Shane Dawson CAUGHT LYING to his fans!

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This video is about Tana Mongeau, the Ace Family, Shane Dawson and more! Enjoy :)

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  1. DEPdepONyon


    3 dagar sedan

    5:54 I keep coming back to this timestamp because I adore your sassy fingers, really expressed your complete exasperation 😆

    • DEPdepONyon


      3 dagar sedan

      Especially 6:03

  2. 789789coco


    9 dagar sedan

    Can we trade Jeffery, Shane and Davids comebacks for Jenna Marbles please.....

  3. Kyla Jean

    Kyla Jean

    11 dagar sedan

    Devil's advocate.. (I've unsubbed Shane so not a stan) but maybe he did enjoy it and had "the best intention" but with everything that went down the wind may have been taken out of his sails...

  4. Savannah Woolard

    Savannah Woolard

    12 dagar sedan

    Yeahhhh vaccine CHOICE isn’t tea.. wtf Angelica. Medical decisions are up to the PATIENT.

  5. lifevlogs


    12 dagar sedan

    You telling everyone to get vax despite their extremely valid fears is kind of awful. Pressuring people to put things into their body by shaming them

    • R L

      R L

      12 dagar sedan

      Nah lol

  6. Mis Mykie

    Mis Mykie

    14 dagar sedan

    Why tf is he back anyway smfh

  7. tired student

    tired student

    14 dagar sedan

    Am I surprised Shane lied? No. Am I still gonna act surprised like "Noooo, he didn't!" In a sarcastic way? Absolutely.

  8. Mia berra

    Mia berra

    14 dagar sedan

    I saw that Jackask with his wife, it was so funny. It's so horrible that people were saying that to Erin. Damn thats just really messed up. I hope she's doing better, no one deserves rude comments like that

  9. Villa V.

    Villa V.

    14 dagar sedan

    4:29 had no business in being that funny😭😭

  10. rebecca


    14 dagar sedan

    I would have taken a day off for your voice or I could not be listening to this on my car stereo. Hope you get better

  11. Makkena Rae

    Makkena Rae

    14 dagar sedan

    Everyone bullied him out of SE-one and his relationship with Jeffrey why the fudge would he be posting make up videos?🤦🏻‍♀️

  12. Regina Ashurova

    Regina Ashurova

    14 dagar sedan

    Awww hope you feel better💖💖💖

  13. Slytherin Girl

    Slytherin Girl

    14 dagar sedan

    He already said that he doesn't want to be involved in the beauty world anymore. So he wants to clean the room from most of the makeup - what's wrong about that? Like no one else selling make up for money right?

    • bo ellis

      bo ellis

      14 dagar sedan


    • Shaked Moreno

      Shaked Moreno

      14 dagar sedan

      The drama channels just obsessed with him, it’s pathetic

  14. L K

    L K

    14 dagar sedan

    “Shane’s channel, not a single gloss to be seen” ☠️😂😂

  15. Sheepy Deepy

    Sheepy Deepy

    14 dagar sedan

    Angelika you are GLOWING✨🥺

  16. Kayla D.

    Kayla D.

    14 dagar sedan

    Shane reminds me of me where I impulsively get into a new hobby. I buy so much stuff for it and I'm super into it and then in a month or 2 I'm bored and over it lol

  17. Jeremy Childs

    Jeremy Childs

    14 dagar sedan

    How many times will the Ace Family get away with scams until people catch on?

  18. M


    14 dagar sedan

    ur voice sounds cute & raspy

  19. 제이라고함


    15 dagar sedan

    Lol she sounds mad cute while sick

  20. Mink


    15 dagar sedan

    Erin is so beautiful and funny. She doesn’t deserve this shit.. It makes me so mad. Commenting on ANYONES BODY, no matter what size and/or shape, is insanely inappropriate. I don’t get it. Like the fact that John had to DELETE THE VIDEO- I’m gonna throw hands

  21. Jenni kozlow

    Jenni kozlow

    15 dagar sedan

    Tana mogeau is dating Chris Miles I think

  22. Jenni kozlow

    Jenni kozlow

    15 dagar sedan

    Found your channel through gabbie hannah drama, stayed because your videos are awesome!! 🥰💙💙💙

  23. R Sparks

    R Sparks

    15 dagar sedan

    We definitely do pay property tax in the UK

  24. cindy allen

    cindy allen

    15 dagar sedan

    wait if people are skeptical they should ultimately just get it anyway? idk but in America (maybe different from UK) we have freedoms to choose what we want to do and it can't be mandated. People are allowed to be skeptical and they have the right to refuse if they don't have all the info yet. it's literally still in clinical trials and WE are the guinea pigs. if Corinna doesnt want to get it, she doesnt have to. she's at little to no risk from the actual virus and at more risk to face complications from the vaccine itself.. let her do what she wants. if you've been vaccinated you can go out. unvaccinated should not affect you, if you know anything about vaccines

  25. Mario


    15 dagar sedan

    Being polite here, but if Shane has problems taking a shower I can’t see him ‘playing with makeup’.

  26. Mizuki101Ikuto


    15 dagar sedan

    Jacksfilms and Erin are one of the most unproblematic and genuine people left on youtube, I'm so sick and tired of them getting dragged into drama (like miss trisha the fish tried), imagine commenting on a woman's body like do you have nothing better to do?

  27. Celine Echo

    Celine Echo

    15 dagar sedan

    Girl, you are sick, take a break

  28. K S

    K S

    15 dagar sedan

    The ace families financial issues don’t surprise me. The lifestyle they’ve portrayed has never made sense compared to how much they seem to be making. Basically the social gloves situation represents their lives

  29. m t

    m t

    15 dagar sedan

    Feel better soon! Try Sambucol if you can, we used yo use that when we lost our voices in musical theater! 💜✨💜✨

  30. martha murphy

    martha murphy

    15 dagar sedan

    honestly with Shane I feel like he gets really into certain things and then becomes uninterested after a while. It was like that with his food videos and slime, and probably other things I forgot about. So I wasn't surprised to see that he threw away most of his makeup (even though he still has a lot). he probably just passed another obsessive phase. and I also feel like with the palette that JS offered him the idea and he just went threw with it for the hell of it. I'm not convinced that it was just a cash grab yet. *not defending him, just giving my thoughts*

  31. Victoria Aunger

    Victoria Aunger

    15 dagar sedan

    those poor children of the ACE family

  32. Samantha Kavanagh

    Samantha Kavanagh

    15 dagar sedan

    When you’re as rich as the ace family being evicted is a choice. They chose to not pay their bills and spend beyond their means. They’re not being evicted and becoming homeless like the average person who gets evicted because they don’t have enough money........

  33. Samantha Kavanagh

    Samantha Kavanagh

    15 dagar sedan

    Seriously, everyone please get baby is going to be 1 next month and he’s being robbed of his childhood... he’s never even been into a store ..... ugh

    • Samantha Kavanagh

      Samantha Kavanagh

      14 dagar sedan

      @Steph Shaw oh. You’re American. 🙄 Should have started with that.....explains why you can’t trust a damn thing medically. Your entire healthcare system is based on MONEY and how much of it can be made. Luckily I live somewhere where our government makes sure we receive proper healthcare when it’s needed. At no cost. 🤯 Also stranger on the internet who is ridiculously pressed because I said “please get vaccinated😉” nowhere in my comment did I tell people to do something that would negatively impact their life or health. I literally agreed with a statement made in the video, and then added my personal experience to it. I will happily follow the advice of my HEALTHCARE PROVIDER over some strange lady on the internet. Your opinion / non-cited research isn’t going to change my mind. People should be vaccinating themselves to help protect the people who are most vulnerable. That’s the information and advice of a PROFESSIONAL. Not a keyboard warrior!

    • Steph Shaw

      Steph Shaw

      14 dagar sedan

      @Samantha Kavanagh unvaccinated people are selfish for not wanting to risk their own lives so that it give you comfort? Because that's pretty selfish to me. Again, these vaccines Do Not prevent the virus all together.

    • Steph Shaw

      Steph Shaw

      14 dagar sedan

      @Samantha Kavanagh you say I need educated? Ok. Well 600,000 people last year, were told they had covid, when they didn't even get tested. 200,000 cases in pa were removed last year, because they weren't accurate. 94 percent of people who died from the virus, had underlying health issues. Over 6,000 scientists signed an anti lockdown petition last year. Many people who died from other causes, were marked down as covid cases. So many discrepancies and so many false narratives around the virus. People who have gotten the vaccine, still test positive for covid. Some died. Some had miscarriages and blood clots. Men developed heart problems. People had strokes. So yeah, I'm the selfish one!

    • Steph Shaw

      Steph Shaw

      14 dagar sedan

      @Samantha Kavanagh don't dare call me selfish. I'm not the one telling you what to do with your own body. I'm not the one telling people to inject their kids with an unknown vaccine. I'm not the one who is only worried about myself and my own family. I'm the one talking about all of those who had to stop living their lives because of covid. A virus that was made in a Wuhan lab and intentionally spread. You people are brainwashed. You sound like main stream media. Convincing everyone we'd kill our family members if we visited them. Telling people who didn't wear masks, they were selfish. News flash, there is also no proof masks did anything for covid. My boyfriend couldn't see his own mother for half a year. And life is short anything could happen to our older loved ones. So don't dare call me selfish. I have research, you don't! And lastly, why is it that the governors who put the strict mandates into place, were caught not flowing them? Why did big corporations and businesses thrive, and little people got crushed? Why is it that they need to give out free shit and intimidate people into getting the vaccine, if it's so deadly? I wish your son all the best. But I have to say, fuck you for calling me selfish.

    • Steph Shaw

      Steph Shaw

      14 dagar sedan

      @Samantha KavanaghI already had and survived covid. I never said people haven't died from it. But thousands die of the flu every year. Tell me how this is different? The numbers? Because you do realize that hospitals get paid more, to label deaths as cause by covid, even if they weren't? That is a fact. So numbers were inflated. This virus ha over a 98 percent survival rate. Many have survived. Especially kids. So you tell me how it's different. Educate me then. Because I have done my research.

  34. Eva


    15 dagar sedan

    You know, you can permanently damage your voice by just talking through losing it, please be careful...

  35. Tamara Milinkovic

    Tamara Milinkovic

    15 dagar sedan

    Why is it such a big deal to get vaccinated ‘for the sake of others’ when you can literally be vaccinated and still carry and spread the virus?

    • Steph Shaw

      Steph Shaw

      14 dagar sedan

      Because 1. These vaccines are experimental. 2. They have already cause serious heath problems, death and people still tested positive for covid after getting them. 3. There is ZERO evidence that asymptomatic spread occured during covid. There is ZERO evidence that masks did anything for covid. Leave people do what they want to with their own bodies. If you vaccinate, why care what others do? We don't know what are in these vaccines. They aren't studied enough or fda approved. Does that help?

  36. Hikikomorichi


    15 dagar sedan

    Shane coming back feels a bit like waiting for a movie sequel, where you hated the first film and are definitely not going to watch the second but you're still dreading the hype by people who just really have the worst movie taste. Anyway..

  37. Dev Place

    Dev Place

    15 dagar sedan

    Girl, you’re not well, take a break!!! X

  38. Charmynox


    15 dagar sedan

    At this point, I'm gonna be so used to your wonky voice that when you get your normal voice back, it's gonna give me whiplash lmao. Also, we are twinning with wonky voices right now and basically did the same thing to get to this point. Yes it was a different video where you mentioned how you got to this point (the whole thing with the temperature changes, using the AC, etc.) but I was too lazy to comment when I watched that video lmao ♥

  39. kalvin jae vaughan

    kalvin jae vaughan

    15 dagar sedan

    no shade I thought youtube recommended old video based off the title lol thanks for posting even though you're dieing

  40. Jayra's Corner of the Internet

    Jayra's Corner of the Internet

    15 dagar sedan

    I hate that people called Erin fat and made her feel bad about herself. Like who tf are you? Her fucking doctor? She has mirrors, she knows what she looks like and she might LOVE the way she looks, as she should. She might've been feeling good about herself and loving herself, AS SHE SHOULD. And then all these nasty people felt the need to say "lol ur fat" when she literally ISNT. and I hate that so much. She looks so beautiful and happy in the video, and I wish people would just keep their nasty comments to their selves. And I think the reason so many influencers are like "teehee I'm not getting vaccinated!" Is bc they're American. And theres no lockdowns over here. If the US had implemented lockdowns like the uk and other European countries I think these influencers would take covid more seriously. I got my vaccine yesterday, finally. But I was still responsible until I got it. I didn't stop wearing my mask bc stores say you can and don't actually check your vaccine. I'm still going to wear my mask, in fact, until I get the second dose of my vaccine. And you know I'm not gunna lie, I didn't feel well today. I did experience quite a few side effects and was very under the weather. But like. It's fine. That's a VERY small price to pay to be able to get vaccinated against a disease where if I spread it to certain people I could kill them. Like really. People need to stop being so goddamn selfish. Get the vaccine and save others.

  41. Liz Oliver

    Liz Oliver

    16 dagar sedan

    Shane only kept his JSC collections. So that says A LOT.

  42. Charli


    16 dagar sedan

    So if your vaxed and I’m not how dose it make me selfish like your vaxed so why would you get covid? Like why would I get vaxed if I can still catch it anyways but dumb

  43. Alana Stevens

    Alana Stevens

    16 dagar sedan

    The commit to providing hot tea even with your voice going is amazing ❤

  44. natalie julie

    natalie julie

    16 dagar sedan

    where did shane post the declutter?

  45. CoeurDeCoco


    16 dagar sedan

    4:28 You made me laugh girl jajajaj

  46. EATSニューヨーク


    16 dagar sedan

    What flew at 1:09 ??

  47. cuddle fishing

    cuddle fishing

    16 dagar sedan

    i don't understand why it matters so much to people if he's into it or not. he was experimenting and having fun. and i think he would've wanted to be more serious about it if the beauty community wasn't so toxic. i don't get why people think he's lying,it was just for fun,and to get into the vibe since he was making his own palette. its not that deep. also love how you save the very last bit of the video for shane,just for the clickbait ass title. its what every tea channel does to milk this situation as much as they can and make some coin on it too.

  48. kockado kocke

    kockado kocke

    16 dagar sedan

    No, we will not all get vaccinated, wtf Angelika :D Accept that some ppl R not ok with blindly doing sth just to make U feel comfortable. LOL

  49. Mythical Reid

    Mythical Reid

    16 dagar sedan

    "Shane Dawson caught lying!?!?!" In another news, water is wet 😆

  50. amii st

    amii st

    16 dagar sedan

    Shane just needed a way to relevancy I believe and I think it’s really sad because it’s so difficult to unterstand as a fan:(

  51. Daisy P

    Daisy P

    16 dagar sedan

    damn good on jack for taking down the video and defending his wife. These are humans, not internet punching bags.

  52. Chelsea Moreland

    Chelsea Moreland

    16 dagar sedan

    Good video/interesting topics but hypocritical views and comments on the vaccine and those who are unvaccinated. Stay in the lane of this tea and out of people’s choices.

  53. Brie Lynn

    Brie Lynn

    16 dagar sedan

    Wait, are there really people who didn't think Shane's makeup was a cash grab from the very beginning? We all knew it wasn't his brand. And maybe he does enjoy playing with makeup, but we all knew he'd never be a makeup guru. But aside from that, Shane will rebrand again coming back to YT. He can't come back with makeup content because he got clocked too many times for his friendship with Jeffree on top of everything else he was finally held accountable for. So getting rid of the makeup makes sense, I'm not sure why anyone would feel tricked or lied to by that especially long-time fans of Shane who didn't watch him for that kind of content anyway

  54. Mive Ramos

    Mive Ramos

    16 dagar sedan

    I think people should respect others decisions on the vaxx. Some just aren’t comfortable with something that was made within months when all other vaccines have taken years to make. If ppl want to get vaxed, get vaxed because that’s their CHOICE and if they still don’t feel comfortable, then wear a mask. I think people should stop with the “get vaxed, I wanna live a normal life” If people CHOOSE to get it great if not great too

  55. peachy bella

    peachy bella

    16 dagar sedan

    If you dont want the vaccine it's your body your choice no one elses

  56. Evan L. Rodriguez

    Evan L. Rodriguez

    16 dagar sedan

    The thing with Erin, is that, unfortunately, people get bullied and body-shamed online all the time-internet anonymity emboldens losers on the internet-however, this was just really surprising for us (Jack’s community/fans). This is far from the first time Erin has been in one of his videos, they have a podcast together. Over the years, Erin has become a more constant presence in his content, there’s even a running joke that Jack’s fans love to bully Jack and love to love Erin. Like, we love Erin, she’s hilarious. So it was just so out of the blue and bizarre to see people being mean to her. It just sucked, because Erin’s awesome, and she didn’t deserve that-nobody does.

  57. E


    16 dagar sedan

    Lol Shanes whole makeup scam was embarrassing

  58. Maria Wingren

    Maria Wingren

    16 dagar sedan

    when beauty gurus declutter their makeup they also usually give away or donate products that are unused and give used products that haven’t gone bad to friends and family. i haven’t seen a single decluttering video where products are just thoughtlessly thrown out.

  59. Mackenzie Semmens

    Mackenzie Semmens

    16 dagar sedan

    If it’s the AstraZenica vaccine (spelt that wrong) I can understand because it can cause blood clots in young adults but if you have access to the Pfizer get Pfizer.

    • E H

      E H

      15 dagar sedan

      Yeah, and even pfizer is bad for certain issues. Really depends. Also they've not been proven to lower transmission yet

  60. Nat Mun

    Nat Mun

    16 dagar sedan

    Just asking if it’s hard to look into the camera when making videos instead of the view finder because it seems so 🤔

  61. Kornelia Holmedal

    Kornelia Holmedal

    16 dagar sedan

    I remember i complained about there not being any beauty videos on shanes second channel in a community post and people got mad at me .-.

  62. Daniela Martinez

    Daniela Martinez

    16 dagar sedan

    Angelika in the nicest way possible, u sounded like patrick and spongebob when they were being dried in the first spongebob movie

  63. Hana


    16 dagar sedan


  64. F S

    F S

    16 dagar sedan

    It's literally a trial vaccine, not even fully tested. You people telling others to get it and thinking it's completely safe when the trial doesn't even end until 2023 are morons. My cousin had a seizure the day after getting his 2nd dose, and a woman in my town DIED the day after having her jab (it was her 48th birthday and her 17 year old daughter found her in bed).

  65. Brin Chan

    Brin Chan

    16 dagar sedan

    oh dear angelika what happened to your voice?? :0 please drink more water and take care !

  66. Mackenzie Shirley

    Mackenzie Shirley

    16 dagar sedan

    Ok I’m sorry and I know people will hate on me for it, but it is fair to be skeptical of the vaccine. I’m sorry I think it’s fair for some to not want to take it. If you want to do it then go for it! That is wonderful now you can’t spread it or get it. Anyone who wants it should go for it then they are good to go, but if someone is worried for genuine reasons then they at the end of the day are only putting themselves at risk and others who also don’t want the Vaccine at risk. It’s free in a lot of places so anyone who really feels the need to get it. I think it’s just not ok to guilt others into it if they are worried. Not trying to start a fight but other perspectives are valid. Love your channel, love your vids. Not trying to be hateful or rude in anyway I just hope you can at least see where I may come from.

    • katie yore

      katie yore

      11 dagar sedan

      I agree. Except with the “now you can’t spread it or get it” bit, because that’s not true.

    • Myriam Kotb

      Myriam Kotb

      15 dagar sedan

      I second this 🤍

  67. Wenny Claudia

    Wenny Claudia

    16 dagar sedan

    You sound worse, get well soon!

  68. Alvin Del Rey

    Alvin Del Rey

    16 dagar sedan

    Can’t wait for Shane’s comeback

  69. Garima S

    Garima S

    16 dagar sedan

    Give us a room tour!!

  70. LEE


    16 dagar sedan

    Ok... STFU about the vaccination. It's not unvaxxed people's fault that governments don't want to relinquish the power they've grabbed up. Fuck off with that "Just go like.. get vaxxed!" shit.

    • F S

      F S

      16 dagar sedan

      ikr and it's literally a *trial* vaccine, not even fully tested. People like her telling others to get it and thinking it's completely safe when the trial doesn't even end until 2023 are morons. My cousin had a seizure the day after getting his 2nd dose, and a woman in my town DIED the day after having her jab (it was her 48th birthday and her 17 year old daughter found her in bed).

  71. Inti


    16 dagar sedan

    im sorry i know why you're upset about being stuck at home but with your voice gone you sound so funny lol

  72. Gibby Caroop

    Gibby Caroop

    16 dagar sedan

    Everyone else provided better coverage of these stories like a week ago, you're falling behind lol

  73. SmileyFace123Lolz


    16 dagar sedan

    Angelika pleading with people to get vaccinated with her ill sounding voice made me feel so bad and like I did something wrong and I'm vaccinated 😭

  74. kockado kocke

    kockado kocke

    16 dagar sedan

    What do you mean who gave people the nerves to comment on someone's look? :D Can we please just normalize commenting on others, especially public figures. No matter how hateful the comment is, it is YOU who should work on yourself and heal yourself and know yourself so the comments don't bother you. People will ALWAYS have opinions and share them, like c'mon U guys. Especially on social media and stuff where most people just express themselves because they can. Of course they are idiots. But guess what - this world is full of idiots, so stop being babies, know thyself, and don't let it bother you if you choose to be a PUBLIC figure dealing with PUBLIC opinions.

  75. Ashley Ener

    Ashley Ener

    16 dagar sedan


  76. YourDadIsIzzy


    16 dagar sedan

    i was partway through watching the jacksfilms video when it got taken down. i'm fucking disgusted that that was the reason. all those people who chatted shit on Erin need to get in the fucking bin where they belong.

  77. Emma


    16 dagar sedan

    Whenever I hear the name Bryce, all I can think of is Bryce from 13 reasons why, I hate it here bc I dislike both bryces so much

  78. Elaine Bailey

    Elaine Bailey

    16 dagar sedan

    I’m not defending Tana and her contradictory behaviour but since she is polyamorous and frequently practices it. So her being flirty with people whilst being in a relationship makes sense.

  79. TheSticker Girl

    TheSticker Girl

    16 dagar sedan

    OMG! FINALLY NOT A SCENT BIRD SPONSOR LOL that product has been shoved/forced down my throat and it’s bitter at this point.

  80. Denise Stanley

    Denise Stanley

    16 dagar sedan

    You are so right about getting vaccinated at this point!! There are many versions available and a year and a half into this…it needs to end and would I believe if everyone got vaccinated and followed what professionals are recommending!! Sloan also did a video about the McBroom situation and they are absolutely losing their home and so behind on bills!!! They are trying to sell the house before it forecloses for much more then it’s value…but he’s an ass when documents are easily available showing the truth about this!! If you act like crappy people and live above your means…karma will catch up and apparently is

  81. Megan


    16 dagar sedan

  82. Fricker Francis

    Fricker Francis

    16 dagar sedan

    I feel like Shane might be trying to distance himself from the makeup because it probably scares him lol it almost ruined his career lmao I wouldn’t touch that either

  83. Zoë G.

    Zoë G.

    16 dagar sedan

    people are upset that SD lied about him being into make up ? I'm sorry, were the horrific things that came out about him not enough to turn everyone off of him completely ? like..did i miss something ?

    • Zoë G.

      Zoë G.

      15 dagar sedan

      @Bernita Jenkins I'm not sure what you mean with Teflon, but I'm not American so thankfully the orange buffoon was never my president

    • Bernita Jenkins

      Bernita Jenkins

      15 dagar sedan

      Exactly!...Teflon, like the ridiculous tangerine buffoon, who was your Pres.

  84. HoshiMiddayDelusion


    16 dagar sedan

    tbh i don't know if shane was lying about liking make up cause i get interested in things and lose interest within a month all the time. maybe he wanted to be interested and thought he wanted to be invested in it but after all the drama, he doesn't want to anymore. like the palette and documentary were probably a cash grab but that doesn't mean he wasn't interested in learning about make up. can we not shame people for losing interest in things please. especially mentally ill people.

  85. Sassi


    16 dagar sedan

    Sweetie your glands look really swollen...have you been tested? Especially your left side...sorry nurse here. Couldn’t help myself, hope you feel better soon.

  86. 1123 smiles

    1123 smiles

    16 dagar sedan

    thank you for bringing the captions back!! 😍😍😍

  87. R3DF00L


    16 dagar sedan

    I don't care about the Ace Family's situation that much. I mean he scammed someone once before lol. Karma I guess

  88. Mariana Maurício

    Mariana Maurício

    16 dagar sedan

    tana mongeou is such a pick me girl dear lord

  89. K Sislow

    K Sislow

    16 dagar sedan

    I made a few videos when i first started college, It was literally just from the shoulders down of me talking. You couldn’t even see ny body and I still was getting trolls calling me fat lmao. People just enjoy saying dumb shit online because they think it won’t come back to them in their real life 🙄

  90. Karolina


    16 dagar sedan

    At this stage, I don't even know why Shane would be bothered to come back to making videos. He must have one hell of an idea to wow the people. Also, people have absolutely no RIGHT to comment on a person's appearance like what gain do you achieve from that? Honestly, some human beings are just vile ugh I can't. Also thank you for spilling the tea when you're sick, we appreciate you and get better soon Angelika xo

  91. LordofFullmetal


    16 dagar sedan

    Yeah, it would be one thing if he was at least wearing the makeup every so often. But he literally has not worn makeup ONCE since he was selling his palette. He only wore it around that time, and then he never picked it up again. At least Jeffree Star actually LIKES the product he's selling, ya know? Putting aside that he's a trash person for a second - at LEAST he has that basic level of integrity, where he absolutely does care about makeup.

  92. Gtg Michi

    Gtg Michi

    16 dagar sedan

    * this blurb hopes Angelika's voice gets better ♥️ *

  93. Lizzo


    16 dagar sedan

    why would Shane post a make up tutorial? He knows he's just gonna be made fun of lol.

  94. meranda


    16 dagar sedan

    "Lemme just pretend I like something and sell it to people. What can I pretend to like?" Look if tana can sell mock Vivienne Westwood you can sell mock Chanel. Where is your $200 merch I am RIPE for scamming

  95. Chlorine Lori

    Chlorine Lori

    16 dagar sedan

    I had to go and see Wtf are people talking about Erin and damn girl got some curves, that dress is so beautiful, she looks stunning 😍!! Kids commenting that a healthy woman is fat, do better!!

  96. ᴅᴀɪsʏ ᴍᴇʀᴏʟʟɪɴ

    ᴅᴀɪsʏ ᴍᴇʀᴏʟʟɪɴ

    16 dagar sedan

    ... i need to comment that i thought you said aids family. i was like the what family, my brain is giving up on me holy shit

  97. Ceprithea


    16 dagar sedan

    tbh if there's any shane dawson fans letf then I don't really have much sympathy for them lol

  98. Olive Tabitha

    Olive Tabitha

    16 dagar sedan

    Grim telling other people what to do with their bodies 🤮

  99. Say_What


    16 dagar sedan

    *NEWSFLASH: All SE-oner and celebrity collaborations ARE CASH GRABS. Also, every single product in stores is hiked up SIGNIFICANTLY in order to MAKE MONEY OFF YOU buying that product. A $4 box of cereal probably, at cost, is from 80 cents to $1 each. A $45 eyeshadow palette is around $6 at cost depending upon ingredients. A Morphe palette is much, much less (say $2). ALL products are "cash grabs" so, WAKE UP people! If you think everything Shane Dawson does ISN'T a cash grab, you're sorely mistaken!!*

  100. Richard Wright

    Richard Wright

    16 dagar sedan

    Please be safe and get a lateral flow test! So many young friends getting ill right now and thinking it's allergies because they had runny nose and lost voice as only symptoms at first.