Shane Dawson SCAMMING his fans...?

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This video is about Shane Dawson, Ryland and more! Enjoy :)

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  1. Talar Kevorkian

    Talar Kevorkian

    17 dagar sedan

    I just want you to know whenever I’ve been off SE-one for a couple weeks I immediately go to your channel to get caught up because you’re the best commentary channel on SE-one thank you have a good fuckin life everyone. 😍😍😍😍

  2. Ace_Of_Diamonds_x2


    Månad sedan

    IM SORRY I JUST READ THE TITLE AND WENT “he still has fans?”

  3. Erin S.

    Erin S.

    Månad sedan

    wait your name is angela not angelika???

  4. Lorelei Patrick

    Lorelei Patrick

    Månad sedan

    I feel like he’s just selling all the merch that didn’t sell…. Remember how his slime was a flop? Yeahhhh

  5. Spark K

    Spark K

    Månad sedan

    He still has fans??

  6. dima_a


    Månad sedan

    angelika pls start a podcast i will never stop listening to it

  7. Valerie Barki

    Valerie Barki

    Månad sedan

    Please film a tutorial on your look today - so gorg!! x

  8. mUrK


    Månad sedan

    Notch really isn't very problematic to people outside the very radical Twitter political sphere, lmao. Hasan is one of them.

  9. mUrK


    Månad sedan

    Bruh I don't get why people watch Ryland if they don't like him tbh. Hasn't he literally always been kinda bratty/up-nosey? By now you ought to have learned about your creators' personalities. Either stick with him or dump him. Instead of clinging to your creators like they're an abusive boyfriend lmao

  10. yikes!!!


    Månad sedan

    i'm not a fan of dream but as a gamer in general, it's mega sus that he even has cheats installed to begin with

  11. Alexandria McAlpine

    Alexandria McAlpine

    Månad sedan

    Omg how did this video sneek past me 😩

  12. Warda Ahmed

    Warda Ahmed

    Månad sedan

    never thought id hear anyone say Hasan Abis name. Hes more well known for twitch but for being political from TYT so its so strange to hear a drama channel utter his name

  13. Zoé Allard

    Zoé Allard

    Månad sedan

    you look so good I love the hair and shirt!!

  14. Barbara Silveira

    Barbara Silveira

    Månad sedan

    I forget how words are said all the time... in English and Portuguese 😅 I feel your pain 😂

  15. Kristina Spears

    Kristina Spears

    Månad sedan

    The mystery box items are heavily discounted inside the box so it is in no way a scam!

    • This Face Believes You

      This Face Believes You

      Månad sedan

      Do you mean the items inside the mystery boxes genuinely cost more/are worth more than the price of the box? That’s kind of the point of mystery boxes and the like. No one takes the risk if they’re promised at cost items.

  16. J Journey

    J Journey

    Månad sedan

    Honestly it’s been years I think I’ve moved on and forgiven the guy by now , there bigger things to worry about lol

  17. Nikki Vo

    Nikki Vo

    Månad sedan

    Shane Dawson NEVER sold out like this pre-cancellation. He probably has like five boxes that sold out super quickly

  18. DaDeligtfulDazzlingDerika


    Månad sedan

    Shane's probably only making like 100 of his merch items so they sell out 🤣

  19. Julia


    Månad sedan

    excuse me ma'am but you look GORGEOUSSSSSS. love love love the look today!

  20. Mari


    Månad sedan

    just got a case using your casetify code, 9 dollars off woo!! thanks

  21. Fizziep0p ,

    Fizziep0p ,

    Månad sedan

    Wowowowowoowowo you look gorgeous angelika!!!!!!

  22. nixie


    Månad sedan

    have you looked into the creepshow art drama? basically she's a commentator who used to have 500k subs (has lost over 20k in 3 days) who was known for acting like the moral authority and canceling people but turns out she was an active l0lc0w user and trash talked a bunch of her friends included D'Angelo Wallace, she also said a bunch of transphobic and racist stuff thinking she was anonymous. The whole thing is insane and turns out she apparently has been stalking other youtuber

  23. Maikenvambeset


    Månad sedan

    You look STUNNING!!

  24. Kaila Bissonnette

    Kaila Bissonnette

    Månad sedan

    I can’t wait to hear your take on the Trisha - Ethan drama!

  25. LightningHaski


    Månad sedan

    the video dream did with notch was back in january of 2020 he had a lot less subscribers then, that he does now. since everything that notch has said has been on some dark corner of the internet dream didn't know about what he'd said before until hasan brought it up on the stream when he was talking about notch. dream hired someone to make a mod to improve server drop rates for recording and the guy he hired made it client side as well (single player side) and never told dream that he did that even when dream only asked for server side. he didn't know it would have any affect on his speedruns because it wasn't supposed to work client side. no one is actually mad at him for either of the things, we're just glad he removed the video with notch and told us what happened with the speedrunning situation

  26. S Delarosa

    S Delarosa

    Månad sedan

    The fact that I saw something taht said shane Dawson is coming back 😐 who asked for that like please just stay off you and every other disgusting influencer just needs to not have a platform I just don’t think it’s been enough time for him to have “grown”

  27. Martina Minguella

    Martina Minguella

    Månad sedan

    you're looking absolutely gorgeous! idk what it is but you're glowing!

  28. Frappé Lansdell

    Frappé Lansdell

    Månad sedan

    *waits for angelica to talk about the frenemies drama*

  29. Corinne Kitsune

    Corinne Kitsune

    Månad sedan

    😍 gorgeous

  30. Camilla Drakenborg

    Camilla Drakenborg

    Månad sedan

    Realistically dont think one can expect that all the ones on twitter knows what is going on unless twitter is talking/showing the same drama as on YT for ex. Ive never followed Shane or any of the bigger YT people but I know all the tea about them because I spend alot of time here & Im curious but Im not on twitter so I would have no idea what happens there unless someone on YT mentions it. If you are just a casual twitter person they probably may not know anything about whats going on so blissfully unaware they buy. In the sea of posts, a casual twitter or whatever platform, could very well miss out on the drama & scandals.

  31. Reyes Hdez

    Reyes Hdez

    Månad sedan

    No hes not...your not interested on his product dont but Period No one is being force to buy anything So Stop with your nonsense nof a Rant...Love ya Shane❤️❤️❤️❤️

  32. Apurva Sharma

    Apurva Sharma

    Månad sedan

    The Rachel Oates situation just feels like Gabbie is completely subscribing to the motto, "Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss"

  33. Cassandra


    Månad sedan


  34. mozzarella firefox

    mozzarella firefox

    Månad sedan

    Piękna! u look lovely!

  35. Putri JD

    Putri JD

    Månad sedan

    dude. THIS LOOK

  36. Melissa Quarmby

    Melissa Quarmby

    Månad sedan

    Angelika you look so pretty!!!

  37. Ella Graham

    Ella Graham

    Månad sedan

    Okay but... I think we need to chill a little with the dream thing, aren't they a minor? Theyre allowed to make mistakes! We should correct them in a nicer way, they are young with a platform, they're still making mistakes and learning.

  38. Daniela C

    Daniela C

    Månad sedan

    I think it’s „willingly unaware“

  39. pineapples


    Månad sedan

    Angelika talking about dream was a surprise to me lol

  40. varsha k

    varsha k

    Månad sedan

    woot woot

  41. Sophie Bell

    Sophie Bell

    Månad sedan

    OMG your hair looks amazing 😍

  42. rokinjaguar


    Månad sedan

    In the future, for stuff like "the discriminatory stuff Notch tweets", would you mind showing examples? People mean so many different things when they say that someone's problematic or discriminatory that I never know what to think. I can for sure look it up myself so like you don't have to, but it would be really helpful to people like me who get confused with terminology like that

  43. Bre


    Månad sedan

    hearing Angelika talk about Minecraft SE-oners literally feels so weird. it's like two worlds that I never expected to collide,,, actually colliding.

  44. Kristen Katö

    Kristen Katö

    Månad sedan

    Shane just posted on Instagram and tbh all the love he was getting from known creators and people on the app was insane, anyone who tried to speak out against him only got hate and were called 'snowflakes'. It's honestly disturbing people still support him.

  45. Stella Skateboard

    Stella Skateboard

    Månad sedan

    I found the Jeffree Star / Jouer lip gloss in a T.J.Maxx in Flint, Michigan. I might have cackled a bit too long when i found it.

  46. d00medarts


    Månad sedan

    Okay but dream going "I didn't know" makes me really upset. How could he have not known??? In HIS Minecraft server there's a content creator named Philza Minecraft, an on-running joke about him is that he created Minecraft bc no one in the fandom likes Notch. This joke is shared between the fans and the other CCs in the server. So.... please tell me, (not having a go at you btw, just a rhetorical question) How could he not know?

  47. Tiger Flamingoes

    Tiger Flamingoes

    Månad sedan

    the wavy hair on you looks sooo pretty

  48. Diana kilian

    Diana kilian

    Månad sedan

    Shane Dawson didn’t do anything wrong. He will be back hopefully soon. Can’t cancel everyone for stuff done over 10 years ago that was acceptable at that time. I believe he has learned and is moving on. More than others who just keep bringing up drama. Hope you never make a mistake. Cause it could be you next.

  49. Gabriela Massoca

    Gabriela Massoca

    Månad sedan

    You are gorgeous

  50. Scott Ring

    Scott Ring

    Månad sedan

    Commenting for engagement 🤙🏻🇦🇺

  51. Caitlin Brophy

    Caitlin Brophy

    Månad sedan

    I was so surprised when I heard Dream's name lol

  52. Emily nagle

    Emily nagle

    Månad sedan

    Commenting in support of Angelika making a podcast 😊🙌🏻

  53. Kelci Morgan

    Kelci Morgan

    Månad sedan

    Omg you look so beautiful

  54. Alice Amai

    Alice Amai

    Månad sedan

    Your brows look amazing babe ! Okay time for some drama

  55. sian xoxoxo

    sian xoxoxo

    Månad sedan

    You look beautiful 🥰

  56. BlackShadow Side

    BlackShadow Side

    Månad sedan

    Oke... STUNNING !! 😍😍

  57. Sara B

    Sara B

    Månad sedan

    love the look for this one !!

  58. Not Dead

    Not Dead

    Månad sedan

    Engagement 💍💍

  59. Kiana Ku'uipo Peters

    Kiana Ku'uipo Peters

    Månad sedan

    Omg I’ve never seen you with your hair down! Looks very cute (:

  60. Annie C

    Annie C

    Månad sedan

    Love ur content

  61. Ariana Farrar

    Ariana Farrar

    Månad sedan

    you should dye your hair purple ????!!!!!!

  62. Breann Doll

    Breann Doll

    Månad sedan

    We Stan Angelika* and Lizzie

  63. Freya M-H

    Freya M-H

    Månad sedan

    He has posted in his main Instagram thought you might be interested. I think he will be back soon ❤️

  64. Chelsea Volcjak

    Chelsea Volcjak

    Månad sedan

    You look so beautiful today! ❤

  65. Bo


    Månad sedan

    i literally ordered my phone case 3 days ago omg if only i waited for this video



    Månad sedan

    i found a really good method when words just don't come out or does but in other language hahaha i start saying the abc and eventually the brain just clicks haha

  67. The goth Tomato

    The goth Tomato

    Månad sedan

    Literally we (the mc community) hate noch so much we don’t even acknowledge he made Minecraft it’s a kinda inside joke that pilza Minecraft (another mc SE-oner) made Minecraft

  68. lenlen len

    lenlen len

    Månad sedan

    SD merch selling not because he's uncancellable, but because he has a really huge platform that people who still support him may not know or forgive him

  69. Isabel rose

    Isabel rose

    Månad sedan

    I couldn't care less about the dream thing? Like I wasn't even a record, he was like,,, 16th on the leaderboard? It's a block game? He handled it horribly and he admitted that several times and apologized. As for the notch thing I do think he needs to take accountability for that but I think that if he publicly talks about what he did wrong, acknowledges the hurt he caused, and apologizes whaile actively making changes in his behavior, he can be heald accountable without canceling him unnecessarily, because really, this guy was randomly handed a huge platform, I would have trouble handling that to.

  70. shiv


    Månad sedan

    your hair is so pretty omg

  71. someone, somewhere

    someone, somewhere

    Månad sedan

    Why she lowkey look like if Billie Eilish were British.

  72. Urmi Bhushan

    Urmi Bhushan

    Månad sedan

    didn't gabbie work for buzzfeed for a while?

  73. sara


    Månad sedan

    lmao in what world did trisha ruin gabbie's career??? the only one who's ruined gabbie's career is gabbie herself.

  74. Nikki Steph

    Nikki Steph

    Månad sedan

    Pls make a video on @maryjane she literally scamming ppl saying they can come travel w her and they send her money and she peace’s tf out

  75. Julia Cate

    Julia Cate

    Månad sedan

    angelika!!!!!! drop a makeup/hair tutorial!!!!! you look amazing!

  76. Cocoa Jay

    Cocoa Jay

    Månad sedan

    angelika blanking completely and forgetting what she wanted to say is my biggest mood forever idek what i’m saying rn

  77. CHSNY


    Månad sedan

    Angelika when are you gonna start your own podcast??💛

  78. Loona Woods

    Loona Woods

    Månad sedan

    Can you put the texte you read next to your head when you read it? It's hard to follow when it's just you reading it.

  79. Mariana Amaro

    Mariana Amaro

    Månad sedan

    but can we appreciate how beautiful Angelika looks in this video... omg

  80. Hannah Hays

    Hannah Hays

    Månad sedan

    Wait he still has fans......he shouldn't even be still making money someone send him to jail wtf

  81. Urfairygodmothr


    Månad sedan

    Omg I’ll tell people “no pressure” but I’m like genuinely like “don’t worry about it”. Is that problematic? Should I should saying that?

    • Urfairygodmothr


      Månad sedan

      @A Rosenthal thank you I will keep that in mind

    • A Rosenthal

      A Rosenthal

      Månad sedan

      The reason why it could be harmful is because phrases like that CAN be used to sorta guilt trip people. There’s nothing wrong with it if you actually mean it though. Just make sure your actions are matching your words.

  82. Daniela


    Månad sedan

    omg youtube unsubscribed me from you, it keeps happening 🙄

  83. Bridget Preston

    Bridget Preston

    Månad sedan

    I am the only one who lowkey wants an Angelika podcast?

  84. Loona Woods

    Loona Woods

    Månad sedan

    You look so good today! Love this shirt



    Månad sedan


  86. Anna Chadwick

    Anna Chadwick

    Månad sedan

    pls talk about the frenemies breakup in ur next vid !!!

  87. C C

    C C

    Månad sedan

    Isn’t there a phone call exposing Gabby??

  88. Inshaaf Latief

    Inshaaf Latief

    Månad sedan

    Love this look ,giving summer vibes

  89. kid krow

    kid krow

    Månad sedan

    you look SO GOOD in this video

  90. Kelly Gallagher

    Kelly Gallagher

    Månad sedan

    He's not selling out he's running a business. You're selling out making money off of your hate

  91. Kelly Gallagher

    Kelly Gallagher

    Månad sedan

    Hey stupid girl. We are buying his boxes because we love him he's not scamming us it's actually a great deal compared to how much initially costs. If you're not a fan that's your right but we have a right to be his fan and you making money off of your hate is disgusting I will never ever ever watch another one of your videos again I can't even get through this one you don't have any Talent other than your hate sad very sad.

  92. Chronically Kelly

    Chronically Kelly

    Månad sedan

    Anyone who is crazy enough to still want those ugly ass pallets, hmu. I have the Conspiracy and Mini and I hide them in the bottom of my most bottom drawer. I have used them for the light brown shade that I refuse to call by its name now lol for Transition shade and that's about it. You pay for shipping, I'll send it. Happy to get it the hell out of here. I have to carry around forever that I once was stupid enough to support someone like this.

  93. Brahmjot Kaur

    Brahmjot Kaur

    Månad sedan

    now i don’t feel so bad that i got rejected from a buzzfeed fellowship after the first interview 🥲

  94. Tom Lockyer

    Tom Lockyer

    Månad sedan

    Summer Goddess!

  95. Beautified x

    Beautified x

    Månad sedan

    I’m late to this video but your hair looks amazing. 🥰

  96. peachii bee

    peachii bee

    Månad sedan

    what mascara do you use? :)

  97. peachii bee

    peachii bee

    Månad sedan

    angelika is so pretty omg 🥰🌸🌸

  98. madeleine rands

    madeleine rands

    Månad sedan

    u look so good omg

  99. Bethany Edwardes

    Bethany Edwardes

    Månad sedan

    I literally went into Morphe the other day and they are still selling Jeffree Star make up....

  100. kristen


    Månad sedan

    omg angelika u look stunning