James Charles EXPOSED in new article and it's BAD!

This video is about the lawsuit against James Charles! Enjoy :)

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  1. Jennifer Ford, Esq.

    Jennifer Ford, Esq.

    2 månader sedan

    What state is this in? If it’s an “at will” state, an employer can fire anyone at any time- for any reason- even if they don’t like your shirt, or for no reason(without an employment contract- which falls under contract law)- EXCEPT Race, Religion, National Origin, Color, or Disability, sex What employers often do in At will states, is pick at the person, and invent another reason to fire them. When the firing is close to the date of the injury or disability- that’s generally a clue for a jury or finder of fact. Regarding the unpaid wages- it’s not as simple as you state, unless the employee physically punches a clock. What generally happens is the employer will give an employee a set amount as “salary”- which should be 40hours- but then always expect them to work other hours. There are a lot of employers who demand hourly employees come in early to complete tasks prior to clocking in- or require them to literally clock out at exactly 8 hours- but continue working until the work is done. This of course violates Federal Law. The problem with small companies is- there’s generally no formal “clock”, and the company just keeps demanding more and more time- and not paying the extra time, or not paying the overtime pay. It’s sometimes hard for them to prove - hey he made me work an extra 5 hours/week for two years- unless they document it in some way. (Florida, US lawyer)

  2. emily brown

    emily brown

    2 månader sedan

    ok i feel kinda bad for saying this bc it has absolutely nothing to do with the video (which is very important)...BUT, you would look so cute with bangs lmao like fr they would look so good

  3. Wendy Noel Yoga

    Wendy Noel Yoga

    2 månader sedan

    I’m just saying too that if you are on salary that overtime is kind of built in and you can get screwed over.... usually the time worked overtime could go towards paid vacation time but that is a tough one.

  4. Daeni Scott

    Daeni Scott

    2 månader sedan

    there are way too many ads in your videos

  5. Claire Holupka

    Claire Holupka

    2 månader sedan

    For what it’s worth, if she was an employee at will, she can be fired for no reason. Unlawful termination would be if she was fired in retaliation or if she was fired because of discrimination of a protected category. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was fired in retaliation though.

  6. Lady Locket

    Lady Locket

    2 månader sedan

    In regards to proving her over time, it might be possible by showing emails and texts send and actioned on, that couldn't have been completed without her working more hours than paid. It doesn't have to be nasty messages and let's be honest if he hasn't at least learnt not to incriminated his worst side in black and white by now then he's really an idiot. It only needs to be texts and communication pleasantly asking her to do something for him by certain undoable deadlines (or tomorrow) within her normal hours left, in an email or text filled with lots of fake "thank you soooo much for this your so amazing!!!" or "OMG no one gets things done better than you I'm so grateful". Then look at the times these things were sent or the volume of requests and expectations, at say 11pm/2am and any digital conversation following proving she did it, like questions or clarifications showing she clearly had to work overnight at his request to get things done before the next day or overall just how much he was expecting of her. Just lots of "can you get this for me" or "Please pick up a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,I,j,k for tomorrows shoot" at late/super early hours and any comments referencing her leaving/arriving that day. All together added with any work calendars/diaries, her computer logs in editing software might be how they go about proving it. She's also including unprofessional requests (shaving his backside when with his money he could have easily called up/or pre-booked a home visit waxer instead), and the fact she felt her job security was dependent on not saying no. If her allegations are true, this unfair work mindset/expectations he created was proven true. The simple fact that the one time she wasn't as on the ball due to her needing recovery time from an accident and he just got frustrated and fired her.

  7. わかすま


    2 månader sedan

    Wait, I’m so confused, why does him being unprofessional matter to the court or case?

  8. TaterTot


    2 månader sedan

    When you're ahead of the trend of hating James...

  9. mUrK


    2 månader sedan

    Why didn't he just pay the sum and be done with it right away? 🤦‍♂️ There's a word in my language that translates to "dumb-stingy/greedy". By skimping like he did, he's going to end up with an even bigger price tag. Jesus get a grip

  10. depressed teen

    depressed teen

    2 månader sedan

    I would WISH these people could just be genuine for once! It's crazy how much they lie and are completely fake and detached from reality

  11. Rob Willis

    Rob Willis

    2 månader sedan

    Can we alllllll just praise this woman. She gets so much crap from people. But all she does is stop people from being manipulated by content creators. If it wasnt for people doing these types of videos and presented in a professional way. How would youtube be. We need this info before supporting certain channels..... some people like to ignore facts. But me. I don't! Thanks again

  12. Lily Fritz

    Lily Fritz

    2 månader sedan

    He just needs to stop. He even tried to go to the gaming community and they don't want nothing to do with him either. Just stop James.

  13. Madison Lathan

    Madison Lathan

    2 månader sedan

    I hate that I have to turn this or, every video I watch of yours, off by the tenth time your dog has screamed. I really like your perspective and want to support it but I have sensory issues :(

  14. Timestamp Champ

    Timestamp Champ

    2 månader sedan

    i knew he said the N word when he thought it was cute to remix Chris Browns song "Freaky Friday" when he tried replacing the N word with "Sisters"...it didnt sit right with me and now it all makes sense

  15. afsana bint hussain

    afsana bint hussain

    2 månader sedan


  16. R


    2 månader sedan

    Anjelika, here in the states if you aren't paid by an employer you can go to the Department of Labor and Industries and start a case. I happened to have all my work hours written on my calendar (it was only two weeks) and they accept that. Actually they didn't even ask to see my calendar, I wrote in 80 hours on my complaint form and they accepted it. This guy didn't want to pay me for two weeks of work because "he didn't pay for training". I was an experienced bartender and only needed to be trained in how his bar did things. And, um, yes he does pay for training it's the law. So anyway, that's one way to show her work hours.

  17. Julia


    2 månader sedan

    Maybe try changing your titles a little. They’re all a little too similar. I didnt watch your last upload because I thought it was a video I already saw previously.

  18. Andrea Crystal

    Andrea Crystal

    2 månader sedan

    I absolutely want her to win and get her money, but the way she’s going about it with her claims, I personally think isn’t the best idea. Not because she shouldn’t put James on blast, she should, but because James is a multimillionaire with the best of the best lawyers that will pick her story apart. In court if you make a slightly wrongly worded or otherwise embellished claim, and they can disprove that claim, it’s a slippery slope to losing. If say a lawyer is trying to prove medical malpractice and keeps saying that the injury was caused by a careless mistake by the doctor, the opposing counsel can make points about complications and external factors and then return to YOUR claim about the problems came from a single mistake and destroy your credibility. So her talking about brushing his teeth, basically babysitting him, everything she says that she can’t prove or is even slightly exaggerated (as people do when they talk about anything), may ultimately be working against her. She’s giving his lawyers free ammunition. I also think his lawyers are going to try and argue that it wouldn’t be fair because people have preconceived notions based on his current situation.

  19. daisy Delarosa

    daisy Delarosa

    2 månader sedan

    Idk I think she did speak out rn because of the atmosphere but a year ago she would've been shut down because ppl defended him so much after the shane and js thing...which was dumb when there was loads of evidence he was a predator. Anyway she deserves the amount of wages she wasn't paid and legal fees covered but that's it.

  20. emily h

    emily h

    2 månader sedan


  21. Mia Morris

    Mia Morris

    2 månader sedan

    Creme eggs are elite

  22. Sydney Denham

    Sydney Denham

    2 månader sedan

    My mom won a wrongful termination lawsuit against her ex employer. The burden of proof is on the employer to prove they really fired her for whatever reason they gave.

  23. Sarah


    2 månader sedan

    When it comes to overtime they likely have a log where they post their time. Some companies have a portal where you have to submit but he more likely has a google doc which you can go back in the history of to see any changes. I’ve had to do this with some employers Also when if it came down to witness statements the judge has to consider who the statement is coming from so likely anyone who is still employed by him wouldn’t be considered a reliable witness unless they had concrete evidence.

  24. Sarah


    2 månader sedan

    also great video. I love your objectivity especially when it comes to the legal stuff

  25. Sarah


    2 månader sedan

    Why is everyone in the comments so shocked he keeps talking with media and getting into scandals? We’ve always known he’s like this. I just wanna know if he’s gonna get prison time lmfao

  26. Naomi Osburn

    Naomi Osburn

    2 månader sedan

    Sorry this became a whole actual novel. Hear me out. If this had happened to her before, which it seems like it has because of the other lawsuits, why didn’t she address it with the first or second paycheck on which she wasn’t getting overtime payments? I know she was only there for 6 months, however, if she wasn’t getting paid correctly she should at least have copies of communications she sent to him saying “hey I worked 75 hours last week and my check does not reflect that”. She should have her offer letter/contract saying that she was accepting the position of (job title) at the salary of (annual or hourly salary) starting on (start date) and what ever other stipulations she was agreeing to. If she did not have an employment contract laying out exactly how much she was to be paid and if the compensation was hourly or annually, including an expectation of duties and weekly schedule requirements , or if she didn’t communicate to him at any time about not getting paid correctly and waited a year after she was terminated to bring it up in a law suit, the burden of proof lies with her since she is the plaintiff. If the employment agreement was that she’s basically living with him 24/7 and doing assistant-y stuff all of the time while they’re also hanging out and she agreed to that for $72k annual salary then she probably isn’t going to get to recover “overtime” because she agreed to the flat rate annual salary. If the agreement was $72k annually with the expectation of a 40-50 hour work week (or whatever expectation was set) then she should have had a way to track hours worked, even if it was a spreadsheet on her phone. I find it hard to believe that she agreed to a flat salary regardless of actual hours worked and didn’t realize that for 6 months, or that she did have an expectation of an average hours per week and when she was working more than that expectation she did not bring this to his attention or renegotiate the contract, or she had an expectation of hours per week and neither of them had a way of tracking those hours. If all of that was the case then James is liable for having a poorly written employment contract and/or a poor payroll system, but she is also liable for not having these specifications in the employment contract she signed, for not tracking her hours worked accurately and/or not bringing up the discrepancies in her pay at the time. It may be a combination of James being a 19 year old kid who maybe wasn’t using the right kind of business management/lawyers to create good employment contracts and maybe her inexperience in working as an independent contractor for an influencer and understanding what that was going to entail when she accepted the position and taking the initiative to only work what she agreed to work and to track that time on her own if there wasn’t a time card program in use for however James was tracking payroll. I don’t know if any of these things are true but if anything like these things was what actually happened, then the blame is definitely shared and I don’t think she will get anywhere near what she is asking for. But that is why it is going to go to court so all of the paperwork and communications and contracts can be reviewed and a settlement achieved. Let this be a lesson for her as well as anyone else that is coming into corporate employment… you are the only one that is going to advocate for your best interests. Read your employment contracts fully, ask questions about anything that is confusing or unclear before you sign, check your paystubs every time you get paid to ensure there are no errors, track the hours that you’re working independently, especially if there is no formal time card system. You would think that in 2021 we would have the technology to accurately pay an employee without that employee having to double check everything, but when it comes to your money you want to make sure you’re getting paid correct and that you’re bringing up any errors in a timely manner. I am also a pessimist, so, there is a little part of my mind that thinks she was pissed about getting terminated and she was looking for any way she could stick it to James for firing her after all that she did for him and in commiserating with a friend about how he had some balls to fire her after she helped him shave his ass and all the other things she did and all the hours she worked and that friend was like “wait a minute you were working 80 hours a week with no overtime? That’s not right!” And they got it in their heads that she should sue him for overtime. I also think she probably signed a flat rate annual salary contract and failed to renegotiate that contract when what she was being asked to do got to be more than she agreed to do. It is hard to go to your employer and say “hey, I am doing more work than what we agreed to and I would like to talk about renegotiating my contract” because there is a fear that they aren’t going to agree, or that they’re going to add on a whole lot more responsibility into the role, or that they’re going to be unhappy with the suggestion that they’re not abiding by their contracts and they let you go. However, if you don’t bring it up and advocate for yourself and get paid for the work that you are doing, and knowing your worth and ensuring you’re getting fairly compensated for yourself and the work you’re doing, no one else is going to be looking out for you and you’ll continue doing more than you’re getting paid for and getting walked on all over, and probably continue to take on additional tasks with your employer not giving it a second thought because you always do “whatever they ask of you without complaining”. Know your worth, look out for yourself, be willing to bring it up when you aren’t getting paid correctly or when you’ve taken on a lot more responsibility without additional compensation, and be willing to ask for it.

  27. Kayla Moreno

    Kayla Moreno

    2 månader sedan

    Idk if she can prove the he said she said but she can most likely prove the discrimination

  28. Caroline Piazza

    Caroline Piazza

    2 månader sedan

    No one: Angelica: *only speaking truth and what we're all thinking

  29. iz tyga

    iz tyga

    2 månader sedan

    lit rally just here engaging so u get that coin sis

  30. Malak Rabie

    Malak Rabie

    2 månader sedan

    you should talk about what's going on in palestine to bring more awareness to the problem❤️🇵🇸

  31. mike11497


    2 månader sedan

    I know you need to make money but you got to chill on the midrolls

  32. Leah Krupnick

    Leah Krupnick

    2 månader sedan

    I would think she would have been required for income and tax purposes to submit time sheets even if she was salary so as long as she kept that record accurate she shouldn't have a problem proving how much she worked

  33. A. A.

    A. A.

    2 månader sedan

    Damn, double cancellation

  34. Pineapple Apple

    Pineapple Apple

    2 månader sedan

    Well since she IS a producer she can prouve the over time with the editing since that’s not part of her job. And since her contract is a producer contract that’s employing some one without declaring it and if I remember it’s illegal so ... at least that how I would do in France cause the law

  35. pikagirl


    2 månader sedan

    Not related to the video at all I feel like her brows are different today also love her eyeshadow

  36. Prokopis Zako-Protopapadakis

    Prokopis Zako-Protopapadakis

    2 månader sedan

    I must say that the people making memes about his scandals are just as sick as him and it really shows how alot of people dont take this as a serious issue imagine if you where one of those victims and you saw one of those memes it wouldnt make you feel good

  37. Ads


    2 månader sedan

    To prove overtime, they could probably use her laptop history to prove when she was on certain apps she used for her work or the history of whatever devices she used when at his house

  38. ala mahdi

    ala mahdi

    2 månader sedan

    Angelika love you but you made a mistake saying only a poc can use the n word but that’s not right. Only black people can use the n word because I’m a poc but I’m brown not black so I wouldn’t be able to use that word.

  39. Alice Misfit

    Alice Misfit

    2 månader sedan

    Besides james charles being what he is the girl is also pretty stupid I mean don’t work for time you are not compensated and don’t do the work you are not supposed to do aka editing when she was a producer. It was if it’s true badly handled by james but sis you are inserting yourself in this situation lmao set boundaries. People need to learn that you are not a slave just cause someone hired you.

  40. Jamie Walter

    Jamie Walter

    2 månader sedan

    hi bae

  41. Jessica Thomas

    Jessica Thomas

    2 månader sedan

    If she's there she's working. So any gps logs showing when she arrived and when she left. Or clock in clock out emails. There's ways to prove the over time worked. Because she was his employee anytime she's around him, she's not socializing; she's working. Because at any moment he can ask her to do this or that, so she's on the clock the whole time she's around him. He's just butt hurt that the only people who hang out with him are the ones he's paying to be there.

  42. serephita


    2 månader sedan

    The 72k was also AFTER a raise, and I imagine the contract was for X number of hours a week. Considering she was doing the job of an editor (which she was originally hired to be) and then producer once she was promoted. Honestly, 72k after a raise is not a whole lot, especially in LA

  43. don't start now

    don't start now

    2 månader sedan

    James thinks because he's in a "tough spot" everyone should work around HIM because clearly the sun is James and James is the sun. Help me breathe, God

  44. TheZombifiedFairy


    2 månader sedan

    I think SOME of what she's saying is true, but I think her essentially saying she was his nanny (waking him up, getting him to brush his teeth, etc) is probably untrue and an exaggeration to make herself look more favorable. It seems insane that SHE had to do this for the few months she was in the position but since then he's been able to do his basic daily functioning essentials by himself... this will likely be another Tati type scandal where all parties are just shiet.

  45. Lily


    2 månader sedan

    James Charles grow because he is always around ppl with clout. That's his way to get bigger and bigger & that's why his audience are children he don't grow with his audience HE IS THE BIGGEST CLOUT CHASER tbh

  46. Vanquish12V


    2 månader sedan

    Before her: 1 video a week, weak targeting, 2.8m subs With her: 2-3 videos a week, strong direct targeting to young audience, 8.5m subs after 6 months, YT 167% growth After her: The system and work she put in is clearly working if he is still gaining without her. Her system is in place. She is the one who changed things, tightened things up, and implemented directly targeted to a young fanbase. You only need so much before you hit the tipping point. He hit the viral tipping point because of the very orchestrated and careful curation of his content. Of course his fanbase grew exponentially, he hit the tipping point WITH HER SYSTEM IN PLACE. I firmly me believe he would not have grown so much and/or nearly as quickly without her. I bet, even if some tweaks were made, it is still the mainly her system, that was already in place, running now. If this is so then she is still responsible, in a way, for nearly every new fan he gained to date. The balance already tipped, he was already climbing. But that wouldn’t have happened if her targeting wasn’t so focused. Everything sprouts from this point, this is the linchpin. In my opinion, she is owed a cut of each video following her system. She should have gotten a % per video. That’s a lot of money folks. Her precedent has made James a lot of money. And 72k a year in LA is almost poverty. So don’t expect me to be impressed. He had a nearly a 167% increase in revenue JUST FROM SE-one and can’t just pay his people what they are worth? Miss me with that bullshit. 🖤

  47. Gerri


    2 månader sedan

    Salaried employees don't get overtime. Unless she was specifically promised overtime I don't think she has a case, unfortunately.

  48. Julian


    2 månader sedan

    this one for the algorithm

  49. DatFatRat


    2 månader sedan

    and Larri hasnt been with james in a whilee

  50. Salina T

    Salina T

    2 månader sedan

    i’m not a fan of james but i don’t rlly believe the laziness unprofessional stuff. with the predatory and sexuality scandals there were definitely signs and things we should’ve caught but in my opinion literally every characterization of james through his own vids, other people, instant influencer, goes against that claim

  51. Yasmine Yas

    Yasmine Yas

    2 månader sedan

    Free Palestine 🇵🇸

  52. Xay Link

    Xay Link

    2 månader sedan

    can we just cancel him, he needs to be arrested for this ,really with young lads,

  53. eevee


    2 månader sedan

    I think she can prove that she did a lot of overtime because they likely have texts and emails documenting him asking her to do stuff outside of those hours. There's probably a lot of that, as is typical with managers for entertainers

  54. Talyn has time

    Talyn has time

    2 månader sedan

    Throw all of Los Angeles away. Tired of these entitled people taking us all for a ride.

  55. Emm


    2 månader sedan

    There needs to be a documentary about this whole situation called “The Rise and Fall... And Rise and Fall of James Charles”

  56. βŁØØ βØΞ

    βŁØØ βØΞ

    2 månader sedan

    p.s if you want to read the story for free check out the book "sister sued" on wattpad by thevviecyr.

  57. K1ngmick3y


    2 månader sedan

    I think it's pretty interesting that not one of the people James collabed with or hung out with is coming to his defense. So to me that says there's some truth to what he's been doing and saying and no one wants to commit career suicide by associating with him.

  58. Dom Browning

    Dom Browning

    2 månader sedan

    Please change up your content. This is boring now...

  59. S Pea I

    S Pea I

    2 månader sedan

    For Tatis situation I just felt like she could’ve fixed their situation behind the scene. And a famous person or know person being cocky wasnt unheard of. But this current stuff is illegal sooooo

  60. Mimi Murdaa

    Mimi Murdaa

    2 månader sedan


  61. Katie Lynch

    Katie Lynch

    2 månader sedan

    I love when JC says “oh very convenient to complain about me when i’m being cancelled” “oh very convenient to accuse me of under age sexting when i’m being cancelled” “oh very convenient to come out with this tweet of me using the N word when i’m being cancelled” Like excuse me sir when are you not being cancelled? When WOULD be convenient? I’ll pop the date in my calendar.

    • shardain


      2 månader sedan

      Like, what's REALLY funny is that this specific lawsuit coming to light in a "convenient time" is James' own fault because he and his lawyers convinced the judge to have it settled thru arbitration, but he and his people never did the proper papers and kept delaying the lawsuit since 2018... Maybe he shouldn't have been screwing around w/ this lawsuit and it wouldn't have come up during this particular scandal 😂

  62. kat dye

    kat dye

    2 månader sedan

    i wonder if this is part of the reason the “sister squad” broke up? we never got the truth about what happened but maybe his language and actions towards kids were a part of the break up🤷

  63. Brieaunna Stewart

    Brieaunna Stewart

    2 månader sedan

    Anyone else love her voice?

  64. Ja Co

    Ja Co

    2 månader sedan

    If any of the 'walking around naked' stuff is true, he's lucky she isn't also suing him for sexual harassment.

  65. Abi B

    Abi B

    2 månader sedan

    Ok so I need to know this exact brow routine

  66. adamakota


    2 månader sedan

    Girl is fishing for money HARD

  67. Asercia


    2 månader sedan

    California is an at-will state so james charles doesn’t need to provide a reason for her termination. I don’t support him but she has no case

  68. whatthefrickfracksnicksnack


    2 månader sedan

    I'll wait for what's coming out about this because if she can prove unpaid wages but it's really strange that the 2 people she worked for she sued... but who knows And the whole shaving thing should be provable too right

  69. Age Of Aquarius

    Age Of Aquarius

    2 månader sedan

    I never agree with James but in this case I personally think this chick is just out for money. She did it before.

  70. Sara Røddesnes

    Sara Røddesnes

    2 månader sedan

    I think she can prove overtime by showing she edited X amounts of videos in X amount of time. If that’s impossible to do within an 8 hour day, then it’s overtime. And she didn’t just edit videos, she also did other things, so if she can show what she did and give a reasonable estimate of how much time that would take, and it would be more than 8 hours, there’s an estimate of overtime. She can use time stamps on videos and pictures, texts, e-mails, upload times, etc.

  71. Kira Clark

    Kira Clark

    2 månader sedan

    to get through a paywall just open in your browser in reading view

  72. Kyrsty P

    Kyrsty P

    2 månader sedan

    When Charli was talking about how she's cut everyone off who was using her for clout, do you think she meant JC?

  73. harkandhush


    2 månader sedan

    You're misunderstanding some things about US/California law. The burden is on her to prove wrongful termination due to reasons related to a protected class/status. You can be fired without cause in most states in the US with no repercussions. She definitely seems to have a decent case, but the burden is on her in court. The laws aren't on the side of the employee in these situations unfortunately.

  74. Joshua Hodgson

    Joshua Hodgson

    2 månader sedan

    The fact of the matter is if her contract had a yearly pay rate, that means she was salary and more often than not, people who are salary employees are not eligible for overtime pay. It happens in literally every company. If her contract did not explicitly say that she was eligible for overtime pay, she has not legal standing to get that payment.

  75. Katie Everett

    Katie Everett

    2 månader sedan

    If the employment contract was at-will, he can fire her for any reason. It doesn't have to be a compelling reason as you stated in the video.

  76. just diienn

    just diienn

    2 månader sedan

    I used to be such a James Charles fan because I thought he was one of the nicer beauty influencers but since the Tati thing I stopped being a fan just because I didn’t know who to believe and now all these things are getting out I’m like damn this boy is far from nice

  77. Christen De Alger

    Christen De Alger

    2 månader sedan

    That guy who supported James I feel like he was manipulated by James I don't think he really follows what's happening

  78. Abby Permenter

    Abby Permenter

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    Commenting for engagement ofc 🤩

  79. Megan


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  80. MacKenzie Johnigan

    MacKenzie Johnigan

    2 månader sedan

    In my opinion even if she had purposely waited to go public with the lawsuit until he was in hot water, that doesn’t make her wrong or a bad person. James just wants to try and spin the narrative to make himself a victim instead of just owning up to what he’s done to his own victims.

  81. nameless


    2 månader sedan

    James is sooooo problematic

  82. Magdalena H

    Magdalena H

    2 månader sedan

    I'm not even surprised, it's like he's doing it on purpose 😂

  83. Skyla


    2 månader sedan

    honestly the n word thing is not surprising considering hes from new york. ppl use that shit like its nothing here :/

  84. Danielle Seibert

    Danielle Seibert

    2 månader sedan

    72k for a job like that?!?! That’s like 25/hr…. She should definitely be getting paid 50/hr… I know friends who work for medium sized businesses and make 60-75/hr for the same work!!! James needs to do better

  85. Amparo B.

    Amparo B.

    2 månader sedan

    Some people say it is too big and slides off and others that it is too tight and cuts your circulation 🤷🏻‍♀️

  86. Emma Vicktorius

    Emma Vicktorius

    2 månader sedan

    To anyone working overtime: always make sure you can prove that you did overtime! Let it be written down and signed off by your boss. My mum lost a case in court because she did do a lot of overtime in a job when the company was just founded. She was the only person trained to do the job and there wasn't anyone else who could have done the hours but because there was no clear written and signed proof or security camera footage the evidence did not hold up for a lot of days and hours. Don't let yourself get fucked over!

  87. kristýna


    2 månader sedan

    Im kinda starting to think she's bullshiting some of the details for it to seem more extreme than it actually was. I don't belive a word either of them say.

  88. Diary of the Rose

    Diary of the Rose

    2 månader sedan

    Do you think she hacked his old Twitter to tweet the n word while tagging Jeffree to try and set him up and show “proof” of him using the slur for this lawsuit? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  89. Elisa Gaspari

    Elisa Gaspari

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    Maybe your last video didn’t do well because it didn’t show on the yt page the day it got uploaded (fy it appeared to me the day after)

  90. Nicole Risell

    Nicole Risell

    2 månader sedan

    In regards to the last video not doing well, maybe it's because a lot of the information being shared is stuff we've already heard given in different ways. Maybe I'm not paying attention closely enough when I watch, but this video sounds just like the last one and had no new information. Maybe it's getting repetitive for some people.

  91. ThePrettyPurple16


    2 månader sedan

    there are so many good people out there, why are the people who get to the top often so awful?

  92. Nicole Victoria

    Nicole Victoria

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    So glad I stopped watching James when I was in high school

  93. MissRandomComment


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    Here we are in 2021 waking up to the fact that even people like Shane Dawson, James Charles, Gabbie Hanna, David Dobrik are perfectly capable of being dysfunctional narcissists and are actually not that different from the Onisions and the Glitterforever17s on SE-one just slightly more succesful at hiding it. Let's hope we as a community can learn something from this whole situation unfolding right now.

  94. Sophie


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    I wouldn’t be surprised if the shaving and nudity claims are true. I could see James as the type of celebrity that thinks his staff are his friends and not just on his payroll. Those claims sound like the funny videos you see on social media of best friends, the videos that are like “are yous really best friends if you’ve never seen each other naked” and It sounds like he’s trying to replicate that in his own life. He honestly sounds really lonely and these scandals are coming from desperation.

  95. Katrin Baumgarten

    Katrin Baumgarten

    2 månader sedan

    English is not my first language, but as a person who can only communicate at 1000mph i appreciate angelika's fast pace

  96. jaz


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    I get what u said but if she couldn't work ,why keep her??

  97. debi. cnvs

    debi. cnvs

    2 månader sedan


  98. Caitlyn Rhodes

    Caitlyn Rhodes

    2 månader sedan

    I would think they could use time stamps from her work - emails sent, texts sent to James related to work, and her computer usage - would all prove how much she was working.

  99. Holli Holtsford

    Holli Holtsford

    2 månader sedan

    Does she gave a gofundme for her legal fees? Because I'd donate.

  100. James


    2 månader sedan

    I think they’ll find some proof in emails, because I think lawyers ask for emails related to the case and they can just get them, but I’m not a lawyer so 🤷‍♀️