Gabbie Hanna is in BIG TROUBLE right now...

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This video is about Gabbie Hanna, Jessi Smiles, Def Noodles and more! Enjoy :)

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  1. Angelic


    Dag sedan

    (5:16) ☠☠☠

  2. bonfire


    4 dagar sedan

    8:37 brutal

  3. Anon. A

    Anon. A

    5 dagar sedan

    Angelika, I've liked your videos for a while and I know you need to make your money, but lately the percentage of time spent on your sponsorship plugs versus the actual drama coverage is pretty unbalanced. It really decreases the quality of your channel and I have noticed it over a few months now. I know some YTers put their sponsorships at the end of the video, and I think your content would be a lot better if you shot for something like that.

  4. lovepoet


    5 dagar sedan

    I just clicked onto this video and went WOW her hair looks great today and then scrolled down to see it was actually sponsored by a hair brand!!

  5. B Kavya

    B Kavya

    5 dagar sedan

    So you drama channels are really that desperate for money that you make stupid videos on people and not worry about how it's hurting or affecting them?

  6. cait xx

    cait xx

    6 dagar sedan

    gabbie needs help like no fucking joke. when you piece together all of what is currently known about gabbie to me it doesn't paint the picture of some hyper-intelligent mass-manipulator but rather a girl who has been clearly struggling with some untreated mental health issues for YEARS. when you put everything we know about gabbie together i won't lie, i do pity the girl. i don't honestly think she is capable of keeping herself safe at this point. this kind of behavior cannot be chalked up to something as simple as anxiety, depression, or ADHD. gabbie is in simple terms UNSTABLE and i truly hope someone in her life does something to help her. i don't think any person would choose to act like this and make these kinds of decisions over and over, something deeper is clearly at play and i honestly hope gabbie abandons the fucking internet and is able to figure out what exactly is going on with her so she can resolve it because i truly believe she is ill and it will cause the girl to suffer if it continues any longer.

  7. Rikititi


    7 dagar sedan

    You're using the wrong pronouns for Trisha. I don't like them either, I think they've done some terrible things and I don't support them as a creator. However I think it's very easy to respect someone's pronouns, no matter how much you dislike them as a person or disagree with their actions. It sets a precedent for how we treat all queer people.

  8. megan


    7 dagar sedan

    i loved the way function of beauty made my hair feel but I changed my formula my second round and i had a terrible allergic reaction and had to go to quick care and get a shot to stop it 😭

  9. Celene Mendez

    Celene Mendez

    7 dagar sedan

    I think that Buzzzfeed writer is not a good one even prior to the article.

  10. Fariha Karim

    Fariha Karim

    7 dagar sedan

    Starts at 5:50

  11. Dorel Avi

    Dorel Avi

    8 dagar sedan


  12. Charmynox


    9 dagar sedan

    Did Trisha go back to using she/her pronouns? I genuinely only know what is going on with all these people thanks to Angelika's videos and I haven't heard her say there was an update on how Trisha wanted to be referred to.

  13. Hanaa I. Sanji

    Hanaa I. Sanji

    9 dagar sedan

    You could do videos on random things and thoughts and I would totally watch it please do it you have a great way of talking

  14. Hi I’m Jai

    Hi I’m Jai

    9 dagar sedan

    Cartier bracelet!

  15. GirlDamn


    9 dagar sedan

    I love function of beauty but I had to cancel my subscription because $50 is just sooooo much. I loved it though, it helped my scalp so much

  16. Douglas Wild

    Douglas Wild

    9 dagar sedan

    Gabbie needs to just GO AWAY!! She had taken ZERO accountability for ANYTHING she’s done! Everyone has had the receipts to PROVE how mean, rude and unprofessional she has been. Not to mention the LIES she has tried to promote. I cant see why anyone would want to follow or show any interest in anything she does going forward. What comes around goes around and there are consequences for your actions! Bye Gabbie!

  17. Allyson Engle

    Allyson Engle

    9 dagar sedan

    EI don't know why any of the commentary channels keep on making her relevant by posting video after video about her. For a bitch like Gabbie, bad or negative attention is still attention. It still gets her views. I watched a video of her recently when she was talking about her experience with, and she said in the beginning, according to Google Analytics, 50% of views come from non-subscribed viewers, why do you want to be a part of that statistic. What that tells me is half of her views come from people who aren't subscribed to her but hear about the tea and then view the video. Really, it's just advertising for her. Like when she posted her singing in the bathtub video, people posted about it right away and you know that she got views from the tea being spilled about someone singing in the bathtub or shower, she loves the negative attention. It's singing in the tub for goodness sake, it shouldn't be seen as tea that GH is singing in the tub, everyday occurrence for people, but it's somehow tea, because she's clearly still relevant if people are commenting on something so mundane. Quit giving her attention and views. Quit making her relevant. If she's so irrelevant, then stop talking about her.

  18. Kortni Johnson

    Kortni Johnson

    10 dagar sedan

    Also can we talk about how this woman is 30 years old?? She was 28 during the filming of the show and acting like that lol how embarrassing for her

  19. Emilia Bryce

    Emilia Bryce

    10 dagar sedan

    Gabby and Trisha are the same, they are both awful and trade being wrong in their own issues and are always in the wrong when it’s against someone else but try to manipulate the truth.

  20. DizzleDazzle


    10 dagar sedan

    Gh thinks she is so creative, clever and above many...she has effectively cut off her own nose to spite her face.

  21. Malou Masereel

    Malou Masereel

    10 dagar sedan

    12:05 - Gabbie calls her the sea world

  22. Mama MUA

    Mama MUA

    10 dagar sedan

    I saw more Ads than content. Not really any new tea either, don’t bother.

  23. Ophaniel


    10 dagar sedan

    There is only ONE word to describe Gabbie Hanna : KAREN All is said... Too bad some of her music is kinda good, but I gonna have to remove their song from my spotify ....

  24. Hippo


    10 dagar sedan

    Why are people surprised by buzzfeeds article?? Buzzfeed is a joke of a “news” network they don’t do real journalism hahahah!

  25. Se Nile

    Se Nile

    10 dagar sedan

    12:00 ok ja - plus arm, hand gesticulations - Vow ja ja ja 🐘

  26. Mariam Abdelhadi

    Mariam Abdelhadi

    10 dagar sedan

    Ad ends at 03:40 !

  27. Tread Softly

    Tread Softly

    10 dagar sedan

    I guess she thinks that a diagnosis is an excuse, now that she has this diagnosis, that forgives her for all of her horrible actions. Everyone is trying to tell her it's not like that. She still has to take responsibility for what she did. Because we are all a little ADHD. And everyone knows that we ALWAYS take responsibility for ALL of our actions. lol. That's probably what she's so pissed off about, but honestly it's a losing battle. She'd probably be a little happier if she just gave up on everyone else and focused on taking a little responsibility for herself.

  28. 5515allie


    10 dagar sedan

    I NEED MY TEA love you angelika

  29. Reannon P

    Reannon P

    10 dagar sedan

    It's hilarious how she just blocks her "haters" and all of a sudden wants off the internet. She'll be back when her music doesn't take off how she wants.

  30. Kaylanie Velez

    Kaylanie Velez

    10 dagar sedan

    It’s crazy how def noodles gets suspended but not ppl like gh or Trisha. Who use their platforms to basically try and bully ppl or send their fans after ppl 😭 def noodles reports the tea.

  31. Sandra Marie

    Sandra Marie

    10 dagar sedan

    just a reminder to please respect people’s pronouns even if you do not like them.

  32. Andreas Schaeflein

    Andreas Schaeflein

    10 dagar sedan

    You tea channels choose the most random hills to die on

  33. Sam Tilden

    Sam Tilden

    10 dagar sedan


  34. Grace A

    Grace A

    10 dagar sedan

    If Rosana Pansino is speaking on drama then you know it's real

  35. Allyson Engle

    Allyson Engle

    10 dagar sedan

    If you post about her again, she better have done something heinous a day or two before you posted or I'm unsubscribing. No one wants to hear about her! This was clickbait. Gabbie's in trouble over stuff that's happened now a freaking month ago. Yeah she's been in trouble for 8 years. When is she not? I hate click bait titles. And you know if you post a video with a title, "Gabbie's in Trouble," even over stuff that happened a month ago, people are going to be irritated that it was just click bait and going over months, years old stuff. Her series was like a month ago, get over it already. If you can't, you need a therapist. SE-one is not therapy. We are not your therapist's couch.

  36. Sea Gem

    Sea Gem

    10 dagar sedan

    I'm not defending Gabbie here, this is about 7:50-8:02. You can know people are talking badly about you even if they don't mention your name. It doesn't speak volumes about who you are as a person, that's just deductive reasoning. No one mentioned anything negative about anyone else on the show, just Gabbie, of course she would assume the other vague comments were about her. That idea that if you assume accurately that people are talking badly about you means it's automatically true can be a really dangerous concept. It was accurate in Gabbie's case, especially because there was evidence to show she was in the wrong, but this kind of thinking can really mess with people who are going through bullying and dealing with rumors, well poisoning, actual narcissistic abuse, so I just wanted to put that out there. Knowing someone is talking about you does not automatically mean what they're saying is true.

  37. Sonia Khansa

    Sonia Khansa

    10 dagar sedan

    when isnt she in trouble

  38. Meriem Hamidi

    Meriem Hamidi

    10 dagar sedan

    What frustrates me the most is although mental health problems are very serious, it seems as though she's not even trying to get better just so she can Continue using it as an excuse every chance she gets. Also its concerning to see that she's got younger siblings who consider her a role model and this is the behaviour they're being exposed to

  39. The homosexual agenda

    The homosexual agenda

    10 dagar sedan

    Love you but please use trishas preferred pronouns (they/them) xx

    • The homosexual agenda

      The homosexual agenda

      10 dagar sedan

      @Lizzy Marie oo, someone’s a little bit moody aren’t they. Respect people wishes. As much as you might not understand or like things, respect is literally common decency. Trisha had done a lot of things but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve common respect. Everyone does

    • Lizzy Marie

      Lizzy Marie

      10 dagar sedan

      People like you and Trisha paytas need to grow up

  40. jacob frost

    jacob frost

    10 dagar sedan

    OK you're just obsess at that point. Stop making those trash videos.

  41. ayanamie ivrashnovaa

    ayanamie ivrashnovaa

    10 dagar sedan

    The shampoo ad was so long i had to read the tittle again because I thought I accidentally clicked a shampoo explanation xD

  42. insomnia-city


    10 dagar sedan

    I dont understand why yall keep posting about this girl, except for views. You are giving her relevance when she clearly doesnt deserve it. Nobody cares about her, be the bigger person.

  43. shaunajrafferty


    10 dagar sedan

    I do find we’re taken for mugs a little bit with some of your videos. This exact title is just interchanged with the same 4/5 SE-oners’ names depending on the week or month. The content we are here for is inconveniently tucked away at the end after half a dozen mid-rolls, and mind-numbing tales of terrible TikTokers barely anyone even knows. Every story could be easily shortened to ~45 seconds making a rapid 10 minute watch, for you “drama channels” to milk these minuscule moments of influencers being their horrible selves for half an hour…you are rinsing us of our time and draining us of our interest.

  44. Rainy Midnight

    Rainy Midnight

    11 dagar sedan

    the actual video starts at 3:43

  45. CamRae


    11 dagar sedan

    - Gabbie is wrong for the Oscar situation 100% -Ricegum making fun of her appearance and making up lies along with the drama is dumb -Gabbie Hanna originally claiming he gave her bruises was wrong -Angelica tryna start shit with Gabbie just because she did not know who the girl in that e girl photo when Gabbie complimented her in the photo was is absolutely dumb -Gabbie’s threat in discord with lawsuits is wrong in her part -Gabbie tryna always use ADHD as an excuse for her wrongdoings is so wrong -Gabbie was right in the fact that Trisha was lying this whole time -However Gabbie lying about Trisha having “herpes” was so weird? Like wtf -Gabbie’s behaviour on the set of Escape the Night was so wrong -Gabbie’s response to that following was so dumb -Gabbie Hanna defending Jessi’s rapist, Curtis Lepore is disgusting -The way Jesus Smiles was treated through this drama was so wrong -Gabbie demanding public apologies for her own screwups is stupid -Gabbie overreacting just because DomTheBomb said in a video that she’s not his type was ridiculous as In conclusion, Gabbie, Trisha, Angelica, Curtis and Ricegum are all to blame and need to just shut the fuck up and be held accountable just as equally for their dumb shit Rachel, Joey, Daniel, Jessi, Dom and Oscar are innocent in their part and didn’t deserve the drama they were dragged in The herpes situation is 100% understandable on why Trisha was pissed. THIS only problem she is not at fault for Both you Angelika and Gabbie just love starting petty shit out of nowhere

  46. Sammy Trout

    Sammy Trout

    11 dagar sedan

    Also the fact that Joey is like the LEAST problematic SE-oner and he had to come out and talk about it! You know you did yourself dirty

  47. AyaYuuna


    11 dagar sedan

    gosh you sound so much better! i hope you’re feeling better too!! drink lots of water and take care of yourself (: 💕💕

  48. Kylie Eileen

    Kylie Eileen

    11 dagar sedan

    Girl why you look so hot today

    • Kylie Eileen

      Kylie Eileen

      11 dagar sedan

      It’s ur eyebrows. They are perfect

  49. T


    11 dagar sedan

    Your hair and makeup looks extra amazing in this video btw

  50. cinnamoroll


    11 dagar sedan

    watching her videos after working all day and being so tired it’s so relaxing this and emma chamberlains podcast🤌🏼🤌🏼🤌🏼🤌🏼

  51. LaserCutie


    11 dagar sedan

    I click thumb up in the first second just because of the glam you serve

  52. なったん


    11 dagar sedan

    3:43 :)

  53. Katie Hague

    Katie Hague

    11 dagar sedan

    Me pp

  54. Fadalerab Rasool

    Fadalerab Rasool

    11 dagar sedan

    I love angelikas accent its perfect in talking about her worst enemies

  55. Fadalerab Rasool

    Fadalerab Rasool

    11 dagar sedan

    Lol funny how all the people qho cant stand gabbie now got the dirt on her seeing her being crumbled in her own lies and delusion

  56. Nibb


    11 dagar sedan

    Bruh this girl just rambles to cover the gaps in the actual story. It's like... CreepshowArt level of reporting drama.

  57. Sya Nazli

    Sya Nazli

    11 dagar sedan

    and the worst part is that gabbie is gaining so much from her monetized videos even if she lost subscribers

  58. Megan


    11 dagar sedan

  59. Olive


    11 dagar sedan

    3:43 it starts

  60. Maggie Miller

    Maggie Miller

    11 dagar sedan

    Hi, y'all!

  61. Larissa Sblvsk

    Larissa Sblvsk

    11 dagar sedan

    Just checked if I for some reason was still subscribed to GH and she literally posted a video 2h after Angelikas. I swear! 😀😀😀

  62. olivia c

    olivia c

    11 dagar sedan

    i genuinely can’t wait to never hear about gabbie hanna again lol i’m so over her

  63. CutieBigBooty


    11 dagar sedan

    The Patreon post from 13:36 - 13:53 made me want to SCREAM. Literally GH's two personas are 1. a victim of "abuse" in every fucking human interaction she's ever had, and 2. someone who is "too happy" and "too unbothered" to be caught up in scandals and drama, and she literally exhibited both within 15 seconds. She really thinks we don't see through her utter bullshit? BITCH BYE.

  64. It's Romi

    It's Romi

    11 dagar sedan

    At least she is consistent in being an absolute trash human being at all times to all people ?? That's the only positive I can give her sorry

  65. C0sm1c Wavvy

    C0sm1c Wavvy

    11 dagar sedan

    holy shit, the amount of people shitting on Gabbi is insane. Honestly, she is the victim in this situation, seeing that the start of this is a honest mistake. Plus, the fact that you agree with Oles is egging her on to make more videos on Gabbi, which forces rabbit to make a response and a chain of harassment on the family continues. She might have gone too far demanding an apology for the family and herself, but at this point y'all are just slandering her. Its just sad. (Why did I care enough to write this-)

  66. dominick lucido

    dominick lucido

    11 dagar sedan

    Listening to the 3 hour call was like a Lord of the Rings Novel. I laughed. I cried. I feel like we had a journey here

  67. Genevieve Crawford

    Genevieve Crawford

    11 dagar sedan

    Just came to see this after she posted her “I learned nothing” description… this girl’s grasping for relevance at this point

  68. Deletedxx


    11 dagar sedan

    gabbie hanna posted a new video in the bathtub, honestly really triggering it was talking about suicide

  69. Allison McDonald

    Allison McDonald

    11 dagar sedan


  70. princess ali

    princess ali

    11 dagar sedan

    you always look stunning but i am OBSESSED with this eye look !

  71. Charlotte Pini

    Charlotte Pini

    11 dagar sedan

    “Escape the night and it’s producers are ruining my career” girly, you’re ruining your own career

  72. Morgan Kolic

    Morgan Kolic

    11 dagar sedan

    i had zero idea what escape the night was before all of this 💀

    • Morgan Kolic

      Morgan Kolic

      11 dagar sedan

      and that is not a compliment to gabbi i promise

  73. Maze


    11 dagar sedan

    You look gorgeous Angelika!

  74. Elizabeth Burke/Brianna

    Elizabeth Burke/Brianna

    11 dagar sedan

    Your hair really does look good tho

  75. Elizabeth Burke/Brianna

    Elizabeth Burke/Brianna

    11 dagar sedan


  76. Jelighted


    11 dagar sedan

    I've been hearing horror stories of function shampoo & conditioner. 👀

  77. Kim


    11 dagar sedan

    damn I was excited for the long video but it's like 5 minutes of sponsorship 😭

  78. Morgan Alexander

    Morgan Alexander

    11 dagar sedan

    Thanks to Gabbie, Curtis thinks he has a leg to stand on. He's been posting alot of things defending himself and it's absolutely disgusting. I feel so bad for Jessi.

  79. Khadija Salem

    Khadija Salem

    11 dagar sedan

    Happy Eid Muslims 🙏🏻🌹

  80. sunci


    11 dagar sedan

    the way your hair is always shiny 😍

  81. alex mcdonald

    alex mcdonald

    11 dagar sedan

    was that a 3 minute ad?

  82. Vidi Neutron

    Vidi Neutron

    11 dagar sedan

    I pray for everyone to never ever stumble upon gh-like people in our lives

  83. Jack Tompsett

    Jack Tompsett

    11 dagar sedan

    I’m bored of Gabbi Hanna news

  84. Mae S

    Mae S

    11 dagar sedan

    your hair looks nice but you lost after 3 mins

  85. Brett D

    Brett D

    11 dagar sedan

    I believe the SE-oner that came forward to be killed off was Justine. She’s been on yt forever (like Daniel says) and J is drama free - she’s the iPhone girl who’s besties with Rosanna (the cupcake girl) who’s adorable and bubbly. The fact that they’ve said this, speaks volumes. The fact that Tana was more professional also speaks volumes. I also think she learned big from the Tanacon debacle. I guess her, Justine, Ro, Colleen, Daniel and Joey are all added to the high school fucking bullies to gh’s list.

    • Tristan Rapin

      Tristan Rapin

      10 dagar sedan

      this is what i was thinking as well!!!

  86. Kate


    11 dagar sedan

    Gabbie talking sh!t and lying about people who have platforms and proof to easily debunk her lies is giving T***p spewing bs and lies and then turning around and denying everything, even though there’s video proof. Narcissistic tendencies.

  87. Mint Velvet

    Mint Velvet

    11 dagar sedan

    But if Gabbie goes away then what will helloleech have to talk about obsessively multiple times a week for hours on end while her fan base enables her toxic unhealthy behavior much like Gabbie’s fans?

  88. Kanaal_Z


    11 dagar sedan

    Tbh, I laugh when a dramatic SE-oner says they will leave SE-one, like they will be back for sure.

  89. MLO


    11 dagar sedan

    ALWAYS the victim! *smh*

  90. Heidi Hensley

    Heidi Hensley

    11 dagar sedan

    This video is a commercial lmao

  91. soft n sorry

    soft n sorry

    11 dagar sedan

    3:42 skip the intro + ad

  92. Ashley Roberts

    Ashley Roberts

    11 dagar sedan

    bro literally free an hour after this gabbie posted a video 💀

  93. Eri


    11 dagar sedan

    this hairstyle looks really pretty on you!!

  94. word up

    word up

    11 dagar sedan

    i'm glad she gets the sponsors out of the way in the beginning of the video

  95. Joseph Portman

    Joseph Portman

    11 dagar sedan

    This tea is so cold

  96. Riley Madison

    Riley Madison

    11 dagar sedan

    So, I'm assuming from her latest video description that she's still going to be releasing the rest of her series. She really hasn't learned anything. She won't be satisfied until she's burnt every last bit of her reputation and "career" to the ground. Nothing she says holds any water at all and no-one will ever want to work with her demonic ass again. Good luck to her finding a job in the real world because, judging from her video returning to the pizza shop she worked at, her work ethic leaves a lot to be desired and she treats people like shit.

  97. Kelli Crockett Art

    Kelli Crockett Art

    11 dagar sedan

    Wait I thought Trisha pronouns were they/them? Did they change? I'm out of the loop

  98. Morgiana Sartre

    Morgiana Sartre

    11 dagar sedan

    Sorry but "clean" beauty is not a regulated term in any way, parabens are not bad and nobody puts "toxins" in their products. The wording there was... bad.

  99. faelunir


    11 dagar sedan

    The title of this video reminds me of what my mom says when one of my siblings throw a party without asking.

  100. nibber .nuggie

    nibber .nuggie

    11 dagar sedan

    Istg this woman is so desperate to trend on twitter and forcing her adhdh card... Why can't we cancel her like Shane and James a