Gabbie Hanna is in BIG TROUBLE...

This video is about Gabbie Hanna, Logan Paul, Tik Tok and more! Enjoy :)

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  1. Alex Ty

    Alex Ty

    Månad sedan

    I want to watch Gabbie beat up rice

  2. Luca Salsa

    Luca Salsa

    Månad sedan

    Yeah no, always believe the victim. Now I hate saying this/when ppl say this but if the roles were reversed they’d already be “canceled” ofc we don’t know what happened but what we saw in the video is a man laying down and a girl on top of him with the knowledge he said she did that. So I’m inclined to believe him.

  3. Charmynox


    Månad sedan

    I am always so lost when you cover tiktok scandals bc they all happen on straight tiktok which I've never even spent a millisecond on so I've no clue who any of the tiktok people you mention are 😂 But I absolutely love your vibe, your voice, and just everything about you so I watch every single video you upload regardless 💗

  4. Neverloseyourvoice


    Månad sedan

    I was a cheerleader and in the yearbook a lot but i also didnt associated with anyone. Ppl think being a cheerleader makes you popular? Lol i was only one bc my family wanted me to be. I was the emo outcast but on friday night football games i was the happy cheerful one. I was also a theater kid. But really i didn't know many most ppl in my grade

  5. Catt O'Riley

    Catt O'Riley

    Månad sedan

    Anything to do with Gabbie Hanna and Bo Burnham immediately gives me the ick because it reminds me of how she was making fake Facebooks etc to pretend she was in a relationship with him.

  6. D. E.

    D. E.

    Månad sedan

    You know how people don't like certain people on SE-one? I don't like you, sorry. :(

  7. Taylah Matthews

    Taylah Matthews

    Månad sedan

    From seeing the video with the situation of SA; it is clear that he was unconscious or barely conscious. Her victim blaming argument that his arm moved is irrelevant; his arm moved because it was resting on his friends shoulder and it fell when he moved from the seat (which is another indicator it’s unlikely he was conscious). She also was clearly on top of him in a position of power with her hand on his crotch. He has also opened a SA case against her and there were witnesses. The sad fact is our society is less likely to listen to a male victim of SA compared to a woman. Statistically, yes; women are more likely to be victims of SA at the hands of a man. But that in no way means that men can’t be assaulted. It’s common knowledge that inebriation means a person can’t fully consent and from seeing the video, there is no doubt in my mind that he was assaulted. She is doing what she can to try and keep her reputation but video evidence and eye witnesses mean a lot more than the words of an assaulter. Believe the victim; if she was innocent, why go on a smear campaign instead of allowing the system to clear her name?

  8. Katy Hesling

    Katy Hesling

    Månad sedan

    Does Gabbie Hanna remind anyone else of like a 40 year old lady who is completely addicted and off her face on drugs and is just roaming the streets singing and talking to herself. Like those ones that try and argue with you and are a little bit scary

  9. waanibanani


    Månad sedan

    I litterly lost you for a while but I found you again

  10. Toasty McGee

    Toasty McGee

    Månad sedan

    Gabbie comes across and a sociopath in the calls with Jessie. Jessie is straight up breaking down and she shows absolutely no emotion hearing it, just continues ranting and gaslighting her. She doesn't even *pause* when Jessie is sobbing. Honestly Gabbie needs to be shut down.

  11. Sofija Despotovic

    Sofija Despotovic

    Månad sedan

    I used to love your videos so much, but now you have so many adds, it's out of control

  12. Lola Rae

    Lola Rae

    Månad sedan

    ASSHOLE FIGHT!!!! Bo burnham is a chad tho ngl.

  13. Delaney D.

    Delaney D.

    Månad sedan

    what kind of excuse is that? You don't have to be apart of a social group or be popular to be mean.

  14. Skyla


    Månad sedan

    "i am a mere white woman" WHAT- 💀

    • o Miranda o

      o Miranda o

      Månad sedan

      on bo burnhams new special theres a song called white womans instagram, i think thats what shes referencing

  15. A G

    A G

    Månad sedan

    'mere white woman' ... isnt she lebanese? 5:08

  16. Amber


    Månad sedan

    Gabbie just never learns does she lol. She could easily pull a gold medal if mental gymnastics was a sport. She needs to get off the internet.

  17. _noodle heart_

    _noodle heart_

    Månad sedan

    At the end of the day I think we need to just collectively stop giving a shit.

  18. scarpfish


    Månad sedan

    Never heard of her.

  19. Budor Alhabib

    Budor Alhabib

    Månad sedan

    Can you talk about drama while doing your makeup or getting ready for the day

  20. jordanstorrer


    Månad sedan

    I have to hesitantly ask if you’ve ever done or wanted to talk about hrh collection and all of her self-posted controversy

  21. Stephanie Green

    Stephanie Green

    Månad sedan

    Didn’t Gabbie also say that super gross line about Beyoncé being her “spirit animal?” I feel like everyone skipped over that part in the Bo Burnham special. It’s on his mug in the same song. Also, I don’t want to see either of them (Gabbie and Tana) do anything. They don’t deserve money. They have literally supported rapists. Why does everyone forget that detail?

  22. A56King


    Månad sedan

    u do anything for views just stfu man stop talking about gabbie

  23. Timmy Turner

    Timmy Turner

    Månad sedan

    How about we all stop speaking about her so she disappears from social media

  24. bangchuwu


    Månad sedan

    Did people forget that Bo Burnham spent a lot of goddamn time on vine? He’s not above the internet or it’s culture lmao

  25. Danielle


    Månad sedan

    Honestly there were cheerleaders at my school that were only on the team for dance and didn’t talk to anyone outside of practice or games.

  26. Abbey C

    Abbey C

    Månad sedan

    SE-oners vs The Irrelevant White Boys

  27. HeyImEthan


    Månad sedan

    Tubers V. Tokers

  28. HeyImEthan


    Månad sedan

    She gonna join Jamie Charlie in PRISON AHAHAHA

  29. Karla Pulgar

    Karla Pulgar

    Månad sedan

    Didnt you say you were done talking about Gabbie like 5 or 8 videos ago.... idk I lost count how many more videos you’ve made of her since then.

  30. babigirl9111


    Månad sedan

    I’m so confused I thought cabbie wasnt white anyway...

  31. not really

    not really

    Månad sedan

    No she isn't

  32. Zoey Summers

    Zoey Summers

    Månad sedan

    Commenting for the Cartier boo boo xx

  33. Bambang Doser

    Bambang Doser

    Månad sedan

    so cute 👍

  34. Görel Barkbark

    Görel Barkbark

    Månad sedan

    All this boxing is boring af.

  35. Aj Weber

    Aj Weber

    Månad sedan

    Why do I want a PS4 game in WWE style but with SE-oners now? 😂

  36. HotDog


    Månad sedan

    Mostly every youtuber/viner that was not *-THERE-* but there is now problematic, insensitive, ignorant, egotistical and crazy.

  37. Catherine Hall

    Catherine Hall

    Månad sedan

    When this video has nearly as many views currently as her silly music video lmao

  38. Olivia Bauerlein

    Olivia Bauerlein

    Månad sedan

    Bruh, if that was a female you would not be saying " you cant confirm if its true" but its pretty obvious she SA him, also who kisses someone like that if there fully awake and coherent... i believe the victim ALWAYS

  39. Andy Starfish

    Andy Starfish

    Månad sedan

    Liking every video so then i know which videos ive watched ♡♡♡

  40. Sir BadassB

    Sir BadassB

    Månad sedan

    Who? I never heard of this lady.

  41. bag of lizards

    bag of lizards

    Månad sedan

    to me, the whole "i couldn't have been mean to anyone because I wasn't friends with anyone" is a terrible argument. like, whose to say the reason she wasn't friends with people is because she was mean

  42. sliced hell

    sliced hell

    Månad sedan

    I hate how "believe the victim" becomes a hot take when a man is the victim of SA,,, The double standart is real

  43. Candy For Lost Souls

    Candy For Lost Souls

    Månad sedan

    Love the shirt👍

  44. sara saleh

    sara saleh

    Månad sedan

    Your tan is everything I needed in life!

  45. ouija bored as hell

    ouija bored as hell

    Månad sedan

    Dude was still extremely drunk, he couldn’t consent. This shit doesn’t just apply to women, it applies to everyone. I’ve seen people who say “she was drunk she couldn’t consent!” turn around and say “well i mean if he was kissing her back...” and it’s infuriating. As far as i can tell none of them are good people, but she especially isn’t.

  46. Helen C

    Helen C

    Månad sedan

    How dare she cover an Alanis song. Alanis is a legend!!

  47. Zena Colvill

    Zena Colvill

    Månad sedan

    The cover is good, the attitude is bad and that out shadows her talent

  48. Melianna


    Månad sedan

    I guess she's now experiencing some of that Baa-aa-aaad Karma. ...I'll see myself out.

  49. Jayla Amor

    Jayla Amor

    Månad sedan

    Tana is def worse than gabby atleast gabby don’t say nigg3r

  50. iamnotjack


    Månad sedan

    Ricegum is honestly the dumbest out there. If he wins, he will be known for beating up a girl. If he loses, he will be known as the guy who got beaten up by a girl. He can't win either way

  51. em


    Månad sedan

    Even regardless of if jack was unconscious you SHOULD NOT be kissing a completely drunk person like that even if you’re “dating” like. No. You do have to realize that there is something wrong with that and you are taking advantage of someone in that sense.

  52. Katie Hambrick

    Katie Hambrick

    Månad sedan

    So tik tok doesn’t wanna be associated with boxing but they’re ok with being represented by sexual predators of children.....

  53. Ariana *

    Ariana *

    Månad sedan

    can people stop saying "if the roles were reversed people would be on sienna's side"??? that's us just not true, female victims get undermined just as much. I'm just tired that whenever there is a male victim we have this discussion where we pretend female victims get taken soo seriously when we don't. the conversation should be supporting the victim, Jack. not trying to push this weird narrative.

  54. Nikki Stowell

    Nikki Stowell

    Månad sedan

    What do you mean “its a crime so I can't really talk about it”???? Lol you aren't one of the detectives working on the case; you aren't at all involved in the case, you're just a spectatoror like the rest of the public, and it's not illegal to talk about a crime that allegedly potentially happened, so...🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Angelika Oles

      Angelika Oles

      Månad sedan

      it can be considered defamation for which i could get sued considering she’s already suing the people that allegedly saw the assault

  55. Edgar Greenwood

    Edgar Greenwood

    Månad sedan

    Karma is being a bitch to Gabbie.

  56. hcc


    Månad sedan

    Lmao “I couldn’t have been mean in high school, I didn’t have any friends” is a crock of SUCH shit- don’t know who these tik tokers are but please 🙄

  57. Anjila Dahal

    Anjila Dahal

    Månad sedan

    At this point all the commentary channels are sooooooo over it. You can just see the relevance and logic seeping out of Gabbie and everyone is tired of trying to even help someone who just attacks everyone. Uuurrrggghhh give us all a break Gabbie

  58. Elodie Elvira

    Elodie Elvira

    Månad sedan

    All of that for a COVER of a song that flopped. If this isn’t an accurate representation of her entire “career” I don’t know what is. She’s always acting like an asshole to create buzz for underwhelming/subpart projects.

  59. clementine


    Månad sedan

    the thing that SEVERELY bothers me about the Sienna and Jack thing is that all of her little “stans” started to attack him for being silent on the situation. i would just like to remind everyone: VICTIMS OWE YOU NOTHING. now we can say it again, VICTIMS OF SA/ANY KIND OF ABUSE DO NOT OWE YOU ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING. Jack does not have to tell user28279124668 what happened to him and how he was violated. Jack literally does not need to give any explanation at all to what has happened or is happening. he is allowed to take his time to process and speak out on his own terms. he is the victim.

  60. rosanna ۵

    rosanna ۵

    Månad sedan

    Commenting for engagement ♥️

  61. Jenn Bein

    Jenn Bein

    Månad sedan

    Being a cheerleader doesn't necessarily mean popular, I was friends with a girl in high-school who made the cheer squad thinking it would make her popular, but it had no effect on her social standing. It was actually kind of awkward at times for me because nice popular kids would ask me why I was friends with her because she so annoying and tried to hard instead of being herself. I also managed the varsity soccer team, I did just csuse liked it, she said she might ask the coach if she could too, guys who normally never spoke to me in the hallway came up to me to tell me stop her like I could control her. So yeah. Just saying. Cheerleader doesn't = cool and being in the in crowd

  62. F1ZZG1G _

    F1ZZG1G _

    Månad sedan

    Just because someone goes to the gym practically everyday doesn't mean they can fight, lmfao you actually have to go to classes for that

  63. Allison Simpson

    Allison Simpson

    Månad sedan

    Just because you go to the gym doesn't mean you know how to fight dude...

  64. Allison Simpson

    Allison Simpson

    Månad sedan

    Omg this look

  65. Grace Wachtel

    Grace Wachtel

    Månad sedan

    gabbie = Karen

  66. Bom Is Queen

    Bom Is Queen

    Månad sedan

    *sees title* when isn’t she?

  67. Glasstrash


    Månad sedan

    Not even SE-oners vs random boys, just random boys vs random boys

  68. Kendall M

    Kendall M

    Månad sedan

    You can't consent if you're drunk, conscious or not. Not to pull the gender card, but if Sienna was a guy doing that to a girl she would be dragged through the mud. I'm not saying make assumptions and through someone to the fire without evidence, but there is definitely a double standard with stories like this.

  69. Ashley Roberts

    Ashley Roberts

    Månad sedan

    heyyyy bestie i love your videos but i think this is something that should be mentioned. regarding sienna, in her tik toks she say things like “why didn’t you report me” plus other questions that were not appropriate. i love your content but you just skipped over that part and personally i think thats something the should needs to be held accountable for. even tho we didn’t have context of the video that is never something that should be said. that can discourages other victims to come forward with their story.

  70. Taylor Reid

    Taylor Reid

    Månad sedan

    lmao gabby beating up rice gum i’m convinced too

  71. Olivia Rae

    Olivia Rae

    Månad sedan

    I'm not on Gabbies side but she would ragdoll RiceGum

  72. gabi avs TV

    gabi avs TV

    Månad sedan

    So great that listening to this is like taking to a friend

  73. Jasmin Martinez

    Jasmin Martinez

    Månad sedan

    The way you said gabby would beat up rice gum as me in TEARS

  74. Ellie Blackhurst

    Ellie Blackhurst

    Månad sedan

    Let me just say, I was on varsity cheer in high school and I was still insanely unpopular with like two friends lol

  75. Summer


    Månad sedan

    How does Gabbie not understand that even if bo had her in mind... It's not a compliment. :/

  76. Maria Wingren

    Maria Wingren

    Månad sedan

    just got my university diploma from studying music pedagogy with song as my main instrument. if gabbie just kept making music without all the drama i’d be really interested because her voice and technique is improving really fast and it’s super interesting to follow along, but now........ i don’t want to give her videos extra views. i wish she would just make music.

  77. Abazoglu


    Månad sedan

    SE-oners vs “can I copy your homework” “yeah just change it up a bit so it doesn’t look obvious”

  78. Abazoglu


    Månad sedan

    SE-oners vs CTRL + v CRTL + c

  79. mnbvcxy


    Månad sedan

    Can’t take GH seriously anymore

  80. Abazoglu


    Månad sedan

    SE-oners vs copy + paste

  81. Abazoglu


    Månad sedan

    SE-oners vs the LA clones

  82. luisa tilhe

    luisa tilhe

    Månad sedan

    The fact that gabbie doesn't realize she would have so much more success on her songs if she wasn't such a bad person is beyond me Like at some point she should have realized this isn't working for her?

  83. Certified Quality

    Certified Quality

    Månad sedan

    Media got out of control and people dint realize what they do stays on the internet..

  84. Belen Barría

    Belen Barría

    Månad sedan

    I haven't watched the tiktoks and I don't really know either of them, but I do think that a lot of people are believing Siena(?) because theres this big belief that women can't abusers/men can't be abused, which is all kinds of wrong, ANYONE can be an abuser, ANYONE can get abused, no matter the gender (or lack there of). So yeah, thats my opinion, I'll believe the victim until it's actually, factually, proven wrong

  85. Zipper Lang

    Zipper Lang

    Månad sedan

    whether the man was passed out before or after he was still drunk. He couldn't consent to anything and people forget that SA rules apply to EVERYONE. not just women

  86. Kat


    Månad sedan

    Whether or not Jack was conscious doesn’t matter. He clearly wasn’t able to fully consent to kissing. Also Sienna’s main point is victim blaming. Basically saying he should just speak out on it. That’s definitely not easy to do. I think that even if she didn’t do it, she’s still saying ignorant things about the topic

  87. Jocelyn Bryant

    Jocelyn Bryant

    Månad sedan

    SE-oners vs 15 second video boys

  88. Keri Cargill

    Keri Cargill

    Månad sedan

    I’m not commenting on whether it happened or not. But I will say, the rhetoric she’s using to “defend” herself is disgusting. She’s victim blaming, gaslighting and equating prior consent with current consent. Regardless if it happened or not, the way she’s discussing it is awful!!

  89. Şarkı Söyleyen Kedi

    Şarkı Söyleyen Kedi

    Månad sedan

    The video: regular tea that i'm accustomed to Angelika: " burnham..." Me: BO BURNHAM????!??!???!??!!!!

  90. Matthew Barley

    Matthew Barley

    Månad sedan

    SE-oners vs who?Tubers

  91. Real-life person

    Real-life person

    Månad sedan

    I feel like MMA or boxing would actually be a really good choice for Gabbie though? Like I could totally imagine her gaining confidence and public admiration by channeling her strength, because she actually IS physically strong. It would be GREAT for her whole ‘empowerment’ vibe that she has. Idk, it could be a new start for her. And rice gum is still universally hated after the whole iDubbbz thing. People would LOVE to see her beat the shit out of him.

  92. Trilla Suduri

    Trilla Suduri

    Månad sedan

    can we just start ignoring gabbie eventually she'd run out of money and have to find different job...

  93. Suha Bohdi Michael's

    Suha Bohdi Michael's

    Månad sedan

    At this stage I find Gabbie disgusting.

  94. momo momo

    momo momo

    Månad sedan

    So we're just gonna ignore the fact that sienna was having sex with a dude drunk enough to pass out, but she says that it's okay because he hadn't passed out yet?? Like wtf???? Girl, if he was that drunk, he couldn't consent even if he hadn't passed out yet. Her video was a trash fire and her "explanation" is absolutely horrific and makes her look worse

  95. TheTrannyManny


    Månad sedan

    “To the death, idk” 😹😭🙌

  96. Ilias Massignan

    Ilias Massignan

    Månad sedan

    The thing with sienna is : why did the guy just film the scene if he was being SA ?!? Wtf like if it was my brother being SA I would be fighting her not filming the scene

  97. Jazlyn Valadao

    Jazlyn Valadao

    Månad sedan

    SE-oners vs. Random boys who all look and sounds the same 😅😂

  98. Jazlyn Valadao

    Jazlyn Valadao

    Månad sedan

    Can you cover the Johnny depp court case ?

  99. Cecilia Reads

    Cecilia Reads

    Månad sedan

    I love when you talk about tiktokers because Ive literally never been on the straight side of tik tok and have no clue who youre talking about

  100. JiU 🌠

    JiU 🌠

    Månad sedan

    I would choose JS over GH any day