Gabbie Hanna EXPOSED by Jessi Smiles...

This video is about Gabbie Hanna and Jessi Smile! Enjoy :)

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  1. Josh Miller

    Josh Miller

    6 dagar sedan

    gabbie is disgusting!

  2. Talar Kevorkian

    Talar Kevorkian

    17 dagar sedan

    I’ve seen a lot of screenshots of messages from Gabbie and she tends to spam messages when talking about something especially drama so I think you missed some messages because if how many individual messages she sends at once

  3. Fany Apartsev-Faibyshev

    Fany Apartsev-Faibyshev

    23 dagar sedan

    Oh my, when Angelica started talking about the 20-30 year olds not caring about petty drama, while I'm here, a 28 year old, watching this petty drama... Fudge, I'm old. And bored.

  4. Aysha


    25 dagar sedan

    n't infuriating enough, the fact that buzzfeed MULTIPLE times called it "alleged" rape when the guy confessed and went to jail for it is just the che

  5. sharles


    28 dagar sedan

    honestly, i am so done with gabbie. she just needs to get off the internet idc anymore

  6. Karyn Brotzman

    Karyn Brotzman

    29 dagar sedan

    Mental health issues are never an excuse for bad behavior. Explanations and taking responsibility and never doing it again and saying you’re sorry does. SE-oners need to stop using mental health as a crutch for their shitty life choices. Period.

  7. Annabeth


    Månad sedan

    gabbie is so embarrassing

  8. Erin S.

    Erin S.

    Månad sedan

    it's baffling to me that either of them cared to give their comments on a situation to buzzfeed for an article. it's buzzfeed not the new york times. why are you giving them the time of day. they're literally just producing gossip tabloids like any other media outlet

  9. Melissa Stephan

    Melissa Stephan

    Månad sedan

    Bottom line: if my friends had been r*ped or abused in any way, that abuser would be dead to me. They wouldn't dare walk up to me to talk because I'd be throwing a punch at their face. If they wanted me to hear their side of the story, I'd say "great, I'll hear it in court when I sit behind my friend to support them"

  10. Emmalīne Jett

    Emmalīne Jett

    Månad sedan

    Hold up, BUZZFEED has all their videos and channels on SE-one as well, so they just called themselves “the worst of humanity”, LOL 😂 Just not sure how well their plan was thought through...

  11. Catherine Lynch

    Catherine Lynch

    Månad sedan

    The article is so badly written she repeats things and makes situations unclear and biased. It's an awful article from a technical standpoint nevermind a moral standpoint

  12. S


    Månad sedan

    she kept saying she wanted to 'clear her name', clear it from what exactly? the things you did and then lied about?

  13. Mike Lopez

    Mike Lopez

    Månad sedan

    We’re stanning Gabbie Hanna now btw :-)

  14. Bon Bauman

    Bon Bauman

    Månad sedan

    BuzzFeed recently won a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of China's mass detention of Muslims. There is a ton of great journalism on BuzzFeed.

  15. Amber Blanchard

    Amber Blanchard

    Månad sedan

    She really tried to bring out that Big Girl voice and be "scary" when threatening Jessi to make an apology statement. 😐

  16. Liv Hill

    Liv Hill

    Månad sedan

    Watch Shane Dawson’s return to the internet series he about gabbie hanna 🤦‍♀️

  17. Lizandra Almeida

    Lizandra Almeida

    Månad sedan

    Gabbie used to work at buzzfeed lmaooo trash working for trash

  18. Josh


    Månad sedan

    Well she worked and starred in a few vids with buzzfeed you can SE-one them. So it is bias as hell

  19. Sandra Murray

    Sandra Murray

    Månad sedan

    Me a (almost) 33 year, who loves watching your channel 😅 mind you I watch when doing my every house work 😜

  20. vetech 90

    vetech 90

    Månad sedan

    I hate cancel culture but she seriously needs to go.

  21. diana malas

    diana malas

    Månad sedan

    girl i agree w many points u make in this video and gabbie was 1000000% in the wrong and said some gross shit, i just dont like the way u paraphrased the interactions. u shld be quoting what each person said or using clips instead of paraphrasing, it just makes u seem biased / unreliable, and people who only watch this video and not the twitter thread r being mislead

  22. Natalie Flores

    Natalie Flores

    Månad sedan

    Gabbie is a malignant narcissist and deserves to be deplatformed and that’s the that on that

    • Natalie Flores

      Natalie Flores

      Månad sedan

      *malignant narcissist who hates women

  23. Middley Of Hills Of Crystals.

    Middley Of Hills Of Crystals.

    Månad sedan

    Gabbie is just not human. If my best friend told me she was assaulted by someone I know, the police and ambulance better be called because there’s gonna be a murder.The way she talks so cruelly and… indifferently to someone she supposedly loves and cares for deeply is so disturbing.

  24. Dobblekid


    Månad sedan


  25. Maria Guevara

    Maria Guevara

    Månad sedan

    you can not be misogynistic to a man 😭

    • Maria Guevara

      Maria Guevara

      Månad sedan

      but gabbie hannah is a hypocrite for calling him out for being misogynistic yet she laughed at it and didn’t have a problem with it then, and then did a smash or pass which is hypocritical of her

  26. Emily Smith

    Emily Smith

    Månad sedan

    Jessi is so lovely and has been so strong through all the bullsh*t. She is constantly having to deal with the trauma of having her se*ual a**ault brought up over and over. Gabbie needs to leave her alone and just get off the internet. No one wants her here.

  27. Juugon


    Månad sedan

    Gabbie doesnt get enough hate imo

  28. Odalis M Viveros

    Odalis M Viveros

    Månad sedan

    After hearing that voice memo , not an ounce of you can Stan her anymore

  29. Renee Novak

    Renee Novak

    Månad sedan

    I think the buzzfeed article was so sympathetic toward Gabby because she used to work for buzzfeed.

  30. Elp Smith

    Elp Smith

    Månad sedan

    Gabbie used to work for Buzzfeed so I’m wondering if she pulled some strings with an old friend to get them to defend her.

  31. All That Jazz

    All That Jazz

    Månad sedan

    There are a few stans still hanging on the delusion that everything Gabbie said was justified. One Stan even posted a statement, calling Jessi a manipulative liar and saying that Gabbie isn’t a r*pe apologist.

  32. Paul Biu

    Paul Biu

    Månad sedan

    Buzzfeed is trash the only reason their taking this stance for the clicks that’s literally been their MO since day 1 tacking the word news on the end of their name doesn’t make them any more reputable anyone over the age of 15 who takes any notice anything buzzfeed puts out is absolutely delusional 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  33. amoonheart


    Månad sedan

    side note: misogyny *does* only work one way in that situation because the other side is a man

  34. bangchuwu


    Månad sedan

    God I hope Angelika sees this because I could not COPE when I read this but allegedly Gabbie Hannah tried to convince everyone that her and Bo Burnham were dating and one of the songs in his new comedy special is based off of it (I found it in this tiktok

  35. Lauren


    Månad sedan

    I can’t wait for the day Gabbie gets her rude awakening.

  36. Jules R

    Jules R

    Månad sedan

    Lmao when I found out my friends bf assaulted her I slashed his tires not tried to listen to “his side”

  37. m


    Månad sedan

    buzzfeed news just won a pulitzer prize for international reporting - for their xinjiang series revealing chinas mass detention of muslims.....they are "real journalism."

  38. Kaylie Mason

    Kaylie Mason

    Månad sedan

    Dude. This ageism has to stop. Saying that people who are in their late 20s and 30s have no idea what's going on in the internet drama is false, not everyone that age has families or other things keeping them 'too busy' to pay attention. While your audience may skew young, there's no need to be actively poisonous to any old subscribers you might have. I agree that the buzzfeed article was clearly biased and not well researched (no reasonable person expects high quality journalism from buzzfeed) but to say that no journalists ever are capable of understanding situations that they are not constantly involved in (such as yt drama) is false. Quality journalists are taught how to research and report without bias, and saying that ALL people older than you and ALL journalists are basically not as clued in as you is not a good look, and just kinda unnecessary. Give the rest of the world some credit, one day in the future you'll look back and this and realise your comments against people of a different age to you were unfair/uncalled for. It's your choice if you wanna make that day be today.

  39. Lisa J

    Lisa J

    Månad sedan

    I disagree with that article except for one piece. The part about the exploited dead teen. Seems to me Gabbie just accidently put that bit into a video not realizing the girl had died. The real exploitation came when the drama channels picked up on it and started pummeling her about the dead girl, exploiting said girl for drama and clicks. That reminds me, have you apologized for exploiting that dead girl for views yet?

  40. mehraveh jo

    mehraveh jo

    Månad sedan

    You're video resolution has gotten so much better❤

  41. depressed noodle

    depressed noodle

    Månad sedan

    Someone who's really suicidal (i know this from experience having being suicidal in the past, and have had family members who have been) doesn't throw out the term when being confronted or challenged. It's something you don't really share with anyone until you really have to. That just really bothered me about this, like it's supposed to excuse her behaviour.

  42. xG Gramps

    xG Gramps

    Månad sedan

    Anyone else just get lost in her eyes every now and then or is it just me?

  43. Croshaide


    Månad sedan

    Thank you!!!! I dropped so many friends 10 years ago after I was raped and they kept hanging out with him and constantly made jokes about he was my almost baby daddy because that rape got me pregnant. That he didn’t rape me because I shouldn’t have drank that much if I didn’t want it. I felt like crap so I dropped them over the years they have reached out and been like why don’t you talk to me anymore. They constantly talk about me being a hoe and that I killed my baby- in some peoples eyes I did- I had an abortion because I was Raped.

  44. Laura Brulez

    Laura Brulez

    Månad sedan

    FYI the opposite of misogyny is misandry; a woman can’t be “misogynistic” towards a man. Anywho great video xx

  45. Olivia Loftis

    Olivia Loftis

    Månad sedan

    It's honestly sad that a 15-year-old can understand that GH is acting like a child and needs to grow the hell up and be mature in mature situations, yet a 30-year-old can't recognize that. A child half her age can be mature enough to realize that Gabbie shouldn't be a child that makes every situation revolve around her and her "problems". Being a "friend", Gabbie should have understood her friend's trauma and supported her, not make it more stressful, have some empathy for once.

  46. Pearl Paranihi

    Pearl Paranihi

    Månad sedan

    No one: Gabbie: 👁👃🏼👁 *keyboard clicks*

  47. long live

    long live

    Månad sedan

    The part that absolutely sickens me is when Jessi rightfully refuses to apologise seeing as she literally did nothing wrong and Gabbie replies "okay then we'll keep going"...that's literally a threat. She was threatening Jessi to keep bringing up one of the most horrific and violating things to be done to her over and over again until she got what she wanted. The way she says it with 0 remorse or feeling towards her attempt of coercing Jessi to apologise is just so scary. Using HER trauma, reluctance to rehash this on social media and obvious distress at the subject to fit her own agenda. Gabbie truly is a vile and revolting person and this is towards someone that she was friends with at the time. I dread to think what she does to those she doesn't consider her friends behind closed doors

  48. Vanessa Patterson

    Vanessa Patterson

    Månad sedan

    Angelika, no misogyny doesn't work both ways. misogyny is literally hatred towards women. So while I do not agree with anything that gabbie does the smash or pass trend going around SE-one at that time was overproportionately featuring women which could be seen a misogynistic. Just thought I'd clear that up

  49. danielesteves1


    Månad sedan

    Did everyone forget she used to work there??

  50. Isabelle Kremenets

    Isabelle Kremenets

    Månad sedan

    this entire thing makes me sick to my stomach. i was a victim of SA, and he was someone I was in a relationship with (like in Jessi’s instance with Curtis). luckily, my friends were supportive of me (for the most part… dw about the “for the most part,” bc it’s irrelevant drama w ppl i’m no longer friends with, but point being, i empathize with Jessi so so so damn much). hearing Gabbie say she “wanted to catch him in a lie” was exactly when I felt nauseous. excuse me??? who benefits from that?? what’s the point of doing that??? he knowingly committed SA, admitted to it, went to jail for it too, and you wanna catch him in a lie, gabbie? “okay, you’re a r@pist but at least now i know whether or not you’re a liar!” what the fuck gabbie? and the “*IM ALLOWED TO HAVE FRIENDS >:(((*” no one said that she couldn’t have friends but regardless, those friends… were also friends with Curtis. a r@pist, a knowing r@pist, was gabbie’s mutual friend, and that in it of itself is credence to her being a r@pe apologist. being friends with other r@pe apologists makes you one by extension, and there’s no way around that

  51. Lucy Ann

    Lucy Ann

    Månad sedan

    Buzzfeed actually just won a Pulitzer for exposing the mistreatment of Muslims in China

  52. Okamii mizu

    Okamii mizu

    Månad sedan

    Gabbie hanna is disgusting, I hope she finally gets the punishment she deserves, she was the monster and high school bully this whole time

  53. Janet Martinez

    Janet Martinez

    Månad sedan

    buzzfeed really was like Gabbie Hannie utilizing girlbozz energy when she harasses and scams young women!!!! she was born before her time u_u

  54. naomi b

    naomi b

    Månad sedan

    gabbie literally allowed a r@pist to describe @ssault of her former friend to her... there’s no redemption

  55. Megan


    Månad sedan

  56. olivia bailey

    olivia bailey

    Månad sedan

    the way someone can make someone elses SA literally all about them is something else. i really hope gabbie gets deplatformed soon

  57. Abigail Caroline

    Abigail Caroline

    Månad sedan

    can someone clarify the timeline of gabbie and jessi’z friendship for me? i thought they were best friends throughout this whole process and were best friends when the story broke. i’m just confused about when their friendship began? it wouldn’t change my opinion of the story (gabbie is awful) i’m just curious/confused

  58. Adrian Daniels

    Adrian Daniels

    Månad sedan

    3:06 - 3:32 Me, a 33 year old, who watches drama channels, knows about what the famous/infamous teens on the internet are doing, and has been watching Gabbie Hannah for years, ultimately becoming an un-fan after learning of her toxic behaviours, and follows the news about it 👁️👄👁️

  59. mUrK


    Månad sedan

    Honestly, the idea that on youtube the "worst people float to the top" is such hyperbole lmao. Yeah, some big youtubers get in trouble or are delinquents. What about the other thousand upon thousands of creators that keep the ship running? Like damn, tunner vision.

  60. dergoose


    Månad sedan

    buzzfeed news won a pulitzer recently for their reporting on the china detention centers and is separate from buzzfeed the website. i think more ppl should give it a chance as a reputable news source

  61. Celine Echo

    Celine Echo

    Månad sedan

    We 👏want👏 a 👏drama👏 video 👏in Polish 👏with👏 English👏 subtitles 👏🤞🤞🤞

  62. Stefan Makara

    Stefan Makara

    Månad sedan

    "I honestly just want to be left alone" then stop posting.

  63. MoMyself& I

    MoMyself& I

    Månad sedan

    It’s so crazy how we can be talking to someone so toxic and not even realize it until months or even years later!!! I think people who manipulate others like that get really really good at it because they do it so much!

  64. May Lee

    May Lee

    Månad sedan

    this might be a reach but i gen think everything with gabbie hanna and dragging trish in and being lied about has thrown trish's trust in ppl into disarray, think it could have affected their outlook on ethan and hila and h3 in general...

  65. aubri s

    aubri s

    Månad sedan

    i finally subscribed after i kept going back to your page because you speak so well and articulate on these topics. gabbie is literally the worst for trying to excuse all the shitty things she’s done & i think another creator i watch said that she spoke about you which is such a weird thing for a delusional ancient viner to do lol. also would not recommend watching her cover of “ you outta know” but it did give me a good laugh.

  66. Erin Fischer

    Erin Fischer

    Månad sedan

    I couldn’t see gabbie saying “Curtis friends didn’t r*pe you Jessi “ like I believed Jessi but was completely shocked that she would say that. Hearing this phone call I could absolutely see her saying that. She basically said it again by saying “I’m allowed to have friends !” How disgusting . How dare she ask for an apology from Jessi! Wtf! I cannot believe it her career is over

  67. Super horny Alien

    Super horny Alien

    Månad sedan

    Omg she wanted you to leak those messages lying about jessi

  68. MizFlawless8836


    Månad sedan

    Where Is Jessie's video? I can't find it!! 😫

  69. Hanna Rae

    Hanna Rae

    Månad sedan

    she’s ruined the name hanna

  70. JYBeliever


    Månad sedan

    Did you apply for buzzfeed as a reporter and not get hired? "Unless you have followed this for 5 years then you don't have the context to write a good article about her." Is what you said. Do you not know about research? About sources? I'm pretty sure there are journalists who don't know first hand the struggles of certain cultures or people but they do their homework. Just because you watch videos, and tik toks doesn't mean that you are more qualified. You thrive on the attention as much as she does, so that's not a good argument from your end. Did you read the full article or just excerpts? I'm genuinely curious to know. I am in no way defending gabbie hanna as I think she is awful, narcissistic, and could be Donald Trump's illegitimate daughter. I would love to never hear her name in any context ever again. Just don't be jealous of other people articles when you can just write your own and submit them.

  71. Jake Stroll

    Jake Stroll

    Månad sedan

    BuzzFeed literally just won the Pulitzer today for their coverage of Chinese detention camps. Lmao. When SE-one gossip channel bimbos try to act smarter that they are.

  72. J


    Månad sedan

    I really don't think that age has anything to do with it with BuzzFeed. Because those writers are Gabbie's peers. They are just as much the demographic as someone younger. Which is probably why they suck more at seeing how damaging what she does is because they had time to connect with Gabbie and like her. And BuzzFeed doesn't do their research, so that was enough for them.

  73. Brittney Meador

    Brittney Meador

    Månad sedan

    Hey so can you do a video on the current controversy with creep show arts? I know a lot of people have don’t it BUT I always love your takes and opinions!!

  74. Holly Townsend

    Holly Townsend

    Månad sedan

    just a lil correction for future *** misogyny = male supremacy, so wouldn't ever be misogynistic for gabbie to offend a guy, just sexist

  75. Rubilicious R

    Rubilicious R

    Månad sedan

    Angelika's personal experience with Gabbie is so similar to Fraiser's… Really show how Gabbie is as a person.

  76. Lainie-Ruth Benedict

    Lainie-Ruth Benedict

    Månad sedan

    I know it’s semantics but yes misogyny is only towards women. Hatred of men is called misandry

  77. Carla Mulder

    Carla Mulder

    Månad sedan

    Jesus, I am so over all Gabbie's crap.

  78. • chelsey •

    • chelsey •

    Månad sedan

    Can we see the DMs?

    • • chelsey •

      • chelsey •

      Månad sedan

      I believe you, I’m just nosy.

  79. cat m

    cat m

    Månad sedan

    gabbie was really like “i’m not a r*pe apologist because i wasn’t jessi’s friend at the time and yeah i believed she was lying but everyone thought she was lying so she can’t hold that against me >:(“

  80. bailey may

    bailey may

    Månad sedan

    i wanna hear absolutely nothing else from gabbie about misogyny or gender discrimination or anything because by being as awful as she is, she is actively continuing the systems that she is supposed to be against, like ugh

  81. emily


    Månad sedan

    at this point I don’t understand why gabbie still has fans. either they’re too young to understand half the stuff she’s done, or they’re solely watching her art or whatever and fully unaware of the “drama” she gets herself into. she refuses to hold herself accountable and refuses to even acknowledge that she’s been wrong and it’s so evident in her lack of behavioral change. disgusting. she’s like a toxic on again off again friend but for the whole internet

  82. Danielle N

    Danielle N

    Månad sedan

    Gabbie can't be misogynistic to a man. She can be misandristic though. 😉 Not to detract anything from what you've said. Just need to put my humanities undergrad to work somehow 😭🙈

  83. Chin Gona

    Chin Gona

    Månad sedan

    I hate gabbie hanna and her antics but Buzzfeed isn't just quizzes and their video channels they do actually have good news agency so maybe less shit on Buzzfeed more on gabbie

  84. nepherdwen


    Månad sedan

    No love for Gabbie here but girl. Angelika. You should really google the word Misogyny. Like today. Heads up: the reverse card is Misandry.

  85. alwayssparkle07


    Månad sedan

    The most infuriating part for me was when Gabbie tried to defend her actions by saying: "Jessi, you have to understand, everyone thought you were lying back then...I had a very good friend that was falsely accused of r@ape and it ruined his life"...when the percentage of SA that happens every MINUTE all over the world absolutely DWARFS the percentage of false're going to go THAT ROUTE? What do you mean everyone thought it was a lie? So? Does that mean it gives you an excuse to do the same? When Jessi was your fucking friend, as well? Gabbie didn't want to catch Curtis in a lie. She wanted to catch Jessi. She didn't want to risk losing any networking by going against Curtis. And now she tries gaslighting everyone. Don't get me started on throwing diagnosis around and calling everyone ELSE a narcissistic sociopath. I never say a bad word online about people because I always try to give them the benefit of the doubt, but this call was the last straw for me. I am FUMING. If I had Gabbie Hannah in front of me I would have punched her in the mouth. Idaf about her issues. You don't say shit like that.

  86. Shaunie Girl

    Shaunie Girl

    Månad sedan

    I think they're doing it because she used to work for them so now they're trying to make her look innocent.... NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!! She needs to be stopped. Yes she is a manipulative asshole. Anyone that DEMANDS a public apology of which you wanna see and approve of YOU'RE DISGUSTING

  87. Sybil Gimblett

    Sybil Gimblett

    Månad sedan

    and remember gabbie used to work for buzzfeed… bias much

  88. Gyousei


    Månad sedan

    Gabbie is projecting.

  89. paj 1492

    paj 1492

    Månad sedan

    Angelika when are we getting a podcast? We are done waiting ❤

  90. ewitsaugust


    Månad sedan

    gabbie and trish should be friends lmfao

  91. Alex Barker

    Alex Barker

    Månad sedan


  92. Daisy McInnes

    Daisy McInnes

    Månad sedan

    i love you angelika & do not suuport gabbie in any way shape or form but at 4:14 when you said does misogyny only work one way the answer is YES it does bc misgony is not sexism it is the mistreatment of woman in perticular.

  93. felita a.r.

    felita a.r.

    Månad sedan

    honestly, how is gabbie hanna not embarrassed of herself?

  94. Madicyn Maldonado

    Madicyn Maldonado

    Månad sedan

    The lush syria neuropathologically press because bandana parallely transport into a alert black. actually, premium innocent

  95. Ellen Notman

    Ellen Notman

    Månad sedan

    The switch! What does it do?!

  96. Goo Ara

    Goo Ara

    Månad sedan

    Don't mind me posting a comment for engagement

  97. yabookprincess


    Månad sedan

    I am absolutely horrified, disgusted and triggered by Gabbie's behavior. She needs SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES. The way she is manipulating people and trying to make it all about her, spinning her story and saying SHE won't stop, even though Jessi is the victim is absolutely appalling. This has gone waaaay past the point of being too far. The way Gabbie demanded an apology, a public statement and then said if Jessi doesn't agree, she'll keep going to "clear her name" and keep bringing fans into this when Jessi's the one who deserves an apology makes my skin crawl. Gabbie essentially said: If you don't tell everyone I'm a saint, I'll make your life a living hell. Gabbie says Jessi's obsessed with her but Gabbie's the one who keeps bringing up the SA and makes it seem like it's a joke and that she only defended him because "everybody said you were lying". What a backstabbing b*tch

  98. Valley of the Lilacs

    Valley of the Lilacs

    Månad sedan

    I am sending all the love and good energy I have to Jessi because it must be terrible for her. I wish her all the best and I really don’t want her to be reminded of her trauma bc of Gabbie.

  99. kate


    Månad sedan

    "I honestly just want to be left alone"... Great. F off and shut the f up. I'm here for the videos and engagement but it's particularly hard to watch the one's with Gabbie's face all over it.

  100. C


    Månad sedan

    I don‘t wanna be hatefful but I don‘t grt why Angelika doesn‘t post the receipts of her own convos. Like she says its bc she wants to respect the privacy of a private conversation but if u are gonna talk about it anyways and paraphrase u should just post them no?

    • Stefan Makara

      Stefan Makara

      Månad sedan

      The other person is free to deny.