Trisha Paytas is IN BIG TROUBLE because of THIS...

This video is about Trisha Paytas and Ethan (H3H3)! Enjoy :)

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  1. Erin S.

    Erin S.

    Månad sedan

    i saw this coming from the beginning. any time anything goes sour in one of trisha's relationships she blows up and completely turns on them. she's literally done this to every single person in her life. she was never happy with the percentages and she should've just been honest and spoke up. frenemies makes so much money that im sure ethan would've been willing to split it 50/50 and just make less than trisha bc he would also be paying for production costs. they also should've just had a separate channel for the highlights clips since this revenue was such a big issue for trisha as well. the frenemies views help all of the h3 videos so even if ethan then didn't end up making much off of frenemies with all the production costs then it would probably still be worth it to him bc of the overall view boost frenemies brings to all the h3 videos on the channel. no one has to take a deal they're unhappy with and if doing frenemies for less than 50% wasn't worth it to trisha then she should've just said that instead of holding back and waiting for the worst moment to go off and cause the entire thing to implode

  2. Kay Felker

    Kay Felker

    Månad sedan

    i literally thought this had been about Trish having been speaking about something that really got to them, then ethan kinda dismissing it to go to the new segment, and then trisha lashing out because of it. And then trying to cover up their meltdown over something seemingly so small with 'no i just hate that idea and i feel like i should be more involved with everything'. That is what it seemed like to me as a neurodivergent person who has meltdowns sometimes and they might seem out of nowhere. I expected them to apologize and explain that, but instead they doubled down, and I don't think that's fair on anyone.

  3. DarkLordLink


    Månad sedan

    45% of the show revenue AND 50% of the members to just show up and be a bitch for two hours sounds like she was getting way too much money

  4. aj


    Månad sedan

    great video, but where's your top from? it's gorgeous x

  5. YungTokyo


    Månad sedan

    I’m disappointed that I thought Trisha changed and grew.

  6. Redcatrobe


    Månad sedan

    Moses has much patience and out of his way to be kind to his partner. I feel so bad that she takes advantage. :/

  7. King Sponge

    King Sponge

    Månad sedan

    If you're an employee you don't get a say in shit. You can bring things up to management but at the end of the day it's not your place 🤷🏼‍♂️

  8. Star D

    Star D

    Månad sedan

    thank you for making the effort to cover this!! I have no patience for people like Trisha.... I'm sorry like that's now how to behave when you're upset. He has to record down things and repeat things that she's said herself. I emphasized with Ethan on this matter. (long take on this I'm mad at Trisha. They need to seriously change.) She reminds me of a ignorant "that" chaotic harmful family member at a thanks giving dinner that you have constantly correct and refuses to take accountability. If she portrays herself as that and she can't understand - people will see herself at that. Also her hitting her partner was a rumor that she confirmed and I'm shocked. I'm shocked that she can't see that the decisions she makes when she is /upset/ are extremely rude, harsh and inappropriate. Emotions are ok but it's how you choose to behave which is important. The Klein family is trying so hard for her but she keeps demonizing them. I don't agree with people saying she's advocate for a progressive moment which I don't understand? It comes off like a like a parrot that repeating things at this point. Repeating what other people say because it's what's "trendy" right now because behavior is far from that. She uses progressiveness to benefit her and manipulate people into thinking her bad decisions are ok. NO. ..... It doesn't seem from the heart at all. I don't understand that. Many people who are at their lowest, would wish to have a friend like that. It infuriates me how she's taking that for granted.

  9. Randy Ramirez

    Randy Ramirez

    Månad sedan

    Subbed!!!! Thank you for the post

  10. Peachy 101

    Peachy 101

    Månad sedan

    You have to admit that it's kinda become trendy to hold the whole world accountable for all kinda of injustices. So it was a smart for her to jump on the bandwagon. But now that it's very clear all she cares about is her paycheck and isn't concerned with changing her behaviour... I don't think it was ever genuine, she just knew what the most popular opinions were and ran with them as her own views.

  11. Peachy 101

    Peachy 101

    Månad sedan

    Is it really progress though if she keeps back tracking? The H3 thing just seems like she was acting like a Diva and wanting more than she was given. Trisha loves money so much that she's monotosing all these stupid videos and creating drama around things that didn't need to be turned into drama. I just don't think she'll ever be a good, selfless person.

  12. Ruhani Nudrat Hossain

    Ruhani Nudrat Hossain

    Månad sedan

    Trisha can be HIGHLY insensitive and just an overall brat a lot of the times. It's kind of really annoying tbh.

  13. Miriam Woodburn

    Miriam Woodburn

    Månad sedan

    totally irrelevant but you would SO suit a bob

  14. luicaralex12_xfiles4ever


    Månad sedan

    Sorry I’ve never liked Trisha. She definitely needs to be canceled period!!!!!!!

  15. maplelump


    Månad sedan

    I avoided watching videos on this situation because I feel stupid for briefly believing in Trisha's redemption.

  16. reviewer12341


    Månad sedan

    The strange thing to me is that the advice idea is one of the most sustainable things you can do on a podcast. They have a huge audience, so there will never be an end to the request for advice. A lot of podcasts do this. It's ridiculous.

  17. Bree


    Månad sedan

    i’m glad i wasnt bamboozled by trish’s “redemption” arc. they’ve been doing fucked up shit for YEARS. a few good moments of being on the right side of scandals doesn’t make them a good person. it honestly blows my mind how many people were so quick to start stanning them and praising them for everything they do. as if they didn’t put out racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. content for literal years. of course people can mature and change but that takes time, like a lot of time. and they need a lengthy track record which imo, trish doesn’t have. and don’t get me started on ethan and people praising him for being this stand up human when he’s literally bad too. admittedly i haven’t watched him in a while but i used to and stopped because of how problematic he got. i watched him when he was doing commentary videos (soflo, the bradberry twins, vape nation, etc.). but then he started getting racist, transphobic, sexist, anti-feminist, and so much more. he even defended and still kept being friends with jontron (who i also used to watch) even after that horrible racist “debate” where he was literally going on and on about how black ppl are statistically likely to be criminals bc x,y,z and just pretty much taking non stop about black folks and how they’re bad ppl. like bro, why are y’all so easily fooled, especially with such problematic people. bad people can do good things sometimes. doesn’t automatically make them a changed person.

  18. alyssa roberts

    alyssa roberts

    Månad sedan

    I like you but I don’t like how you title videos like it’s 2016 😭

  19. Jermaine Williams

    Jermaine Williams

    Månad sedan

    She defended shane Dawson and black face I would expect her to care about Jewish people

  20. Dani Jimenez

    Dani Jimenez

    Månad sedan

    This is really random but At first I thought Angelina cut her hair until she like turned her head near the end of the video lol 😅

  21. macias9


    Månad sedan

    Why does this Chicken nugget still have a platform? She should be cancelled (held accountable) looong time ago...

  22. jordan


    Månad sedan

    i’ve actually never watched the podcast, i only know from watching angelika, but i was also cautiously happy to see trish’s opportunities to get real friends and help with their struggles; seeing the words they use to describe the family that took her in is really disappointing.

  23. David


    Månad sedan

    i honestly don’t know how she’s gonna bounce back from this…

  24. Chelsea Donoghue

    Chelsea Donoghue

    Månad sedan

    I want this shirt! Where is it from?!?!?

  25. Dani


    Månad sedan

    lets pretend for a second that trish was being underpaid. the frenemies podcast is not their only source of income? im not 100% on what they do earn money from but even if it is, 45k is a liveable salary if they have saved their previous millions of earnings

  26. Fran99x


    Månad sedan

    After finding out about all this I'm pretty disappointed in Trish. They were making excellent progress in how they carry themself and standing up for all the right things lately..

  27. Mae Willow

    Mae Willow

    Månad sedan

    that's why people write contracts. to avoid situations like this.

  28. bubbles


    Månad sedan

    Not very surprised. Ive never really bought into the redemption arc. Trisha’s goal is always to “expose people”. They will always ruin their relationships/friendships. Trisha will not have a lasting relationship. It’s always a cycle of finding friends/relationship, it’s gonna be good for awhile, then when Trisha feels slighted, Trisha will blow up and make an exposing so and so video. They remind me of someone with Borderline personality disorder.

  29. aruallauraarual


    Månad sedan

    Short hair would look so cute on you! I actually thought u cut it lol

  30. Number 5

    Number 5

    Månad sedan

    trisha does have this pattern of behavior, i’m surprised that people forget this, patterns are incredibly hard to break. I hope that they realize this self destruction before it totally destroys all the relationships they’ve built with these people :( even so they need to be held accountable for their words and actions

  31. A G

    A G

    Månad sedan

    I feel like you can side with Ethan and say what is happening to him is unfair without calling him a "good" person like you referred to him as. He has a lot of issues that he hasn't addressed or addressed half-heartedly, but that doesn't mean he deserves to have the truth bent by someone else. That's where I stand on the issue.

  32. Chels


    Månad sedan

    Trish is not a victim, they were acting selfish, money-hungry and overall all this criticism against them is very warranted and honestly they should be ashamed of themself. It's exploitative of people who did nothing but support them.

  33. Bebe Auo

    Bebe Auo

    Månad sedan

    I think Trish went for the socialist babe title but only managed to make it even more obvious the disparage of salaries. The crew getting 5% should be their disappointment, not that they weren’t getting 50%. I’m overall not engaging with the news on this, because I feel both of them are clearly frustrated and I was invested on the Trisha Redemption Arc. I could say I disagree with Ethan telling the crew what was said to him by Trisha on private, but I also think he could be very uncomfortable with what he heard and decided to share. In the end I think Trish made a mistake, but I still hope they can make realize that and do better. Now about Mose’s… I honestly don’t even know what to say. It’s sad and upsetting it happened. I hope he’s doing ok.

  34. Sxdesterr


    Månad sedan

    Okay, but can we talk about your look today?! ✨ I'M IN LOVE ✨

  35. Kor O'Connell

    Kor O'Connell

    Månad sedan

    And once again, we're back to being shocked that Trisha is immature and problematic as if this hasn't been the case the whole time

  36. dominica simpson

    dominica simpson

    Månad sedan

    If a company is hiring, for example, an accountant, accounting management and head of that particular team is often involved. HR doesn’t just stick someone at a desk without a warning. Even though Trisha isn’t entitled to any hiring decisions, I think at least he could’ve said “I’ve got a girl I’d like to add to the team & she’ll be editing frenemies as well, let me know what you think.” Collaborative company culture is healthy

  37. Brogan Taylor

    Brogan Taylor

    Månad sedan

    Not trying to defend Trisha but as someone with BPD myself I’ve had pretty similar episodes of mania. Sometimes you can just get annoyed or upset easily, loose all logical thinking and make no sense to those around you. A lot of people say you shouldn’t use BPD as an excuse but the fact is it’s an extreme mental health issue. You can never just wake up one day and be totally normal. Medication can help but it really only tends to balance you out. You can still have manic episodes. It’s totally different in each situation for everyone. I’m just sad the podcast has ended and I do feel for Ethan, it’s a very stressful situation to be in.

  38. Rima


    Månad sedan

    Trisha is a classic narcissist. unfortunately, I have had so many "friends" who act exactly like Trisha. Ethan would be better off without Trisha. She'll just continue to suck his energy and continue to make him bend over backwards to accommodate her but once she finds something not going her way, she'll snap and cry victim.

  39. Mellon Lord

    Mellon Lord

    Månad sedan

    Ethan has said before in older videos that he has felt the need to be extra generous because of the antisemitic tropes. This was a bit of an eye opener for me on being Jewish today. It's like no matter how much you give you're still sneaky, underhanded, greedy and with all of that, no one even cares or acknowledges the racism and bias you face. She's been very antisemitic for a long time. I didn't know how bad it was but it always made me super uncomfortable. As the mother of three Asian daughters the fetishizing made my skin crawl. If they brought a guy home that talked like that about Asian women I'd probably kick him out. And too, I think it's sad that male victims of DV are just not seen at all. If she were male she wouldn't have gotten away with it and to see her stans saying the criticism is from the H3 boy's club makes me so angry. I'm a woman, don't weaponize feminism to protect someone from the consequences of their own bad behavior...ever. So I'm a Bernie bro and now an H3 boy's club club. Okay. Just makes me so sad to see how feminism gets used sometimes.

  40. Yasmine Wilson

    Yasmine Wilson

    Månad sedan

    I feel like people are glossing over the fact that Ethan did offer to hire a producer specifically to implement Trisha’s ideas but she didn’t want that. He also provides her with itemized spending for the podcast but not for the production company. She literally popped off because she has no comprehension of business.

  41. Kennedy Kirkland

    Kennedy Kirkland

    Månad sedan

    Hey there so you are in fact posting about racists ppl and ppl who stan Ethan, heila, and Trisha contribute to racism and homophobia

  42. Caitlin Williams

    Caitlin Williams

    Månad sedan

    Trish is also messing with Hila's pregnancy! Imagine what should be a happy time, now major stress added, which could also affect the health of the baby/pregnancy!

  43. Mea


    Månad sedan

    Also at some point, we have to stop “getting away with” treating people like absolute dirt just because of our mental illness. Going through a hard time never makes that okay. Idk I can relate to a person being toxic because of their mental health issues and it creates a toxic relationship. Doesn’t negate their mental health problems but it also doesn’t negate them never taking responsibility for treating me horribly. (I have mental health issues too, I know what it’s like).

  44. Mea


    Månad sedan

    Already making so much money and 100k on top of all that for talking on a podcast and not dealing or contributing to all the production stuff. Liiiiiike can we stop complaining

  45. Beanie Girl

    Beanie Girl

    Månad sedan

    it hurts that frenemies has ended. I'm very suicidal atm and this show is sometimes the only thing that keeps me around.

  46. Hells Belle

    Hells Belle

    Månad sedan

    Trisha is such a trashy person. Inside. Just really REALLY awful. Horrible wretched mean selfish and only cares about herself. Social climbing miserable person. Why is she just so horrible?? Why would anyone like her? It’s not a good sign.

  47. Tyler Kay

    Tyler Kay

    Månad sedan

    There are so many facts missing from this. Ethan gave Trisha the green light to hire a producer & she wanted to know where the 5% was going because not only did he tell her it was going to different places but according to her, she didn't see any money going to those things other than the staff being paid until recently when new equipment was paid. Also Ethan hid the fact that they were making membership money from Trisha for months. My opinion they both have done wrong to each other. Trisha hit Ethan with low blows as he did her. Some of those low blows did stop. But neither one communicates properly.

  48. helloleesh


    Månad sedan

    If Trisha was nothing more than an employee and only meant to be just an employee, Ethan never should have called them "a partner" in this business (Frenemies, not H3). I do think T fucked way up, but E has control issues and is not that accommodating.

  49. Lord Mayaquad

    Lord Mayaquad

    Månad sedan

    Tbh I don’t want them to get back together. It’ll be so awkward

  50. Carrissa Jean

    Carrissa Jean

    Månad sedan

    I wonder what holidays are going to be like.

  51. Hecatrice


    Månad sedan

    Can't say this wasn't expected.Thankfully the H3 crew will have some peace of mind now.

  52. J H

    J H

    Månad sedan

    Listen, I'm an American Jew and I am not bothered with people making Jew jokes in private but she should have blurred out the "Jewy" joke (because that's what it was, I know she didn't mean it that way) and just said "And I said something antisemitic that I regret and I didn't mean it that way but don't be an asshole because Jews aren't a stereotype they're individual people" Also I don't understand why people are upset that Trisha loves Jews. Like, everybody hates us for absolutely no reason. So I appreciate a fan of that makes sense 😂🤷‍♀️

  53. Erica G

    Erica G

    Månad sedan

    Can I please know where you got that top!? 😍

  54. Nathaniel Rodriguez

    Nathaniel Rodriguez

    Månad sedan

    Anyone else would do this in the media, and they’d be labeled as difficult and blacklisted.

  55. jules franks

    jules franks

    Månad sedan

    as a jewish person myself who grew up having those stereotypes used against me its so not okay for them to joke about like that. judaism is a closed practice and they've already disrespected it enough. enough trish

  56. Kyru988


    Månad sedan

    To me it seems Trisha Paytas has gone full victim at that time. She is prosecuting Ethan when he keeps her accountable, and it seems very once sided; Trisha causing a lot of issues for Ethan and his family, workplace etc. I'll have to investigate further..

  57. Miss Incognito

    Miss Incognito

    Månad sedan

    I think you have percentages mixed up with salary bc salary is different you get a guaranteed pay let’s say $200,000 and it doesn’t change. Now let’s say you get a percentage like Trisha you’re supposed to get a report from the money made ie sponsorships, merch, streaming etc. So her asking how much he’s making off the podcast isn’t out of the question bc she wants to make sure she’s getting her 45% now asking him what he does with the 5% isn’t necessary for her to ask bc if she wanted a bigger percentage she shouldn’t negotiated for one.

  58. Reid Bevan

    Reid Bevan

    Månad sedan

    I know we're dog-piling on Trish right now but two things that really stood out to me in Trish's argument is that 1) all of the H3 highlights about Frenemies are Trisha's stories but they don't get any of that money, and 2) Ethan hasn't shown any of the proof that Trisha said they wanted to get a whole new crew. We can't take one side's word for it. Proof matters.

  59. Emily Chertos

    Emily Chertos

    Månad sedan

    I don't watch the podcast and I'm not Jewish, but the thumbnail of one of their episodes felt a little uncomfortable when they wore Hassidic garb as one of their costumes unless Ethan is Hassidic, it seems a little disrespectful to use traditional religious garb as any type of costume and Trisha making Anti-Semitic remarks like that doesn't sit right.

  60. Alex Cook

    Alex Cook

    Månad sedan

    whered you get your top from its so niceeee

  61. Bleach 3369

    Bleach 3369

    Månad sedan

    Earth was a mistake

  62. giulia


    Månad sedan

    this is sad. if Moses had no attitude before she abused him, we better lay down lmao

  63. Andrea Abril

    Andrea Abril

    Månad sedan

    Question from someone who doesnt watch Frenemies, is the show live? Why not edit this out? Cancel the episode and just talk about it...

    • Juliette C

      Juliette C

      Månad sedan

      It's not live (except for maybe a couple of episodes I'm not sure). He asked her if it was okay to upload it and she was okay with it. He has uploaded their previous fights before. I dont know why they upload it but i guess he doesn't think it is a big deal, or that it would turn into a big deal.

  64. Ala Krysztoforska

    Ala Krysztoforska

    Månad sedan

    I think this is a typicall BPD episode. Mine look simillar sometimes. I think Trish will be back soon crying and apologising

  65. Reese


    Månad sedan

    i really feel like ethan and hila are nice people and i am very supportive of them. i will never be able to take trisha seriously, i never even bought the whole "redemption arc" that she had going on for a while ...

  66. Sara


    Månad sedan

    How ironic I got a domino's ad on this video literally just after the "domino curse" comment! What are the chances!

  67. Elisabeth Nordin

    Elisabeth Nordin

    Månad sedan

    To be clear, according to Ethan, he did send Trisha an inventory every week describing everything they paid for for the podcast. Either way, Trisha keeps hurting people and their mental health is no excuse. They should take a long hiatus where they concentrate solely on themselves.

  68. alcixx


    Månad sedan

    Angelika, you are glowing!!!😍✨

  69. Yin Aranzamendez

    Yin Aranzamendez

    Månad sedan

    I feel like someone is whispering in Trishia's ear that they are not being paid enough. I have a strong feeling that's why the money thing always comes up lately before this eventual end.

  70. Nainsook


    Månad sedan


  71. Kate


    Månad sedan

    Trisha is a ticking time bomb. Even though they’ve had a “redemption”, there was always problematic things lurking. They need to apologise and take a good, long break from social media and figure out their issues. That family took them in, forgave them for everything. And that’s how they repay them.

  72. melody b

    melody b

    Månad sedan

    the fact that it took one hit for y’all to finally hate trish when they have been RACIST, ANTI SEMITIC , AND MORE for years....the hit is bad but why is this y’all’s breaking point

  73. Grace Cohen

    Grace Cohen

    Månad sedan

    if I were to start a podcast with my friend tomorrow we would split it 50/50 and I think that is where Trisha is coming from but they just haven't wrapped their head around how much bigger h3h3 is. I feel like Trisha wants to be treated as an equal to Ethan and I get that on a basic level but Ethan has no reason to make that happen after the way Trisha has treated literally everyone on the team.

  74. Jessica Lynn

    Jessica Lynn

    Månad sedan

    I couldn't agree more Angelika. I too, was a big fan of Trisha redemption process. Before, I thought she was a terrible human, but you could see her growth and it felt authentic and I think it was. It's evident Moses, Ethan and Hila care about Trish and I think they have all made Trisha a better person and Trish should recognize that. I just worry that if Trish gets upset at family gatherings and Trish and Moses have a family is Trish gonna keep the kids from Hila and Ethan and Moses and Hila parents. They are both guilty of bringing it to the internet, and some things should stay offline especially when family is concerned. We are rooting for you Trish ❤ We just want you and Moses Ethan and Hila to be happy!!

  75. Phat Cat

    Phat Cat

    Månad sedan

    We already knew this about Trisha! Why is it a problem, just now? Just goes to show that her stans and many drama channels choose to ignore so much of Trisha’s BS. We already knew about this. She tried so hard to keep it under the rug, to no avail. We knew. But everyone, including drama channels just strolled right on over it. But now…. Now that she’s showing her blatant hypocritical behavior snd it’s okay to be mad at her, now y’all have a problem with it? She rags on Gabbie for everything that she has IN-FACT done, herself. Even goes on a tirade about Gabbie being a rape apologist. Meanwhile, she is the perpetrator of domestic abuse, herself! And, stood by Shane on all of his behaviors and accusations. See the hypocrisy? What about her going on a tirade about Ryland being ungrateful to his fans? What about her doing the same thing? What about her and Ethan bullying other influencers? What about Trisha and Ethan name-calling and going hard on people gathering and being in public regarding Covid, but yet they have get-together s. They were out in public amongst CoVid and not wearing masks, and having gatherings! Hila busted, recently. Trisha was out in public while LA was supposed to be shut down, getting her cheese sticks and all sorts of things. Trisha is the absolute worst hypocrite and drama channels never say anything about her hypocrisy, contradictions and blatant lies. She has contradicted herself so much, to where nobody knows if she’s being serious and telling the truth. But for some crazy reason everyone just looks over all the BS she does. It’s infuriating!

  76. butt licker

    butt licker

    Månad sedan

    i’m resubscribing took u long enough but unlike u i’m not an idiot so i will be unsubscribing next time u joint their pity parade redemption arc

  77. Angela Clark

    Angela Clark

    Månad sedan

    Hi Angelika. What are you wearing on your eyes? It's gorgeous. Thank you!

  78. Phat Cat

    Phat Cat

    Månad sedan

    All old-school you tubers/influencers refer to Q &A videos as “lazy, when out of ideas,” content. It’s like Trisha doesn’t know the difference between advice column like, “Dear Abby,” type of content, and Q & A content. I can see where a “Dear Frenemies” segment could be a theme and be really fun/funny. And, it’s not the same as Q & A’s, where we just ask them a bunch of questions for them to answer things about themselves. Does she not watch Wendy Williams and those who have this type of segment? And, how hilarious they can be? If only Trisha knew as much as she and Ethan THINK they do, she would be a lot better off.

  79. Nada Moo

    Nada Moo

    Månad sedan

    Why did Trisha cross the road? Because Trisha thought it was a boundary.

  80. Hey Hey

    Hey Hey

    Månad sedan

    Call him he may hire you or have you on an episode .. Go for it . Why not try

  81. Hey Hey

    Hey Hey

    Månad sedan

    Trisha really screwed up .. She really disrespected Ethan and the crew and Ethan's wife . I think

  82. Hey Hey

    Hey Hey

    Månad sedan


  83. Emily


    Månad sedan

    There comes a point where mental illness can explain behavior, but not excuse it. I think it’s a good thing that Ethan is now creating a boundary with Trish. And I hope Trish can take some time and heal and learn from this whole thing. Just a sad situation on all ends

  84. Jessica Lynne

    Jessica Lynne

    Månad sedan

    The fact that Trisha pulls the SAME shit over and over and you morons all ate it up this time is a joke. Of COURSE she was going to get a bunch of work done and come back after the Jason/David shit, make them the villains and act like she’s come soooo far, then eat herself into oblivion, get more and more toxic, mistreat everyone she knows, fuck up whatever relationship she’s in, and have another breakdown. At some point, if EVERYONE you know “hurts” you, maybe YOU are the problem. She hasn’t changed, you idiots just buy it every time.

    • Jessica Lynne

      Jessica Lynne

      Månad sedan

      Explain to me how Trisha has been friends with all the WORST people over the last few years and every time manages to come out of the friendship playing the victim. She is THE master manipulator. She’s been chasing this drama and vapid bullshit lifestyle since long before internet influencers was a thing. She’s even said she got on all those trashy things shows just for the attention. Pay attention, she’s been after this life since the beginning, and you’re all buying it.

  85. Jodie Marie

    Jodie Marie

    Månad sedan

    Coming to angelika because theres no way we can watch all the videos, tiktoks and read all the tweets trisha puts out

  86. Jodie Marie

    Jodie Marie

    Månad sedan

    Ethan genuinely genuinely put up with so much and was able to stay calm and deal with trish so many times but he’s right enough is enough. He honestly always defended trish and never got the same respect back

  87. Brooke DoVale

    Brooke DoVale

    Månad sedan

    The fact that people even thought that Trisha was redeemed in the first place is appalling to me because I've never seen a single person from one of the groups they've offended say that they forgave them but I'm glad people are calling them out again regardless

  88. Kelly Todd

    Kelly Todd

    Månad sedan

    That comparison was on point. That was a great comparison. People don’t understand this!!!!

  89. Cusper Gem

    Cusper Gem

    Månad sedan

    Uncle Fester spirit gives Ethan a backbone.

  90. Brooke.Rolfe


    Månad sedan

    I’m obsessed with your shirt!! Super groovy

  91. Jude Ezra

    Jude Ezra

    Månad sedan

    A bunch of Jewish people did not forgive them and said there was no "redemption arc" with Trish. Just because they are engaged with a Jewish man and have Jewish friends never excused their past behavior. Same with the DID community and other communities. We never saw a redemption arc and no one listened and yet here we are again.

  92. Kaya Shorr

    Kaya Shorr

    Månad sedan

    honestly trisha's anti semitism has been going on for a while, glad people are starting to realize the things they've said and done

  93. who knowsss

    who knowsss

    Månad sedan

    trisha's deal with ethan was so perfect like anyone would kill to have that deal, making six figures just to talk on a podcast and not even have to worry about running anything behind the scenes like they're just coming off as so ungrateful, like they weren't even paid a fixed salary they got 45% of the profits and that's so ideal. i feel bad for ethan and hila

  94. Sarah Chaudhary

    Sarah Chaudhary

    Månad sedan

    What redemption arc? Trisha never once properly apologized to the communities they hurt, none of which you are a part of. You’ve defended Trish’s behavior a lot in the past bc you seemingly had a soft spot for them, as with most of the internet. A lot of us saw through Trishas ‘better person’ act from the beginning

  95. Flor the flower

    Flor the flower

    Månad sedan

    where's your tshirt from ??

  96. Find the Beauty in Everything

    Find the Beauty in Everything

    Månad sedan

    Y’all are wilding out. I for one was NOT on board with the redemption arc, are you stupid? Legitimately stupid? Look at what Trisha has done, for the last 8 years, it’s madness. Yet again, the internet says that if there are 2 parties fighting, BOTH of whom are in the wrong, the internet will fight for the lesser of the two evils instead of just getting the fuck out of the toxic crap. Trisha vs Shane seemed to “redeem” Trisha, and for why? Too many idiots on the web…

  97. Alunood Almehairi

    Alunood Almehairi

    Månad sedan

    I hope this is a lesson for the people who were so quick to assume that Trisha had changed. They never did, never will; they were just exposing and attacking influencers who are slightly worse than they are, which made them look decent at best. YUCK!!! Toxic, draining, manipulative people like Trisha ruin it for the rest of us who try our best to deal with our mental illnesses, and not use them as an excuse for our horrible behavior.

  98. GipsyQueen


    Månad sedan

    Trisha was handed in this stable job with a big audience, someone with no idea of how to manage a company, let alone a single podcast, and they have the audacity to complain about it live on the podcast. Some youtubers can't grasp how the world actually works

  99. amazed92


    Månad sedan

    Thank you for pointing out that Trisha admitted abusing Moses - I was beginning to this that I had imagined it because, so far, no other commentator (that I have seen) has pointed this out.

  100. Floyd1504


    Månad sedan

    She's a nasty vindictive witch, who's only happiest when she sees someone else being destroyed. People like her always end up with a very lonely existence.