Tana Mongeau EXPOSES Austin McBroom for SCAMMING TikTokers...

This video is about Tana Mongeau, Austin McBroom, Bryce Hall and more! Enjoy :)

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  1. bianca strydom

    bianca strydom

    15 dagar sedan

    Please do a video on there house being foreclosed and all their lawsuits they are facing

  2. SpaghettiCarbArina


    26 dagar sedan

    pleeeease I must know what eyeshadow this is, does anyone have any idea??

  3. Kim Gessner

    Kim Gessner

    28 dagar sedan

    Girl where did you get that eyeshadow glaze?!?!? Omg ❤️😍

  4. Madeleine Angeles

    Madeleine Angeles

    Månad sedan

    You know what’s odd if the lipstick was originally Érika Costell then why did he tell Catherine it was Tana’s, I thought his clap back tweet was so sus and how convenient it was that Erika was subtweeting confirming the lipstick like girl you need money that bad

  5. K-avocado


    Månad sedan

    If Austin owns part of that company no wonder it’s a scam! How many more times frond Austin need to scam fans before people stop giving him money 🙄. There was the Ace family extra channel people paid for.. scam… Austin’s get famous paid subscription….. scam…. Bruh three strikes out. Austin is a scammer.

  6. G.R. English

    G.R. English

    Månad sedan

    why do you look SO GOOD in this video, Angelika wtf

  7. Jessica Alexander

    Jessica Alexander

    Månad sedan

    You look so pretty with your hair like that 😍

  8. Monica Christine

    Monica Christine

    Månad sedan

    For the love of god do not respond to any other filth Gabbie has to say. You’re dealing with a narcissist. She will never see reason. Continue on in peace Angelika. You handled it gracefully.

  9. Transform Supported Accommodation

    Transform Supported Accommodation

    Månad sedan

    5 million yet tony Ferguson makes 500,000 bullshit

  10. Catherine


    Månad sedan

    Your hair looks so good down like that ! Your make up always looks amazing too 😍

  11. Daniel Rhys

    Daniel Rhys

    Månad sedan

    Tana accusing someone for scamming when Tana con happened....’sips tea’

  12. Tiffany Lastinger

    Tiffany Lastinger

    Månad sedan

    Her hair looks so good!

  13. Teddy MS

    Teddy MS

    Månad sedan

    I have your notifications on but I get them really late.. I think this video was posted over 24h ago but I only got a notif an hour ago

  14. Archie jay the frenchie

    Archie jay the frenchie

    Månad sedan

    It happens in the UK too.thats why the sidemen paid there own way so they weren't tied down.

  15. B. Flores

    B. Flores

    Månad sedan

    A woman with no class just a trash image

  16. Missredeyez420


    Månad sedan

    Look Up Britney Spears Court Case Super Intense ☘

  17. kezandunicorns


    Månad sedan

    It’s *abusive. It’s an abusive environment for these young content creators to be in. Fixed it for you 😁

  18. Audrey Bridget

    Audrey Bridget

    Månad sedan

    Look idk much about that family apart from what I hear on drama channels, but that woman needs to take her children and leave Austin hes immature and cares more about internet drama then being with his family. he also seems like a compulsive cheat. If you have that many cheating allegations.... where theres smoke, theres fire.

  19. HeyItsB


    Månad sedan

    the only house? what about “La Casita” is that just hispanic tok?😂

  20. Rachel Taylor

    Rachel Taylor

    Månad sedan

    Angelika looks absolutely stunning in this video… I am shook

  21. xFusionz619


    Månad sedan

    You know what I'm only going to follow you and be subbed to you because your good looking I don't care if I sound like a simp but it's what ever I guess

  22. Blue _

    Blue _

    Månad sedan

    Not related but your hair *cheffs kiss*

  23. Enya


    Månad sedan

    Girl I KNOOOOOW Tana of all people isn’t calling out SCAMMERS…..the donkey telling the basset hound he’s got long ears

    • Enya


      Månad sedan

      puertorican sayings in English sound horrible damn

  24. Olivia Wilhite

    Olivia Wilhite

    Månad sedan

    im only 22 but i feel was too old for tik tok news LOL i literally have 0 idea what goes on 👁👄👁

  25. Spicy & Icey

    Spicy & Icey

    Månad sedan

    Woah!!!! You look absolutely stunning 🤩

  26. kelsandsyd vids

    kelsandsyd vids

    Månad sedan

    Okay hair, makeup, quality =perfect

  27. sara saleh

    sara saleh

    Månad sedan

    Why am I not getting notifications wth SE-one....

  28. Madison Saianne

    Madison Saianne

    Månad sedan


  29. rkoncenasupporter


    Månad sedan

    Austin scamming people again, yeah that's not surprise, although the irony of Tana exposing him lol, scammer being exposed by a scammer lol

  30. Charlotte M.

    Charlotte M.

    Månad sedan

    You look amazing today! I mean, you always do. However, today… Hon-neyyy 🍯 Love it ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  31. M V

    M V

    Månad sedan

    imagine if this is all just a planned scandal.. and all a big PR stunt for tana and CATHERINE to box likeeeee.. i feel like it could happen lmao

  32. rosé can punch me and I would say sorry

    rosé can punch me and I would say sorry

    Månad sedan


  33. Lele


    Månad sedan

    SE-one doesnt show me your videos anymore ?? I have to go to your channel to see them

    • Sugar Apple

      Sugar Apple

      Månad sedan

      Honestly same.

  34. Sara Cara

    Sara Cara

    Månad sedan

    Girl you’re so hot!

  35. Michelle Bermea

    Michelle Bermea

    Månad sedan

    Babes you are GLOWING

  36. Amber Nelz

    Amber Nelz

    Månad sedan

    gurl you are STUNNING. can't wait to hear you talk about Joey's video.

  37. m&m


    Månad sedan

    content houses are the ultimate form of mixing business with personal life, ofc it’s gonna fail

  38. The Backstage Blonde

    The Backstage Blonde

    Månad sedan

    I see ur point. BUT these kids were nothing before the content houses. Daisy keech was a no one … now she’s daisy keech bc of the house she lived in and the management she had. Pick ur poison

  39. Annabeth


    Månad sedan

  40. Annabeth


    Månad sedan

    love your videos

  41. Simone s

    Simone s

    Månad sedan

    Girl, your hair.

  42. ee


    Månad sedan

    if you go to the swayla instagram account and watch the instagram tv video titled ‘the divide within sway’ you can see more about greun’s relation to the sway boys, he’s still griffin and josh’s manager and helps them a lot business wise

  43. Ojreader


    Månad sedan

    “Hope” to pay everyone 🧐

  44. sofia


    Månad sedan

    i am continually struck speechless by how beautiful angelika is

  45. sofia


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  46. E WF

    E WF

    Månad sedan

    I can't stop staring at you, you look so good! You're glowing, keep thriving

  47. Cansu K.

    Cansu K.

    Månad sedan

    Honestly even if I'm not a fan of Austin I don't believe one word that comes out of Tana's mouth

  48. Cansu K.

    Cansu K.

    Månad sedan

    Tana should expose herself

  49. Megan


    Månad sedan

  50. nicolefancy69


    Månad sedan

    Tana mongeau exposing someone for scamming is the pot calling the kettle black. She honestly has no room to talk

  51. Electric Pansies

    Electric Pansies

    Månad sedan

    When she said all the people involved in the drama at the start I was like 🤨 how tf did Corinna get involved

  52. ava sisx

    ava sisx

    Månad sedan

    content house managers are so reminiscent of the managers of boy bands in the 80s, young people are too trusting once they're told they'll get a bit of money for it

  53. Josephine H.

    Josephine H.

    Månad sedan

    when i tell you my jaw dropped omg angelika you look absolutely STUNNING

  54. Rebekah Bowling

    Rebekah Bowling

    Månad sedan

    Engagement comment

  55. Alunood Almehairi

    Alunood Almehairi

    Månad sedan

    When will Tana Mongeau keep her mouth shut? Not only do this doesnt concern her, but she lied so much in the past its pretty difficult to believe anything she says now.

  56. Kianna


    Månad sedan

    I‘d love to hear you speak about the whole Landon McBroom and Shyla Walker situation!! It’s so messed up🤯

  57. Wren Penrith

    Wren Penrith

    Månad sedan

    manifesting bookshelf tour

  58. Kateřina Ivicová

    Kateřina Ivicová

    Månad sedan

    BESTIIIEEEEE!!! You look like an angel!

  59. Emilia Lawer

    Emilia Lawer

    Månad sedan

    you are GLOWING in this video !!!

  60. Elin


    Månad sedan

    your hair looks amazing today

  61. Monta Babbar

    Monta Babbar

    Månad sedan

    Can anyone please explain to me something? If they are 16,17. Shouldn't they be in school? I do know about online options etc, but you still have to do a lot of studying etc.

  62. abigailottiegrace


    Månad sedan

    I love this simple natural look🥺💕

  63. TwirlyLamb


    Månad sedan

    I feel like Angelika could drop someone if it came down to it.

  64. Jayquallin


    Månad sedan

    I think Austin is abusive. Catherine should just leave tbh. Staying with him isn’t doing her any favors.

  65. friedchicken


    Månad sedan

    Can I ask what you're wearing on your eyes today? It looks super pretty.

    • Angelika Oles

      Angelika Oles

      Månad sedan

      a bit of bronzer and the Colourpop x Animal Crossing super shock shadow x

  66. Lydia Sadat

    Lydia Sadat

    Månad sedan

    This era of Angelika's hair is so iconic

  67. Luv Powell

    Luv Powell

    Månad sedan

    Can we just take a minute to give her props on her hair today? I love it!!

  68. Erik Danielson

    Erik Danielson

    Månad sedan

    When Tana Mojo Jojo comes out and exposes Austin McBroom for being a scammer: the Garbage Woman is right! Promote her to garbage boss

  69. Heather


    Månad sedan

    But I mean, why are teens allowed to be a part of these "houses". How are parents allowing this to happen? Didn't we learn with Jake Paul's group that maybe this isn't a good environment for pre-adults to join? I don't think I get it, but then again, nobody offered me sweet swag and money to join their house. Always missed the candy vans. :(

    • Angelika Oles

      Angelika Oles

      Månad sedan

      i think parents are clueless! they don’t know much about social media and trust that this will be okay

  70. Lucija Krog

    Lucija Krog

    Månad sedan

    Commenting for engagement 🎉

  71. Megan Hanley

    Megan Hanley

    Månad sedan

    ✨ looking extra beautiful today girl ✨

  72. grace


    Månad sedan

    Content houses are the weirdest…

  73. Georgia Woods

    Georgia Woods

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    commenting for the algorithm 🏳️‍🌈

  74. midnight drinker

    midnight drinker

    Månad sedan

    who? huh?

  75. Jade Larson

    Jade Larson

    Månad sedan

    02l was the original hype house 😌

  76. Marylou Diaz

    Marylou Diaz

    Månad sedan

    I believe teens should stay with their families and not these teen houses… like you said seems very toxic.

  77. Claudia Picado

    Claudia Picado

    Månad sedan

    looking extra gorgeous in this video queen

  78. Mrs. Lane

    Mrs. Lane

    Månad sedan

    What are you doing with your life? keeping your clothes on

  79. alondra cortes

    alondra cortes

    Månad sedan

    your hair looks UNREAL

  80. hayley


    Månad sedan

    miss girl your hair! your makeup! you just lookin FINE AS HELL

  81. BABYBBUNNY isaac

    BABYBBUNNY isaac

    Månad sedan

    Girl! Have you seen Joey's video responding to Gabbie Hanna?

  82. Boosted Bonobos Inc.

    Boosted Bonobos Inc.

    Månad sedan

    Didnt she scam people with brushes? and still hasnt apologized properly for it? Hmmmmm

  83. khlood


    Månad sedan

    You look STUNNING!!!

  84. Sarah's Bookshelves

    Sarah's Bookshelves

    Månad sedan

    You should look into the Anna Campbell situation. Natalia Taylor just uploaded a video on it. Would mean a lot if you shed light I’m sure.

  85. Yeahok Vid

    Yeahok Vid

    Månad sedan

    tik tok has been banned in india for over a year now so I have literally no idea who these people but am I still gonna watch this? hell yeah

  86. King THOT

    King THOT

    Månad sedan

    I need to know what you have on your lids??? 🙏

  87. Ella Wilgis

    Ella Wilgis

    Månad sedan

    your hair looks stunning!

  88. Melinda Hicks

    Melinda Hicks

    Månad sedan

    Here for the josh and Corinne drama 👏🏼

  89. Joy K.H

    Joy K.H

    Månad sedan

    Your hair is gorgeous! 😍

  90. Venti ⃟

    Venti ⃟

    Månad sedan

    I love your content so much unlike other creators you tell us everything like we are right next to you, all your fans are having a sleepover with you and your sharing drama that’s how it feels like!

  91. Nicole Rave

    Nicole Rave

    Månad sedan

    Angelica no… Please do not give props to Carinna… She was doing just as bad shit as Bella Thorne on OF… If she’s now posting real content it’s only because she got exposed and called out

  92. cali rengel

    cali rengel

    Månad sedan

    looking stunning as always

  93. Blaire


    Månad sedan

    Okay letting her hair down 💖😍

  94. Pixie Decker

    Pixie Decker

    Månad sedan

    It's not just toxic. Imagine you worked at an establishment, somewhere with corporate money like a franchise store or something, and you were like "hey, can I take a vacation?" only to be more or less told you'd likely lose your job/position. They're all so young too that I'm not quite sure if many of them know that this isn't okay

    • Daria


      28 dagar sedan

      In my home country "technically" you have vacation days but if you take more than 2 you will be fired bc the companies don't want you to be away from work. So it's not something unusual or unheard-of, it's actually pretty common

  95. Sailor


    Månad sedan

    I gotta admit my sympathy for Catherine is wearing thin, he's been a proven cheater and yet she still defends him. Girl, LEAVE HIM he ain't worth it, it's just sad at this point.

  96. Dannissa Aryani

    Dannissa Aryani

    Månad sedan

    I think that it is good if you make apology videos to the family... just to make peace with everything... and if its not enough, somehow someday the bitch gh bring it up again... we know she’s the one controlling the family

  97. Angelina Santos

    Angelina Santos

    Månad sedan

    your hair is stunning in this video omg

  98. Olivia Gutknecht

    Olivia Gutknecht

    Månad sedan

    Just gotta say you look fkn beautiful 😍

  99. Roni's Princess

    Roni's Princess

    Månad sedan

    Plot twist. Erica Costello is the one he was cheating on Catherine with 🤣

  100. Lainie-Ruth Benedict

    Lainie-Ruth Benedict

    Månad sedan

    The algorithm pushed this like five hundred times