How Creepshow Art DESTROYED her channel...

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This video is about Creepshow Art! Enjoy :)

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  1. Emily Rogers

    Emily Rogers

    25 dagar sedan

    i had subscribed to her fairly recently, a video of hers was recommended to me. After about two weeks i just unsubscribed because she gave me weird vibes- she was always talking about someone negatively, and she was always talking about being stalked or harassed or bullied etc; didn’t add up how many times it could happen to one singular person and how she was generally the common denominator

  2. cmptervgirl


    Månad sedan

    Great video, as always Angelika. I hope you, and everyone who has been involved with CPA personally heals from this.

  3. Kelsey Lovato

    Kelsey Lovato

    Månad sedan

    Maybe I’m wrong but I think I’ve seen her credit other artists before…. Don’t wanna say I’m 10000% sure but yeah…. And sorry just at the beginning of this video so no comment on other issues :x

  4. bakeee


    Månad sedan

    how the fuck do you speak that fast and for that long. jesus

  5. April Kurtz

    April Kurtz

    Månad sedan

    I'm so glad I'm an old artist. Not as much drama, we're too tired for it. Creepshow sounds like a psychopath, as does her boyfriend/whatever.

  6. origamipein18


    Månad sedan

    She only made up Amy to cover her tracks.

  7. jia malle

    jia malle

    Månad sedan

    By the way, that "anonymous gossip forum" has a big section dedicated to harassing random transgender women and allows/encourages their users to use transphobic slurs

  8. Jessica Rae

    Jessica Rae

    Månad sedan

    I came across that channel years ago and never watched because I got a weird vibe. I swear my jerk-meter is so spot on, stuff ALWAYS comes out abt ppl that weird me out, in real life and online both. Horrible that this person did all that, but glad my intuition is still on point and Angelika gives me nothing but good vibes lol

  9. The Talker.

    The Talker.

    Månad sedan

    She has the artist names in the of the right and left corners you need to know ware to look.

  10. BadFox016


    Månad sedan

    meanwhile, there is me who has so many videos about creepshow art in my recommended lately and has no idea who that is or what happened... XD

  11. Juju Barry

    Juju Barry

    Månad sedan

    u look beautiful

  12. Stacey M

    Stacey M

    Månad sedan

    Wow I really used to like creepshowart’s channel. I never subbed but I was going to. I’m glad I didn’t now so I can support some great artists on SE-one. I’m no artist myself but I like to watch other people do art and talk

  13. Miss Anthrope

    Miss Anthrope

    Månad sedan

    This completely hearts my heart. I hate that she's a giant trash barrel. Even her siblings are saying

  14. samantha cruz

    samantha cruz

    Månad sedan

    Lol so creepshow is basically real life gossip girl?

  15. Mono the rat

    Mono the rat

    Månad sedan

    Im very disappointed in shannon. Shannon must be put in jail with Andrew also

  16. China Raven

    China Raven

    Månad sedan

    Shannon AKA Creepshow Art, is also ableist. She made a video about Jameela Jamil, accusing her of faking her diagnosed condition, because Shannon didn't believe in it. It is a condition I have myself. Countless people were commenting saying that Shannon was being ableist and damaging, many of them fans of hers. Some fans were even accusing other sufferers of the condition, myself included, of being liars too. Shannon did nothing. I left a negative review on her Facebook page and she replied saying she didn't care as she barely used Facebook anyway so why should she bother to apologise. She was actively encouraging people to disbelieve vulnerable sufferers of this condition, and caused immeasurable harm to our community. The video was an attack on a disability. We kept telling Shannon she was endangering us but as she admitted, she didn't care. I just went to look for the review and replies and she has deleted her Facebook page.

  17. Lauren Christie

    Lauren Christie

    Månad sedan

    GIRRRL! I had to check my playback speed at times because you speak fast af! And I thought I talked fast. I have nothing on you. Btw, absolutely love your eyes. Very beautiful.

  18. Chloe Larsson

    Chloe Larsson

    Månad sedan

    At this point, I feel like she's going to disappear from the internet and make another youtube channel posing as someone new. I really can't trust it lol

  19. Ashley Maddison

    Ashley Maddison

    Månad sedan

    What a lunatic, all I can hope for is that she and her husband face real consequences.

  20. Gabriela Pimentel

    Gabriela Pimentel

    Månad sedan

    tysm for telling us the tea :) i needed it

  21. Hannah Smith

    Hannah Smith

    Månad sedan

    I honestly want to give Emily, RTG, and Peaches the biggest hug. I can't imagine going through what they've gone through. I hope both Shannon and Anthony are punished for what they have done. Calling them evil is an understatement imo Side note with a small correction: CreepShow has shown her own original art in her videos. However, whenever she has showcased other people's art, she has credited them/shown their name/provided links to their social media Edit for clarity: I should add she usually shows their name at the beginning of the video and at the end and I do believe she's also left their names/socials in the description. I'm gonna assume people didn't notice that/missed it because I used to watch her and I always noticed that. So

  22. PurrpleTiger 2

    PurrpleTiger 2

    Månad sedan

    Creepshow Art did do most of the speedpaints in her videos, she did make the art, but there was like I'd say 40% of her videos that featured other people's art & speedpaints because she wanted to get a video without drawing anything for it. Don't claim she stole *everything* it makes the true stuff you said look sus.

    • PurrpleTiger 2

      PurrpleTiger 2

      Månad sedan

      @Auburn Roane Yeah, it's important not to spread misinformation even if it's a reasonable mistake/overgeneralization. I'm glad this cleared things up for you! Hopefully others will see it or mention this too.

    • Auburn Roane

      Auburn Roane

      Månad sedan

      I thought that her not doing any of her art was weird, but with everything else, it wouldn't have been the worst thing she has done... Thanks for clearing things up though

  23. Allison Diaz

    Allison Diaz

    Månad sedan

    Thank you for summarizing the information because I’ve been hearing so much about this person lately but I had no idea what was going on. PS you look great in this video 🤩💕

  24. Athena Arrows

    Athena Arrows

    Månad sedan

    Something about your reaction talking about the DeAngelo part makes me suspect that Shannon might be a little right about some creators hating him behind the scenes. When you had your problem with Smókey glow he sided with her. He was friendly with you both so it makes me wonder if there might be a little resentment now. I dunno... Just a feeling. Ofcourse I could be wrong.

  25. Beatrice


    Månad sedan

    Just Commenting for the algorithm 💚

  26. Feline Dreamer

    Feline Dreamer

    Månad sedan

    Shannon's older videos did have HER own art, but after a while she started using videos of drawings fans sent to her, and yeah... the only credit she gives is the username at the beginning of the video (I don't remember if she kept the username through out the vid but I remember her putting it during the first mins).... which is kind of really... not good publicity because lets be honest a lot of people ARE lazy and don't want to look for the creators... WHY Shannon didn't leave the artists socials in the description is beyond me. I am only talking as someone who was a casual viewer (I stopped watching her when she got into the drama side of youtube) so I could be wrong with the credit. -The Hopeless Peaches situation WAS A WHOLE can of worms, you can watch Peaches video on the drama You can also watch a playlist created by Just a Robot about the whole situation: -For the Lolcow posts Omnia did a very good video about it I guess I will leave the links for everyones vids (I might be missing some forgive me) Emily Artful: nBURD (Shannon's editor): Smokey Glow: Repzilla: Ready to SpyV (she was part of the Peaches drama, a friend of peaches that wrote a document to explain why the complaints against peaches were BS):

  27. Leroy Jenkins

    Leroy Jenkins

    Månad sedan

    Jfc. This is why I've kept my distance from the "art community." People like this make me ashamed to be an artist. It kinda makes sense tho, looking at modern academia and art school indoctrination, that atmosphere promotes mental instability.

  28. Lovely2291


    Månad sedan

    The most hilarious thing about this is that her channel was supposed to be an art channel, but she didn't even do any of the art on it, like even the NAME was a lie.

  29. Khokoro


    Månad sedan

    Try watching this in 0.75x

  30. little lotus

    little lotus

    Månad sedan

    You know in a cynical kinda way it’s funny how Shannon tried to ruin Emily’s life but in the end she ended up ruining her own life to a certain extent

  31. Tiana Jordan

    Tiana Jordan

    Månad sedan

    bruh she always seemed super negative in her videos

  32. Zest Owl

    Zest Owl

    Månad sedan

    at this point im not surprised at all But i still don't get the point she quit her channel i guess mostly quit all social media and stuff yet the drama is still going okay many people have issues with her and all but now I'm seeing people who have 0 connection just ranting about it without even knowing half the issues well this will be going on for a while and will end and next year it will be worse

  33. natalia


    Månad sedan

    didn’t she also make a video about you?

  34. Reagan Wentworth

    Reagan Wentworth

    Månad sedan

    I was a hard core fan minds changed😔

  35. Reagan Wentworth

    Reagan Wentworth

    Månad sedan


  36. Random user with a random name

    Random user with a random name

    Månad sedan

    There's this youtuber... called Emzotic and she did the exact same thing, but I dont think she was relevant enough to get properly cancelled and also even the involved friends didn't want to publicly talk about it, so not many people found out (and she also wasn't as vile as to stalk someone for years). Then again, I think she was in an abusive relationship were they both sucked, so who knows...

  37. SillyRamen


    Månad sedan

    I just wish I was following her so I could add to her unfollow list lol

  38. Leanne Zackowski

    Leanne Zackowski

    Månad sedan

    Slow down your talking!

  39. Miranda McKown

    Miranda McKown

    Månad sedan

    she always gave me bad vibes…..glad that all of this is coming out now.

  40. Raven Storm

    Raven Storm

    Månad sedan

    Maybe it's because I'm half asleep but I feel like I'm watching this video in two times speed.

  41. Yumi


    Månad sedan

    I didn't watch any videos about this because you mentioned you'll make one and holy shit, you blew my mind from the beginning. I was 100% sure the drawings were hers cuz... That's her format... How are they not hers?! WOW



    Månad sedan

    I’ve noticed a change in you Angelika, a good one!! You seem so much warmer and ‘closer’ some how. Strange, but I can’t seem to put my finger on it exactly, but it’s definitely not my imagination. I liked you before, but you seem so much nicer (such a lame word, but there’s no other that will suffice)!! Well done saying this, in this video, and sticking with your friends. That’s how it should be!! As for that abomination throwing everyone under the bus…I hope it was worth it…those few minutes of satisfaction she got, versus the now endless expanse of literal solitude…nice one!! Good thinking Batman!! If I were her (actually, that’s a total impossibly as not a single thing she’s done is part of my makeup) ok, then: she needs to start some form of counselling and get to the root of where all this is coming from, because until she unpacks that Pandora’s box she is never going to get a moments peace, or get to have any real form of joy and love in her life…and that’s dreadful (putting aside the incalculable damage she’s done to her victims)!! What a God awful mess…and for what exactly?? Truly insane.

  43. Thundering Arts

    Thundering Arts

    Månad sedan

    When I watched this, she is down 123k subs... Thats insane...but what do you expect when you do something this bad?....

  44. Natalie Leyden

    Natalie Leyden

    Månad sedan

    She always gave me the ick I tried to watch her and every time I just couldn’t do it I got a bad vibe or aura from her

  45. Cristian Showman

    Cristian Showman

    Månad sedan

    The video starts at @2:08

  46. marisadaniela6


    Månad sedan

    You are so CUTE Angelika! Ok ready to listen

  47. Lyric


    Månad sedan

    the peaches situation bothered me even at the time. hopeless peaches has done quite a few things that are worth criticizing, but most of the people who were in this fight with her were around the same age. shannon was much, much older than all of them, so it just really struck me that she was getting into this extremely petty and public drama with a literal 19 year old. especially because some of the dms she showed weren't even damning of peaches or showing her in the best light. idk, that whole situation got 100x weirder when shannon got involved. also, again, extremely weird to be getting into this drama with someone years younger than you with hundreds of thousands less subs...

  48. humblecrab:D 03

    humblecrab:D 03

    Månad sedan

    this went from typical drama to seriously problematic to literal FELONIES. hello 🛎🛎threat to public safety if you're distributing CP from a woman you've been tailing and doxxing for 12 years

  49. Isabella


    Månad sedan

    One word comes to mind when looking at Shannon’s behavior. *jealousy* I hope all of the people she hurt can find healing. ❤️

  50. yikes_sin


    Månad sedan

    sometimes on her videos there would be creds in the corner for the artist

  51. Shadow Soulless

    Shadow Soulless

    Månad sedan

    2:08 to skip her cringey promo and have to hear her cringily say "let's get into the tea" 'tea' it's such a stupid term for gossip it doesn't disguise the fact that your gossiping You just think it's a cooler word for it.

  52. Simply Statistical

    Simply Statistical

    Månad sedan

    Dang she gets to celebrate 400K subs 1 week after 500K

  53. Ren


    Månad sedan

    we need to remember that while she was absolutely awful to her friends ect, there will also be neurodivergent people **cough cough me** who have hyperfocused and latched onto her as a youtube personality and are now incredibly hurt over the stuff shes done to others.

  54. Boo Bloom

    Boo Bloom

    Månad sedan

    Honestly I thought her awful personality just kinda showed in her videos... I usually click off Creep Shows videos about 5-10 mins in because her attitude and the way she talk has been foul from the get go so I'm not totally shocked that she IS a foul person.

  55. Isinha2004


    Månad sedan

    She is the impersonation of hipocrisy, honestly. All of what she said herself “was completely against what she stands for” was the SAMEE things that she posted on lolcow and the criminal acts she did all these years. Really disturbing, how someone can easily live a double life with opposite morals.

  56. Big Jim

    Big Jim

    Månad sedan

    God, I can't wait until your private chats come out and you're canceled. It will be so funny and is all but inevitable.

  57. Chill loser

    Chill loser

    Månad sedan

    See, THIS is drama that actually matters. I can't really find the energy to care about Dream cheating at Minecraft.

  58. Angel Baby

    Angel Baby

    Månad sedan

    I feel so distressed seeing this incident tbh. I felt so lied to, and I am, or was her fan.. I wish she isn’t this terrible person but unfortunately she is… and we all, including her victims have to live with this fact. I hope she repent and get help..

  59. Raptor Primal

    Raptor Primal

    Månad sedan

    She was destroyed the moment she started her entire channel. Because she's an awful human being. No matter how smart you are, if you are an awful person, one day everyone will some time find out. And they did. And she got what she deserves. Good

  60. Emmanuel


    Månad sedan

    C’mon yall… this was obviously going to happen in any moment, i always thought of her as really petty and entitled

  61. haylie k

    haylie k

    Månad sedan

    the creepshow art shit blows my mind

  62. Klaripp


    Månad sedan

    i used to be subscribed to creepshow but one day i realized she was angry all the time and it had a really negative energy(??

  63. Jazmine


    Månad sedan


  64. TiaB crochet with me

    TiaB crochet with me

    Månad sedan

    Have u ever tried talking slower ? When talking slower, your words will sound alot more clear.

  65. cakecrumb095


    Månad sedan

    Oh my gosh if the person I have mental health discussions with went around and said behind my back that I’m just a crybaby I’d feel so hurt. How cruel.

  66. batgirl_brunette


    Månad sedan

    She had the artists @ on the screen at all times if I remember correctly

  67. ayden !

    ayden !

    Månad sedan

    Creep show art is disgusting. imagine doing that to your close friends. CLOSE FRIENDS.

  68. IISammII


    Månad sedan

    Im watching this on like a 50inch TV and your eyes look BEAUTIFUL

  69. Lydia Anderson

    Lydia Anderson

    Månad sedan

    I hate the fact that I used to look up to Shannon.

  70. Catcula


    Månad sedan

    i cannot stop staring at ur inner corner highlight it looks so beautiful 😭

  71. uni-chama: 眠いちゃん

    uni-chama: 眠いちゃん

    Månad sedan

    About what you had said in the beginning, from what I recall, she *does* credit artists when she uses their art, while a lot of it is also drawn by her. I am not excusing her actions; I just thought it important to point out due to a possible misconception that she not only gossips harmfully about people she knows, but steals art as well. She credits artists in the beginning when it is not hers.

  72. faith


    Månad sedan

    i never expected you to talk ab creepshow om

  73. Nadi Alom

    Nadi Alom

    Månad sedan

    Silence is the loudest sound

  74. Levi Addict

    Levi Addict

    Månad sedan

    Does she still have a channel? I'm subscribed to someone called Creepshow art but I don't know if it's her, nobody hates on her in her videos I'm confused

    • Levi Addict

      Levi Addict

      Månad sedan

      @simplymagix3 Oh damn- I didn't know she had done all those things, when I discovered her channel, in her videos she actually seemed like a good person :/

    • simplymagix3


      Månad sedan

      @Levi Addict yeah, so basically she’s been exposed for being homophobic, transphobic, ableist, doxxing her own sister, helping her husband stalk Emily Artful for almost a decade, having cp of Emily, using cp as revenge p^^^, making Emily want to end her life, making Emily lose her job, threatening Emily’s children, manipulating multiple creators and manipulating her audience.

    • Levi Addict

      Levi Addict

      Månad sedan

      @simplymagix3 Can you sum up for me what she has done please? If you wish?

    • simplymagix3


      Månad sedan

      @Levi Addict on her recent video, most people are against her (there is a lot of spam comments and a few troll comments)

    • Levi Addict

      Levi Addict

      Månad sedan

      @simplymagix3 Well why isn't anybody talking about what she's done in the comment section of her videos? Did they forgive her?

  75. el li

    el li

    Månad sedan

    its obviously her abusive boyfreind forcing her to do it.

    • Athena Arrows

      Athena Arrows

      Månad sedan

      Hm... And why do you believe that?

  76. Charlie Greenland

    Charlie Greenland

    Månad sedan

    I do have to correct you. most of the art is hers and whenever she used other peoples art she did credit them. She would always say this is drawn by blank but most of the yard on her account is hers

  77. Gtg Michi

    Gtg Michi

    Månad sedan




    Månad sedan

    As an artist from a young age, the fact she made a drama channel and used art to cover up her just trash talking people is disgusting & if she did steal the art from small creators… gross

  79. Visszhang


    Månad sedan

    This chick did an amazing job breaking down *allegedly* (because I don’t wanna get her in any heat or whatever) how lolcow figured this all out

  80. Leilani Z

    Leilani Z

    Månad sedan

    I told you all she was a karen... I told you aaalll 😂

  81. your local Trickster God

    your local Trickster God

    Månad sedan

    I unsubscribed from Creepshow RIGHT before everything went down. I was watching less and less of her videos bc I just became scared to hear her tone of voice... damn, I'm ashamed I didn't really pay attention earlier.

  82. PlayDead


    Månad sedan

    Most of her speed paints in her videos are by her, idk where you got that info from, in her earlier videos from years ago she would use other peoples speed paints but that hasn’t happened in years

  83. Heather L

    Heather L

    Månad sedan

    You talk SOOOO fast! 😝 Literally had to check what the playback speed was 😂

  84. Holly K

    Holly K

    Månad sedan

    Finally confirmation that my bad feeling about CSA is accurate. Jealousy will eat you alive, and Shannon sought after it for a DECADE. Imagine lacking that much personal growth in the first place, never stopping yourself from tormenting others due to your own misery? Good riddance 🤚🏻

  85. mariuzzac


    Månad sedan

    Just for your information: In her videos of Last spring or even earlier I remember that she mentioned the artists behind the video. I believed through her storytelling that this fact changed since she was talking about 'her art' getting better after taking a couple of online classes. Soooo. What's good?

  86. Sarcasm


    Månad sedan

    It's so surprising because I thought she wouldn't do something like this. She's had people try to dox her and basically spread stuff that isn't true. And then she turns around and does something similar to Emily. I really hope Emily is okay, what creepshow did isn't okay at all.

  87. joanab


    Månad sedan

    Shannon did a horrible thing, something smelled fishy since she made the Amy video

  88. joanab


    Månad sedan

    Let's just take a moment to appreciate your amazing lashes 😍

  89. Georgie Rose

    Georgie Rose

    Månad sedan

    Demi Donnelly did the same on tattle! She pretended to be a user called Amber Wright who defended Demi and trashed other youtubers like Bamino Becky and Blaire Walnuts (her youtube BFF). Please mention this in a video as she’s suffered no consequences and blamed it on her brother 😭

  90. MrKoryMisun


    Månad sedan

    The only credit I'll give Shannon is that most of her videos with other peoples' speedpaints have an @FabulousArtist's name or a watermark saying how you can find them online. It's sometimes less opaque or in the corner where peoples' eyes wouldn't normally go but I would see them and search the artist once the video was over.

  91. Charlei Art

    Charlei Art

    Månad sedan

    I'm bummed out cuz I'm a huge fan of creepshow but it ALL make sense now.

  92. Frank.T Bunny

    Frank.T Bunny

    Månad sedan

    Could be worse. Some people still insist Keemstar is not a disgusting excuse of life. Also fuck your headphones you sell out. I need to get the fuck off SE-one

  93. Vera Holtmark van Dijkerhof

    Vera Holtmark van Dijkerhof

    Månad sedan

    i do think she mostly uses her own art but i have seen videos with different artstyles then the standard style. Or is the standard also not her?

    • anonymous user

      anonymous user

      Månad sedan

      No the standard style is hers but at some point she started including art from Fans or smaller channels i stopped watching her but in the videos I've seen she did give credit. But i haven't watched anything of her recently so idk if she stoped giving credit.

  94. Shelley J

    Shelley J

    Månad sedan

    U remember holly brown? She's done her video on what Shannon did to her 😏 terrible person

  95. Daniella


    Månad sedan

    I first heard about her years ago. She bullied one of my favourite asmrtists and said slanderous things about her and her children, leaving her fearing for her safety. Just not a great person lol

  96. Jason Gains

    Jason Gains

    Månad sedan

    This is why you DONT TRUTH ANYONE! It's so hard to do tho because you love these people....Sucks.

  97. Ana Maria

    Ana Maria

    Månad sedan

    WAIT IS HER CHANNEL DELETED??? I wanted to go unsubscribe, didn't watch her for a while now cause of the bad vibes and this disgusted me. But I can't find the channel to unsubscribe WTF

    • Ana Maria

      Ana Maria

      Månad sedan

      @brianna bless you, babes. Thanks! ❤

    • brianna


      Månad sedan

      Search up “creep show art” then filter to channels only. The icon of her account is a picture of her younger self.

  98. Bienvenue


    Månad sedan

    Well ONCE AGAIN no receipts, so I'm gone. Otherwise, it's exactly what you say: I can't verify it so I won't be speaking on it! 🤦 Unless it suits you Obviously. BTW, I'm screenrecording so you know.

    • anonymous user

      anonymous user

      Månad sedan

      Maybe you should stay longer than 5 seconds because she said she will provide links to videos with receipts because she doesn't want to have the views they deserve for telling their stories....yikes

  99. night scribbles

    night scribbles

    Månad sedan

    Please don't protect Rich Lux, hes one of the most hatefull, cruel people on this platform, the things he said about that homeless trans woman are so disgusting it made me cry and Im cis

  100. Andrew Remm

    Andrew Remm

    Månad sedan

    You need to stop saying it’s “impossible” fifty times. It’s highly improbable. People can be exceptionally talented and obviously not work for the fbi. The whole dark web is a thing lol While I think everyone is 99.9% sure it was Shannon, stop saying things are absolutely impossible as they are not impossible. You’re also opening up yourself for a lawsuit with such verbiage.