Trisha Paytas DRAGS Ethan Klein because of THIS...

This video is about Trisha Paytas, SE-oners vs TikTokers and more! Enjoy :)

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  1. Erin S.

    Erin S.

    Månad sedan

    yooo angelika how did you not kno about landon mcbroom and shyla??? you're a drama channel! also shyla is not landon's wife bc they're not married but they do have a daughter together named souline

  2. Larissa Blokzijl

    Larissa Blokzijl

    Månad sedan

    Tbh I still don't understand how people cam still stand Trish in the first place. Time and time, they have shown that they are not a good person and have not bettered themselves.

  3. Renny Ren

    Renny Ren

    Månad sedan

    Man I’m so torn because I dislike Austin and Bryce, Tana and Corinna, Trisha and Gaby like how am I supposed to pick sides. They all reek. 😕

  4. Katrin Baumgarten

    Katrin Baumgarten

    Månad sedan

    As someone who interacts with bipolar and borderline people, Trisha's behavior is pretty spot on for manic lashing out. They keep saying they're taking medication, but even if that's true, you still need to follow pretty closely with psychiatric help, which I don't think they are. Given how public their platform is and how long this has been going on, I feel there's very little, if any, consistent follow up with a professional, which is a shame, since it's probably the most stable form of management. I feel sorry for the people who care about them because I know how destructive this kind of illness can be. I can't say I like Ian and Hila, but this is hard to go through and I hope they're able to be okay.

  5. Megan


    Månad sedan

  6. Bri Clark

    Bri Clark

    Månad sedan

    Will you do a video on this eye look?? Or tell us what palette you used? It’s so beautiful!!!

  7. Ccork3


    Månad sedan

    I seen this coming this is her pattern and she will eventually blame it on bpd.

  8. GirlDamn


    Månad sedan

    The fact that this is the tipping point for people when Trisha has always been an awful person 🙄

  9. Salma Villa

    Salma Villa

    Månad sedan

    how does it feel to make it top comment

  10. T A

    T A

    Månad sedan

    Gabbie Hanna should join frenemies

  11. Natasha Smith

    Natasha Smith

    Månad sedan

    I cannot wait to get back to Gabbie drama

  12. Majin Kupa

    Majin Kupa

    Månad sedan

    i dont think trisha is in the wrong if anything iv seen more proving trishas point

  13. Austin Tawater

    Austin Tawater

    Månad sedan

    Jfc this girl edited every 20 seconds to make entire sentences.. idk what’s more impressive.. the editing to be somewhat smooth still, or not being able to form a solid sentence in a single take. Seriously though a cut every 20-45 seconds it’s ridiculous and obvious. Your talking like (cut) nothing ever happened (cut) so it seems like it flows (cut) but in reality (cut) the small pauses make (cut) sentences sound like (cut) this.

  14. Colleen Hathaway

    Colleen Hathaway

    Månad sedan

    Landon McBrooms wife actually just got a temporary restraining order against him and he isn't allowed within 100 yards of Shayla (his wife) and there daughter because she is accusing him of kidnapping her, or trying too. I just feel so bad for all the babies in these situations! And is Landon has been physically abusive to his wife then he needs to ne held accountable. I hope that Shylo is doing better now that she is away from Landon and that family. They actually go back to court on June 22nd to see if the judge will grant her a full restraining order, so we will have to wait and see. By the way, I got this info from watching @Sl04N here on SE-one. You should go check out his video because he has the pictures and stuff to back up what Shylo has been saying. I LOVE ALL your videos Angelika! Keep up the great work!!

  15. Taryn River

    Taryn River

    Månad sedan

    I don’t see any big chs talking about it but I feel like you should talk about Anna Campbell cause that situation sent me down a rabbit hole it’s insane

  16. Star D

    Star D

    Månad sedan

    It's sad but in videos Ethan had to keep records to repeat to Trisha. It's a really smart thing to do. He kept things so open and even if she tried to show dms in this immature string of online fighting events. For example, those dms were not bad? It just looked like a friend trying to reach out to talk to an upset friend. But yeah, There are videos where he reads back things she says and writes things down, I think its a smart thing to do. He has even told her that she has a tendency to be very "dangerous" with how to take in information. (It really reminded me of advice I took for granted as a teenager to avoid situations like this, my father had always told me to always write things down and repeat things to people. Werther it be your employer/teacher ...even a friend. You never know what people will try and say about you or say you don't listen or ask them about how they feel. After getting out of a gaslighting/toxic friendship, I do this more now for certain people as a gentle reminder like " you did say this did you change your mind?" . I don't do this to all people but only the ones where I notice forgetfulness or just lack of proper communication skills. ) It's nothing against Trisha but she needs to work on their communication skills because it's very stunted and she just rolls with whatever happens next . It gets blown out of proportion and her family of course is going to side with her always with what she recounts how she feels to them. People usually will trust what your boundaries are when you tell them its fine. IT'S OK TO CHANGE YOUR MIND about what /those boundaries are/. She ignored messages from him and went to the internet which isn't the best thing to do. But I guess it's all she knows when she's upset and it's such a shame.

  17. Nina C.

    Nina C.

    Månad sedan

    Lmao fuck Austin for real. He’s a creep and a shithead.

    • Nina C.

      Nina C.

      Månad sedan

      But I’m still not team Bryce lol on god

  18. Nina C.

    Nina C.

    Månad sedan

    Trisha being uncomfortable with Ethan bringing up their past and sexual stuff seems more like them coming to the conclusion they want to move away from it as a brand and didn’t actually vocalize it as they were concluding it.

  19. xox_Adinda_xox


    Månad sedan

    Know one probably cares about my little old comment but I have had to unsubscribe from this channel it's nothing against u Angelika I just don't want to be consuming SE-one drama videos anymore it's becoming too overwhelming and most of it is about petty stuff yes some of it needs addressing like the James Charles situation but I don't wanna hear about rich people that can't stop fucking up

  20. S T

    S T

    Månad sedan

    Why do other influencers support these tiktok and SE-one fights cuz it literally embarrassing how relevant they try to be since the pandemic boxing matches has become a trend out of no where I’m pretty sure they do this to make there egos bigger and Tana is friends with damn near every influencer and she literally says she clout chases so that’s probably some influencers in la don’t really fuck with her but they keep her around because she will most likely make a tiktok or SE-one video if u do sum to her or her friends

  21. S T

    S T

    Månad sedan

    They should just scrape frenemies cuz like it or not the show wouldn’t be the same without trish even if she has done all of this is just wouldn’t be the same

  22. Sarah


    Månad sedan

    I was holding off on forming an opinion of the Ethan and Trisha situation but I think with Trisha accusing him of sexual misconduct I kind of have to draw a line. When I was making frenemies edits I had to watch every episode at least 5+ times and was combing through very small details down to facial expressions and just anything most people would miss from just watching once. I can confidently say that Ethan never crossed a line when it comes to that. Before the Dr. Drew therapy episode Ethan did treat the podcast kind of as a way to interview Trisha but that abruptly stopped after he gained perspective on trishas mental health struggles. It just such a massive allegation to make. I really wish they would handle this offline. They are family. Trisha knows she is wrong at this point and they just need to keep their relationship offline completely moving forward.

  23. Luna Ribeiro

    Luna Ribeiro

    Månad sedan

    We were nearing July, so I knew another creator had to royally go down in flames but I would never have predicted Creepshow Art

  24. Amparo B.

    Amparo B.

    Månad sedan

    That look is giving me Eastern European weight lifter at the Olympic Games during the cold War kinda vibes and I dont know why 🤣🤣🤣🤢

  25. Idkk 666

    Idkk 666

    Månad sedan

    Hii i love your video’s, but maybe (if its not too much work) you can put a picture of the person you're talking about so its more clear. Just the first time you mention them. :)

  26. Jax B

    Jax B

    Månad sedan

    When Angelica did the tana quote ‘team Bryce on gawd’ I DIED😭

  27. Beatrice


    Månad sedan

    Just Commenting for the algorithm 💚

  28. Christen De Alger

    Christen De Alger

    Månad sedan

    Why's Erica famous again?

  29. Kayleigh Bacon

    Kayleigh Bacon

    Månad sedan

    People are taking this waaay too seriously. There are like comment fights and people are picking sides. Like who cares. This is like watching Maury. Did anyone care if he was not the father in Maury, no, but it was entertaining.

  30. allura


    Månad sedan

    The only other way frenemies would work is if H3 and Keem put aside their beef and we all know that won’t happen lmao.

  31. Kirsten Connolly

    Kirsten Connolly

    Månad sedan

    I just can’t stop looking at how amazing your makeup is!! I need to find your makeup channel yours eyes!!! I have blue eyes and can’t find anything that makes them pop like yours help!!!!😂

  32. Arm T

    Arm T

    Månad sedan

    I hate this take that Ethan did nothing wrong ... obviously trish acted poorly but Ethan fucked up too.

  33. Laura


    Månad sedan

    Shyla and Landon are not married, they were just bf and gf with a child

  34. Derek Tailor

    Derek Tailor

    Månad sedan

    Trisha shattering and carpet bombing her point after Ethan's one video. Really, not a good look, on her.

  35. Miranda Miller

    Miranda Miller

    Månad sedan

    Tana siding with Bryce after she posted a video of Bryce being homophobic and transphobic….a little sus if you ask me.

  36. child of god

    child of god

    Månad sedan

    Can’t believe I used to watch creepshow in 2018/2019 :/

  37. Blablabloom


    Månad sedan

    It was just a waiting game for trish to accuse Ethan of something like this. In fact I was almost anticipating it. Trish’s behaviour pattern is predictable and is not very hard to guess what’s their next move.

  38. Carol Ramos

    Carol Ramos

    Månad sedan

    I totally see another h3 podcast with another co-host, ethan can carry the show, i just wouldnt use the frenemies brand. Also id die to have them bringing back content court 😭

  39. Nilla Gavrishchuk

    Nilla Gavrishchuk

    Månad sedan

    Commenting for engagement

  40. TruCrimeWatcher


    Månad sedan

    Her skin is worse then ever and she's selling a skin care line ughhhh a week ago she talked about how great her skin is now n she's just disgusting how she lies

  41. Kyla James

    Kyla James

    Månad sedan

    I wanted Austin to win the fight, and not even because I like Austin because I can’t stand the guy. And it’s not even that I hate Bryce more, I literally wanted Bryce to lose because of how obnoxious Tana was about him winning 🤣

  42. Leah


    Månad sedan

    Girl please do creep show art oh my god it seems so unfathomable its almost like a crime novel.

  43. ece okan

    ece okan

    Månad sedan

    i think lizzie would be good co host frenemies

  44. Yasmina Majitova

    Yasmina Majitova

    Månad sedan

    and in the midst of this all trisha launched a skincare line and shot their ads with skin smoothening filters

  45. Deah Lucas

    Deah Lucas

    Månad sedan

    Commenting cuz you da shiz

  46. Sibyla


    Månad sedan

    I think Ethan career is going forward because of his business growing over Trisha's expense, not long ago Ethan was angry because he didn't grow and Logan Paul did. I don't think i would feel comfortable working with a bunch of dudes and their wives. Why it is in his channel? Why she's just "the talent" ? She is a creator, one far more popular and successful than he is. He is moving his career as h3h3 grows over their success, this is not about money, not literally. He was there commenting stuff like forever and never got this big. Why employ the wive of a friend (nepotism?)? Why only his brand grows? In the long run, what Trisha gets? exposure? Everything should be 50/50...

  47. Kenny Cat

    Kenny Cat

    Månad sedan

    Trisha is 100% trying to paint Ethan as a terrible person(when his isn’t) and herself the victim(when she’s completely in the wrong)

  48. saks 04

    saks 04

    Månad sedan

    for frenemies, a cool concept could be ethan hosting the podcast solo and then every episode he can bring on somebody new who is/was his "enemy" and maybe throughout the podcast they can hope to like squash the beef or become friends .. like idk i think it would be super fun and cool

  49. BekaGil


    Månad sedan

    Damn!!! You are going to cover Creepshow art??? The art Community drama is bleeding into main youtube drama : ) I can't wait to hear your opinion on this~

  50. pls let’sbeconfusedtogether

    pls let’sbeconfusedtogether

    Månad sedan

    Get gabbi hanna to cohost frenemies. Would love to see that & trish’s reaction LOL

  51. Molly Blower

    Molly Blower

    Månad sedan

    I've always said Trish is problematic and that I'd never forgive them for what they have done they have been called out many times about slurs and other things but everyone acts like they are amazing people. Idk everyone should just stop giving Trish attention maybe then they will be serious for once. I for one would love to cancel Trish as they don't deserve a platform if they are gonna continue to do this

  52. Celia Mekid

    Celia Mekid

    Månad sedan

    he sais sexual harassment, not SA.... please differentiate the two

  53. Lyanna Mormont

    Lyanna Mormont

    Månad sedan

    Gib got the win today!

  54. Alondra Liz

    Alondra Liz

    Månad sedan

    i think Trisha is just too stubborn to back down because they are already in too deep to apologize

  55. strawburry


    Månad sedan

    Thank you for saying you're going to cover the creepshow situation, i feel like not many mainstream drama channel's are glossing over it or not reporting it

  56. Pho Langes

    Pho Langes

    Månad sedan

    I’ve been subbed to Trisha for over 10 years.. just unsubscribed today..

  57. ヤンフェイ


    Månad sedan

    Just wanna say I really love watching your videos! It’s really good background noise for when I draw and i just generally love your content when I’m not using it as background noise.

  58. Tea time With cappa

    Tea time With cappa

    Månad sedan

    I can’t take anymore creep show art videos

  59. Tanha Bentea Zaman RH- 117

    Tanha Bentea Zaman RH- 117

    Månad sedan

    I was about to comment wanting a vid about the creep show art situation but within 10 secs you acknowledged the situation hehe.

  60. Alia Borders

    Alia Borders

    Månad sedan

    I really hope he doesn’t accept Trisha back on the podcast. I wish people would stop making excuses for their bad behavior. Hope he just does the H3 podcast and scraps Frenemies all together. Trisha was never a good person and she never actually took accountability for anything she ever did wrong. Good riddance!

  61. charley mccreadie

    charley mccreadie

    Månad sedan

    ethans been misgendering trisha , that’s the only thing i’m against him on

  62. Cigdem Tuna

    Cigdem Tuna

    Månad sedan

    ik Trisha is in the wrong here but that still doesn't mean we should use the wrong pronouns, their pronouns are they/them and the comments are filled with people using the wrong ones

  63. Diana Acevedo

    Diana Acevedo

    Månad sedan

    Please talk about them, he’s been accused of getting physical with her AND THAT BEHAVIOR NEEDS TO BE UNKNOWLEDGE

  64. Study Buddy

    Study Buddy

    Månad sedan

    At one point every “star” has the public so much on their side that they think no matter what they do they’ll be seen as in the right forever, it’s the inevitable pride before the fall. Trisha had redeemed herself in the public eye, but that never made her the uncancellable champion of the people. She’s tumbling right back down to where she started.

  65. 3 3

    3 3

    Månad sedan

    I actually kinda prefer the h3 after dark

  66. joshua


    Månad sedan

    you kind of look like ashnikko

  67. Lila G

    Lila G

    Månad sedan

    Trisha needs to stfu already

  68. Natasa Filipovic

    Natasa Filipovic

    Månad sedan

    I literally cannot find creepshow’s channel on yt. What is going on with that?

  69. S D

    S D

    Månad sedan

    I don’t know why anyone still even listens to Trish. This might be a reach but I really think the drama big names like Gabby, Trish, Tana, etc even got drama channels doing what they want them to do. Talk about their “beef” and see how bad they can go just to get publicity. I bet you at this point there’s no “holding people accountable”. I’m starting to doubt half of what drama channels share anymore is even useful. In fact I think it might be backfiring and literally adding fuel to the flames. I don’t hate drama channels I mean I’m listening to one now. but after being a listener for a while this is just something I’m noticing. Another thing I kinda feel grossed out about is acting like someone’s political affiliation is right or wrong. I hate trump but the whole Ofra thing is a bit much (the way people are reacting to it). If we can’t allow people to freely express what they believe and have real discussions, we are only going to see more extreme views develop underground. So I don’t think going after people who are trump supporters does any good. Idk man I had to express these thoughts- even this channel is giving me an icky feeling in the way it is handling certain situations. Lmk if you feel differently

  70. Tyler WantsToBeACreator

    Tyler WantsToBeACreator

    Månad sedan

    Gibs was given the win thankfully. They said it was a human error

  71. Bethany Jane

    Bethany Jane

    Månad sedan

    Everyone misgendering Trish pls, correct yourselves

  72. Mortimer Jay

    Mortimer Jay

    Månad sedan


  73. zeb


    Månad sedan

    I'd like there to be someone else on frenemies. After Dark and Off The Rails has very much of a "yes man" energy and, I liked when Ethan was confronted by someone who wasn't there to appease him.

  74. Another Cool Blog Update !

    Another Cool Blog Update !

    Månad sedan

    This is why I've never been a fan of Trish, they've always been wishy washy about their opinions and their beliefs. It rubbed me weird that their fans would just ignore the blatant racism, homophobia, and ableism that Trish did just cuz they said "Oops sorry."

  75. Clarice Storari

    Clarice Storari

    Månad sedan

    It was was rigga moris girl, it was rigga moris There’s some Alyssa Edwards reference for y’all

  76. ava sisx

    ava sisx

    Månad sedan

    I don't think he can go back to frenemies with them anymore, they've gone too far. Any money they will make an apology video about how they were in self destructive mode

  77. Lenii Armstrong

    Lenii Armstrong

    Månad sedan

    Trisha probably thinks that they are always right since the gabbie and david stuff

  78. Vânia


    Månad sedan

    Hearing this again I just realized Tana's story doesn't make sense? If she and Jake were in the car, how did Catherine see the lipstick? The lipstick was in the car, she was facetiming them... I mean, I think there's enough proof austin is in fact a cheater but this one doesn't make sense now

  79. Tony Blas

    Tony Blas

    Månad sedan

    How old are you people ? Internet drama? How did I end up here .

  80. Your Lazy Homosexual69

    Your Lazy Homosexual69

    Månad sedan

    I was gunna ask if you were gunna post on the creepshow art situation. But thank you for addressing that

  81. Lizz Belle

    Lizz Belle

    Månad sedan

    Lindsay should dump Ryland and join Frenemies

  82. tallulah


    Månad sedan

    I still think frenemies will come back one day. We all act like the current drama is gunna last forever, but people get over it and i think ethan and trisha will reslove their issuss eventually. They have to their gunna be family

  83. bug soultis

    bug soultis

    Månad sedan

    if you haven’t seen emily artful video def check it out i legit wanted to cry every time she was choked up shannon use to be one of my fav youtubers and i am genuinely just so disappointed

  84. BellaxBTS


    Månad sedan

    With the amount of cheating scandals Austin has i wouldn’t be surprised ...

  85. FutureLaugh


    Månad sedan

    theres no story, shes a trashy huckster with no value for others unless it benefits herself

    • BellaxBTS


      Månad sedan

      They are *

  86. Karen Zuniga

    Karen Zuniga

    Månad sedan

    Austin is a shitty person, byrce is a shitty person, tana is a shitty person, trisha is a shitty person, and all these people are nasty as hell and clout is really a drug in LA or where they live. None of this is funny because only the kids suffer and how is it funny to victimize and humiliate a woman and a mom like that for? All this shit comes back so just wait

  87. TDCroissant Woods

    TDCroissant Woods

    Månad sedan

    Trish has always been like this, they have always been attacking people wifh no limits, they have always gone for people when their most vulnerable. Trish never deserved to be redeemed by their fans, because they were bound to attack someone again. Its just so happens that Trish chose Ethan

  88. Amy Gil

    Amy Gil

    Månad sedan

    I would 100% watch frenemies with a new host , I think the concept is really successful and would work with someone else

  89. Aliss Kumaye

    Aliss Kumaye

    Månad sedan

    Even on her 1st time on Ethans podcast she kept saying she was wet & horny & said she wanted a threesome with Ethan & Hila. I still remember how uncomfortable Hila looked & the shook on Ethans face.

  90. Weronika Michalek

    Weronika Michalek

    Månad sedan

    The fact is. I used to subscribe and follow creepshow art (Shannon) but even if certain allegations will be proven to be false. I’m still not gonna support her due to the other things she’s done and how terrible they are

  91. Will Bourner V

    Will Bourner V

    Månad sedan

    Trisha is not a nice person

  92. racheljisok


    Månad sedan

    Last time I checked threatening someone with violence on a large platform is illegal or at least morally dubious (cough, cough Corinna).

  93. Caroline quillian

    Caroline quillian

    Månad sedan

    the mcbrothers

  94. Renãte Lapa

    Renãte Lapa

    Månad sedan

    Ok hear me out. Frenemies but with Lizzie

  95. racheljisok


    Månad sedan

    Legitimately shook my head...

  96. Bai Linna

    Bai Linna

    Månad sedan

    Why is it that when I find a content creator I like, they are toxic or criminal or smth like that?? I guess I'll just stick to iNabber, Angelika and the smaller beauty channels.. No one else can be trusted 😪🙄

  97. Linn Svensdotter

    Linn Svensdotter

    Månad sedan

    Does tana think she’s funny? Cus ha ha?

  98. Matilda Mckinstry

    Matilda Mckinstry

    Månad sedan

    Trish used to talk about how many more OF subscribers she got every time it was mentioned on the pod. It doesn't add up at all. She's grasping at straws

  99. John Dimayuga

    John Dimayuga

    Månad sedan

    I honestly think she'll use her mental health as an excuse for her behavior after she gives up on her bs spree

  100. Gustav Lundh

    Gustav Lundh

    Månad sedan