Jeffree Star SHADES James Charles and Tati Westbrook!

This video is about Jeffree Star, James Charles, Tati Westbrook and more! Enjoy :)

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  1. Sarendipity


    16 dagar sedan

    Proof that Jeremiah Starfish’s business is going in the toilet: I literally got a promotional email from Jeffree Star Cosmetics (from when I bought an item from them in like 2015) about a new product launch. His desperation is showing 🥴

  2. VioletBlueRedGreen


    18 dagar sedan

    I haven’t seen any one talk about or even mention a JS cosmetics in YEARS except his colab with Shane

  3. Katie barker

    Katie barker

    20 dagar sedan

    So i have a huge conspiracy theory about Jeffree Star. As far as I know (this is how I found out who he was) he came up through MySpace by doing music that wasn't mainstream pop & had an underground following, much like BOTDF (gross) & other bands that have stayed relevant like Black Veil Brides & Hollywood Undead. He went on warped tour & networked alot with the alt music scene before jumping to the beauty community on SE-one. So I have two parts to this conspiracy. 1) His main goal was to make it big in music & still use his angle of getting dirt on people. Ik he has dirt on some of them like he exposed Dahvie Vanity in tweets a long time ago but recently in an interview backpedaled saying he never saw what he said he saw even tho Jayy Von (Dahvie's music "partner") basically confirmed that when he opened up about what was going on. I'm very curious what Jeffree is going to do about that because I think taking Dahvie down could be a good move for jeffree but he hasn't so ???. But I think for the most part people in that community weren't very problematic & there wasn't alot of drama. That plus the fact that he never would've made as much money in that industry contributed to him going into makeup. 2) I think he had this top dog / dirt on everyone plan planned for a really long time. Whether that be that he originally meant to execute it in the alt music community or he meant to use music as a segway into his position in the beauty community. But either way I looked this up because I remembered his music being very much this same vibe and I was right. In 2009, his lyrics for Beauty Killer were "I may be easy, easy to hate. But you're so f easy, easy to break. Tell me your secrets, and I'll tell you my lies." Coincidence??

  4. st ph

    st ph

    20 dagar sedan

    what are jeffree's criminal allegations?

  5. Ampliphy


    22 dagar sedan

    Jarjar Starbinks just needs to go back to whatever corner of Tatooine he slug himself out off.

  6. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell

    22 dagar sedan

    This girl isn't very bright.

  7. Samantha Belmore

    Samantha Belmore

    24 dagar sedan

    Honestly don't care at this point about this man, I'm just here for Angelika❤

  8. J S

    J S

    24 dagar sedan

    “Your girl calls me daddy” 😖

  9. Emily Snyder

    Emily Snyder

    25 dagar sedan

    Hi!! Do you think you'll cover the ana Campbell situation that's happening rn?

  10. magaliep34


    25 dagar sedan

    I thought jeffree had made a whole video on how he is going to therapy and moving on from getting involved in drama. I actually believed him that time lol

  11. Lotte x

    Lotte x

    25 dagar sedan

    Oh god, gabbie made a video on you

  12. ATeenageDreamer


    26 dagar sedan

    Hey Angelika! Love your videos. I'm sure you heard about this but JAMES IS BACK. He had no reason to come back, but he's back and deleted his "Holding myself accountable" video. Would love to see you cover it.

  13. Christian Calamuci

    Christian Calamuci

    26 dagar sedan

    SIS, lashes are popping‼️❤️ you are thriving, couldn't be more happier for you😊

  14. Samirah Islam

    Samirah Islam

    26 dagar sedan

    Nobody gonna address the fact that David Dobrik is

  15. Tashie


    26 dagar sedan

    Please make a video about Anna Campbell situation. We need awareness and we need Justice for all the minors and abuse she cause women close to her.

  16. Mari Belle

    Mari Belle

    26 dagar sedan

    Barbie girl! Angelika is seriously too pretty💕

  17. Izzy Lamb

    Izzy Lamb

    26 dagar sedan

    Thanks for briefly bringing up the more serious criminal allegations against Jeffree! Even if you don't feel there's enough evidence etc to address it fully (which is understandable), I think it's important to let people know that there are really serious allegations about him out there, so that people can look these things up and form their own opinions (until something official happens)

  18. A. Terterli

    A. Terterli

    26 dagar sedan

    Commenting for engagement! Also, I'm just on the edge of my seat, waiting for Angelika to talk about James' "comeback". Her opinion is kinda the only one I care about

  19. Wesley


    26 dagar sedan

    You look insanely beautiful in that shade of pink wow

  20. Lahela Dickens

    Lahela Dickens

    26 dagar sedan

    I feel like Jeffree will have a hard time starting drama w the 16 year olds bc they just won’t care abt him

  21. Miranda Canaday

    Miranda Canaday

    27 dagar sedan

    Jeffree is so irrelevant now and he knows it.

  22. TwirlyLamb


    27 dagar sedan

    Can we get another dramagedon the Internet is kind of dull these days

  23. Katie Lynch

    Katie Lynch

    27 dagar sedan

    Why do parents not care about their young kids hanging out with a 35 year old albino man with no eyebrows? Do better.

  24. Sian x

    Sian x

    27 dagar sedan

    Commenting for engagement ✨

  25. Valerie S

    Valerie S

    27 dagar sedan

    Her eyes are soooo blue and bright 🥺

  26. in the bad times

    in the bad times

    27 dagar sedan

    your eyelashes look so good omg

  27. Mischief Managed

    Mischief Managed

    27 dagar sedan

    I stan nonetheless however since this whole Creepshow art thing is happening and not only that I've always got funny vibes about you and general correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't Angelica I know I spelled her name wrong I know it's there's a K in there somewhere don't sue me give you Creepshow art type of vibes

  28. evelog


    27 dagar sedan

    ew no bye jeffree PLEASE

  29. erin hills

    erin hills

    27 dagar sedan

    i just want jeffree go bankrupt tbh it would be a good laugh for all of us

  30. Connor Parsons

    Connor Parsons

    27 dagar sedan

    I low-key want a compilation of Angelika saying "hey guys todays video Isssss..." 😅😅

  31. Leonie Neumann

    Leonie Neumann

    27 dagar sedan

    You know just here for the engagement

  32. Serenidee hope

    Serenidee hope

    27 dagar sedan

    I'm really looking forward to seeing what you have to say about James Charles coming back to the internet! His video was so stupid! So many lies and excuses. He should have stayed gone.

  33. Serenidee hope

    Serenidee hope

    27 dagar sedan

    I'm pretty sure jeffrees first video was a collab with JKissa?! He has a bad memory. Lol

  34. GirlDamn


    27 dagar sedan

    Nobody should forget him using Breonna Taylor and Elijah McClains name in his video. And then he never mentioned them again.

  35. Alura Adams

    Alura Adams

    27 dagar sedan

    Can you please do a video on creepshow art

  36. Help me reach 4k with 1 videos

    Help me reach 4k with 1 videos

    27 dagar sedan

    Heavenly Father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy and financially blessed ✝️🙏🏼

  37. Megan


    27 dagar sedan

  38. Ashiya Mishiya

    Ashiya Mishiya

    27 dagar sedan

    Please don't talk about this person...don't give him free advertisement...

  39. Namita Sankar

    Namita Sankar

    27 dagar sedan

    I swear, can we never talk about JC and JS please? I am sick

  40. The q is for queer

    The q is for queer

    27 dagar sedan

    Interesting that they all came out w videos after frenemies fell out

  41. Julez


    27 dagar sedan

    can someone remind me why everyone hates Jefree?I legit forgot

  42. Lace McAllister

    Lace McAllister

    27 dagar sedan

    keeping up with the rea

  43. doodles1331


    27 dagar sedan

    Jeffree and drama? I'm boredddddd c'mon he's always bragging about how creative and innovative he is, so can't he think of a better way to become popular again 😮‍💨

  44. Jessus Nazarjess

    Jessus Nazarjess

    27 dagar sedan

    Him downplaying the severity of his scandals is a huge slap in the face to many people, including Dahvie Vanity's victims/survivors.

  45. Liza Bar

    Liza Bar

    27 dagar sedan

    Tati was doing great until JC entered her life, IMO. I'm happy they forgave each other but they don't need to be friends

  46. Pernixa


    27 dagar sedan

    Hi, could you please set the sound higher in your videos thank you!

  47. Patricia Fernandez Gimeno

    Patricia Fernandez Gimeno

    27 dagar sedan

    Can't wait for your updates on James!!

  48. Natasa Filipovic

    Natasa Filipovic

    27 dagar sedan

    Angelika, where’s the Cartier bracelet? I’m still waiting....

  49. Sophie Kuhn

    Sophie Kuhn

    27 dagar sedan

    Jeffree star and gabbi Hanna r the same

  50. Lili Sibala

    Lili Sibala

    27 dagar sedan

    There's no such thing as a coincidence. We're all energetically aligned

  51. My Real Name

    My Real Name

    27 dagar sedan

    Anyone else get really shitty audio every now and then with ONLY Angelikas videos?! If I exit and try again after a few hours the audio is normal again. But for hours yesterday i couldn't watch this video because it sounded awful for me.

  52. Li Sheng Liew

    Li Sheng Liew

    27 dagar sedan

    This dude is literally turning 35 this year and he still choose to hang out with a much younger demographic and act like he is a 15 yo catty high schooler, dude should act his age.

  53. Lucinda Paterson

    Lucinda Paterson

    27 dagar sedan

    i think the hard thing is that jefree is so rich and ‘successful’ that anyone who he approaches would feel like they have to be nice to him also he is SO MUCH OLDER then all of the people on tiktok

  54. Mice Are Nice

    Mice Are Nice

    27 dagar sedan

    The tiktokers are really young and are probably maybe...starstruck if that's a thing where Jefree is concerned...?

  55. Valeriya S

    Valeriya S

    27 dagar sedan

    Jafar is BOLD throwing shade like that, like sit down nobody cares about you anymore

  56. Mischa Haraka

    Mischa Haraka

    27 dagar sedan

    Always here to the SE-one community drama updates 🙌🏾 Keep it up Angelika

  57. Tammara Robinson

    Tammara Robinson

    27 dagar sedan

    Hey just wanna say hope you ok because gabbie made another video of u and it disgusting 🙄 . Love your videos and totally agree with this video 🤣💕

  58. Lanari _

    Lanari _

    27 dagar sedan

    wait guys i forgot what did jeff do that was illegal?

  59. Carla Mulder

    Carla Mulder

    27 dagar sedan

    Is Jeffree not able to shut up for once?

  60. Shelter Two

    Shelter Two

    27 dagar sedan

    The TikTok kids will learn. Oh how they’ll learn 😟

  61. SImona Fucko

    SImona Fucko

    27 dagar sedan

    Do you have some kind of agenda against jeffree lol? He did not in any shape or form shade james and tati? Lol he just said he doesnt hang out with them and doesnt have contact. Lol. An also he came back before tati so your also wrong there. its like okay you dont like him but it seams like you havent watch his last vid at all. Hes out of drama and you just keep pushing him in one for what? Clickbait likes and views? If you went on a pod and said you dont have any contact with gabbie would that be shading her?

  62. Eliška Týrová

    Eliška Týrová

    27 dagar sedan

    Jeffree is never going to give up. We all know that he likes his money and likes to flex his wealth, he's pretty much addicted to this kind of lifestyle now, so he's gonna do anything to keep it.

  63. Mary Elizabeth

    Mary Elizabeth

    27 dagar sedan

    Is racsim not illegal in the US?

  64. Hell Yeah

    Hell Yeah

    27 dagar sedan

    Hi girly, you sound different to me, are you ok? Looking gorgeous, btw❤️

  65. Zoé


    27 dagar sedan

    What's wrong with your mic? The sound's been awful lately 😢

  66. Emily


    27 dagar sedan

    You should do a video of Anna Campbell

  67. ri


    27 dagar sedan

    Does anyone elses aufio sound a bit crackly

  68. Alia Borders

    Alia Borders

    27 dagar sedan

    He didn’t make racially charged comments. He straight up said slurs.

    • TwirlyLamb


      27 dagar sedan

      Oh honey

    • Alia Borders

      Alia Borders

      27 dagar sedan

      @virginia smith No shit lol

    • virginia smith

      virginia smith

      27 dagar sedan

      Tbf the slurs he used were racially charged for sure

  69. Arm Dick

    Arm Dick

    27 dagar sedan

    That is very true, I’ve personally been getting all my new makeup inspiration from Tiktok and have been neglecting the SE-one beauty community and Jeffrey star definitely sees people shifting to the tiktok side of makeup instead, hoping he’s not seriously trying to wriggle his way onto there😩😭

  70. Sharon Suderski

    Sharon Suderski

    27 dagar sedan

    did u see james charles new video?? i don't want to watch it but i want to know about it 😂

  71. Georgia Woods

    Georgia Woods

    27 dagar sedan

    commenting for the algorithm 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

  72. Cathy 24

    Cathy 24

    27 dagar sedan

    Is it my phone or is the audio quality really bad?

  73. bhb


    27 dagar sedan

    can’t he just go to jail atp lmao

  74. zareen


    27 dagar sedan

    You're such a strong and confident young girl. I've been watching you since you were 18 and I'm 4 years older than you. The kinda bs being thrown at you by someone who's a decade older than you is appalling and you are handling it all with so much grace. Love you Angelika ❤️

  75. Paul Yoximov

    Paul Yoximov

    27 dagar sedan

    So what exactly did he shame James about since that's what's in the title? And what kind of drama is he now in when you just talked about an interview he had where nothing happened it seems? I am so confused. I guess nothing happened, he is not in drama so far, and you are just clickbaiting and guessing he will be?

  76. Verolution


    27 dagar sedan

    your comments are vile and toxic?! wtf sort of community you running here

  77. 𝕺𝖍, 𝖓𝖔!

    𝕺𝖍, 𝖓𝖔!

    27 dagar sedan

    Every time you say you suspect something might happen soon, from what I have seen, it usually does. Wonder how wild this one will be, hoping it’s kinda petty and not involving crimes and/or bigotry this time 🤡

  78. Ichi Ni

    Ichi Ni

    27 dagar sedan

    At this point, who cares about him?

  79. Astral Ptm

    Astral Ptm

    27 dagar sedan

    Commenting so Angelika can buy phoebe a Cartier collar

  80. butt licker

    butt licker

    27 dagar sedan

    Your Tati bias is frickin annoying stop seriously I can curse bc SE-one restrictions

  81. Gauri Krishnan

    Gauri Krishnan

    27 dagar sedan

    when u said dave portnoy was everywhere i was like yeah true then i realised its just because you’ve mentioned him before 😹

  82. Justforfarms Farms

    Justforfarms Farms

    27 dagar sedan

    Well.. he did say in his vid that he won't participate in drama any soon. Seems that one he is taking it seriously.

  83. Saar Cai

    Saar Cai

    27 dagar sedan

    Where’s the shade though..

  84. miith


    27 dagar sedan

    Here's a view for your Cartier fund. 😆

  85. Mark Finnerty

    Mark Finnerty

    27 dagar sedan

    He hasn't addressed the insider article cuz he payed off the sources

  86. Karen Hernandez

    Karen Hernandez

    27 dagar sedan

    Sis I need to know what mascara you’re using cuz WOW 🤩

  87. Emma Heike

    Emma Heike

    27 dagar sedan

    I feel like everybody is making a comeback because one person came back, and they saw a chance to sneak in. With all these people (who were all labeled problematic) coming back, I think they believe they'll fly under the radar while others take heat. It doesn't work like that, my friends.

  88. Matrix Unravelling

    Matrix Unravelling

    27 dagar sedan

    EVERYTHING JS has ever done has seemed to be calculated.

    • Tegan Jones

      Tegan Jones

      26 dagar sedan

      Agreed! Some of his stories are just….🤨

  89. Katie Heinlein

    Katie Heinlein

    27 dagar sedan

    crazy seeing all these names back in one title

  90. Leone Brander

    Leone Brander

    27 dagar sedan

    Why does no one seem concerned that Jeffree has spent the last few months glorifying/showing off his apparently extensive gun collection??? When many of his fans are teenagers in a country where youth are k*lled by gun violence at extremely alarming rates??

    • Brendadirk Cramplescrunch

      Brendadirk Cramplescrunch

      27 dagar sedan

      cos Murica. Crazy country.

  91. Petya Atanasova

    Petya Atanasova

    27 dagar sedan

    OMG is it 2017 again?

  92. Melody Ariel

    Melody Ariel

    28 dagar sedan

    Shane is coming back. He should reenter with an exposé on James. His return is inevitable, let them take each other down.

  93. Leticia Tish

    Leticia Tish

    28 dagar sedan

    What do you mean the girl who licks toilets isn't a reliable source of information? Impossible!! lol

  94. Karyn Brotzman

    Karyn Brotzman

    28 dagar sedan

    Like he has room to talk. 🙄

  95. CJ Jacobson

    CJ Jacobson

    28 dagar sedan

    Why is everyone coming back but JENNA MARBLES 🤦‍♀️

  96. Moon Star

    Moon Star

    28 dagar sedan

    I think Jeffree's make up took a hint because of the pandemic and wearing masks, nobody wears that much make up anymore . James should be in jail.

  97. Amy s

    Amy s

    28 dagar sedan

    I remember he was outraged when he found out two-faced basically robbed Nikkie with the collab contract and threatened to release it. The beauty community would be a better place without J and J , it's terrible how people are still supporting them.

  98. leslie figueroa

    leslie figueroa

    28 dagar sedan

    “Now that James is gone” well that unfortunately didn’t age well 😭

  99. Paula Balzarini

    Paula Balzarini

    28 dagar sedan


  100. Lillian Meyer

    Lillian Meyer

    28 dagar sedan

    I’m so excited for the petty drama 🥳