Shane Dawson DRAGS drama channels in new video...

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This video is about Shane Dawson, Ryland Adams, Tana Mongeau and more! Enjoy :)

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  1. Shauna .C

    Shauna .C

    8 dagar sedan

    i always watch you while i eat. idk why it’s just calming ig lmao

  2. Alex Noelle

    Alex Noelle

    10 dagar sedan

    Hun, you do realize they weren't talking about you specifically, right? Why did you feel the need to get so defensive? LMAOOOOOOO

  3. Parsheeta Roy

    Parsheeta Roy

    14 dagar sedan

    what do you use for that hair omg

  4. Parsheeta Roy

    Parsheeta Roy

    14 dagar sedan

    what do you use for that hair omg

  5. Parsheeta Roy

    Parsheeta Roy

    14 dagar sedan

    what do you use for that hair omg

  6. LiveBreatheYourLife


    17 dagar sedan

    Oh wow. I haven’t been here since like 2019 and you’re not a kid anymore. So grown up now! 🥺

  7. velvetBiscuit


    22 dagar sedan

    Irrelevant but omg your hair ✨✨

  8. Alvin Del Rey

    Alvin Del Rey

    28 dagar sedan

    I can’t wait for Shane’s comeback

  9. Splash


    Månad sedan

    not defending him but it was clearly a joke we don't gotta waste our energy talking about this man lmao

  10. Sally Ritchie

    Sally Ritchie

    Månad sedan

    Don’t take it personally Angelika, they’re just cranky because they’ve been on the wrong side of drama (which is their own fault). No one except Shane, Morgan and Ryan care about their pictures in your thumbnails 😂 the clear images of their faces help us know why your videos are about. You’re doing great 😊

  11. agent danvers

    agent danvers

    Månad sedan

    you look breathtaking!

  12. Annabeth


    Månad sedan

  13. Annabeth


    Månad sedan

    love love love

  14. CERENITYann


    Månad sedan

    Hair tutorial ASAP

  15. inthe flatfield

    inthe flatfield

    Månad sedan

    Almost hate to say it but I would love to see someone with Shane just...telling him off. Telling him what a pathetic manchild he is, how he's a disgusting person and deserves to go hide in a cave forever.

  16. Rebbecca Cameron-Park

    Rebbecca Cameron-Park

    Månad sedan

    I want hair like angelikas, so so pretty and glow

  17. brooklyn l

    brooklyn l

    Månad sedan

    don’t know what to comment but hey queen u look so good today

  18. RedRoseBlue


    Månad sedan

    He's gonna do a documentary about thumbnails.

  19. Kiran Kaur

    Kiran Kaur

    Månad sedan

    4 seconds in and I had to stop just to say OOF! The MAKEUP in this one!! That eye look is to die for

  20. Doris J F

    Doris J F

    Månad sedan

    Omg Angelika that hair - those golden eyes oooo my goodness GORGEOUS

  21. Ariel Igoe

    Ariel Igoe

    Månad sedan

    theyre all acting so on brand it’s so weird... did they all collectively agree to play horrible people on youtube??? how can not one of them at least see something wrong with the other lmfaooo??

  22. Lee


    Månad sedan

    Let me get this straight... Shane is sooking over drama channels when his boyfriend is apart of a drama podcast? The fuck?

  23. svftmgc


    Månad sedan

    mental health issues are generally long term issues. there is nothing wrong with bringing a child into you life, family, home, PROVIDED you are able to manage your problems and take care of yourself, regardless of those problems (or more accurately, in spite of those problems). depression, anxiety, bipolar, autism, etc, are not good enough excuses to neglect children. they will NEVER be good enough excuses to neglect children. if you cannot properly and healthily manage your own problems, how can you even EXPECT to be able to look after a whole other human being? ESPECIALLY one that is so dependent on care from others? if you’re suffering from something like that and are regularly unable to provide the basic care your own body needs, i am begging you, please do not bring a child into your life and home. not until you are able to care for yourself, at the very least semi-regularly. not until you are able to manage your issues healthily. to be clear, in case anyone misunderstands, i am not shaming anyone. i struggle a lot too, which is why despite wanting children, i cannot have any, certainly not for a while. i struggle to look after myself most days, and have yet to find coping mechanisms that work for me. it isn’t fair to bring a child into the world, into my life, when i cannot guarantee that i’ll physically and mentally be able to look after them. children don’t deserve to be neglected because we adults are unable to care for ourselves.

  24. Bork PomPom

    Bork PomPom

    Månad sedan

    I always got an impression of the three like this: Shane - fake concerned friend Ryland - got arrogant off of riding off someones coattails Morgan - Nepotism + not like other girls

  25. laurenxx3able


    Månad sedan

    This is why shane hasn’t returned tho… nor has been in a healthy head space. Comments like these, videos like these, and those assuming they know everything and anything about his life. 2021….. surround it with positivity or fuck this toxic bullshit.

  26. Baeuti


    Månad sedan

    i mean i dont like shane but like... i think they were just making a simple observation and a joke this aint that deep

    • Baeuti


      29 dagar sedan

      @Lost and gone sis i have 0 clue what you're trying to say lmao

    • Lost and gone sis

      Lost and gone sis

      Månad sedan

      @Baeuti white

    • Baeuti


      Månad sedan

      @Lost and gone sis what?

    • Lost and gone sis

      Lost and gone sis

      Månad sedan


  27. Lorna Doon

    Lorna Doon

    Månad sedan

    I have zero interest in watching Shane or any one he films whith

  28. Sophia Ellis

    Sophia Ellis

    Månad sedan

    angelika has just seriously been going through a glow up over the years and I'm SO here for it, I have curly hair and I would kill to be able to style my hair like hers

  29. Hey It's Vikiko!

    Hey It's Vikiko!

    Månad sedan


  30. TheDilemma76


    Månad sedan

    I like when everyone uses the same photo over and over again because I don't have to think who it is. It's like a brand logo at this point. I see the Golden Arches and I want fries. I see Shane Dawson and I click.

  31. Roberta


    Månad sedan

    I kept getting distracted by your hair CUZ IT LOOKS SO GOOD

  32. tenessa clement

    tenessa clement

    Månad sedan

    Sub par eye shadow palette? Funny how people loved the eye shadow pallette when it first came out yet the moment he's involved in a scandal and people are all about cancelling him, it's now sub par. I don't by any means condone his behavior but most of it was things that happened years ago and not even remotely as bad as a lot of other youtubers/social media personalities yet there's people still supporting them. I just think it's a bit ridiculous that people went so hard trying to cancel Shane but let others get away with worse shit. I think Shane has been punished enough and it's about time people let him move on with his life and focus on the people who a pretty actually have done way worse.

  33. Y Muller

    Y Muller

    Månad sedan

    When she says for them to “leave her thumbnail making alone” when she chose a literal job where she talks badly about people and doesn’t leave them alone…seems odd to me

  34. Sefenite101


    Månad sedan

    get 'em ange, we love youuu xx

  35. whaliien.


    Månad sedan

    not that im defending him but its so funny how yall get so defensive over the thumbnail thing like u should just sit there and get dragged sweetie u sound so bitter NDMMSKSMSKSK

  36. kidflashgirl123


    Månad sedan

    Commenting to help you "make more money than them"

  37. Lisa Bakker

    Lisa Bakker

    Månad sedan

    The haiirrrrrr omg

  38. Clever Haunts

    Clever Haunts

    Månad sedan

    I love Tana being an ally to woman and trans people! Like when she called out Taylor Canif for being transphobic and then hung out with him like 3 weeks before what he did to Nikita! And how she can continues to cry over Jake Paul… you know, after what he did to Justine! Love her ❤️

  39. Clara


    Månad sedan

    Oh yes, the thirty something man is acting like a victimized and insecure teenager again

  40. nope


    Månad sedan

    Ma’am, I’m gonna need to know what palette/ shadows you have used on your eyes…..will this lewk be in a video on 2nd channel? 👀

  41. sky


    Månad sedan

    Can u make a video on David coming back

  42. Desiree Arsenault

    Desiree Arsenault

    Månad sedan

    yooo , you gunna apologize to Bianka devins family

  43. nadi


    Månad sedan


  44. bibibow


    Månad sedan

    Idk about the drama about shane he is just not fun too watch anymore lol

  45. Katherine Church

    Katherine Church

    Månad sedan

    I know Tana isn't a good person, but I feel bad for her, I don't think she's quite mentally well.

  46. Camila Bellis

    Camila Bellis

    Månad sedan

    you should've use the same photo just to pissed him off

  47. Sona


    Månad sedan

    Holy shit, you look stunning!

  48. Olivia Schuster

    Olivia Schuster

    Månad sedan

    Somebody PLEASE use a picture of him hiding behind the blanket in their video. PLLEEAASSSEEE. Omg.

  49. this isn't a name 1111

    this isn't a name 1111

    Månad sedan

    The way that you used a screenshot from the video for the thumbnail is truly what makes this video amazing

  50. ABrokeCollegeStudent


    Månad sedan

    This eye look *chefs kiss*

  51. Monika Liane

    Monika Liane

    Månad sedan

    Hair and makeup on point

  52. Pop Tart

    Pop Tart

    Månad sedan

    Can you give a hair routine?!?

  53. Jime MC

    Jime MC

    Månad sedan

    I really, strongly wish adoption agencies do a background on Shame and ban him and Ryland entirely from ever having children.

  54. Sabbie


    Månad sedan


  55. Victoria Rochas

    Victoria Rochas

    Månad sedan

    Angelika did you get any Cartier bracelet yet?

  56. Taethetic


    Månad sedan

    I hate how he's becoming so comfortable on camera, and his fan are forgiving him blindlessly, and wanting him to comeback.. I think he's going to make a comeback on his channel very soon.

  57. Valeriya Kelekhsaeva

    Valeriya Kelekhsaeva

    Månad sedan

    the thumbnail 😂 yesss

  58. karina


    Månad sedan

    Love you Angelika🖤

  59. olivia


    Månad sedan

    not that hard, pick a new photo? lmao why you so offended 😭😂😂😭😭

  60. Savannah Sparks

    Savannah Sparks

    Månad sedan

    Love clickbait. He’s making a joke about drama channels jumping at every little thing and here you are.

  61. David Wilkes

    David Wilkes

    Månad sedan

    Shane … shut up . You are gross, stop being cute

  62. ElfrododoBird


    Månad sedan

    Does Shane have to come back? He can just not

  63. Elemenopea


    Månad sedan

    I have nothing more to say than your eyes are SOOO gorgeous it's almost hypnotic! The makeup is pretty but its just window dressing for what's already naturally amazing!

  64. Emilie Krahn

    Emilie Krahn

    Månad sedan

    i love your hair omg

  65. Enya


    Månad sedan


  66. Gabriela


    Månad sedan

    The thumbnail just adds a cherry on top to this video

  67. Reade Grueter

    Reade Grueter

    Månad sedan

    The whole picture thing doesn't make any sense to me because do you WANT a bad picture?

  68. Kir T

    Kir T

    Månad sedan

    that thumbnail!! yelling

  69. lunalyn


    Månad sedan

    I'm completely serious here - why didn't he just fully log off and end his career for 5 years? Like, just stay off the internet for at least the amount of time that people can actually forget about you. It's not that I want him to come back at all but how can you be so very tone deaf to how people respond to you?

  70. unfortunately i am sane

    unfortunately i am sane

    Månad sedan

    baaaabe get that cartieeeerr

  71. Fabx


    Månad sedan

    Whatever hair products you’re using, they’re working!

  72. Morgan Musick

    Morgan Musick

    Månad sedan

    Can we just take a second for a hair appreciation comment bc….😍🔥💕 STUN 👏🏻 NING 👏🏻 Please don’t say it’s a Dyson hair wrap. My wallet can’t handle that. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  73. Madalynn Jansen

    Madalynn Jansen

    Månad sedan

    Girl you look amazing 🥺

  74. Omg bye

    Omg bye

    Månad sedan

    Hes like asking for a death threat by mentioning drama chanels,cause drama channels are just going to make video of that 💀

  75. StopMotionCity


    Månad sedan

    You look absolutely stunning in this video!

  76. Olivia Toivanen

    Olivia Toivanen

    Månad sedan

    Can they please stop pretending to be poor 🤨 its getting so old

  77. HersheyQueen


    Månad sedan

    I don't know if Tana knows when to keep things in the draft, but if so. I'd LOVE to see the shit Tana thinks is too much to post 👀

  78. Trinity Wright

    Trinity Wright

    Månad sedan

    I don’t know if they know this but if they don’t do bad things they won’t be on drama channels at all

  79. HersheyQueen


    Månad sedan

    Morgan... Yes, people ONLY talk about Shane to make money. Clearly. Let's completely ignore the fact that he's racist, creeped on underage fans, re-enforced harmful stereotypes, did SOMETHING to his cat, platforms toxic people, and lies about being empathetic. Ya know just to name a few things, but silly me! None of that stuff matters though since Shane took this "voluntary" break! He is clearly a good person and can NEVER be in the wrong. Oops. 😵🤡

  80. Cassidy


    Månad sedan

    Yeah Morgan is so stupid lol like girl shut up. Can’t get over them still trying to act poor

  81. Colombia Sara

    Colombia Sara

    Månad sedan


  82. Gtg Michi

    Gtg Michi

    Månad sedan

    **this blurb is dedicated to the Cartier bracelet**

  83. Percifany Cotto

    Percifany Cotto

    Månad sedan

    Who’s the new camera man for Shane🧑‍🦲

  84. Ashes x2

    Ashes x2

    Månad sedan

    I fuckin LOVE that look

  85. kylie


    Månad sedan


  86. Arica Hawkins

    Arica Hawkins

    Månad sedan

    miss girl your hair is BEAUTIFUL

  87. Samirah Islam

    Samirah Islam

    Månad sedan

    Are we not gonna address the fact that David Dobrik is back???

  88. Omg bye

    Omg bye

    Månad sedan

    Not shane dawson complaining that his face is the same on every drama channel thumbnails when he literally looks like a thumb

  89. sylvia comer

    sylvia comer

    Månad sedan

    THE HAIR🤩🤩

  90. Tuesday Collins

    Tuesday Collins

    Månad sedan

    You're absolutely glowing this video👏🏽😭

  91. Abdulrahman Adel

    Abdulrahman Adel

    Månad sedan

    Girl it's not a big deal

  92. AshleyJordan235


    Månad sedan

    Love you!

  93. Bruce Brewster

    Bruce Brewster

    Månad sedan

    Her eyeshadow looks so stunning in this

  94. Alexis White

    Alexis White

    Månad sedan

    Angelika’s hair is gorgeous omg

  95. Rainbow Melody

    Rainbow Melody

    Månad sedan

    Ugh Angelika you look fenomenal lately 😔 the hair, the makeup, chefs kiss

  96. Vincent L.

    Vincent L.

    Månad sedan

    The thumbnail 💀

  97. Omeimei91


    Månad sedan

    As if they don't understand how a video goes viral if you pick the right picture.. obviously certain images are linked to certain dramas, so you'll pick those to signal the content of the video. Is this not obvious?

  98. Visszhang


    Månad sedan

    THE. EYES. ARE. ON. POINT 👏 yassss girl you like a golden QUEEN

  99. kate


    Månad sedan

    Shane out here trying to drag drama channels over a style choice while he's out here making inappropriate remarks about children....? Yeah. It's the style that's a problem Shane.

  100. Stefan Makara

    Stefan Makara

    Månad sedan

    Uh- no one's going to call out Tana for partying?