Gabbie Hanna NEEDS to be CANCELLED!

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This video is about Gabbie Hanna lying to us all... again! Enjoy :)

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  1. ThatzCringe TV

    ThatzCringe TV

    6 dagar sedan

    Honestly people who try to cancel other people for stupid shit should be cancelled. You know like you

  2. Gamer Rainbowcorn

    Gamer Rainbowcorn

    11 dagar sedan

    I hate that she uses adhd as an excuse for her actions time and time again. I‘m someone who’s been diagnosed with adhd for YEARSSS now, like the majority of my life. I‘ve taken meds for it constantly like all that stuff and the fact that she’s using a mental illness as a scapegoat looks really bad for anyone else who has said mental illness. mental illness doesn’t mean you can be blatantly disrespectful

  3. Victoria Aunger

    Victoria Aunger

    15 dagar sedan

    GH did a psychology degree?! why am i just learning this now?

  4. Bethany Slump

    Bethany Slump

    16 dagar sedan

    A girl with a psychology degree should also know that behaviours from being neurodivergent doesn’t excuse behaviours. She should also know that you can’t control how other people react. That’s like therapy 101. I’m guessing she chose to ignore the point of her courses or questioned the validity of Psychology OR ignored psychiatry and social work aspect altogether.

  5. kat_the_kiwi


    17 dagar sedan

    Gh has tweeted about her adhd in 2011. But now suddenly her reason behind everything she does

  6. kat_the_kiwi


    17 dagar sedan

    Maybe she was butt hurt coz she thought you were bffs after messaging a few times.

  7. Niki Sharp

    Niki Sharp

    18 dagar sedan

    Her tik toks are honestly insulting. She thinks she portraying someone crazy and that it's Oscar worthy when it wouldn't even get her a job in a joke movie. It's all based on erratic behaviour and the fucking cross eyed thing she does is the biggest insult of it all. It's like she's a 14 year old going "ooh look how unhinged I am. *crosses eyes* don't mess with me cause I'm dangerous". And then she thinks that she's some god who controlled people into thinking she's having a breakdown when it's just people either making fun of her or just being unsettled by her shit acting.

  8. Jenna Smith

    Jenna Smith

    19 dagar sedan

    Just goes to show you that a degree in something that is meant to help people cannot change someone that has made themselves the victim and cannot make them have empathy to others

  9. Poisonedbylife


    25 dagar sedan

    Gabba hanna is trash ,she is the real bully and needs to learn to mind her own business whatever that is .

  10. The Snail Tale

    The Snail Tale

    25 dagar sedan

    What gets me is that GH sent the book to Rachel for the purpose

  11. Aysha


    25 dagar sedan

    ealth advocat

  12. Kelsey Lovato

    Kelsey Lovato

    27 dagar sedan

    I love that you stand up for yourself and Rachel. I totally agree with your points!

  13. Jordan Spitzer

    Jordan Spitzer

    28 dagar sedan

    So much has happened this past month Jesus 💀

  14. Iblis


    Månad sedan

    lmao all ur chanel about gabbie hana

  15. V


    Månad sedan

    Thank you! I cringe so hard when she uses the terms “abuser” and “narcissistic” so incorrectly and hyperbolically. I recall an extreme reaction by Gabbie to a guy who “passed” her because she is not his type. I believe Gabbie has some issues with other women related to insecurities about her own desirability, and she adopts these topics in order to act out her animosity towards other women without directly acknowledging her insecurity.

  16. Lizzie Allen

    Lizzie Allen

    Månad sedan

    Gabbie: oh my ADHD made me disrespect someone’s identity Me with ADHD: funny cause that’s not really how it works. Yes it’s different for everyone, but ADHD is an attention deficit, not a reason to be a b*tch. I used to like gabbie but the past few years she’s just gotten to be awful. I officially unsubscribed after this most recent drama with escape the night because girl was soooo in the wrong

  17. Beklee Dee

    Beklee Dee

    Månad sedan

    What was it that Bronn from GOT said? There's no cure for being a c**t? Something like that.

  18. Katie barker

    Katie barker

    Månad sedan

    I literally cannot stand Gabbi anymore. I cannot stand her having such a huge platform & using it to distort mental health problems. I was diagnosed with ADHD at a very young age & my mom, who also struggled with mental health problems, said that this might make or harder for me to do things but its not a crutch & not an excuse. And it's definitely not an excuse for being blatantly disrespectful. Like my brother also has ADHD & Asperger's and he has a friend who started using different pronouns. My brother often thinks faster than he talks so at first he sometimes would use the wrong pronouns without thinking but he's always the person to over apologize to people so he would immediately feel bad & buy his friend lunch that day. And after a 2-3 months the pronouns became automatic in his head. But I asked him if he ever had that problem while like texting & he's like 'no because I can read what I'm texting.' So I honestly think Gabbi Hanna using the wrong pronouns is simply because she's either stupid or hateful. Then she uses ADHD as an excuse once she gets called out which makes everyone with ADHD look bad. Like yea sometimes I might have problems fully rereading a huge comment like this & making sure it'll make sense to other people but Tweets are like 200 characters & it's pronouns.

  19. Victor, because Wiktor is not enough Strzelczyk

    Victor, because Wiktor is not enough Strzelczyk

    Månad sedan

    At this point im starting to think Gabbie Hannah has an evil twin who's been posting for her for some time now. Jk

  20. Katrina Smith

    Katrina Smith

    Månad sedan

    Gaddy agreeing with Trisha in private and contradicting that in public.... gaslighting?

  21. Aliya Wilson

    Aliya Wilson

    Månad sedan

    Can we talk about how she exhibits almost all of the symptoms of a narsasist, yet accuses everyone else 🤨🤨

  22. O


    Månad sedan

    i feel like just bc she's doing it on purpose doesn't mean it's not a Mental Health Issue 😬

  23. Janna Elizabeth

    Janna Elizabeth

    Månad sedan

    just here to say i also dropped out of law school because it sucked. gang gang. solidarity.

  24. Naughty Nurse

    Naughty Nurse

    Månad sedan

    I came back to this video to say THANK YOU and YES!! The people who throw around mental health and psych terms really upset me. Anymore PTSD is used for people who are just upset. I’ve heard people say they have ptsd because they lost a parent to cancer or they had a bad birth experience and thought their baby wasn’t ok. Those are terrible things but being sad and effected by something doesn’t mean it’s an actual trauma! That’s a sad/bad time in your life but it’s not usually traumatizing. It’s like when people say “I’m going to kill someone if...” that’s said so often anymore people don’t even think twice about it. That’s not usually considered an actual threat. A true traumatic event, something that really causes a stress reaction in someone’s daily life isn’t something that most people have to endure, thankfully. It just upsets me to hear people use that term and suck the meaning out of it. People who lived through mass shootings or were at war or victims of crimes are traumatized. Let’s stop saying you have ptsd because you got into a fender bender and you were nervous the next time you got behind the wheel. That’s not trauma. That’s just human emotion. It’s good to have that.

  25. Space Onion

    Space Onion

    Månad sedan

    Gabbie is an arse but calling Trisha 'she' is not misgendering. Trisha uses she/her and they/them pronouns. It's in her insta bio. So it is ok to call Trisha her or they

  26. searlena flesher

    searlena flesher

    Månad sedan

    I can't remember the last time she called out a man. she must hate women who are more intelligent than her

  27. Flimbees


    Månad sedan

    Gabbie is either actually going through it and minimizing psychological diagnoses by labeling all behaviours with them OR she is trolling and misusing psychological diagnoses. Either way she's missing the mark HARD.

  28. APAlmaraz


    Månad sedan

    She just wants attention & its working.

  29. madison vlad

    madison vlad

    Månad sedan

    has she ever generalized women as being all those things you said? i would consider myself as a long term supporter of her, but i dont agree with some of her actions, but i dont ever remember saying such things. i hate when people use that word.. speaking of words that have lost their actual meaning and value, the word racist is thrown around way too much and its used in situations where it doesnt belong and it needs to stop

  30. Seema


    Månad sedan

    I love that this video has more views than her shitty cover.

  31. Sixtiesremake


    Månad sedan

    She loves buzzwords

  32. Hannah Barnes

    Hannah Barnes

    2 månader sedan

    I’m not even sorry but I can Guarantee that no one. Not even my daddy would fuck gabbie.

  33. E.M. Lumesound

    E.M. Lumesound

    2 månader sedan

    I mean we all like to think that everyone has some good in them and maybe project a little of our own struggles onto problematic people. Because we have all fucked up along the way. But life lesson: some people really are just trash humans and regardless of the opportunities they have, wealth or experience, they continue to just be shitty. That's on WILFUL emotional immaturity. No one matures just by mistake, you have to actually like, *try* and stuff...

  34. Thisismyname


    2 månader sedan

    Most art has emotional inspiration- just bc it may be trauma-related doesn’t exempt it from critique

  35. Bichen Up Ur -

    Bichen Up Ur -

    2 månader sedan

    I guess anyone could get a psychology degree huh

  36. Ange Lova

    Ange Lova

    2 månader sedan

    Told you gabbie got the mania

  37. El


    2 månader sedan

    honestly it is human to occasionally slip on pronouns, as I am literally nonbinary myself and still fuck up sometimes, but even with my ADHD after I slip up once I tend to just get it for the rest of the conversation? and don't have to be reminded as I correct myself immediately? and I don't go "whoops my ADHD did it" every time? idk man she needs to stop using it as an excuse. she's either being transphobic or is legit just being plain lazy about it because its someone she hates.

  38. Emily Loose

    Emily Loose

    2 månader sedan

    I'm a huge Rachel Oates fan and I want to point out that all of the sales she made off the the dog parody book went to a charity for animals (don't remember the name specifically). So... It wasn't even like she was making all this money for herself. It literally was going to an amazing cause and Gabbie took a huge shit on it because she was butt hurt

  39. Teen Angst

    Teen Angst

    2 månader sedan

    Angelika really just said Ohh so you wanna talk about my law degree bby?? 😊 😂

  40. Robin Mitchells

    Robin Mitchells

    2 månader sedan

    I think Rachel making the joke of “my dog could write better poetry than this!” is basically fact at this point. Gabbie’s poetry is, both subjectively and objectivity, absolutely awful. Like, my dog is an absolute idiot (a very loving and loyal idiot, but an idiot nonetheless lol) and if she could talk she’d come up with better stuff than what’s in Gabbie’s books, I’m sure of it. That’s how bad Gabbie’s work is, that anyone would agree that a dog could write better than her.

  41. Adaqua7


    2 månader sedan

    She definitely has an illlness. No one in their right mind would spend so much time on the internet looking for stuff being said about them :s

  42. iiWafflezForUTube


    2 månader sedan

    this is a literal 30 year old grown ass woman threatening kids- this shouldn’t go unnoticed anymore

  43. Flowers Music Official

    Flowers Music Official

    2 månader sedan

    I’d be upset it someone critiqued my music, but then again that’s as far as it would go. I wouldn’t call someone ab*sive lol

  44. Astrud Handley

    Astrud Handley

    2 månader sedan

    im so sorry but this is the like first video i have watched on your channel , and YOUR EYES! They are so beautiful!!

  45. Allison Bates

    Allison Bates

    2 månader sedan

    I have ADHD. I work my goddam ass off to not misgender my friends, so that fact that that’s the excuse that Gabby is using just pisses me off to a whole nother level. I just can’t. I suffer with adhd. I suffer a lot. But I don’t use it as an excuse to misgender someone to get back at them. You just don’t do that. You just fucking don’t.

  46. Katie E

    Katie E

    2 månader sedan

    To speak about the “trauma art” should be exempt from criticism, if you really don’t want people to critique or criticize just keep it for yourself and don’t sell it for a profit

  47. cheeseburgercake


    2 månader sedan

    A degree in psychology?! She definitely cheated her way through lol

  48. Abigail Romero

    Abigail Romero

    2 månader sedan

    Everyone just need to press that “do not recommend “ thing on SE-one . Just so that she doesn’t get the benefit of getting views at all

  49. melodydeanc


    2 månader sedan

    she literally is cancelled wtf do u want from her

  50. Magiccazza101


    2 månader sedan

    Correct me if I'm wrong: But isn't what Gabbie doing to Trisha trying to convince them that they were friends the definition of Gaslighting? Like trying to make them believe that they invited her to Thanksgiving or whatever? idk - I don't have a psychology degree so really - correct me if I'm wrong

  51. Lee Zaini

    Lee Zaini

    2 månader sedan

    Gabbie has psychology degree?? That degree is useless for her. Also, I'm just saying this based on some videos about her like tweets and tiktok and stuff - but it seems like she has this inferiority complex where we feel like we are poking a sleeping bear even with the slightest criticism (destructive or constructive) that she has to defend herself with all this 'confident baddie bitch' attitude that just come off as a narcissist, attention-seeking woman. Also, yeah, sometimes she actually is attention seeking with her posts being angry on anyone she stumbled on the internet - UNPROVOKED.

  52. Marissa G

    Marissa G

    2 månader sedan

    If people want to cancel her then stop watching her content (even for the sake of talking about her being problematic) and stop talking about her in general. She will fade into the void like all the other problematic people before her that just kind of fell off the face of the earth, or who are just not really brought up anymore.

  53. Mackenzie Onyx

    Mackenzie Onyx

    2 månader sedan

    y'all, Angelika is so pretty, wtf 😍🥲

  54. Nicole Froehlich

    Nicole Froehlich

    2 månader sedan

    I think there’s still the mental health issue but Gabbi doesn’t know it. She’s just so delusional that she think she’s trolling. Like thinking that an IP address is is sufficient to be able to sue someone is not true at all.

  55. Mary The Creepypasta

    Mary The Creepypasta

    2 månader sedan

    Her and Ohmwrecker would make a FANTASTIC couple of cards. >_>

  56. Phat Cat

    Phat Cat

    2 månader sedan

    Wait.... you’re STILL talking about the Rachel Oats thing? While I definitely agree about GH, and how she needs to stop and everything else, I definitely also see where a few of you guy guys in here are incessantly talking about her, and about the same things, over and over. I struggle to see why you insert yourself on all things and people regarding GH, and then go on and on, again about the exact same things, over and over, but then act like you (and the people you are taking up for) aren’t doing the exact same things you cause GH of. I really do see y’all as doing the same stuff GH is is guilty of. And how y’all actually do gaslight GH, who gaslights you guys, too. Not taking up for GH, as she is guilty of the stuff you say she is. But, you guys, who are relentless and incessant about all of it, are too. You’re legitimately doing the same things GH does/has done. The gaslighting, repeating, and overall PRETENTIOUS attitude of it all, really is both ways, here. Please...... move on and let it go, unless something new/different comes up. And, regarding something you guys didn’t insert yourselves into, to keep it going and/or ask for.

  57. Tiara G

    Tiara G

    2 månader sedan

    Girl you still haven’t gotten that bracelet?

  58. Mariana Ferreyra

    Mariana Ferreyra

    2 månader sedan

    Nobody can be "CANCELLED". We are people, okay. just dont give her views or anything.... but to CANCEL A PERSON? WHO CAN DO THAT? NO ONE.

  59. Ghostedwolf


    2 månader sedan

    As someone with ADHD, is gender fluid and uses they/them pronouns, I always make sure I have the right pronouns. It's called common sense and really just being a decent human being. Using any mental illness as an excuse to be rude, insensitive, or just straight up a jackass, is disguising.

  60. Ninja Grrrl

    Ninja Grrrl

    2 månader sedan

    Finally catching up, commenting for the algorithm. Excellent job. You are quite well spoken.

  61. Leslie Wolfe

    Leslie Wolfe

    2 månader sedan

    She is talking so fast I had to check and make sure I didn't accidentally double the speed. It's making my head spin.

  62. Annoyance.


    2 månader sedan

    blaming misgendering some one on adhd is like me saying OH MY GOD! your non-binary and I referred to you as she/her?? whoops, its my hearing disorder.

  63. Felipe Welchz

    Felipe Welchz

    2 månader sedan

    Okay, but the question is... did you get the Cartier bracelet? We want to know.

  64. Leyna Bennett

    Leyna Bennett

    2 månader sedan

    Totally irrelevant but when Angelika talked about wanting her Cartier bracelet in the original video it also became my goal to get one. I’m not sure why. But it still is.

  65. Haizl Voelkel

    Haizl Voelkel

    2 månader sedan

    Watching these ads to see that bracelet bby

  66. TheKnelson77


    2 månader sedan

    I posted a similar comment on Rachel's video: I think part of the reason Gabbie had such a strong reaction (putting it kindly) to Rachel and your criticism of her poetry is b/c she's been living in this "SE-one bubble" for so long, she's gotten used to controlling her environment so not being able to control/edit your commentary was a shock to her system. Not everyone is going to like you or your art - this is not news: it's life, it's reality and she needs a huge dose of it (in my opinion).

  67. Daniela Llanillos

    Daniela Llanillos

    2 månader sedan

    law school shit hits hard in my personal life. i'm in my last year and i'm struggling

  68. Aimee Gluchacki

    Aimee Gluchacki

    2 månader sedan

    I just started the video but the comments are full of people engaging so she can get her fancy af bracelet so here I am 🤷🏻‍♀️ go off girl. First time I'm not skipping ads for someone to get that $$$

  69. Ale L

    Ale L

    2 månader sedan

    I was really about to watch the ADs so you could get your Cartier bracelet but it was a POOP AD. Sorry girl maybe next time! 🥲💕

  70. Nancy Pants

    Nancy Pants

    2 månader sedan

    I love your energy. Just love it.

  71. Abream


    2 månader sedan

    Just ignore her. Making these videos is exactly what she wants! Also, people seem to keep forgetting to mention that regardless of the quality of poetry her saying "this was about my trauma etc" is like - was it though? really hun? cause a decent amount of what I saw was recycled tweets and tumblr posts that she didn't come up with..

  72. Sukama Youtube

    Sukama Youtube

    2 månader sedan

    Spelt your name wrong in the title.

  73. BaskasBoominBrows —

    BaskasBoominBrows —

    2 månader sedan

    I’m surprised people even support her💀

  74. Talar Kevorkian

    Talar Kevorkian

    2 månader sedan

    Yo James’s video was so funny got so many views and likes I love how hers has half the views lol

  75. Talar Kevorkian

    Talar Kevorkian

    2 månader sedan

    No we really do watch ur ads sis you actually deserve the worlds best watch time, engagement and cpm 🥰

  76. Goddesss 19

    Goddesss 19

    2 månader sedan


  77. Talar Kevorkian

    Talar Kevorkian

    2 månader sedan

    Look at you being a grown ass woman 😍😍😍 ily so much

  78. Ivy Brooks

    Ivy Brooks

    2 månader sedan

    Not to be mean but her content is unwatchable. The only reason why she gets so many views on his IG stories is because it’s a train wreck.

  79. Jigoku Chou

    Jigoku Chou

    2 månader sedan

    I've a masters in psychology and honestly half of the people on my year acted like Gabbie, throwing around terms like narcissist, gaslighting and telling people who didn't agree with them to "go get some psychological treatment"... Which is deadass gaslighting in its prime, making you doubt your sanity. Sad and terrifying at the same time. Hope these people never get to work in the field unless they work through their attitude.

  80. Kiwabi


    2 månader sedan

    half expecting her to comment this video like "lol see u in court"

  81. Fernando Ayala

    Fernando Ayala

    2 månader sedan

    She does not need to be cancelled because she’s already irrelevant

  82. Sims Home

    Sims Home

    2 månader sedan

    Gaslighting isn't a mental health disorder, it's this - "the act of manipulating a person by forcing them to question their thoughts, memories, and the events occurring around them". This is exactly what you're doing

    • Sims Home

      Sims Home

      2 månader sedan

      @lu what does a term used in mental health even mean, there are a lot of terms used in mental health. Gaslighting is minimising someones pain, that's what Angelika is doing to Gabbie. She's saying Gabbie's not allowed to be offended because it was 'just a joke'. This is pure gaslighting

    • lu


      2 månader sedan

      no one ever said it was a mental disorder? what it is though, is a term used in mental health, terms don’t equal disorders. and angelika in no way is gaslighting, please stop using the term and watering it down.

  83. Serah Olivia

    Serah Olivia

    2 månader sedan

    Go back to fucking school OMG youtube literally will not be around for forever so to place all your bets on it is naive and borderline stupid. Go back and either get a degree or a certificate, you HAVE TO GET ONE BC THE ECONOMY FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE REQUIRES IT, build up your skillset, and expand your revenue paths.

    • purplebea :)

      purplebea :)

      2 månader sedan

      Umm they literally said that uni was so stressful to them to the point they had to leave or they would physically hurt themselves, I get wanting to be secure but there are other ways you can be financially secure that won't be that draining for them besides do you think they would leave uni without considering that?

  84. Travelamazon


    2 månader sedan

    Internalized Misogyny is not a thing.



    2 månader sedan

    as someone who uses they/them pronouns and has ADHD, i dont think its a valid excuse to misgender someone.

  86. Ash Gray

    Ash Gray

    2 månader sedan

    An Australian politician recently blamed the fact that he sexually harrased female co-workers on ADHD, and obviously misgendering is no where near that bad, but I'm so sick of people blaming their shitty behaviour on ADHD. Misgendering is not a symptom of ADHD. Your diagnosis is not an excuse to be shitty. Almost my whole family has ADHD, including myself, we still have basic empathy and self-control.

  87. DoraSometimes


    2 månader sedan

    How do we now for certain that GH has a diploma in psychology?! Term "gaslighting" is usually used in a totally wrong context. May I suggest watching the movie from the term derived...?! Sorry because it's "black&white"... young generations are not used to that🙄 Topic related...exquisitely done video!!! At this point I'm certain that GH is simply a mean, petty, malevolent bitch!

  88. Emily Easthom

    Emily Easthom

    2 månader sedan

    Trisha actually goes by all pronouns - she/her, they/them, and he/him

  89. Elizabeth Grace

    Elizabeth Grace

    2 månader sedan

    Her internalized misogyny and how she constantly is calling other female creators all kinds of disorders reminds me of how women historically have been seen and being crazy for literally having a uterus.

  90. TLepageArt


    2 månader sedan

    I hope you get that Cartier Bracelet 😜🤣

  91. Nat


    2 månader sedan

    I feel like she's one of those people who would watch everyone go up and get a slice of cake, and know she's welcomed to a slice of cake, but then whines loudly when someone takes the last piece because she didn't get her share.

  92. SeaShanties Help?

    SeaShanties Help?

    2 månader sedan

    i have adhd... adhd doesnt make me forget someones pronouns...

  93. sweet b ASMR

    sweet b ASMR

    2 månader sedan

    gabbie went to get a psychology degree JUST to play it as a card whenever SHE decides to be a manipulative narcissistic abuser. boommm

  94. Kitsonisactuallyhere


    2 månader sedan

    question, i have adhd, many MANY of my friends are trans, of course when they first came out i would slip up a bit but dude you get used to it? like all the people who have come out i dont even see them as their bio gender?? in fact my adhd makes me FORGET their bio gender..... i... am i just weird?? or is gabbie on somethin??

  95. Deana J.

    Deana J.

    2 månader sedan

    Your rant about mental health, the stigma, and how terms in mental health are used irresponsibly was just *chef’s kiss* 🤌🏾

  96. Miranda Jordan

    Miranda Jordan

    2 månader sedan


  97. Lovely Game

    Lovely Game

    2 månader sedan

    I honestly hate all youtube drama, but I absolutely love your videos about them 😅 *side note* love your eye makeup

  98. Julia Bernice

    Julia Bernice

    2 månader sedan

    I used to really enjoy gabbys content. This behavior is insane and horrible

  99. Tirza777


    2 månader sedan

    im curious... why are you trying so hard not to offend Trish by using the pronouns "they" prefer, but when "they" said "they" were a chicken nugget, and also a Trump supporter, you were incredibly rude about it and made fun of "them"? I see the hoops you're going through over this, but I also see how you treat people when they have differing opinions than you when you decide that's not cool with you because of a mainstream narrative

  100. Synthia Miller

    Synthia Miller

    2 månader sedan

    Ms. Hanna needs a run in with someone like Jeffree Starr (or a female version on his level)to take her down many notches!!! While I’m no major fan of his, he has definitely become an entity on You Tube that you don’t really want to trifle with!!