Shane Dawson is BACK, Tati BREAKS HER SILENCE, James Charles SHADES Tati...

This video is about Shane Dawson, Tati, Jeffree Star and James Charles! Enjoy :)

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  1. Stevie Den

    Stevie Den

    17 dagar sedan

    That’s a very interesting theory about Tati’s case.

  2. Christopher Alessandro

    Christopher Alessandro

    22 dagar sedan

    I was team tati since day one, its a shame that everyone convinced her that she was in the wrong

  3. Sonia Store

    Sonia Store

    Månad sedan


  4. Erin S.

    Erin S.

    Månad sedan

    lol love how angelika told alisha marie and glozell to support shane and ryland in their heads not publicly

  5. Erin S.

    Erin S.

    Månad sedan

    omg anneliese vanderpol is chelsea from that's so raven nuuuuu why is she supporting shane

  6. Mark Jones

    Mark Jones

    Månad sedan

    Exactly what happened

  7. Emily h

    Emily h

    Månad sedan

    Girl off topic but your makeup is amazing

  8. Ugh Becky

    Ugh Becky

    Månad sedan

    The sad part about everything is that when Shane does come back, people will support him. He doesn’t deserve any of the support that people give him. It’s also sad that the ones doing the supporting are often the children that Shane groomed/made inappropriate comments about.

  9. auriel


    Månad sedan

    i’m so high ready to catch up on the tea

  10. Rita Peralta

    Rita Peralta

    Månad sedan

    james charles needs to shut the f up because bottom line tati did not lief about him being involved w minors

  11. Ethan Lusby Travels

    Ethan Lusby Travels

    Månad sedan

    Your hair looks so cute!!

  12. Grace Baumgartner

    Grace Baumgartner

    Månad sedan

    Love u

  13. Sunny Jess

    Sunny Jess

    Månad sedan

    Now we just need Jenna Marbles to post.

  14. Livid_Butterfly


    Månad sedan

    And wow.. Shane is back, Jeffery is back, Tati is back.. all at the same time wtf.. Where's Jenna!? Jenna..? Please :(

  15. Jessica Almond

    Jessica Almond

    Månad sedan

    Kim used to do the same thing with North. She would send different pictures to all the people in her life to see which ones would get leaked. 🤣 🧠

  16. Emmalīne Jett

    Emmalīne Jett

    Månad sedan

    You were right about Tati!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Laura Natalia Fonseca

    Laura Natalia Fonseca

    Månad sedan

    can someone explain what Drama getting is?

    • Aleks B.

      Aleks B.

      Månad sedan

      I think she meant Dramageddon

  18. Yocelin Pinedo

    Yocelin Pinedo

    Månad sedan

    Has Angelika talk about Michael Weiss being on dr. Phil?

  19. k.r.thunder


    Månad sedan

    It's suspected that the deleting of Tati's breaking my silence video was part of the WOACB settlement.

  20. Anna Rico

    Anna Rico

    Månad sedan

    oh my god you were right. tati big dick energy

  21. P. consuela banana H.

    P. consuela banana H.

    Månad sedan

    Lol tati just posted

  22. That Girl

    That Girl

    Månad sedan

    I wouldn't come back n speak any truth. Nope, hard pass. The internet, at large, is fickle n will eviscerate you no matter what reality may be. Tati has learned that more than merely once. She's too smart to come out saying anything ever again.

  23. Jeremy Blak

    Jeremy Blak

    Månad sedan

    I really just hope Tati decides to come back. The internet doesn’t often admit it was wrong after canceling someone. It’d be a shame if all her work on her own channel was lost due to her accurate accusations against James.

  24. Camille G.

    Camille G.

    Månad sedan

    I hope they didnt take the kitten home, they already killed one with their negligence.

  25. Fae Darling

    Fae Darling

    Månad sedan

    completely irrelevant to the topic but that hair style looks so good on you you're so pretty!

  26. Artificial Mermaid

    Artificial Mermaid

    Månad sedan

    i think tati should just live her life and disregard those people ever again

  27. Justine Francisco

    Justine Francisco

    Månad sedan

    Always love your make-up, you're so good at it! Always enjoy your videos :)

  28. momopeachies


    Månad sedan

    If Shane could just become a monk or something and never be allowed near a computer again, that would be chill. Until he makes it very fucking clear that he knew damn well he was grooming minors, "joking" about pedophilia and beastiality, being besties with a white supremacist piece of garbage, perpetuating white supremacy with his gross blackface videos, and just being a gross human, he has no business being anywhere online. His apologies are always there to save face, not because he's actually sorry. If he really wants to come back, he needs a Jenna-style video where he goes through all his gross shit and shows clips, then pin that video on his channel and THEN take a long break. People who like him will then hear all the shit he's done from his own mouth and can't play innocent around his actions. Great video

  29. Cristina Foster

    Cristina Foster

    Månad sedan

    The internet owes Tati a big fat apology.

  30. Lana.bby -

    Lana.bby -

    Månad sedan

    OMG WAIT that’s Chelsea from that’s so raven 😭 12:24 I’m so disappointed wtf

  31. Norah


    Månad sedan

    Dave Portnoy and Barstool sports have their own issues of being racist, sexist, and just general bigots so its really not that surprising that he would have jeffree star on his podcast

  32. Betty Pickle

    Betty Pickle

    Månad sedan

    I think something is happening behind the scenes. Like a lawsuit or settlement...

  33. Gillian Catindoy

    Gillian Catindoy

    Månad sedan

    the haaair 💙💙💙

  34. defunct32


    Månad sedan

    I get what you mean when words lost its meaning. The F lost its meaning for me cause everyone causally uses it but about 20 years ago if someone were to use the F word on me I would be literally shocked 🥺.

  35. McKenzie Kopka

    McKenzie Kopka

    Månad sedan

    Emily D Baker covered this idea of Tati v business partner v WOACB and made the connection between the accusations in the two legal cases!!!!

  36. Alyssa Helman

    Alyssa Helman

    Månad sedan

    girl you look so cute!!

  37. Rigiroony


    Månad sedan

    Gurl I love that someone is defending Tati...

  38. Laura Mena Quirós

    Laura Mena Quirós

    Månad sedan

    Love your hair 😍😍

  39. AshleyJordan235


    Månad sedan

    Love your videos!

  40. Madi Wolff

    Madi Wolff

    Månad sedan

    I hope Tati was that big brained.

  41. froggykid


    Månad sedan

    you look beautiful what

  42. Dot Gloria

    Dot Gloria

    Månad sedan

    i think it’s an issue how we are reacting to james, shane, starfish and tati’s “drama” compared to david dobriks... james is also being accused of SA etc. just the victims are teenage boys. not sure if it would be the same if james was desperate for teen girls.

  43. Elle Reika

    Elle Reika

    Månad sedan

    I don't know why yall are hating on Shane

  44. Danize Harvey

    Danize Harvey

    Månad sedan

    I want Tati to come back too

  45. maisie tate

    maisie tate

    Månad sedan

    commenting for engagement

  46. Teddy MS

    Teddy MS

    Månad sedan

    omg dave is a clown lmfaooo look into his bitcoin and stock investments it's funny

  47. Megan


    Månad sedan

  48. Kandis Aucoin

    Kandis Aucoin

    Månad sedan

    Why aren't you talking about CSA????????? I've heard you support her in the past, but you are a drama channel and baby, this drama is Big af

  49. Jonelle Dunkley

    Jonelle Dunkley

    Månad sedan

    Not shane... not again

  50. Samanthula


    Månad sedan

    Tati doesn't need to address anything. I'm sick of hearing about James Charles, Jeffree Star, and Shane Dawson being walking ingrown hairs when absolutely nothing is going to happen to them of any consequence. The fact that Shane feels like he can come back and feels like he can frame his year offline as a "mental health break" is proof enough of that for me. James isn't going to be held accountable for being a danger to society, neither is Shane, and neither is Jeffree. So she should just upload and keep it pushing.

  51. Cinn Toast

    Cinn Toast

    Månad sedan

    I would love to see your perspective on the Creepshowart situation going on. As a commentary channel it would be nice to see what you think of a fellow commentators big oopsie. Just a suggestion though

  52. The Manulogue

    The Manulogue

    Månad sedan

    Like it's 2021 why are we still talking about them

  53. Cristina Morari F.

    Cristina Morari F.

    Månad sedan

    I just think Tati wants to come back to SE-one and the makeup reviews

  54. julia orefice

    julia orefice

    Månad sedan

    you look so pretty in this video

  55. Valerie S

    Valerie S

    Månad sedan

    Your brows look so beautiful ☺️

  56. Valerie S

    Valerie S

    Månad sedan

    1. Really miss Tati 2. Love latest Angelica looks 3. Shane’s behaviour is a shame

  57. Vivienne Quick

    Vivienne Quick

    Månad sedan

    So angry that Shane is acting like he voluntarily took time off the internet. BITCH you ain't no Jenna Marbles, stay off the internet sis and never come back.

  58. evangeline way

    evangeline way

    Månad sedan

    thought this said ‘shane dawson is BLACK’ i’m like 🤔

  59. Robina


    Månad sedan

    Commenting for engagement 🤲🏼

  60. Verónica Bendig

    Verónica Bendig

    Månad sedan

    Did tati wrong? Yes. Does she deserve her carrier to be terminated? No.

  61. Vera Smolyakova

    Vera Smolyakova

    Månad sedan


  62. Alejandro Vallencci

    Alejandro Vallencci

    Månad sedan

    Angelika why are you not covering the Creepshow Art situation? It’s borderline criminal offences, not just some shady posts on Lolcow

  63. Temwani Kaumba

    Temwani Kaumba

    Månad sedan

    angelika’s conspiracy theories >>>>🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  64. A very handsome boy ,

    A very handsome boy ,

    Månad sedan

    "wlwphobic" ....

  65. ItsVizor


    Månad sedan

    Stan Sebastian Vettel

  66. robsfangirll on roblox :)

    robsfangirll on roblox :)

    Månad sedan

    ugh. youtube un subbed me again. :( anyways; imo james won't end up in any legal hold. (jail, prison) he very much has power, and a lot of people,are bias for james. i believe he won't get into much legal trouble, because of his privilege. although it's sad, and it sucks very much, there's not much we can do except keep trying for legal action to be taken. even if james does get jail time/prison it won't be for long, again because of his privilege. this is just my opinion lovelies. i could be totally wrong, but this is how i see it going. justice for James Charles's victims.

  67. Calista Gurney

    Calista Gurney

    Månad sedan

    With the Rebecca vardy situation it was the other way around...she was the snake and Wayne Rooney's wife only allowed her to see her story and that's how she knew.

  68. Random user with a random name

    Random user with a random name

    Månad sedan

    Ah, to be a privileged white woman...

  69. Miranda Summerset

    Miranda Summerset

    Månad sedan

    people welcoming Shane back with open arms is really not sitting right with me smh

  70. Charles Alwyn

    Charles Alwyn

    Månad sedan

    Great video…but I will say I am still over Tati. I swear like all she really covered towards the end was drug store makeup and I never agreed with her thoughts on products she reviewed.

  71. Juju Barry

    Juju Barry

    Månad sedan


  72. Taylor


    Månad sedan

    James makes Tati look like a fucking saint

  73. backstreet britney

    backstreet britney

    Månad sedan

    The way how Sh*ne and J*mean dont feel any embarrassment or shame is beyond me.

  74. Kristin Noti

    Kristin Noti

    Månad sedan

    But Tati also blamed it all on jeffree&shane and took no accountability on being mean, aggressive, nothing. She didn’t say anything but it was all them .. soo I just don’t trust her she runs with the tides

  75. Mackenzie L.

    Mackenzie L.

    Månad sedan

    I feel like frenemies was this years dramageddon it was just smaller scale

  76. Charmaine Ng

    Charmaine Ng

    Månad sedan

    I love your channel but 4 ads in a 13min videos is a bit much

  77. Mel Escobar

    Mel Escobar

    Månad sedan

    You look so beautiful 😍

  78. computer onee

    computer onee

    Månad sedan

    This loooooook!

  79. RivaDelRey


    Månad sedan

    So sad and disappointing to see people supporting Shane like that, he hasn’t given any real genuine apology to his actions. He’s ignoring it until it goes away because he knows he can. Shame on all of them. He did awful things for 10+ years on the internet and they really think he’s a new guy after a year? 🙃

  80. Gabriela Massoca

    Gabriela Massoca

    Månad sedan

    You look so good in red!

  81. Sophie Chiew

    Sophie Chiew

    Månad sedan

    James Charles unfollowed Tati quite some time ago. I remember looking it up at like the beginning of this year

  82. emily _

    emily _

    Månad sedan

    i think you should talk about the billie ellish situation with her boyfriend and her liking tweets calling her fans embarrassing 🙃

  83. mnbvcxy


    Månad sedan

    Shane was kicked off the internet but he’s pretending like he took a break???

  84. Martyna Zimny

    Martyna Zimny

    Månad sedan

    PLEASE does anyone know what nails Angelika is wearing?? they're gorgeous !!!

  85. Pierre V.

    Pierre V.

    Månad sedan

    Shane looks uglier than ever

  86. Katylyn Elizabeth

    Katylyn Elizabeth

    Månad sedan

    Not Shape acting like he’s going on a self journey and not like he got ran off the internet

  87. Petrina Wilmot

    Petrina Wilmot

    Månad sedan

    WHY THE HELL ISNT JAMES IN PRISON? There’s plenty of proof out there to show that this is extremely real and dangerous for young teenage boys questioning.

    • BellaxBTS


      Månad sedan

      He didn’t try to have sex with them

    • Kabuto Yakushi

      Kabuto Yakushi

      Månad sedan

      What does it have to do with questioning

  88. Idk Idc

    Idk Idc

    Månad sedan

    Great video💫 Btw you look stunning💖

  89. ItsRinaMichelle


    Månad sedan

    Shane doesn't need to come back. I'm also not a fan of Ryland either. So they can both stay away lol.

  90. Real-Lemon Craw-Dad

    Real-Lemon Craw-Dad

    Månad sedan

    Engagement comment ilysm

  91. Tawnya Erickson

    Tawnya Erickson

    Månad sedan

    OK I love your videos... but this is like the 10th "Shane's back" video you've made... like kewl tell us what's up but stop titling videos that until he posts a video... I come to these like wtf did he make a video and then nope just posted on social media...

    • Kourtney Kardasim

      Kourtney Kardasim

      Månad sedan

      If it's such a bother, don't watch the video.

  92. Harmony Sage

    Harmony Sage

    Månad sedan

    It’s never good when it gets quite on social media. Something is going to go down.

  93. Ariel Håvik

    Ariel Håvik

    Månad sedan

    Also weird how theres been rumors about how Shane's going to come back to YT with a B Spears documentary series, and he made someone performing at a bar he was at play her song called toxic.. might be a reach, but I almost felt like that could be taken as confirmation.

  94. Caitlin Closz

    Caitlin Closz

    Månad sedan

    idk how I feel about shane coming back. maybe I'll find a video that showcases all the stuff he's done in the past with his apologies and then stuff that's happened recently to determine whether he's changed or not and then I'll form an opinion

  95. Carolina Gonzalez

    Carolina Gonzalez

    Månad sedan

    Lol, the only reason April-August has so much drama is that it's around the time where most SE-oner's audiences are on vacation or have more time to pay attention to the things they are doing.

  96. Iris Bossen

    Iris Bossen

    Månad sedan

    I love detective angelika :D

  97. Lee


    Månad sedan

    you look amazing as always 🖤 thanks for the tea

  98. Megan Cummins

    Megan Cummins

    Månad sedan

    there was an obscene number of ads on this vid

  99. sari


    Månad sedan

    shane and ryland remind me of mitch and cam from modern family idk why

  100. kart mo

    kart mo

    Månad sedan

    You need to start putting products you use in the description cuz i always want whatever you are wearing on your eyes