Jessi Smiles DRAGS Gabbie Hanna in THIS video...

This video is about Jessi Smiles and Gabbie Hanna! Enjoy :)

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  1. Heej S

    Heej S

    5 dagar sedan

    8:16 "I don't know why I put this in quotation marks 'Releasing music.' And--" Angelika, gorl, you know exactly why 😭 It's a crime to label anything homegirl records as "music"

  2. Юлия Светецкая

    Юлия Светецкая

    12 dagar sedan

    Honestly, with "friends" like Gabbie you don't really need to worry about open enemies. She's such a screwed up being, I hope the whole SE-one will completely forget about her soon.

  3. Alyssa


    16 dagar sedan

    i kinda wish jessi’s video was just a 30 second clip telling GH to shut the f*** up

  4. Paula Muñoz

    Paula Muñoz

    17 dagar sedan

    Isn’t it funny that every claim Gabbie has made in her series has been debunk. I don’t but based on how humans work, if everyone is calling you a lier and an awful person, maybe you just are.

  5. Shawna


    17 dagar sedan

    "A paragraph in the article not a whole article" trifling semantics

  6. Cara B

    Cara B

    17 dagar sedan

    Jessi doesn't deserve that at all. Gabbie had no right to talk about jessi's trauma and when Jessi wanted gabbie to stop Gabbie should've respected her boundaries but no she went too far.

  7. Khaleesi


    17 dagar sedan

    Can we just add Gabbie to the same dusty box of forgotten viners that we left Lele in

  8. Mounir's Makeup World

    Mounir's Makeup World

    17 dagar sedan

    Just for info, you kept the ads in the video… A question, are you really paying for her Pe? WHY?

  9. Sarah


    17 dagar sedan

    Title should be "jessi butthurt after gabbie responds" ....

  10. Mia Morris

    Mia Morris

    18 dagar sedan

    Creme eggs are elite

  11. Prince Astral

    Prince Astral

    18 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one enjoying Gabbies downfall while playing that vine of "when will you learn that your actions have consequences" vine and laughing like a mad scientist?

  12. Nik Makes Pix

    Nik Makes Pix

    18 dagar sedan

    Clarification for clarification sake, it doesn’t make a difference at this point. Correcting it just shows your integrity.

  13. Daniel Jolley

    Daniel Jolley

    18 dagar sedan


  14. Kasey Melkonian

    Kasey Melkonian

    18 dagar sedan

    Can we please cancel Gabbie Hanna officially and bring Jenna Marbles back? She’s what SE-one needs 🥺

  15. zuzanna wlosek

    zuzanna wlosek

    18 dagar sedan

    Allow the 2p for my girl bro 😂😂😭😭

  16. KayAvery


    18 dagar sedan

    Who else remembers that time when Gabbie promoted ED and then sent people to harass a someone who commented saying that they love them and are concerned

  17. M V

    M V

    19 dagar sedan

    youtube literally needs to de-platform GH. someone start a petition

  18. Coco Marie

    Coco Marie

    19 dagar sedan

    Who ever you talked to, it doesn't make a difference. Gabrielle Jeanette Hanna is a manipulative deflecting selfish immature girl who needs to log off the internet and stop using her fans to fight her battles . She needs to admit her faults and mistakes to herself so she can actually grow as a person. Because this ain't it.Take responsibility Gabbie and stop being a shitty person. Ok? Thanks

  19. nice


    19 dagar sedan

    it’s the fact she talked so disgustingly about jessi in regards to her being a victim. gab could go out and say that curtis is a “human being with feelings” and took the time to listen to him, but called jessi her “abuser” and said that she’s a “monster”. not only that, but she’s repeatedly using jessi’s own TRAUMA against her??? that’s fucking crazy !!! gab is a terrible human being.

    • 1 ,

      1 ,

      16 dagar sedan

      Gabbie called herself the victim too

  20. Anisha F

    Anisha F

    19 dagar sedan

    You're right, that clarification they asked you to make MADE NO DIFFERENCE.

  21. lo


    19 dagar sedan

    even if she misread the article, it still doesn't excuse the frankly inhuman way she handled the rightful criticism afterwards. if gabbie was this intellectual mature adult she tries to portray herself to be, it wouldn't be hard to apologise and admit your wrongdoings.

  22. Hannah Cook

    Hannah Cook

    19 dagar sedan

    Your eyes are GORGEOUS

  23. Sixtiesremake


    19 dagar sedan

    Whole article…part of it? Doesn’t make a difference. She should have read what’s on the screen. 🤷‍♀️

  24. flaming_keys


    19 dagar sedan

    Gabbies silence on the situation is kinda suspicious since she’s so vocal about everything else

  25. Reannon P

    Reannon P

    20 dagar sedan

    GH calls her a sl*t but shows off her body any chance she gets. She just hates other women.

  26. Brittanee Gauthier

    Brittanee Gauthier

    20 dagar sedan

    WHY keep talking about GH?? Sounds like she needs a reality check.....yall just keeping her in the loop......STOP talking about her!! PLZ!! She doesn't seem like a very nice person or very interesting anyways!! So why keep talking about her!!🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  27. B Rhymes

    B Rhymes

    20 dagar sedan

    The guys you’re talking about in the beginning are truly trash and not even worth being acknowledged

  28. Devyn Arble

    Devyn Arble

    20 dagar sedan

    I love how she demands her trauma isn’t aired out and Jessie (like a boss) RESPECTS that. Even tho gabbie doesn’t respect her wishes. Really shows who the real monster is

  29. Joz AnimeLover!

    Joz AnimeLover!

    20 dagar sedan

    I really think everybody should just ignore her existence as a whole. She thrives off of drama and attention. Take that away from her and she’ll be left with herself.

  30. ester ferreira

    ester ferreira

    20 dagar sedan

    Will you address the video she made on you with the conversation texts with the mother?

  31. Ju


    20 dagar sedan

    Something that really irks me about Gabbie is that she acts/thinks the Beyoncé situation was an exaggeration and ppl being out for her, when in reality it was a micro-aggression…

  32. Paulina Ha

    Paulina Ha

    20 dagar sedan

    when the stuff was brought up again, all gabbi needed to do is say "hey, yes i did tweet those things i didn't know the situation at that time i apoligized to jessi and everything is good" but no, she instead dicided to lie about it and now when she gets called out on it she just tries to twist everything so much that even herself can't keep up with all the lies anymore. it's like someone proofs that she lied, then she just lies and twists the reality to fit her, but then someone proofs that she lied again, and then she twists it again. she really is just caught up in that spirle of lies that she put herself into it but somehow blames jessi for it?? this is all just so insane

  33. giulia


    20 dagar sedan

    this woman is nuts. joey said it: she's scary. i'm kinda worried

  34. Lana Mae

    Lana Mae

    20 dagar sedan

    do one on jonathan joly!

  35. ria bee

    ria bee

    20 dagar sedan

    GH really can't deal with people not like her at all. She's such a narcissist and projects onto other people like she accuses others of doing things she does or would do. She needs to just realise that most people arent going to change their mind about her after everything she's done. If she'd just have apologised at the time actually meant it and moved on then she might still have a career lmao She's ruined it and it's all on her not anyone else

  36. Savannah Rain

    Savannah Rain

    20 dagar sedan

    The ultimate pick me/Karen evolution

  37. messsy curls

    messsy curls

    20 dagar sedan

    I wonder what Shane Dawson thinks about Gabbie Hanna

  38. poutipou


    20 dagar sedan

    GH is such a misogynist, she needs validation from men, that’s why she defends the r*pist and accuses Jessi

  39. Kdiebeu Cijdwhwu

    Kdiebeu Cijdwhwu

    20 dagar sedan

    nooooo g*bbie’s video is almost at 1mil views its exactly what she wants ughhhhhh whyyyyyyyyyy

  40. Ayesha Looyestyn

    Ayesha Looyestyn

    21 dag sedan

    SE-one just needs to have an enormous purge and just get rid of so many “creators” especially if they’ve come out on this platform and aired their dirty laundry. I don’t understand how such a huge company (google) is more than happy to have Child Groomers, People who clearly make their children work for them, People that make money off of their current Addiction (and have stated that they are not going to go through any sort of recovery) whether that be Dr*gs or even an addiction to food. Then you have people like GH who Just spends everyday trying to manipulate god knows how many people. Like WTF!!

  41. bobs burgers

    bobs burgers

    21 dag sedan

    I personally feel so annoyed jessie is just flaming the fire just leave Gabbie alone there is not more to add to the convo gabbie is impossible to get to drop stuff so Jessie needs to drop it

  42. Ruhani Nudrat Hossain

    Ruhani Nudrat Hossain

    21 dag sedan

    Gabbie hanna is by far one of the most problematic people on the platform.

  43. Sopherra


    21 dag sedan

    I really really hate the narrative or what have you that "well we weren't friends yet." Gabby doesn't seem to grasp that we don't care when they became friends or if she hated Jessi. It doesn't matter in the slightest. If the only reason you wouldn't associate with a r*pist is that the victim was your friend, you're a trash person.

  44. veef


    21 dag sedan

    gabbie also says that she "acts impulsively" so she "can't remember everything." that doesn't sound like a memory issue. that sounds like an impulsivity issue.

  45. veef


    21 dag sedan

    gabbie thought that jessi was crying to emotionally manipulate because that's what she would do. she thinks everyone is as conniving and manipulative as her so she's constantly trying to get the upper hand. what an exhausting mental state to be in.

  46. 🌠𝓼𝓮𝓸𝓾𝓵𝓲𝓽𝓮🌠


    21 dag sedan

    She’s done enough damage to people at this point. Delete Gabbie Hanna’s Channel petition sign here

  47. Leo Harry

    Leo Harry

    21 dag sedan

    sitting down after a long hard day of being mis gendered to be soothed by angelika’s calming voice :’-)

  48. Salted Mouthbrow

    Salted Mouthbrow

    21 dag sedan

    honestly gabbie hanna drama is so tiring, the only reason i watch the drama videos about her is to watch the ads for my favorite tea channels...

  49. Jaz Helton

    Jaz Helton

    21 dag sedan

    There are just some people who are so carelessly cruel that I can’t help but wish that they could be in the shoes of the people they’re traumatizing, just to know how horrible what they’re doing to other people is.

  50. Lexophile


    21 dag sedan

    the disembodied Phoebe bark at 12:32 (shudders)

  51. Kelsey Jarvis

    Kelsey Jarvis

    21 dag sedan

    It seems that Gabby is only obsessed with beautiful women. Which is the reason that she is now obsessed with you and thinking that you think about her all the time, which you don’t. You just do research and report and then get on with your day. The article didn’t make that much of a difference but thanks for admitting your mistake.

  52. mmanda515


    21 dag sedan

    GH... "NO COMMENT" is an option in interviews as well... about anything/anyone.

  53. mmanda515


    21 dag sedan

    @3:58 Says here's the entire phone call, unedited... Well, except for a small part that spoke about some personal trauma I don't want made public....... WHILE repeatedly & unrelentlessly exposing & speaking, in detail, about someone ELSE'S?!?!?! Without hesitation or skipping even a beat, Jessi never even considers anything BUT respecting that. Take note, Gabbie... take a HUGE note! The absolute audacity, balls & level of not being able to self-reflect or consider anyone BUT herself... is mind blowing. Speaks volumes as to the level of emotional development (or lack thereof) imho & disordered, just... personality. phew! So beyond not ok. Her whole series tho, attention seeking, reward wanting, entitled. Think about it, putting all in diff. videos. Gets each of those spoken about to naturally defend themselves. In a vid, tweet... with HER name in title, in tags.. Their audiences rushing to watch, to comment, to defend. Tea/commentary channels, for each video, making one of their own (or more) again... her name in title, in tags... Their fans, going to watch, to tweet, re-tweet.. SO where's the responsibility, insight, accountability, integrity OR consequences, ever? Where is the expectation & standard of behavior... that doesn't even seem required anymore? Instead, all she gets for dredging up all this old stuff again, harming others & emotionally preying upon..... is MORE traffic, MORE engagement (perhaps even "trending" smdh) MORE views... MORE ad-sense (juuuuust as Trisha just did w/ her ton of mid-rolls, repeatitive vids, emotional outbursts.. They are taught over & over what "WORKS" with NO limits. Self, self, self $$$$ imho!) MORE comments, MORE attention & .... most of all, A FUUUUUCK ton of $$$$$$$$$ & rewards!!!! As she sits back, again.. not even taking into consideration the damage or impact to ANYONE ELSE; I mean, frankly... she isn't being required to do a damn thing right or moral, by anyone. ... prob just thinking, "HA.. $$$ cha-chiiiiing mother fkers!" $$$$$$ Just like Trisha, right after... as if nothing happened, promoting something or other. smh. From their POV, IF all you ever see are rewards & personal gain? Support, enabling, encouragement, promotion of, attention, $$ ..... where's the bad?!? It's all so backwards, ugh.

  54. Aneliz


    21 dag sedan

    It’s crazy, in the 3 hour phone call Gabbie goes from “those tweets never existed” to “they did exist but i already apologized to you about them” to “everyone thought you were lying so i’m still not in the wrong”

  55. Pam Myers

    Pam Myers

    21 dag sedan

    She doesn’t even know the meaning of the word chaotic.

  56. Pam Myers

    Pam Myers

    21 dag sedan

    Don’t demonetize it. Gabbie just needs to go away.

  57. Jason G

    Jason G

    21 dag sedan

    GH has been real quiet after dropping that video….probably going insane about losing everything.

  58. Linn


    21 dag sedan

    The whole thing about the article not being entirely about the situation might have made a difference back when it happened (not for me bc at the time I believed Gabbie when she said it was a mistake), but now, with everything that's happened and especially with the episode GH filmed about it basically retracting her apology and blaming everyone else for her mistake, it doesn't make ANY difference whatsoever.

  59. Stephanie Cisco

    Stephanie Cisco

    21 dag sedan

    I’ve come to realize GH won’t stop talking about all this because it’s the only thing that keeps her “relevant” but not in a good light. If she signed a NDA Then she’d have to talk about her work and music, which isn’t doing well. She’s nothing without the drama and being a victim 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Stephanie Cisco

      Stephanie Cisco

      16 dagar sedan

      1 , oh 100%. It’s very sad. And honestly her views aren’t even doing that well.

    • 1 ,

      1 ,

      16 dagar sedan

      She may be "relevant" now but what she doesn't realize that she's only ruining her career, sure she's getting a ton a views but once this is over it'll be little to none. It's sad to see people self sabotage for the sake of views and attention cause they never realize the consequences but regardless it's a choice they make

  60. Ante Ogrešević

    Ante Ogrešević

    21 dag sedan

    Only a guilty person has the need to constantly prove themselves right

  61. Chloe Mongin

    Chloe Mongin

    21 dag sedan

    I feel like you left out what I consider the worst part of that whole video where at the end GH basically says that she would understand him accidentally r-wording her if they had been dating at the time. Like…. WHAT. It made me want to vomit i can’t believe she even still has a platform. For how much she claims she isn’t an apologist she sure likes to make up excuses for r***sts

  62. diphylleiagr


    21 dag sedan

    idk if i’m just hungry or what but i keep staring at your shirt and thinking about neapolitan ice cream

  63. Bruno Rodiel Abril

    Bruno Rodiel Abril

    21 dag sedan

    the fact that when u search gabbie hanna the first thing it show up is drama videos says a lot of her

  64. Fluffy Larsen

    Fluffy Larsen

    21 dag sedan

    Maybe donate the profits from the video to the fund or directly to the family?

    • Dot M.

      Dot M.

      21 dag sedan

      Doubt she’d be willing to do that 😒 And if she did, it’d probably be only a fraction of the profits.

  65. Grazia


    21 dag sedan

    I have questions since I just know about this drama… now, why does GH wants Jessi to sign an NDA if this is Jessi’s story??? Why does Gabbie has the need of keep talking about this? Does she has actually any part in the actual situation? Like I don’t get it

    • 1 ,

      1 ,

      16 dagar sedan

      The attention and views, that's why she's been going on her "meltdowns"and going at other creators she had beef in the past with. She doesn't care about anything that happened in the past all she cares about that if she does what she's doing it'll give her views and attention

  66. Claire Willow

    Claire Willow

    21 dag sedan

    I remember when my rapists best friend (who was also my friend) didn’t believe me at first and how much that hurt. And then when he did believe me and brought it up to my abuser that made my abuser angry at me that I dared to tell his friend what he did

    • Claire Willow

      Claire Willow

      19 dagar sedan

      @muffy malandro thank you 🙏

    • muffy malandro

      muffy malandro

      21 dag sedan

      i hope you’re doing better and those are some horrible people, they can rot

  67. E M J

    E M J

    21 dag sedan

    I love how these edgelord dude commentators think there is a real difference btw a section of the article and the whole article. Great semantics bros 🙄

    • E M J

      E M J

      20 dagar sedan

      @aj excellent point

    • aj


      21 dag sedan

      I also love they they seem to think they are above tea channels when that’s literally what they are...

  68. Tokahontas Business

    Tokahontas Business

    21 dag sedan

    Ive been assaulted several times and it’s never SOMETHING YOU MAKE UP! That’s sick. I hate when ppl do for attention or to get out of something and invalidates us REAL survivors. And for gabbie (who I’ve NEVER been a fan of in the first place thankfully) to say jessi only mentioned it to make herself cry is disgusting and awful! We all have different reactions! And that sounds more lk what gabbie would do not Jessie. Also im sick of the “I have adhd/add” bs! I do too! And MULTIPLE AND SOME SERIOUS MENTAL ILLNESSES AND EVEN I DON’T AND NEVER WOULD ACT THIS WAY! She’s gotta have narcissistic personality disorder or is just a sociopath which I’m more leaning toward. *allegedly* 🙄🙄🙄

  69. faelunir


    21 dag sedan

    It's a fact at this point that anyone still supporting Gabby is probably a karen who acts exactly like her, full of entitlement, drama, and self-interest.

  70. Taylor Hollingsworth

    Taylor Hollingsworth

    21 dag sedan

    the most infuriating thing is when you’re crying because you really can’t help it and someone says your trying to emotionally manipulate them!!

    • Taylor Hollingsworth

      Taylor Hollingsworth

      21 dag sedan

      Like I’m not gonna tell you that you’re a fckn Ted Bundy acting psychopath bc you can maintain perfect composure in emotionally volatile situations but you’re gonna can call me a manipulator? Okay queen.

  71. A duck of some sort

    A duck of some sort

    21 dag sedan

    Honestly who even gives a shit about the initial situation? The problem is with what Gabbie did, intentionally, afterwords and continues to do.

  72. Zachary Metcalf

    Zachary Metcalf

    21 dag sedan

    Please leave SE-one you clown. All these fans will be gone soon. One video on your downfall is already going viral and there is at LEAST 1 more in the making

  73. Emma McNeil Cowie

    Emma McNeil Cowie

    21 dag sedan

    These commentary fuck boys ride so far up Gabbies arse. They give mega simp energy.

  74. P D

    P D

    21 dag sedan

    If you look at the timeline of events it becomes so much worse? 1- GH mocks Jessi and sides with Curtis in tweets, the day the TMZ article drops. She later deletes the tweets. 2- GH and Jessi become friends, GH apologizes for the tweets (her excuse that they weren't friends and she "barely had a platform" when she had hundreds of thousands of followers is weak, but let's say that so far it's not that bad). 3- Jessi and GH have a fallout 4- GH tries to sleep with Jessi's ex to get back at her. She talks to Curtis multiple times, tries to collab with him, Facetimes him to "get his side of the story", then says SHE BELIEVES HIM and that she's "so sorry" for the hurt Jessi caused on HIM (unhinged, I don't think enough people have noted that she did this?) 5- Fans bring up GH's old tweets, GH says the tweets were not about Jessi and people are misremembering. 6- I believe at this point Jessi shades GH a few times about the tweets (they both shade each other multiple times about multiple things, but after GH lies about the tweets, Jessi shades her about it)/////* GH loves to start the story HERE 7- A 15 year old fan confronts GH on twitter. GH DMs her, gaslights her into apologizing, lies lies lies, and then on top of that, sends her private conversations with Jessi and talks to her about Jessi's medication and mental health 8- Jessi snaps after finding out about these DMs and makes a public video calling GH out. Rightfully so because tf is she supposed to do? //////* GH also loves to start the story HERE 9- GH complains about the public video, cries, says she's not a r*pe apologist, continues to lie about Curtis and her involvement with him 10- A random man accuses Jen of abusing a child that doesn't exist, GH and fans spread the baseless rumors, Jen snaps and starts tweeting. GH directs her anger over Jen's reaction to Jessi (who has nothing to do with this) and continues to spread the baseless accusations 11- Jessi and GH have a private 3 hour phone call after a back and forth, they both record it. GH is the one who brings up recording it first... In this conversation GH tries to gaslight Jessi multiple times and threatens her with a lawsuit. She demands a public apology... for... what? And for Jessi to sign an NDA. She offers nothing in return for either of these things. In the phone call she admits to stuff Jessi didn't even know about her and Curtis 12- Jessi finally caves and asks a friend to ask Curtis what he's got to blackmail GH, it turns out it's terrible (see #4). I usually don't believe r*pists word for anything, but since he claims to have video and GH seems to agree there is... I kinda have no choice but to believe him 13- GH does a podcast where she calls Jessi a narcissistic abuser. She keeps doing this over the course of a year on and off, Jessi doesn't react for a while until... 14- GH does a buzzfeed article where she once again talks about Jessi and her trauma 15- Jessi, tired, snaps and posts snippets of the 3 hour phone call 16- GH makes a video about Jessi, mostly about the phone call. Lying lying lying... 17- Jessi makes her latest video Like, if you look at things as they happened...I don't understand why Jessi ever had to apologize about anything (not talking about their friendship in general, but about the Gabbie+Curtis situation alone). She's actually handled herself extremely well and I cannot understand how she didn't snap more. She's a better person than me because I would've actually punched GH in the face, not just threaten to do it.

  75. Jessica Brittain

    Jessica Brittain

    21 dag sedan

    It's sad that GH always says Jessi has multiple mental health issues and perceives her to be the abuser in the situation - from a psychology point of view GH has continuously projected her own issues onto Jessi and tried to downplay her trauma and also dehumanise her in the process. Jessi has shown a huge amount of self awareness that she hasn't been perfect in the situation and has expressed how she wants to deal with the situation (cut all contact and have nothing to do with GH), which honestly after experiencing her trauma in the past AND the fact she is currently pregnant (after suffering a miscarriage) shows a lot of integrity and that of someone who is SOUND of mind. If GH went for a psychological evaluation she would potentially be diagnosed as a narcissistic with borderline personality disorder (maybe other diagnoses as well) just from observing her behaviour in videos and how she approaches/deals with situations.

  76. J


    21 dag sedan

    I think GH has a MASSIVE problem with other women. She's always having beef with women, always victim blames women. She calls Curtis a human being and Jessi an abuser.

    • Cam’s Reel

      Cam’s Reel

      19 dagar sedan

      Which sucks because you'd think she'd stand by other women, completely agree ^

  77. Laura Paine

    Laura Paine

    21 dag sedan

    GH is the literal person imbodiment of 'one rule for me and one for them' SHE DIDN'T WANT TO SIGN AN NDA IN CASE SHE GOT ASKED ABOUT JESSI?! But she wanted Jessi to sign one?! I'm sorry?! 🤯

  78. Lucy Whipple

    Lucy Whipple

    21 dag sedan

    I really hope she chooses not to release the 2 “chapters” about Jessi.

  79. Danai Sophia Ferhan

    Danai Sophia Ferhan

    21 dag sedan

    Ngl I want to see gabbie lose her platform

  80. Brejan22


    21 dag sedan

    GH “music” career never was and after this I hope her little fans open their eyes and finally see she’s the problem

  81. Mötäjïkä Cosmos

    Mötäjïkä Cosmos

    21 dag sedan

    The 'whole article' vs 'a piece of the article' changes literally nothing. Regardless, read the article you're posting to potentially millions of people.

  82. Melanie Gorniak

    Melanie Gorniak

    21 dag sedan

    You’re the only commentary channel I watch I stopped watching SG the minute she tossed you under the bus she has a history of not standing by her “ friends “ when she could possibly look bad , nobody is perfect it doesn’t exist no such thing is possible I disliked very much how she dealt with that situation and I feel that she’s very entitled just my opinion. When commentary videos are done they need to be done fast with as much information you can get quickly so ummmmm yes there may be retractions and you’ve done that when it needs to be done SG ( Hannah) refuses to take back anything she says in the videos I’ve seen in the past , I could be wrong but the ones I’ve watched she refuses to admit when wrong so I haven’t watched a video in a very long while I used to enjoy her till I seen her real personality come through it’s very spoiled and entitled just my opinion.

  83. Cris


    21 dag sedan

    Knowing what the article was about really doesn’t make a difference lol the fact is the information was there and it was ignored

  84. Melanie Gorniak

    Melanie Gorniak

    21 dag sedan

    GH hasn’t changed yet so I honestly don’t think she ever will her mind is damaged and needs serious help.

  85. Eva


    21 dag sedan

    Once again proof that GH IS the monster that’s been here all along

  86. Clara


    21 dag sedan

    Gabbie has been REAL silent, but giving her obsession with Angelika, she may crawl out of her shadows after this

  87. Courtney


    21 dag sedan

    “I can’t sign a NDA because of interviews” Gabbie you fund your own music and ur not famous outside of SE-one chill girl.

  88. Courtney


    21 dag sedan

    F GH Jessie doesn’t deserve, she’s deserve to be happy and enjoy her family. GH sucks.

  89. FlickerFlee


    21 dag sedan

    Currently waiting for the "i hAvE AdHd" excuses on why GH is a total POS.

  90. Miserable and tired

    Miserable and tired

    21 dag sedan

    Wow I’m not from USA and I’m shocked Curtis would never be able to have his media pages btw he would probably spend his time in prison. Although sometimes other men try to blame victims but it always ends up with prison and people like Gabbie Hanna would be shocked but we won’t allow such villains exist and even if they do their reputations are dead. We have a girl rapper who basically like gabbbie Hanna but she knows what she does and year ago she posted her home videos because she needed attention for her “song”. Inatasamka known as a bad person but she is ready to lose respect but stay relevant. If you don’t understand why I used for example posting adult content for promotion. Well. She lied it was leaked. Gabbie is delusional and I don’t know what is scaring more. Be aware or believe delusions

  91. Emma Smith

    Emma Smith

    21 dag sedan

    Everyone: "GH stop talking about me" GH: *calls everyone abusers and constantly insults them with lies* Everyone: responds GH: why is everyone attacking me, I deserve an apology.

  92. Maya


    21 dag sedan

    Omg we’re wearing the same makeup look ☺️💕 love ur content!

  93. BullCrap


    21 dag sedan

    I’ve never liked GH and I’m glad people realize how shitty of a person she is now. There’s still too many people validating her though and that needs to stop

  94. Gremilie


    21 dag sedan

    Gabbie is a human experiment For what would happen if you listened to everything your fans would say, and use them for your “ receipts”. It’s not working sis.

  95. Riley Madison

    Riley Madison

    21 dag sedan

    Gabbie is always talking about her right to respond to allegations but wants to silence Jessi via an NDA so that she can talk shit all she wants and Jessi can never reply or defend herself. So basically Gabbie believes in free speech but only for herself. And has the audacity to edit out her traumatic experience in the phone call because she feels uncomfortable but feels free to exploit Jessi's trauma over and over again. Make it make sense! She is so self-involved and self-righteous, it's ridiculous and dangerous.

  96. Ellie Louise

    Ellie Louise

    21 dag sedan

    I really wish Jessi could get a restraining order against gabbie. The poor girl deserves to live her life in peace

  97. Buster


    21 dag sedan

    At 8:15... trust me, we know why you put it in quotation marks- I think anyone with ears would understand. And you were bloody right to.

  98. crazy world

    crazy world

    21 dag sedan

    Gabbie needs to leave the platform. Whatever she posts is a waste of data and electricity.

  99. Cathy Nguyen

    Cathy Nguyen

    21 dag sedan

    Pretty sure GH not only has narcissism but also machiavelli syndrome

  100. Lucie l

    Lucie l

    21 dag sedan

    Gh needs to go away and look for therapy, this is not healthy behaviour she obviously has something going on. She believes her delusions and stuff it's not "normal"...