Tana Mongeau DRAGS James Charles because of THIS...

This video is about James Charles, Tana Mongeau, Sienna and more! Enjoy :)

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  1. mar


    Månad sedan

    i really think people should stop pressuring jack to speak up cause it’s very difficult for a SA victim to speak up, as a victim of SA i honestly wanted to not even believe it myself at first so he may be still in shock!

  2. Megan Kaye

    Megan Kaye

    Månad sedan

    Tana is so trashy I can’t handle it

  3. Olivia Bauerlein

    Olivia Bauerlein

    Månad sedan

    He doesnt need to speak out- hes probably going through alot rn

    • Tristan Leblanc

      Tristan Leblanc

      Månad sedan

      Court dates

    • Tristan Leblanc

      Tristan Leblanc

      Månad sedan

      In jail bonding out

  4. Olivia Bauerlein

    Olivia Bauerlein

    Månad sedan


  5. Jedidjah Vernhout

    Jedidjah Vernhout

    Månad sedan

    Huh? I thought Francesca came out as a lesbian? I thought I saw that on tiktok? Did I dream that lol

  6. Anne Trainor

    Anne Trainor

    Månad sedan

    Pressuring people to speak out on their sexual assault before their ready!

  7. Chyenne Miller

    Chyenne Miller

    Månad sedan

    tana has pick me energy and it’s so gross

  8. Sam Piekarski

    Sam Piekarski

    Månad sedan

    about jack and sienna, i’d rather defend a potential victim than someone who potentially sexually assaulted someone. it’s hard for victims to confirm allegations are true. if they are true, he’s probably still very scared of her. she made a video that SOUNDED convincing, but that means nothing as far as her guilt goes (did we learn nothing from no more lies)

  9. Leanne Hind

    Leanne Hind

    Månad sedan

    Why are you still going about it…. You’re endorsing it by keep going on about it. Who let you speak shut up….. oh my God do you have any still keep going on about this to get Internet SE-one attraction and unfollow… delete …goodbye

  10. mnbvcxy


    Månad sedan

    I don’t trust anything Tana does or says

  11. Charlie Delfino

    Charlie Delfino

    Månad sedan

    Honestly with the Tana thing, if I were the girl friend and my SO didn't distance themselves from someone who clearly enjoyed hurting me then I wouldn't stay in that relationship because it shows he values her over me and that's not the way it should work.

  12. Riley G

    Riley G

    Månad sedan

    Wait did y’all see that video of jack passed out and sienna (I think) like all over him?? Sorry if I’m behind but did anything happen with that? Like was it proven to be them?

  13. Reade Grueter

    Reade Grueter

    Månad sedan

    Nikita is a bad person I don't know why anyone would expect her to call James out

  14. Fat Dumbdumb

    Fat Dumbdumb

    Månad sedan

    Unfortunately she did assault him there's a video where she assaults him while he's unconscious

  15. Anjelica Garcia

    Anjelica Garcia

    Månad sedan

    Innocent until proven guilty should not be the case when SA is involved..

    • umm louise

      umm louise

      Månad sedan

      It usually isn't but for some reason when it happens to a guy people are more likely to say that

  16. Samanthula


    Månad sedan

    Woah. Woah woah woah WOAH woah. So, let me get this straight. To Gabriel Zamora, it would have to take James PHYSICALLY assaulting a minor for him to be a monster? Oh god that's a horrible take.

  17. Megan


    Månad sedan

  18. That One slut

    That One slut

    Månad sedan

    Its the way im watching this after i just saw a video of Sienna kissing and seemingly groping Jack when hes passed out

  19. Amelia Bullins

    Amelia Bullins

    Månad sedan

    always believe the victim

  20. makeupemily


    Månad sedan

    tana “mojo jojo” someone has been watching the noddles 😂❤️

  21. Sam


    Månad sedan

    What about the video where Sienna is kissing Jack while he is unconscious👀

  22. Sam


    Månad sedan

    Remember when Tana also filmed a dead body in a toilet.. she has a LOT of nerve talking about anyone really

  23. Megan


    Månad sedan

    The way I unsubbed from Nikkie cause she’s clearly playing with this situation and whether the allegations are true or not, this ain’t something to play coy with

  24. GirlDamn


    Månad sedan

    Tanas the girl in school who would scream when someone turned off the lights

  25. misty m

    misty m

    Månad sedan

    Like tana mongeau is any form of moral guidance lol. I don't like James Charles but really don't think Tana is relevant to any discussion

  26. Alondra Arias

    Alondra Arias

    Månad sedan

    i think it’s so disgusting how all these influencers are like “they know to keep their mouth shut because i have dirt on them” like if it’s bad why don’t you just tell the public now instead of waiting until they cross you

  27. chicken noodle soup

    chicken noodle soup

    Månad sedan

    It’s always believe the victim first until proven otherwise until it’s a guy. I get that maybe the circumstances of him not actually saying makes it look bad but people need to have the same energy is he was a woman 🤷🏻‍♀️

  28. Nicole G

    Nicole G

    Månad sedan

    Idk why I cracked up at "Tana Mojojo" so much 😭

  29. miloli m

    miloli m

    Månad sedan

    I don't even care about these influencers., I just love these videos for when I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • lucas fritts

      lucas fritts

      Månad sedan

      I swear to God this. This right here.

  30. Erika Mendes (2022)

    Erika Mendes (2022)

    Månad sedan

    There’s new evidence that sienna did touch jack inappropriately

  31. Mayra Guajardo

    Mayra Guajardo

    Månad sedan

    I feel like Tana’s the type of person to be the “work wife”

  32. Kayla Lee

    Kayla Lee

    Månad sedan

    On a real note it is not “endorsing his behavior” to use his palette she already had it why stop using something you spent hard earned money on before the scandal

    • •Paige Nedham•

      •Paige Nedham•

      Månad sedan

      There's a difference between using a pallete and using it on your platform of millions of people..?

  33. Erika Mendes (2022)

    Erika Mendes (2022)

    Månad sedan

    but sienna also said the n word sooooo I don’t forgive her

  34. -


    Månad sedan

    It’s not “he was accused of messaging” anymore. He DID MESSAGE

  35. Bella Z

    Bella Z

    Månad sedan

    With Tana, and these scams and scandals involving money, it always makes me think that like... the well is running dry, or she must be living on borrowed time... you know? If you were making soooooooo much money and had soooooo much money, then why the constant pull towards scammy money situations?

  36. lpoco000


    Månad sedan

    remember when James Charles totally unnecessarily mentioned that he is nO LoNgEr AsSoCiAtEd with Tana just to make himself look better and now he is the one that nobody wants to be associated with

  37. Gillian Knowles

    Gillian Knowles

    Månad sedan

    We need to believe and support jack, especially right now. If the roles were reverses and Sienna was accusing Jack, he would be canceled so quickly even without evidence. But since he's a guy, its so much harder to get people to believe and support him.

  38. Chris Bishop

    Chris Bishop

    Månad sedan

    The homeless problem in LA is huge. Tana could very easily help the homeless community... She does not care about those people because she is TRASH. SHE IS TRASH

  39. Inshaaf Latief

    Inshaaf Latief

    Månad sedan

    Here for the neutral tones ♥️

  40. Lemonily


    Månad sedan

    I dont know much about Francesca but Tana gives me "pick me" vibes so I dont blame her for not wanting Tana around her bf.

  41. Chris


    Månad sedan

    Honestly would never believe anything tana says, she has lost all credibility and none of her friendships, relationships or even work related relationships last. I also don’t think it’s fair to expect someone to make a statement and i wish we would stop doing this. It just forces people to say something when they don’t mean it and/or aren’t educated enough on it- leading to be disingenuous and performance based.

  42. alyssathemac


    Månad sedan

    it’s because it’s james, that’s why he’s not in jail.

  43. sari


    Månad sedan

    8:05 lmao same

  44. Maya


    Månad sedan

    Waiting patiently for the SISTERS Apparel X Prison collab 🥵

  45. Help me reach 4k with 1 videos

    Help me reach 4k with 1 videos

    Månad sedan

    Heavenly Father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive safe healthy and financially blessed

  46. Khaby Lame

    Khaby Lame

    Månad sedan

    Heavenly Father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive safe healthy and financially blessed

  47. TheOnlyPinkPunk


    Månad sedan

    I don't even know who half these people are you talk about in these videos but I just love how you cover all these "drama" topics and your voice is so nice to listen too!

  48. Raven Gish

    Raven Gish

    Månad sedan

    he tana drama is literally middle school drama

  49. Aaliyah Garrett

    Aaliyah Garrett

    Månad sedan

    When is Angelika giving us a podcast 🥺

  50. Karrigan Crisson

    Karrigan Crisson

    Månad sedan

    Tana is honestly so ridiculous for not being able to just respect someone’s relationship

  51. Kelsey on the Internet

    Kelsey on the Internet

    Månad sedan


  52. Low-Key


    Månad sedan

    Well, if internet 'drama' taught me anything, it's that money and influence can get you out of anything :')

  53. Ssske


    Månad sedan

    Sienna didn’t grow from that tik tok, get your facts straight lol always with the wrong info

  54. Daes Gatling

    Daes Gatling

    Månad sedan

    Tana speaking out doesn’t mean shit, especially if she’s hanging out with Gage. It just means sh’es jumping on the newest bandwagon for attention now that everyone’s turning on something and she saw it worked for Trisha Paytas

  55. Sian x

    Sian x

    Månad sedan

    Commenting for engagement 🖤🤍💙💚

  56. Lucía Elizalde

    Lucía Elizalde

    Månad sedan

    Commenting for the Cartier bracelet before I watch the vid

  57. Nicolaaa 02

    Nicolaaa 02

    Månad sedan

    Tana is totally the girl that would try to get your boyfriend to sleep with her and constantly flirt with him until you say something then would call YOU a psycho and that you weren’t a “girls girl”

  58. princess ali

    princess ali

    Månad sedan

    selling PR… i thought it couldn’t get worse but that is a new low

  59. elisa's library

    elisa's library

    Månad sedan

    Not only is it unethical to sell things you got in pr I'm pretty sure it's also illegal

  60. Alunood Almehairi

    Alunood Almehairi

    Månad sedan

    Whats wrong with Tana's face? Is that a tiktok filter or something? I hope she didnt butch her features even more with unnecessary plastic surgery and fillers. She has been looking 40 recently.

  61. Grace Lawrence

    Grace Lawrence

    Månad sedan

    two of the most controversial people on the internet having beef... wow... but are we surprised 😳😤

  62. Chloe Eccles

    Chloe Eccles

    Månad sedan

    I feel like tanna will never take responsibility for the bad people she is friends with and no matter who it is. she will say she was “manipulated “instead of just been like yeh I was friends with them but I didn’t know what they were like. I don’t know could be wrong this is just how it feels

  63. Katie Cookson

    Katie Cookson

    Månad sedan

    James needs a sister sentence

  64. Cait D

    Cait D

    Månad sedan

    What the eff happened to Tana’s face????

  65. Alisha Andrews

    Alisha Andrews

    Månad sedan

    gabbies sister Cecilia is making tiktoks on it and saying obviously because of their jokey tiktoks she was crossing his boundaries so we dont need to hear her side of the story. but we always did because the victim himself never said it was her. i hope these men werent encouraging falsely accusing this girl.

  66. Amanda


    Månad sedan

    Tana’s baby voice sounds ugly

  67. Pers Godiva

    Pers Godiva

    Månad sedan

    what is up with Tana's face o_O

  68. Agnes Peuten

    Agnes Peuten

    Månad sedan

    Quite frankly, I don't care what Tana says, I can't take her seriously.

  69. Alias S

    Alias S

    Månad sedan

    I am once again asking when Nikkie supposedly used James' pallet? Angelika says that it was in her most recent video but? I checked out the two most recent videos and she didn't? She didn't even name a huge part of the make up she was using, at least not in her yt video? I am really confused...

    • Ren


      Månad sedan

      Wdym? The clip is there. I saw it

  70. ppuddling


    Månad sedan

    I dont think them backtracking and deleting the tweets/likes/retweets really say anything other than the fact that they have probably also sought legal advice.

  71. Notoriouslydevious


    Månad sedan

    So the recycling bin is dragging the garbage can. Both are trash and BOTH need to be cancelled.

  72. L


    Månad sedan

    Everyone is on victims side until the victim is a guy, so shut up if you think that jack is lying, he doesn't have to say anything even if he is "celebrity" we should respect his privacy

  73. Starry


    Månad sedan

    In what recent video did Nikki use James' palette? I keep hearing in a recent video, but never which. From what I remember, it's been quite some time since she used his palette.

  74. Reymazing


    Månad sedan

    Y’all need to chill with all the witch hunting or support over statements that aren’t even statements. She uses a pallet (kind of yikes but also chill), he likes a podcast- calm down. Let’s hope they make some actual statements.

    • Chris


      Månad sedan

      I sooooo agree. So so so agree. I’m not a fan of this idea that everyone has to make a statement right away, like they owe it to us.

  75. Alexandra Garifova

    Alexandra Garifova

    Månad sedan

    That top is so cute

  76. Angela LeMoon

    Angela LeMoon

    Månad sedan

    Maybe more of the story and less...you?

  77. Michelle


    Månad sedan

    Girl what is up with your mic lol

  78. thevampir3queen


    Månad sedan

    Tana's baby voice is so annoying

  79. Dex And Pigs

    Dex And Pigs

    Månad sedan

    Why does anyone still care what Tana is doing

  80. Kate Glover

    Kate Glover

    Månad sedan

    That’s so disappointing what Nikki did… 😔

  81. Tanisha G

    Tanisha G

    Månad sedan

    The episode of the BFF’s podcast where Noah is talking about James making a comeback was filmed before the allegations came out.

  82. Victoria Kat

    Victoria Kat

    Månad sedan


  83. Victoria Kat

    Victoria Kat

    Månad sedan

    Tana is literally looking for a fight fr

  84. mxrxs


    Månad sedan

    How can Nikkie speak out about a company that supports the republicans and wants nothing to do with them, but still support a person who has ADMITTED and BEEN PROVEN to commit literal crimes and talk to minors.

  85. Jayne Davis

    Jayne Davis

    Månad sedan

    I had to have 2 birthday dinners because one of my friends doesn’t mesh well with one of my sisters. Honestly we’re too old for this high schooler bullsh*t

  86. acasualviewer


    Månad sedan

    Weren't Tana and Francesca also hooking up at one point? Im confused

  87. jamessule


    Månad sedan

    Tana sounds old as heck

  88. Tyam


    Månad sedan

    Idk the situation other countries, but in Germany homeless shelters oftentimes do not need further women's clothing, because women donate way more in general. Men's clothes have a much higher demand, because fewer men donate and more statistically more men are homeless. So selling the clothes wouldn't be an issue if she'd use the money to donate it but it's probably not the case

  89. Cili hili

    Cili hili

    Månad sedan

    Nikki did at least speak out against Ofra on Instagram

  90. Donné Ashley Kritzinger

    Donné Ashley Kritzinger

    Månad sedan

    Lol that video of Tana is actually so embarrassing. Imagine watching that back when you are 40. 😂

  91. Alyssa Drown

    Alyssa Drown

    Månad sedan

    Saying James should go to prison is literally fucking ridiculous. He made a minor mistake and the way the internet blows it up is BEYOND me. Look in the mirror people. Are you perfect?

    • Carrie Bundy

      Carrie Bundy

      Månad sedan

      There's a pattern of him speaking to underage boys in disgusting ways though. He admitted to 2 of them, which is considered a crime, which should make him serve time.

  92. Nic Anonymus

    Nic Anonymus

    Månad sedan

    WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? I‘m so old…. 😔😫

  93. MDMA Messy

    MDMA Messy

    Månad sedan

    Angelika needs a podcast ! ✨

  94. Jazmín


    Månad sedan

    hope all the men's rights activists constantly talking about how women make false accusations are keeping the same energy of campaigning for these guys who falsely accused a girl of SA to be jailed 🥰✌️

  95. Jessica Francina

    Jessica Francina

    Månad sedan

    In de the Netherlands overall this age gap in a relationdhip not that big of a deal. 17, 21. See IT a lot. Parants Let Them Stay over nicht same room .

  96. Agne Dragunaite

    Agne Dragunaite

    Månad sedan

    Ia it even legal to sell PR? I never ever expect anything good from influencers, but at this point im just confused if they are really this dumb and evil, or just money hungry and evil? Also, its so nasty to me as a SA victim how online these "celebs" use SA to keep people talking about them. This is beyond nasty to me, someone exposed someone, someone liked someone, other people retweet and then the victim barely address it allowing rumors to spread so people talk about them even more. Beyond evil, how they make this world crushing crime, trauma, into a drama.

  97. Mar Cantos

    Mar Cantos

    Månad sedan

    I get a lot of PR and make no money LMAO so not true

  98. briarneptune


    Månad sedan

    ty angelika for 23 second intros and strong opinions while still presenting facts and respecting peoples mental health

  99. Noel Mendez

    Noel Mendez

    Månad sedan

    I will never call Tana mojo Jojo by her real name ever again😂😂😂

  100. Rob3rt Rainbow

    Rob3rt Rainbow

    Månad sedan

    Okay but the pallet is good design and janes wasn’t the only one to work on it. Especially cause niki already has it it is the right thing to use it till it either is empty or cannot be properly sanitized. Otherwise it’s just financially supporting someone for a product you don’t use. She’s already used it a bit so unless she has a license she can’t morally donate it. Also it’s a Bad influence that we all should be abandoning good products because an influencer we don’t support promotes it. Freelance makeup artists don’t make a lot of money and efficient products makes a big difference. Like purchasing makeup products from Jeffrie star is kinda morally doubious cause he’s a terrible person but he runs his business well, paying workers livable wages, working with independent artists, and taking action when there is injustice. These things have nuance, be aware of all aspects, money, morality, hygiene, and privilege. If I can write this high you can think before you speak sober. Or are we looking to tear down an unproblematic queer artist just through guilt by association?