Tati SPILLS THE TEA on Shane Dawson, James Charles, Jeffree Star and more!

This video is about Tati coming back to the internet to address drama! Enjoy :)

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  1. Banira


    16 timmar sedan

    The internet owes her an apology.

  2. VioletBlueRedGreen


    16 dagar sedan

    Anyone know what lip products she is wearing?

  3. Stray Bubbles

    Stray Bubbles

    Månad sedan

    totally unrelated, but what is that beautiful orange eyeshadow that you're using on your lids in this video? I've been looking all over and assuming it's an Oden's Eye palette, but I don't want to jump and buy a palette with a shimmery orange if it isn't going to be as bright and poppy as what you've got here.

  4. Ash


    Månad sedan

    I hope she stays away from messy people

  5. Tt


    Månad sedan

    Someone in this world needed the value of that ring more then her, fuck it 😂

  6. Mark Jones

    Mark Jones

    Månad sedan

    Dont forget his supermodel

  7. Samirah Islam

    Samirah Islam

    Månad sedan

    Are we just not gonna address that David dobrik is back

  8. K1ngmick3y


    Månad sedan

    If Tati can come back and be as welcomed as she was, I really hope Jenna Marbles can or even wants to do the same some day. If I could have Tati and Jenna back on the internet it would be amazing 👏

  9. creators music

    creators music

    Månad sedan

    i totally respect anyone's opinion about tati but honestly she scares me and i feel like she is super manipulative and an opportunist in a lot of situation but if you're a fan of her i'm happy for you that she's back. PS james is an awful person and i don't get how people still trust him

  10. justonyoutube


    Månad sedan

    Probably going to get a lot of shit for this but I disagree with a majority of these comments. Tati is literally so mapulative she is just as bad as the rest.

  11. Amy Dsc

    Amy Dsc

    Månad sedan

    She can be friends with James but not talk to him.. maybe needed time..so I dont see the problem there.

  12. Nikki


    Månad sedan

    This is click bait. She doesn’t mention it at all.

  13. StrawberryIce


    Månad sedan

    You’re gorgeous 💃🏼

  14. Pat Perez

    Pat Perez

    Månad sedan

    Not a damn queen...bye! She needs to get off SE-one with her old ass.

  15. Susie Weeks

    Susie Weeks

    Månad sedan

    She is awful and a mean girl

  16. GlambyRJ


    Månad sedan

    I wonder if when Shane was having his meltdown and said "SHE WAS MESSAGING DRAMA CHANNELS!" if it was the partner messaging them on "behalf" of Tati. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  17. Ileana


    Månad sedan

    I just started the video and i have to say it... your hair looks amazing, you're really beautiful 💟

    • Ileana


      Månad sedan

      I don't know why i got the notification now lol this is literally from 3 days ago

  18. Cauldron Clique

    Cauldron Clique

    Månad sedan

    Finally caught up on all the ones I missed 😭

  19. Brooklyn Chadsey

    Brooklyn Chadsey

    Månad sedan

    Has nothing to do with the video but your hair looks so pretty when it’s down!!! 😍

  20. Sunshine Bowman-Gibson

    Sunshine Bowman-Gibson

    Månad sedan

    Listen. I love Tati as a person but god the internet is so bad for her.

  21. Serenidee hope

    Serenidee hope

    Månad sedan

    I'm so happy she is back, and has posted a favorites video! I really missed her content. You and Tati are by far my favorite channels. So easy to watch.

  22. jess


    Månad sedan

    here to comment you’re beautiful as i do everytime , love u my good sis ☺️✨

  23. 00Kristyna00


    Månad sedan

    You could have gone with a different title. This "spills the tea on X" shi*t is so toxic and i'm done with it. Why not "Stalker? Divorce? Money problems? Tati is back!" It's still catchy but avoids placing more attention on the drama.

  24. Sarah Gates

    Sarah Gates

    Månad sedan

    I do like a good news video!!!

  25. Curnette Beckford

    Curnette Beckford

    Månad sedan

    The tea is boiling!

  26. Minara ‘El Waters

    Minara ‘El Waters

    Månad sedan

    “My boobs can predict the scandals, its like espn or something, but only when the teas spilt”

  27. toge


    Månad sedan

    I’m so happy that Tati came back I believed her even when James Charles was uncancelled

  28. ghadeer alotaibi

    ghadeer alotaibi

    Månad sedan

    In buy sister Tati said she didn’t want to talk to James because he is so manipulative and he will make her believe him and feel bad for him . She probably cut ties whit him after the first person came out about him or he cut ties with her after she made the video breaking my salience because he got what he wanted and didn’t need her anymore

  29. Beau King Houston

    Beau King Houston

    Månad sedan

    I feel like Angelika gets even more stunning when big Tea happens. It's like the drama energy pumps her hair up, radiates through her viens, gleams on her skin and adds a sparkle to her eyes. That big drama Tea takes her on a spa day, gives her a rejuvenating body peel, massage, hydational facial, rainforest steam , nutritional meal and a 9 hour sleep with Netflix, breakfast in bed and a lay in. Then it dresses her, does her skincare and make up routine and presses record on her device. Hell the drama probably edits the video for her and then we all scream and drop whatever we are doing because the Qween of drama has posted a video. Trust me she is drinking from that drama fountain and we are so thirsty for it 😂

  30. Ryan Montgomery

    Ryan Montgomery

    Månad sedan

    Yasssss queen yass! Spill the tea! Cancel! Cancel!

  31. SamWicH XD

    SamWicH XD

    Månad sedan

    I love u and I love ur vids but i just wanna say u need to calm down with the clickbait titles cuz they are getting really annoying...be honest or at least dont lie like this

  32. Steph


    Månad sedan

    Actually, James Charles unfollowed her a long time ago in 2020. Pretty sure it was before Christmas holidays, I saw it then but didn’t think much about it. Probably they grew apart in terms of friendship x

  33. Beatriz Bravo

    Beatriz Bravo

    Månad sedan

    i'm glad for tati bur ANGELIKA YOURE GLOWING. like u look so pretty and happyyyyyy

  34. Mario


    Månad sedan

    Did she DM you about her come back?

  35. HanaHaruno


    Månad sedan

    Angelika I don't think we should be so naïve over her coming back. She didn't need Jeffree, Shane, or James to be successful but somehow became apart of their clique. And I'm not saying people can not change and grow, but we can all see how questionable Jeffree and James are through the camera... How did SHE not see that being next to them IRL? She isn't immature like a Tana, she's a professional business woman... so I don't know if I can just let that go. Like with peace and love Tati live your life, but I don't think this is big news. Especially because all she did was sit in silence, and will now move on without addressing how she's treated POC Creators.

  36. Candrii


    Månad sedan

    posting a comment for support hehe

  37. that girl with the camera

    that girl with the camera

    Månad sedan

    I was never anti-Tati from the beginning, although I was a little biased because I love her so much but things just never added up on the other parties side. I'm just so happy she's back 😭

  38. madi5286


    Månad sedan

    Im so conflicted by all this because the drama has gotten SO big that it feels difficult to go back and look at the way tati spoke about james in her first video. Ask any old gay man who has travelled in circles with waspy women like tati and they will be able to explain to you the run of the mill homophobic bs that tati was spewing. Women like that love a gbf who will be their entertaining clown companion but get so offeneded when they are still gay (and all that entails - hitting on men, talking about romantic pursuits, god forbid crushing on a str8 guy) in front of their wasp friends. The type to say it's "distasteful" for gay people to makeout at a wedding. Did james turn out to be gross? Yeah. But that wasnt the issue at the time, was it? All of these people are trash on different levels for different reasons.

  39. Justine G

    Justine G

    Månad sedan

    Your hair looks amazing

  40. Megan


    Månad sedan

  41. ikamikadika


    Månad sedan

    you looked so pretty angelika!!

  42. Kelsey on the Internet

    Kelsey on the Internet

    Månad sedan


  43. Nel


    Månad sedan

    your hair looks gorgeous!

  44. Tirza777


    Månad sedan

    I feel like you owe her an apology for adding stress by jumping on the Tati is liar bandwagon during the worst time of her life.... ? but yet here you are just acting like you've never had anything against her.

  45. Danica Whiteman

    Danica Whiteman

    Månad sedan

    Ok but pls drop the haircut and hair tutorial

  46. Lauren Pray

    Lauren Pray

    Månad sedan

    Girl you literally predicted the whole tati situation she settled to get the evidence against the business partner and now she is using it. You would have been a great lawyer. Also you always predict when she will post

  47. Jeansen


    Månad sedan

    Oke so we are just ignoring that fact she went back on her words and defended James again and let him continue abuse minors?! She supported an abuser that she SAW do it?!? Disgusting! She let herself get manipulated by James to say she was manipulated by Jeffree and Shane!?! Like what?! She supported someone THAT ACTUALLY DID A CRIME! And blaming it on someone just using words..

  48. Joyce Rose Reads

    Joyce Rose Reads

    Månad sedan

    Girl your hair??? 🤤🤤 it is looking soooo gorgeous 💗 sooo shiny and wow.. anyway that’s all 💗

  49. Camille G.

    Camille G.

    Månad sedan

    I wish you'd stop click baiting so hard....

  50. Sophie Chiew

    Sophie Chiew

    Månad sedan

    James actually hasn’t followed Tati for quite a while now. Since 2021 started in fact

  51. dieselgirl27


    Månad sedan

    Now we just need Jenna marbles back!!

  52. k Kapino

    k Kapino

    Månad sedan

    You look so pretty

  53. Bluesers Club

    Bluesers Club

    Månad sedan

    You so called it Angelika xD

  54. Friendly Neighborhood Anthropologist

    Friendly Neighborhood Anthropologist

    Månad sedan

    Omgg lovely video !! I was wondering if you would discuss the recent video done by Jimmy snow who is friends with Gabbie Hannah and just made a video regarding Gabbie and Rachel Oates. He turned off comments and is actively deleting them and blocking plp and has lost 2k subscribers in like 2 days. Everyone brought up valid comments and he refused to listen and actually told fans to f*ck off in the end! Also review the interview Rachel did which explains everything from her side !! Just a suggestion thought you would do a good video on it !

  55. Julia Von Bank

    Julia Von Bank

    Månad sedan

    Side note: check out Jimmy Snow's awful excuse for getting into it with Rachel Oats about gabbie's poetry. It's so ridiculous and terrible Love your videos 💜

  56. Steph


    Månad sedan

    Literally no tea was spilled

  57. Mack Cat

    Mack Cat

    Månad sedan

    I hope you look into the Jimmy Snow Rachel Oates Drama

  58. Colombia Sara

    Colombia Sara

    Månad sedan


  59. Wheezy Cheesy

    Wheezy Cheesy

    Månad sedan

    I love your hair!!!

  60. Sylvia de Serdio

    Sylvia de Serdio

    Månad sedan

    I feel like the reason why the lawsuit with that girl that spread lies was settled out of court was because she could testify against her business partner on the other lawsuit

  61. Holly Wason

    Holly Wason

    Månad sedan

    after tati comes back your next makeup channel video should be “buying everything tati told me to”

  62. Jessica Trischitta

    Jessica Trischitta

    Månad sedan

    You look stunning today as always. Have a wonderful day Angelika

  63. Eri


    Månad sedan

    omg this hairstyle looks soooo good on you!! very pretty

  64. Miranda Miller

    Miranda Miller

    Månad sedan

    The only beauty guru I’m happy to see honestly. I just hope people respect Tati’s wishes.

  65. pattypattyp


    Månad sedan


  66. jwlong


    Månad sedan

    she said she's not going back to LA because she sold her house there (:

  67. S K

    S K

    Månad sedan

    it will be interesting to see where tati goes from here! glad she seems to be in a better mental state, she seems to have actually taken this time off to grow and thrive... everyone else needs to take note lmao ALSO ur hair today... ma’am... yes

  68. Hayley Butler

    Hayley Butler

    Månad sedan

    I’m so so glad she’s back!

  69. PS1 Hagrid ouf of character

    PS1 Hagrid ouf of character

    Månad sedan

    i'm sorry but accidentally donating a diamond ring is just. too funny. simply ridiculous

  70. Sara


    Månad sedan

    Misleading title tho. . ...

  71. Deschutes


    Månad sedan

    Does Angelika ever miss though?

  72. Queersus


    Månad sedan

    you had some ta-tea

  73. Lisa Bakker

    Lisa Bakker

    Månad sedan

    Your hair is crazy beautiful today❤️

  74. Emmalee Jo

    Emmalee Jo

    Månad sedan

    You are so beautiful, I just clicked on the video to look at you 😍

  75. Aastha Sinha

    Aastha Sinha

    Månad sedan

    What's heartbreaking is that she's was cancelled the hardest even though all the other people involved have literal racist pasts and sexual assault cases. I'm not saying everything she did was perfect but she didn't deserve the hate.

  76. Cylea Vazquez

    Cylea Vazquez

    Månad sedan

    We not gonna talk about David dobrik?

  77. Zelle


    Månad sedan

    I believe her all the way lmao. I’m not in the beauty community but out of everyone involved she was the one i believe in, even tho i was watching shane at that time. She does deserve some criticism but being the most hated out of everyone involved? The person who lost the most out of the three?? Yeah, no, that doesn’t sit well with me AT ALL. Yes she was salty and only used the info she had on James when it benefited her, but tbh a lot of people does that so why is it that when she did it she’s suddenly the worse person ever.

  78. Che Nug

    Che Nug

    Månad sedan

    Love the hair

  79. KC


    Månad sedan

    Am I the only one wanting Pewdiepie to APOLOGISE? 👀 👀 👀

  80. N. Johnson

    N. Johnson

    Månad sedan

    Haven't watched this girl in like a year due to the following, but her title caught my eye and......Good lord, how self centered can you be that you just stare at yourself in the viewfinder the entire time you are filming a video? I quit watching Angelika because it always annoyed me to be watching and she is looking off to the side at herself the whole time. A bunch of people said how uncomfortable and weird it was and she stopped doing it in a few vids, but then she went back to doing it again, its like she can't help herself. She also does the bare minimum on her vids. Most creators now put chapters or at least time stamps (like Phil defranco), but she just puts a mash of like 8 diff topics and you have to scrub th whole vid to see the one topic you are looking for......I think these reasons are just some of the reasons why other "tea" channels have over double the subs despite being around way shorter amount of time.

  81. Jessica Foley

    Jessica Foley

    Månad sedan

    Love your hair like this!!

  82. Holly K

    Holly K

    Månad sedan

    Wow the hair is truly goddess level today

  83. Steph A

    Steph A

    Månad sedan

    1) you look stunning 2) we love an educated queen

  84. Haryce Peake-Bailey

    Haryce Peake-Bailey

    Månad sedan

    Your hair looks really pretty

  85. Cookie Scoot.

    Cookie Scoot.

    Månad sedan

    angelika is so pretty 😭😭 i love ur hair down !!

  86. S T

    S T

    Månad sedan

    Girl me too. I don’t even use makeup and I searched for Tati last week before she came back. Spooky.

  87. Georgia Woods

    Georgia Woods

    Månad sedan

    commenting for the algorithm 🏳️‍🌈

  88. ane


    Månad sedan

    your hair girl... omg

  89. Beatrice


    Månad sedan

    Just Commenting for the algorithm ❤️

  90. Amy Coppins

    Amy Coppins

    Månad sedan

    Also love that you literally PREDICTED when and how it would happen #psychic

  91. Amy Coppins

    Amy Coppins

    Månad sedan

    girl I been waiting since I saw Tati uploaded😭😭😭

  92. tonguekisser89


    Månad sedan

    the part where she said she sold her house to go all in on the law suit really saddened me

  93. patricia


    Månad sedan

    So everyone is okay with Tati selling snake oil? God

  94. gracie francoeur

    gracie francoeur

    Månad sedan

    angelika you look especially gorgeous lately ma'am

  95. It's Romi

    It's Romi

    Månad sedan

    Tati is the one twitter crucified (and keeps on doing) the most yet she did the least bad stuff.... I missed her

  96. Leah Powell

    Leah Powell

    Månad sedan

    not a fan of how misleading the title is - major clickbait

  97. Lauren H.

    Lauren H.

    Månad sedan

    bruh what???? 🤨🙁 everyone's suddenly good with Tati rn? why???

  98. ewitsaugust


    Månad sedan

    yessss we want tati, take trish instead lol

  99. ewitsaugust


    Månad sedan

    angelika never misses 💅🏻

  100. nila


    Månad sedan

    why do u always upload past my bedtime 😢