James Charles is BACK... and it's BAD!

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This video is about James Charles' new video 'An open conversation'! Enjoy :)

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  1. Whytho2006


    22 timmar sedan

    I can't believe I used to be a fan of him I honestly feel embarrassed

  2. Trivana Burris

    Trivana Burris

    7 dagar sedan

    So heres my thing with james 1 there are a few people who are still underage and in college, however he needs to not be in the high school pool and he should be checking ids right off the bat. 2 he can have a private life. Jeffree star has done it, highest prime example and youtube. James can do it. He just has to want to do it. He cannot be dating from social media 3 I would not recommend being a celebrity and using trading public dating apps. 4 hes gotta make a list of the bare minimum of his range and when it comes to false accusations. Hes gotta stop addressing it forward. Hes gotta consult his legal team and just take that is to court. The public record will speak for itself.

  3. WatchThisTime


    14 dagar sedan

    James knew they where underage.... he targeted them because of that reason.....

  4. SarahAnimatesWolves


    16 dagar sedan

    He wondering why it's so hard for him to find a guy meanwhile he's sitting on his ass saying he wants to date a straight man. 😃 Can you not see what the whole issue here is? I understand that some straight men have sex with dudes sometimes but that's about it because they aren't actually into you unless you want the fakest relationship known to man. How about instead of trying to make an impossible relationship with a straight man, YOU DATE SOMEONE THAT'S YOUR DAMN AGE! Its not that hard to not be in a relationship with a literal child. People like this disgust me.

  5. Tara Waters

    Tara Waters

    17 dagar sedan

    I get such a whiplash whenever I hear people say "well he didn't card those people, why didn't he just do that?".... not siding with James not even for a second.... but are we really not gonna talk about the fact that we're allowing those CHILDREN to pretend they are older and act way too inappropriately for their age (aka going on DATING sites (the fuck they doing there if it's just to make friends, go back on tik tok)), cause I'm seeing a lot of issues with how much they can get away with because it's everyone else's fault... can't believe it's now normal to ask for someone's ID like...... wtf....... again, not siding with James, but also can't understand how an ID is a requirement now. 🙄

  6. Maxie Kiehne

    Maxie Kiehne

    18 dagar sedan

    It was odd to me that he was using the stereotypical soft “feel sorry for me” voice also… is that just me or did anyone else notice that?

  7. Hannah Faires

    Hannah Faires

    18 dagar sedan

    I also don't believe that someone who has made their living on social media can't find a person's age. Goodness. Some people can find who was all in your graduation class and figure out your height if they creeped hard enough. Like that's baloney.

  8. Ms Browns Art

    Ms Browns Art

    18 dagar sedan

    A Hannah Montana life? LMFAOOOOO what!??? 😭😭🤣🤣🤣 WOW

  9. sean love

    sean love

    18 dagar sedan

    Are you going to critique his cookie making video? 🤔🍪🍦🧁

  10. Rosie Collingwood

    Rosie Collingwood

    18 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one who does not think Tati is as innocent as everyone makes her seem?

  11. Jessica Rae

    Jessica Rae

    20 dagar sedan

    For the allegations that have their age in their bio - he KNEW. come on yall, we have BEEN there. if youre talking to someone or even if they DM you, you almost always go to their profile. the bio is the first thing you see. its literally right there in your face. no one looks past that. Where there is smoke, there's fire.

  12. Didn’t Ask

    Didn’t Ask

    20 dagar sedan

    His fans are young, they don’t understand yet Me at age 22: 👁👄👁

  13. Makeup So Jaded

    Makeup So Jaded

    20 dagar sedan

    I love how he thinks that because he has a large following on youtube, than that means he's a celebrity and EVERYONE knows who he is. 25 million subscribers is only a drop of the US population which is 328 million, and a grain of sand on the beach of the world's population which is just under 7.9 billion people. Obviously certain demographics are ruled out, elderly people, women, CHILDREN, but that's still an awful lot of people who don't even know who he is that he can go out and find to have a relationship with. Please note: I mean he should be finding these people in real life in contrast to online where obviously everyone knows who he is. Go out and meet people James side note: Funnily enough though if he were charged and put on a child s** offenders list which he should be, that would also jeapardise his chances in realy life of meeting anyone

  14. ded meme

    ded meme

    20 dagar sedan

    James can come to Europe,.. Most countries here have a legal age gap at 15-16 XD

  15. ded meme

    ded meme

    20 dagar sedan

    Also. Miniladd is back. What…? Like nothing happened!

  16. Jarren Anthony

    Jarren Anthony

    21 dag sedan

    Angelika's word of the day: "Due Diligence"

  17. HeartBrokePrince


    21 dag sedan

    Pull an interview process like that Penelope movie

  18. Tiffany Ballard

    Tiffany Ballard

    21 dag sedan

    You should do a mini documentary on Biancas story and what could be done to prevent it any many different points in the story and help spread awareness.

  19. Erika Schoenhals

    Erika Schoenhals

    21 dag sedan

    I'd love to hear your take on the "We are survivors" situation with Anna Campbell

  20. Dominique


    21 dag sedan

    8:49-10:31 🙌🏽💁🏽‍♀️👂🏽 10:31-11:12 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  21. alicia avery

    alicia avery

    21 dag sedan

    Why didn't he just go to a gay bar, I'm sure he can find someone there to date.



    22 dagar sedan

    “Meet someone in real life” isn’t as easy when ur gay sorry I would honestly say that’s one thing I would say isn’t really too easy

    • Drex Samson

      Drex Samson

      21 dag sedan

      Yeah but it’s different when you’re living in LA and have the connections and resources to use all of their exclusive dating services, regardless being desperate doesn’t excuse him using his child fans as his personal dating pool

  23. Bewitching Tabatha

    Bewitching Tabatha

    22 dagar sedan

    Jenna marbles is example.Tati not having James Charles blocked so he can’t like her content is not an example

  24. Miranda Freaking Hunter

    Miranda Freaking Hunter

    22 dagar sedan

    He’s what 21 or 22? If you have to ASK if someone is 18, they’re too young

  25. hulahoolahoo


    22 dagar sedan

    Ew. He can fucking be single for a while 🤦🏽‍♀️ Gross. I mean having to constantly ask ppl for ID is like pathetic. Date men who are your age or older. Ew.

  26. Cheryl Campbell

    Cheryl Campbell

    22 dagar sedan

    Me sitting here waiting for the goobie hammer video......................

  27. Zurisadai Meraz Martinez

    Zurisadai Meraz Martinez

    22 dagar sedan

    James' video should've been called **gaslighting the internet makeup look** Also, I'm sorry, James Charles can claim that he didn't know all he wants, BUT I WILL NEVER BELIEVE THAT HE DIDN'T SEE THE AGE OF THIS GUYS IN THEIR BIO Cmon That's the first thing you do when you like someone on the internet, you stalk them COME OOOONNNN N

  28. Ja Co

    Ja Co

    22 dagar sedan

    Not the most important point but imagine saying you can't find a partner in LA, the second biggest city in the US with a massive gay community. What kind of pitiful excuse is that for trying to hook up with minors?

  29. Fran99x


    22 dagar sedan

    I'm gutted casetify doesn't sell cases for my phone 😫 (Samsung galaxy A71)

  30. Rainbow Melody

    Rainbow Melody

    22 dagar sedan

    I think when he’s saying he doesn’t claim anything that happened during bye sister it’s because Tati took it back for a bit, and now she probably /really/ doesn’t want to get into drama again. She wants that behind her so badly, and it really shows. I don’t think she was even comfortable making the bye sister video in the first place. So James claims it was all lies because he knows Tati won’t reply. That’s a win in his book.

  31. Air


    22 dagar sedan

    I've always thought your name is pronounced "o-les" until literally everyone (and you) pronounces it as "oles"

  32. Purnima Gurung

    Purnima Gurung

    22 dagar sedan

    I'm pretty sure most of his audience is now just kids, and we know how much Sister James love children 🤠

  33. Jordan Pearson

    Jordan Pearson

    22 dagar sedan

    Even IF all of those other allegations were false.... he still admitted to 2 CRIMES. And it's not like all of these boys were about to turn 18, some of these boys were as young as 14 years old. This is just ridiculous. Don't use your fans as a dating pool!

  34. Hayley Low

    Hayley Low

    22 dagar sedan

    If he wanted to be normal, one of the requirements for his boyfriend wouldn’t be famous lol

  35. Arooba Siddiqi

    Arooba Siddiqi

    22 dagar sedan

    hey the audio is kinda bad :/ there were a few other videos with similar audio too

  36. shoogi


    22 dagar sedan

    now who apologizes by DELETING a video called “holding myself accountable” 🤡

  37. Ash B

    Ash B

    22 dagar sedan

    i feel like the fact that there are REAL celebrities like ben afflack on raya, that james charles didn't get banned on there because people are on there tryna date him for "clout". Plus not just anyone can get a accepted onto raya

  38. mmanda515


    22 dagar sedan

    @2:20 & @5:19 Except he actually...... did no such thing. Instead, a purposeful, very calculated manipulation of the masses, staged... to slowly but surely completely shift the entire narrative. Escape any/all accountability, take NO loss, no true responsibility or consequences & not incriminate himself in any way. Sneakily used different tactics & specific wording to take teeny tiny grains of truth, but spin them into what better fits his own narrative AND... most won't notice. In fact, they'll buy right into it hook, line & sinker.... truly believing (as many do) that he took accountability & "admitted to crimes" .. Anytime you want to see & hear that for yourself............................ needs to be shown just how easily they learn to erase their bad behavior, illegal acts, wrong-doings... shifting blame, even changing the entire story & facts right under everyone's noses!! It's the example he's been shown & taught from day 1. No matter what... you'll not only get out of it, but... be rewarded, greatly. Boundaries, rules, laws, integrity, maturity or thinking of the impact to others? Doing what's right................ NONE of that is ever required & they aren't even held to any standard. Why WOULDN'T they end up saying/doing whatever they want w/ no limits & the most personal gain, ya' know??! It sick, unacceptable & so freakin' backwards.. Lying to, deceiving & manipulating the masses. Really, what did he lose? Jack $hit. Morphe, YT.... same calculated statements, manipulative wording to make it 'seem'.... like what it isn't.... to shut people up, basically. Appease.. Logan Paul did the same w/ the whole Japan thing (c'mon.... that timing... coincidence or............ hmm... show.. me... an actual... victim?!!!!!!!" News report, ambulance company or police blotter from that day? Bueller... Bueller.. ?! ................ as have far too many imhO! ...js

  39. KawaiiFaceMiles


    23 dagar sedan

    He knows doing a tutorial in the end of talking about what happened is going to get skipped in favor of makeup. Just another ploy of hiding the truth

  40. Isabela Lacerda

    Isabela Lacerda

    23 dagar sedan

    commenting for the engagement but i have no words other than disgusting

  41. Marcus


    23 dagar sedan

    I actually wish James wouldn’t come back to the internet at all. Jail is more appropriate

  42. Via Edwards

    Via Edwards

    23 dagar sedan

    James should have been cancelled the equivalent to Shane if not worse.

  43. Julia


    23 dagar sedan

    My biggest issue with the video is that he phrased everything in a way that made him seem like the victim. He did not once talk about how his actions were wrong, and repeatedly denied that there were any victims at all.

  44. Kaitlyn Ross

    Kaitlyn Ross

    23 dagar sedan

    its literally so easy to meet people no excuses lol

  45. Liz guzman

    Liz guzman

    23 dagar sedan

    Why do you have to speak about James Charles it is not your business.

    • shoogi


      22 dagar sedan

      it’s everyone’s business if your putting it out into the internet for people to see

  46. Nicole


    23 dagar sedan

    It's like "The Boy Who Cried Wolf". He's already claimed to have learned before. I won't believe it now so he'll have to prove himself.

  47. Ylva Lindbäck

    Ylva Lindbäck

    23 dagar sedan

    This is the first time I’ve experienced SE-one unsubscribing me from Angelica!! How rude >:(

  48. Cherries


    23 dagar sedan

    It isn't bad

  49. Abril


    23 dagar sedan

    He saw Mexican SE-oner Yosstop getting arrested for confessing a crime in a video and got scared so he deleted it 😌

  50. kronya


    23 dagar sedan

    tbh idgaf about the situation thats why i don‘t care about forgiving him but ur vids are addicting

  51. Grace Nichols

    Grace Nichols

    23 dagar sedan

    Here for the tea and to get Angelika her Cartier bracelet 💕

  52. ciae


    23 dagar sedan

    i really dont think its that big of a deal. it was obviously a mistake and something he deeply regrets, cant we just acknowledge, learn, and move forward?

  53. Olaf


    23 dagar sedan

    James: There is no victims of James Charles Holding Myself Accountable video: Admits there is victims

  54. Sam Spam

    Sam Spam

    23 dagar sedan

    Is it my phone or is the audio messed up

  55. Naomi Miyoko

    Naomi Miyoko

    23 dagar sedan

    The like dislike on his video is 50/50 now

  56. Haley Darko

    Haley Darko

    23 dagar sedan

    James acts like normal people don't also have the problem of making sure someone they are talking to online is of age. Non famous people also have to verify the age of people they want to pursue. It's not a problem exclusive him or famous people in general.

  57. Charlene


    23 dagar sedan

    I don't believe him or any other SE-oner who claims that they're sorry and changing. They always disappoint 🤷 I'll believe it when I see it.

  58. Astrid Andresen

    Astrid Andresen

    23 dagar sedan

    are his fans really young tho?? pretty sure most arent

  59. reviewer12341


    23 dagar sedan

    I don't think that I understand what Tati actually did wrong. She ended up being right, didn't she?

  60. Gúllibúl


    23 dagar sedan

    I think he should be behind bars or at least have some sort of consequence

  61. Andi Johns

    Andi Johns

    23 dagar sedan

    I basically never wear makeup any more (thanks pandemic) so I'm just hoping the skin care brands I buy from don't have any scandals in the future or else I guess my skin will have to suffer as well.

  62. Mikayla Gagnon

    Mikayla Gagnon

    23 dagar sedan

    I feel like Tati didnt take a break to make people forget about the drama, i feel like she took a break for her. Her mental health and everything. James charles took a break hoping people would forget the allegations and people would feel bad for him. James Charles needs to grow up. I think he doesnt think he did anything wrong because in his brain, he is a teenager. He is stuck in that mindset. So he feels like him talking to the underage kids, isnt wrong. He needs some kind of consequence to remind him he is a 20 something year old man.

  63. Megan


    23 dagar sedan

  64. Jenny Tran

    Jenny Tran

    23 dagar sedan

    Get you a lawyer..m accountant...?!?!?! Haha!!! Angelika you make me laugh so much! ❣❣

  65. Caitlin is tired

    Caitlin is tired

    23 dagar sedan

    “There is no proof to prove my innocence” literally means that he is guilty I do not understand how childish and clueless this guy is

  66. softboy


    23 dagar sedan

    i think james saw tati's return video and the success it got so he tried to do something similar. thats the vibe i got when he started talking about his life during his "break" but idk.

  67. Caitlin is tired

    Caitlin is tired

    23 dagar sedan

    “I’m so sorry… lol sike”

  68. Caitlin is tired

    Caitlin is tired

    23 dagar sedan

    Mans needs therapy time and the naughty corner (aka jail)

  69. Sarah-louise


    23 dagar sedan

    Please will you cover the new Jessi smiles video? Love to hear your opinion

  70. Gabriela Ramírez Zanon Ghovatto

    Gabriela Ramírez Zanon Ghovatto

    23 dagar sedan

    The instagram explore page is definitely not a place to find your next boo lol

  71. TheCrownJules Xx

    TheCrownJules Xx

    23 dagar sedan

    It’s just gonna keep on happening🙃🙃

  72. Mallow Marsh

    Mallow Marsh

    23 dagar sedan


  73. Karol katherine

    Karol katherine

    23 dagar sedan

    The fact that he is not saying: I will stop trying to date young impressionable straight boys on the internet but he is saying "i will be more careful" that's the problem...that right there.

  74. Gonçalo Reis

    Gonçalo Reis

    23 dagar sedan

    This girls was never catfished before... Sad...

  75. Steph


    23 dagar sedan

    Why does he still have a platform jesus christ!

  76. Neha Banerji

    Neha Banerji

    23 dagar sedan

    I hate how his entire takeaway from this situation was "I'm a celebrity, I'm too famous to date people cuz I'm The James Charles"....yes because that's the problem with inappropriately messaging minors...

  77. Nicole Froehlich

    Nicole Froehlich

    23 dagar sedan

    Tati even said that she didn’t mean to leave that long so that’s kind of a weird example.

  78. Sarah O'Carroll Byrne

    Sarah O'Carroll Byrne

    23 dagar sedan

    obviously i feel awful for him for being assaulted but... maybe i’m missing something, why was that even brought up what’s the correlation?

  79. Marjan te Raa

    Marjan te Raa

    23 dagar sedan

    A apollogie followed by; but...is not a realy apollogie. ( Same with Gabbie) they are horreble people who don't deserve a platform ( sorry for my bad Engels)

  80. Louisnotonfire


    23 dagar sedan

    People saying that they’re just kids blah blah blah even if you’re 15-17 you KNOW what you’re doing you know that you’re actively lying about your age on purpose which is wrong and they know that. HOWEVER, if you’re famous you shouldn’t be wanting to date fans even if they are of age because that’s fucked up and weird AND he absolutely should’ve asked for an ID or something to confirm they are the age they said. So yes it’s not 100% his fault, but a lot of the blame does fall on him because he has the ability to confirm these people’s ages and just chose not to.

  81. Steph Browning

    Steph Browning

    23 dagar sedan

    I agree mistakes were made on his part but no one asks ppl thy are chatting to for id he was 19 when the 1st allegations were made I think ppl 4get that too. He made mistakes he didn't assault or rape anyone. Here the legal age is 16 because they say ppl are mature enough to make those decisions and even so there are loads of ppl who have underage relations. You can't determine how old ppl are just with a pick either plenty of ppl also have fake ids ect it's very hard these days to determine age. Not saying it shud have happened or that it's acceptable but he made mistakes and it shouldn't be held over his head he's made other vids with appollergys. And the whole doing his makeup while talking is just how he is I've seen body language guys that watch it and tell u if thy are genuine in wat thy are saying and thy have said he's genuinely speaking and meaning it. I'm not making excuses 4 him but consider it all he's worked hard to get where he is y shouldn't he enjoy that all that work has paid off it doesn't mean because he's famous he can do what ever and hopefully he will be more careful in future I no some of the ppl making accusations have been proven false famous ppl will always get ppl like that which think thy can con money out of it. No one shud be forever ridiculed for mistakes they have made no one deserves that. If from this point on things continued and the same mistakes were being made with the age issue then year I wud agree there was a problem and my view would change

  82. Pascale


    23 dagar sedan

    hannah montana is a fictional character, james 💀💀💀

  83. ensamhet


    23 dagar sedan

    How are your lower lashes so long? You're so pretty ❤️

  84. Fariha Karim

    Fariha Karim

    23 dagar sedan

    What do you expect him to do? You're just nitpicking at this point

  85. Rachel T

    Rachel T

    23 dagar sedan

    Didn't he say he was going to ID check after 'bye sister'?... smh .. 'Fool me once, shame on...shame on you. Fool me-you can't get fooled again. '

  86. Georgie


    23 dagar sedan

    The problem with actually toxic and criminal people is that they don't have the decency to cancel themselves and stay cancelled

  87. mailzz


    23 dagar sedan

    There is one thing I do not understand. If James committed the crimes and there are victims, why there is no criminal procedure against him? Does it mean that he is innocent or what he did is not criminal (from legal perspective)?

  88. Aas


    23 dagar sedan

    The makeup and crime trend is for OTHER PEOPLE’S CRIMES NOT YOUR OWN

  89. ish and other things

    ish and other things

    23 dagar sedan

    Did James just say that there are not many queer men in...LA? Yeah, there's probably not many SE-oners or content creators with millions of subs, but there are thousands of working actors, writers, artists, directors, producers, comedians. "Date a celebrity" doesn't just mean a household name

  90. Krysta Briley

    Krysta Briley

    23 dagar sedan

    I'm having such a hard time seeing these shady people on SE-one just get away with anything they do wrong. James Charles, David Dobrik, and especially the Durte Doms of this platform. This is why people don't come forward if someone else does something wrong to them because who is going to take it seriously?

  91. Fei le Fey

    Fei le Fey

    23 dagar sedan

    James deleting his previous video and saying it's because it was a bad one etc. is giving me major "well Tati did it so I can get away with it too", which just shows that he does NOT regret anything and isn't actually about to change one bit.

  92. Emanuel Chessa

    Emanuel Chessa

    23 dagar sedan

    His apology videos are just point blank fake. When he hosted that so called talent show to find the next SE-one star he made a whole episode in "how to make your apology video with a crying face". If people still fall for these people there is something seriously wrong with this world. "creators" like him should be banned from platforms and should not be able to come back in any shape or form.

  93. Kaylie 24

    Kaylie 24

    23 dagar sedan

    Nothing says accountability like deleting the video where you claimed you took accountability. I stg he thinks he’s untouchable

  94. LauraB


    23 dagar sedan

    You CAN get verified on tinder and bumble. Thats a bad excuse

  95. Rica Ramos

    Rica Ramos

    23 dagar sedan

    The title of his latest video should be "Taking AWAY the accountability"

  96. Kasia


    23 dagar sedan

    Bit hypocritical to call out james charles when you have called the topics around crime and SA "tea"

  97. jordan


    23 dagar sedan

    I totally understand that James wants to date someone famous bc they get how it is to be in the public eye, but the way he focuses solely on this factor of "not enough famous gay guys" makes me wonder if it's more important that they're famous than he says it is

  98. Ashia Smith

    Ashia Smith

    23 dagar sedan

    hold on, now i dont like james and all but nb is talking ab how these kids are setting him up. idc what nb says especially with him having previous scandals like this before they should have/knew better. regardless of them being minors these are self aware teenagers who were not threatened or forced to communicate with him through snapchat. they could have said after he tried to talk to them "im actually a minor and i cant talk to you." and blocked and deleted it and left it at that but these kids purposely engaged in conversation with him to purposely expose him, ive never seen screenshot of a teenager actually trying to dismiss themselves from a situation like that and he still pursued. i could be wrong. it's james fault for not being careful but its been too many instances where children lie about their age to set adults up and thats also not fair and furthermore, these kids know damn well who james charles is and definitely looked up his age at some point they new full well they were too young and shouldn't have even engaged in conversaton with him at all. I learned at that age that if a guy was too old and giving me bad vibes and talking sexual i would have blocked a mf QUICK i am not ab that noise. but thats just me. do i dislike him and think his voice is like nails on a chalkboard? yes. do i think he deserves to go to jail? no. because i truly believe he was actually trying to better himself after the tati thing because im sure it was a wakeup call what with him having lost almost everything.

  99. Life with the D

    Life with the D

    23 dagar sedan

    My facetious brain ask... Since nothing has been mentioned by James about him being demonitized by SE-one back in April. Did they work out a deal if he deleted the video ( Holding myself Accountable), that they would be “square”? *sips tea ☕️

  100. McKayla Schneider

    McKayla Schneider

    23 dagar sedan

    Dude I feel so bad for Tati. People were like.. she called James a PREDATOR and now here we are

    • D S

      D S

      23 dagar sedan

      Exactly. And this is why women have a hard time deciding on whether to speak out against assault, abuse etc. or any victim in that case male or female. People get mad when someone comes out years later after the event and say that they should’ve spoken up sooner or they get mad when people say something immediately because the victim “must be lying” or “looking for money.” 🙄 It’s really infuriating.