This video is about Acacia Kersey stealing from a small business! Enjoy :)

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  1. laura pineda

    laura pineda

    Dag sedan

    I love your videos! Would love if you added phots of the ppl you’re talking about. Just a thought, I still love your content and am an avid watcher

  2. brokehalo101


    Dag sedan

    Obviously her onlyfans isn't making any money 😂 desperate much

  3. Stevie Den

    Stevie Den

    5 dagar sedan

    Isn’t this fraud?

  4. M G

    M G

    5 dagar sedan

    Where is Acacia? Do we think shes gone forever?

  5. MMM SSS


    5 dagar sedan

    can you make more videos on Acacia in general? She's been under so much scrutiny for a long time because of her parenting (especially her parenting of her daughter Rosie) and I really wish youtubers with bigger platforms would talk about it! (so far only Sl0an(?) has been keeping up with her terrible parenting)

  6. A M

    A M

    5 dagar sedan

    It’s so sad I’ve been a supporter of her for years, since her tumblr days and I had to watch ash’s full video to fully lose all support for her.

  7. hi hii

    hi hii

    7 dagar sedan

    Your make up is beautiful

  8. Rosem


    8 dagar sedan

    I’ve followed ashley for years and years and she’s so talented and kind, it’s so frustrating that this happened to her

  9. dejmoney


    9 dagar sedan

    omg o2L was my shit

  10. Olivia-Mae


    9 dagar sedan

    Great video Acacia is a very complicated person , she’s had many scandals. I followed her since her tumblr days. - has exploited her children online ie posting videos & photos with them barely clothed / naked - she’s been racist even in front of her adopted sister who is black - she’s neglected various pets / animals - mistreats her disabled daughter ( there’s proof online & in previous pictures she’s posted ) - she hasn’t given out clothes that she’s put for sale online that people have paid for ( no refund ) - same with a children’s book she came out with , books were not delivered to people Also , her husband - jairus - was with someone when he met acacia & left his girlfriend for acacia. Acacia & Jairus have split multiple times but have never addressed it / pretend they’re the perfect family I used to be a massive fan when I was younger & looked up to her , I bought one pack of her very first presets & they didn’t even work ! X

  11. Joy S

    Joy S

    9 dagar sedan

    It IS jus a filter, if the girl didn't patent them she legally has no right to tell Acacia to remove them or refund people, obviously Acacia is ethically in the wrong here but not legally. Sucks for her, but she also can't complain when she didn't take precautions.

  12. Anonamoose


    9 dagar sedan

    How much does she have in her bank account?

  13. Ruby Starr

    Ruby Starr

    10 dagar sedan

    I've been following Ashley for years (formerly atleeey), if I did photo editing I'd totally be supporting Cherry Photo Club. Never heard of Acacia, she'll stay irrelevant in my world.

  14. Stefanie Alexandra

    Stefanie Alexandra

    10 dagar sedan

    I can’t believe acacia went as far as to disclose the contents of her bank account. That number must have been a lie because how else is she able to afford all these other luxuries? She hasn’t learnt her lesson from the other 12 times she’s fucked up, if this isn’t a sign for her to get her ass up off the internet and get a real job then I don’t know what is lol

  15. Shane Irish

    Shane Irish

    10 dagar sedan

    at this point I just believe that she's actually broke and to keep up with the influencer lifestyle she uses drama and her kids- I myself hated her back then but followed her again bc she gave birth to brin and I thought motherhood will change her but I guess some things never change :|

  16. syd skye

    syd skye

    11 dagar sedan

    what really pissed me off was that acacia brought her financial situation up to ash and was just like “my daughter’s hospital bills are high and i’m broke i need this” and any decent person would just be like keep the money then?? because what else can you say to that? it was so manipulative and deflective.

  17. Carli


    11 dagar sedan

    Acacia has been in countless controversies over the past 5-10 years. I’m really not surprised at all.

  18. HanzBurns


    11 dagar sedan

    Acacia is lucky they contacted her instead of getting sued

  19. Ruvaiv 1

    Ruvaiv 1

    11 dagar sedan

    brinley is her middle name btw!

  20. JustDianaaa


    12 dagar sedan

    I just remember her singing a 1975 song on vine lmao

  21. Atlas Bonds

    Atlas Bonds

    12 dagar sedan

    Ashley, the racist? They can both F--- OFF.

  22. WeltonvilleGal


    12 dagar sedan

    This is the next generation’s “sampling” lawsuits……..

  23. Salted Mouthbrow

    Salted Mouthbrow

    12 dagar sedan

    are you even allowed to call yourself famous if youre the second most popular with your name, the first being a block on minecraft

  24. em


    12 dagar sedan

    you should link ashleys instagram/where we can buy her presets on the video caption!

  25. Shiri Hayardeny

    Shiri Hayardeny

    12 dagar sedan

    thank u so much for talking about this, i haven’t seen a lot of ppl talking about it and it’s really awful the way acacia is stealing someone else’s art and trying to shove it under the rug

  26. Emilie Ida Gustafsson Rasmussen

    Emilie Ida Gustafsson Rasmussen

    12 dagar sedan

    You should cover the stuff about Anna Campbell!

  27. Savannah Japenga

    Savannah Japenga

    12 dagar sedan

    ive followed ashley for so long! she is such an authentic and dedicated creator. i was very surprised and disappointed to see her work being copied but a much larger creator, especially bc i feel like shes been deserving of some serious recognition for awhile now. it sucks that all of this drama is how shes getting it

  28. emma rosalie

    emma rosalie

    12 dagar sedan

    Oh acacia, not again😂 Also she has 3 kids. Two daughters and a son. She’s also gotten a lot better with helping rosie and tending to her needs.

  29. Vaanilvx


    12 dagar sedan


  30. Davida J

    Davida J

    12 dagar sedan

    I swear this girl can’t stay out of a damn scandal.

  31. hbk


    12 dagar sedan

    I just bought Ashley’s presets too and they’re addictive hahaha my insta feed do be looking cute tho

  32. WolfieTallulah !

    WolfieTallulah !

    12 dagar sedan

    3 kids lol did anyone catch that?

  33. Amy Gil

    Amy Gil

    12 dagar sedan

    Can't wait for your video on Bella and Max🙊🙊🙊

  34. Eliza Eduave

    Eliza Eduave

    12 dagar sedan

    DAVID DOBRIK COMEBACK CONTINUES but not zane and heath slipping how david having stalker girls on him on their latest podcast (july 30 2021) if you wanna go through this theory with me let's chat @elizasburneraccount

  35. Laura Hare

    Laura Hare

    12 dagar sedan

    Acacia has promised so many times that she has grown or changed but this just proves she hasn't at all. She has showed us time after time who she is and that she is not changing. Like many I've given her chance after chance hoping she'd finally change but she continues to play the victim and does not take accountability for any of her actions.

  36. Alex Kess

    Alex Kess

    13 dagar sedan

    I like that people are finally seeing how bad she is, I just wish it was because of her abusing her special needs child.

  37. Alejandra Guzmán

    Alejandra Guzmán

    13 dagar sedan

    i feel like acacia's haters are sooooo weird, i'm not saying that i like her or anything but the shit that they say is out of this world fr

  38. Alejandra Guzmán

    Alejandra Guzmán

    13 dagar sedan

    "acacia kersey is a... girlie" LMAO

  39. Thehobbit


    13 dagar sedan

    Acacia has always thought of herself and behaved as though she is above everyone else. She’s time and time again abused her platform. She’s honestly disgusting. Never apologies for her mistakes just makes excuses.

  40. Gymdilettante


    13 dagar sedan

    Why is it that so many influencers are lousy people? Why do we as an audience gravitate to them and support them?

  41. McKayla Schneider

    McKayla Schneider

    13 dagar sedan

    Don’t use Lightroom might buy her presets anyway.

  42. V


    13 dagar sedan

    wait is this the girl from the “no thank you acockia! i hope i look just like you!” vine??

  43. Alaina


    13 dagar sedan

    Now Acacia has deleted her apology and posted cryptic, manipulative posts involving her mental health and deflecting. If she’d just refunded and admitted it in the very beginning instead lying to Ash, ppl would’ve gone easier on her.

  44. Anissa Camacho

    Anissa Camacho

    13 dagar sedan

    Acacia has given me bad vibes since tumblr days

  45. Shanel Burny

    Shanel Burny

    13 dagar sedan

    So much support to Ashley, this is such a terrible thing to go through. Her presets are wonderful and she is such a great independent artist. ❤️

  46. han


    13 dagar sedan

    She’s deleted the apology and basically said she’s leaving the internet. Huh??

    • Carli


      11 dagar sedan

      she takes a break every time she’s in a scandal. nothing new. she’ll be back lol

  47. kyeoptawerk93


    13 dagar sedan

    Y'all please support and follow ash on her socials! She does really fun Halloween looks on SE-one and she has really kept the emo/scene aesthetics alive here.

  48. Peach Lima

    Peach Lima

    13 dagar sedan

    properly she should’ve taken the whole pack down, and later down the road released her own, unplagiarized. She literally committed a felony???? “I cut a corner” no BABE YOU PLAGIARIZED. “terrified for my actions” after she got caught- she wouldn’t have spoken about it if she didn’t get caught, she would’ve just taken the money and went to disney and celebrated. If I were in her personal life I would advise her to step away from all social media work. but that’s just me

  49. fitchbuck


    13 dagar sedan

    this whole thing gives me a weird feeling because i have literally never heard of acacia before, yet i’ve known what she looks like for almost a decade… moments like this make you realize that the internet truly is a strange place for social interactions lol

  50. lili


    13 dagar sedan

    , i am so sick of acacia getting away with things because even though she has a large following, not enough people pay attention to what she does so she continues to be problematic. THANK YOU so much for covering this!

  51. Valerie Williams

    Valerie Williams

    13 dagar sedan

    Hi! Could we have the link to Ashley’s website? I’d love to buy a few presets! ❤️

    • Botticelli Barbie

      Botticelli Barbie

      13 dagar sedan

      her website is cherryphotoclub!

  52. L C

    L C

    13 dagar sedan

    What really bothered me too was how Acacia asked Ash WHAT presets she thought were copied, finally sort of vaguely admitted that they were stolen, and then Ash looked back and realized it was actually 13 presets after acacia posted her big apology. To me this is the biggest issue about why people take her as insincere because it feels like she wanted to know if Ash would bust her for all of them or just some so she could continue to sell the preset pack and hope no one would realize about the rest. The other thing I disliked was that she kept asking Ash how to fix it and Ash said she didn’t want to do the work for her so she needed to do what she felt was right. And I think acacia was trying to do whatever would be best for herself - what would get her the least amount of criticism, the most applause for owning up to it (lol), and make her the most money. Not what was best for her fans/customers and Ash. And then when Ash did explicitly state to give refunds, acacia didn’t want to. So why even ask if you don’t actually want to listen. I do think some people bully Acacia for sure. I think some things are blown out of proportion and nit picked that she says or does. But this is not a bullying thing at all. Acacia continuously made bad decisions, lied, and tried to garner sympathy no matter how many times she said to Ash she wasn’t looking for sympathy- because ultimately she was. She told Ash about her situation with finances and brought up her children, etc so Ash would understand “why” she did it and in turn accept a cut of the money and move on. Good for ash for standing up for herself and her brand, and in turn all smaller creators. Edit: just couldn’t English the first time around and probably not the second either :P

  53. Laura Whittenburg

    Laura Whittenburg

    13 dagar sedan

    If I were Ashley, I would consult a lawyer.

  54. Andrea


    13 dagar sedan

    Can you please add photos of the people you’re speaking about in the video or at least screenshots of the posts you’re referencing. I asked this so many times in your comment section 😭

    • Andrea


      13 dagar sedan

      Other drama channels do it and it’s so helpful

  55. Sara Kurbyun

    Sara Kurbyun

    13 dagar sedan

    First introduction to drama lol Me watching bad girls club in grade six 👁👄👁

  56. barbarina


    13 dagar sedan

    What she did was messed up, but the ableism claims are false. People have been saying that since her daughter was born, and the biggest thing is that her audience didn't agree with what the doctors said about her case that the time. That's it. It's obvious she's gonna be treated different if she has different needs. I really am not a fan of her, but these claims are disgusting and concerning.

  57. asdfghjkl


    13 dagar sedan

    Thanks for making this video

  58. Amanda Eldridge

    Amanda Eldridge

    13 dagar sedan

    Did yqll see she made a vague suicidal sounding post of herself and then went off instagram? What a horrible way to deflect and scare ur fans into defending u bcus u make vague sounding intentions of offing urself when called out for stealing

  59. Rox Xandra

    Rox Xandra

    13 dagar sedan

    Thank you for covering this. Ashley works so hard and deserves the backup

  60. Kat Batson

    Kat Batson

    13 dagar sedan

    Acacia is the worst for so many reasons

  61. MeowChip


    13 dagar sedan

    The first drama i knew before Angelika covers it cus i actually follow Ashley

  62. Eliza Wright

    Eliza Wright

    13 dagar sedan

    All i knows is she leave her disabled daughter on the floor constantly while she plays with her abled daughter

  63. sophstellar


    13 dagar sedan

    She’s always been incredibly problematic. There are some times where I have defended her, especially early on in her career. It very much bothered me how she made a video about having a miscarriage and said she didn’t go to the doctors/hospital about it at ALL like that was okay? like young girls weren’t watching that and might think it’s okay to not go get checked up if they go through that. I’ve had one myself you HAVE to go to hospital in case there’s complications. It really rubbed me up the wrong way, and as much as i felt for her i had to unfollow after that. Her children seem like accessories and there’s just something super off about the whole thing. That’s just my opinion though.

  64. Dandi Lion

    Dandi Lion

    13 dagar sedan

    lightroom isnt just presets and filters... you can do the same thing you can do on Photoshop. i dont know about the app but on the desktop version is definitely not just about filters

    • Marija Marinković

      Marija Marinković

      12 dagar sedan

      You cannot do the same on both, there wouldn’t be a reason for them if you could. Photoshop is an editor and a lot more focused on image manipulations and Lightroom is mainly used for organising and processing photos and global adjustments you can make into presets later.

  65. Gabriel


    13 dagar sedan

    I love ash and it's so sad that this happened to her.

  66. Mitchell


    13 dagar sedan

    Honestly i love angelika so much i always like the video before i even wwtch it because i just want to give her all the engagement

  67. Ella Curtis

    Ella Curtis

    13 dagar sedan

    I’ve been WAITING for you to do a vid on her 💞

  68. Courtenay Rhoodie

    Courtenay Rhoodie

    13 dagar sedan

    I've just started the video but I have to say your eyelashes look amazing

  69. Wren Penrith

    Wren Penrith

    13 dagar sedan

    jesus christ haven't heard her name in years

  70. lyanne


    13 dagar sedan

    this girl has been annoying for over a decate on the internet. can she actually leave?

  71. Goo Ara

    Goo Ara

    13 dagar sedan

    yay im happy your throat got better!

  72. Ellen Biesmans

    Ellen Biesmans

    13 dagar sedan

    No idea who that is but I’m always here for Angelika

  73. Amazinglynn


    13 dagar sedan

    I literally don’t know who any of these people are I just like Angelika 😊

  74. Ri Wing

    Ri Wing

    13 dagar sedan

    Comment just to comment

  75. BZ


    13 dagar sedan

    I completely forgot about this woman! She's still around??

  76. Evan Aldeana

    Evan Aldeana

    13 dagar sedan

    acacia has since deleted her apology post & is now vague posting, clown girl shiiii 🤡

  77. Lilia Leandra

    Lilia Leandra

    13 dagar sedan

    Her latest Instagram post is so fricking manipulative… „look, I’m naked, I’m vulnerable, don’t hate me, I’m a victim“

  78. Epic Stonem

    Epic Stonem

    13 dagar sedan

    I'm actually confused how she's saying she has financial issues when she had breast augmentation, show casing some products on her ig story such as getting a freakin dyson??? Idk man. Seems like idendity crisis is what it is since day 1.

  79. BabyDuckNinjas


    13 dagar sedan

    Commenting for engagement. Nearly unalived a few hours ago trying to dye my hair in a badly ventilated room lol

  80. Laura Wood

    Laura Wood

    13 dagar sedan

    can you do a video on Anna Campbell

  81. Jul


    13 dagar sedan

    Acacia Brinley? I haven't heard that name since forever lol

  82. J_J ka1341

    J_J ka1341

    13 dagar sedan

    Oh no...

  83. Molly Montana

    Molly Montana

    13 dagar sedan

    Girl talk about repzion’s video

  84. JustJadeJones


    13 dagar sedan

    Your eyes! OMG

  85. aehr lynn

    aehr lynn

    13 dagar sedan

    I learn about new youtubers everyday thanks to tea channels 😆

  86. Melek Seyam

    Melek Seyam

    13 dagar sedan

    Haven’t heard that name in a minuteee

  87. Zoe Akiko

    Zoe Akiko

    13 dagar sedan

    I’m a photographer who sells presets and it took me a yeaaarrrr to get my style down, perfect all the tone curves and more then sell them. I would be pissed if someone re sold them

  88. nadya soraya

    nadya soraya

    13 dagar sedan

    lmao can’t believe i’m seeing acacia here

  89. Kayla Harper

    Kayla Harper

    13 dagar sedan

    And now Acacia is posting cryptic goodbye messages on Instagram. 😒

  90. MaiStephanie


    13 dagar sedan

    Now Acacia has deleted her apology and replaced it with a nude photo 🙄

  91. Jennifer Cunliffe

    Jennifer Cunliffe

    13 dagar sedan

    I didn't even know what a preset was

  92. Stephanie Turner

    Stephanie Turner

    13 dagar sedan

    bruhhhh, she DELETED her post!

  93. a s

    a s

    13 dagar sedan

    i accidentally ended up co owning an acacia hate account when i was 11. ahead of my time

    • A M

      A M

      5 dagar sedan

      I remember the name of one I followed was “acunta” 😭😭😭

    • Kayla Harper

      Kayla Harper

      13 dagar sedan


  94. ladybeee14


    13 dagar sedan

    1. Don't steal people's art 2. If you're going to ignore step 1 don't be stupid enough to steal from a fan who will recognize their own art???

  95. Liz Oliver

    Liz Oliver

    14 dagar sedan

    I've been following Ashley for YEARS she spends months on these packs and it's so unfair for someone to come along and pass them off as their own. Ash is so sweet and unproblematic and professional. She deserves all the success and joy in the world. ♥ Go follow cherry photo club and Ash Levi on SE-one.

  96. Kiten Desiré

    Kiten Desiré

    14 dagar sedan

    Isn't this the girl who neglects her disabled daughter?

    • Kiten Desiré

      Kiten Desiré

      13 dagar sedan

      @MaiStephanie she's awful :(

    • MaiStephanie


      14 dagar sedan


  97. Emily E. Bean

    Emily E. Bean

    14 dagar sedan

    I love ash she’s amazing she is the one you tuber I bought Merch from and I love it so veryich

  98. hexbound


    14 dagar sedan

    I've been following ashley for so long, and she's a efin sweetheart, so when I saw this I was soo pissed. I can't believe she wouldn't even apologize to ashley, acacia's a piece of work lmao

  99. Megan


    14 dagar sedan

    so glad channels are starting to acknowledge the bad sh*t she does tbh

  100. kamryn gutierrez

    kamryn gutierrez

    14 dagar sedan

    I love Ashley!!!!! Thanks for covering this!