i need to constantly remind myself that he’s not good, so i watch videos like yours. thanks to shane and his cancellation, i found your channel. i’d much rather be “friends” with you than shane. with all that being said, i have a lot of complicated feelings about the entire situation. i know i shouldn’t like him, and i know he’s scum, and i know i won’t be supporting him in the future- but i still want to because of the long term connection i had with him and his content. that’s my take on everything, from the view of a long term (and past) supporter.

    • Thatonegirl


      2 månader sedan

      Lol same. I always will love him because he’s helped me and made my life happier ❤️

  75. Nilla Gavrishchuk

    Nilla Gavrishchuk

    2 månader sedan


  76. Carli


    2 månader sedan

    Hearing Shane’s voice makes my skin crawl... I don’t understand how anyone could ever want him back on the internet after what he did.

  77. Vi


    2 månader sedan

    Does anybody else have problems with audio in recent tea videos? It's quite fine on the earphones but sounds awful on a speaker.

  78. Elerawiel


    2 månader sedan

    yes, shane laughing made me nostalgic because i grew up watching him. but he is still a bad person and it would just feel icky to support that kind of behavior.

  79. Em XO

    Em XO

    2 månader sedan

    He’s not posting actual posts because he’ll get Draaaaaaaaagged. And when it comes to mr ‘I’m so sensitive!’ He Doesn’t want to see just how many people literally don’t care or like him! We all saw the real Shane when Tati did her video.

  80. Redd Love

    Redd Love

    2 månader sedan

    For me with Shane Dawson yes he did wrong and I saw it but now I see a different Shane that make cringe video and since Shane got canceled bc of it his content might be a bit boring like u know his mmm being stinky and being a pig and calling himself poor he gotta change content

  81. we.all.fall.down


    2 månader sedan

    Didn’t shane already have a driver’s license

  82. yoda apologist

    yoda apologist

    2 månader sedan

    shane's garbage but I think it's unrealistic to expect him to remain cancelled when trash like trisha paytas and jeffree star continue to have a platform. hold everyone to the same standard and cancel ALL predators/abusers/problematic ppl, or it's pointless. when ppl like j* and trisha get called out for their disgusting behaviour, they ignore it, refuse to apologize and continue as normal. and it works. they're untouchable because they don't ALLOW themselves to be cancelled. i'm guessing shane has finally figured that out.

  83. •Kathleen Animates•

    •Kathleen Animates•

    2 månader sedan

    Video starts at 4:07 sorry-

    • QP


      2 månader sedan

      Thank you, I was a bit annoyed by skipping so much, but whatever, it’s her channel ofc ;)

  84. TheOnlyPinkPunk


    2 månader sedan

    I am 26 now and I have watched Shane since the beginning of his youtube career. Unlike Shane I have grown and come to realize that his dark jokes are not so much dark but offensive. It was hard for me to finally unsubscribe and stop supporting him because I grew up with watching him but the more and more stuff I found out about his past that I never realized at the time was not okay it got easier to not be a fan anymore.

  85. Emma


    2 månader sedan

    If Shane only just made a video apologising and acknowledging everything awful he did to kids and his own pets then people could maybe give him a chance to change. It's just with his apology he barely discussed any of it and made excuses. That's why it's hard to move on, as he didn't seem to care about what he did. Very different to Jenna marbles that acknowledged everything and took responsibility despite what she did was no where near as bad as what Shane did repeatedly.

  86. AllthingsVel


    2 månader sedan

    I miss him not his behavior.... that’s all

  87. h


    2 månader sedan

    4:07 to skip the ad

  88. Morgan


    2 månader sedan

    It’s been so long since I’ve seen a clip of Rylan I forgot how annoying he sounds 😭

  89. ThePerturbedGiraffe


    2 månader sedan

    Anyone else had to skip past the clips of ryland and Shane out of pure hatred and annoyance?

  90. Millie Barbrook

    Millie Barbrook

    2 månader sedan

    I think the comments are so positive because people who hate them unsubscribed and didn't see this video posted. People who stayed subscribed still support them and will watch the new videos.

  91. Loopy Panda

    Loopy Panda

    2 månader sedan

    Parasocial relationships with e-celebrities on social media are one hell of a drug 😓

  92. Goddesss 19

    Goddesss 19

    2 månader sedan

    lol here's a random comment :)

  93. Isabella


    2 månader sedan

    I cant remember what he did. And what he did to Trisha. And the videos explaining are so long. Will someone give me a quick run down?

  94. doodles1331


    2 månader sedan

    I had a convo with some friends a while ago about ppl getting cancelled and one of them argued that no one ever truly gets cancelled and listed a bunch of celebs but another brought up how all the examples were men. Kinda wonder if Ellen being a woman has a part to play in her being actually cancelled - especially with Tati being run off the internet - or if it's just a coinky doink 🤔

  95. Jessica Litchfield

    Jessica Litchfield

    2 månader sedan

    Shane’s next documentary: the fall of Shane Dawson

  96. Sarah A

    Sarah A

    2 månader sedan

    the gross thing is, i feel like when shane does come back, he's probably going to make a killing telling the story of how he was 'cancelled' in a docuseries or something

  97. Neca


    2 månader sedan

    Can someone please explain to me why are they acting like he just passed his driving test and like he is driving for the first time. I remember him driving before. I am so confused

  98. brattula


    2 månader sedan

    i used to really love watching shane before i knew everything & hearing him speak like this made me really nostalgic. i wish he hadn’t turned out to be awful :/

  99. w


    2 månader sedan

    I feel the disco rythme im my body...

  100. Jessica smith

    Jessica smith

    2 månader sedan

    You're the type of person that want every single type of comedy to be cancelled. It's really sad actually just because you don't like him doesn't mean someone is a bad person because they like him.