Angelika Oles

Angelika Oles



  1. Andrea Kohlenberger

    Andrea Kohlenberger

    21 timme sedan

    I don't even know what GH is trying to achieve ?? I am so lost.

  2. beauty and the britt

    beauty and the britt

    21 timme sedan

    Also Jesses song she made is so fun and catchy- she could’ve made more if she wanted to, she chose not to.

  3. Alexandra N

    Alexandra N

    21 timme sedan

    8:07 Their vine group talks sht about Jessie(she's a clout chaser and she's lying about a rape) while being friends to her face and still Jessie is the mean girl in the situation?

  4. QuarianQueen


    21 timme sedan

    I literally can't with Gannie anymore. All the lies and hypocrisy. Jessie would hit on and kiss guys she liked and omg it's so mean and terrible you guys but this same woman made a video saying how she stole her best friends ex and even planned to sleep with him is just 1) hypocritical and 2) are you best friends or dont know each other that well 🧐

  5. Gracie Garcia

    Gracie Garcia

    21 timme sedan


  6. Whytho2006


    21 timme sedan

    I can't believe I used to be a fan of him I honestly feel embarrassed

  7. naga sai

    naga sai

    21 timme sedan


  8. tegan stokes

    tegan stokes

    21 timme sedan

    Thank you for watching GH because I really didn't want too 😍❤

  9. Cassidy Morgan

    Cassidy Morgan

    21 timme sedan

    Funny how she can live with Jessi Smiles, but be "not that close," but her and Trisha have seemingly never spend any true in person time together, but they're best friends.

  10. Nina C.

    Nina C.

    22 timmar sedan

    I can’t believe she even posted another video about Jessie. She’s so stupid.

    • Nina C.

      Nina C.

      21 timme sedan

      And no comments or ratings. What a coward bro

  11. L K

    L K

    22 timmar sedan

    She is just on drawgs 🙄 there is no other explanation

  12. Valeria Marin

    Valeria Marin

    22 timmar sedan


  13. lucca rautenbach

    lucca rautenbach

    22 timmar sedan

    If I was Jess I would file a cease and desist

  14. darkprince56


    22 timmar sedan

    That rocking she does back-and-forth drives me up a wall… I don’t know if it’s something she does on purpose to blame it on her ADHD but I wouldn’t put it past her.

  15. Madison Buechter

    Madison Buechter

    22 timmar sedan

    you’re doing the lords work

  16. pasteljunkie


    23 timmar sedan


    • pasteljunkie


      22 timmar sedan

      @Byakuya's Main Bitchlet why thank you! i love you profile pic and your name! i love byakuya!

    • Byakuya's Main Bitchlet

      Byakuya's Main Bitchlet

      22 timmar sedan

      I love your profile pic! Natsuki is the best!!

  17. R Llama

    R Llama

    23 timmar sedan

    I will watch your videos instead of GH anytime you post. I don't want to give her even ONE view. At this point she has lost the plot even when she had any.

  18. Lucy Whipple

    Lucy Whipple

    23 timmar sedan

    I think we all need to collectively just stop paying attention to her. Unfollow her, unsubscribe, don’t watch her “series”. What will she do then? She claims that this series is to just help her work through her “trauma” but why post it to the internet? She wants validation along with attention, good or bad. She feeds off of it. It’s concerning and it would be best if everyone just forgot about her.

  19. Micah Greenwood

    Micah Greenwood

    23 timmar sedan

    Love you!

  20. José María E

    José María E

    23 timmar sedan

    "inconic".... "infamous"? lol

  21. Amanda Marshall

    Amanda Marshall

    23 timmar sedan

    She lost her record deal because she can't sing!

  22. Jaira Westwell

    Jaira Westwell

    23 timmar sedan


  23. tayler !

    tayler !

    23 timmar sedan

    gh repeatedly trying to excuse her defending and hearing out c*rit by saying she and jessie weren't even friends has never sat right with me. even if they weren't friends, that's no excuse to try to hear out a convicted r*pist. she's deflecting so hard all the time and it just makes her look worse and worse.

  24. king princess69

    king princess69

    23 timmar sedan

    idk I think you should just leave her alone. Like everyone is over her saying how much they dislike her…so why don’t you just stop talking about her? Instead of perpetuating all of this? Seems backwards

  25. I Might Be Sha

    I Might Be Sha

    23 timmar sedan

    I love you in that shirt dude.. super cute

  26. Valdi


    23 timmar sedan

    what GH doesn’t realise is that by interacting with situations she has no business in, she is ultimately the one ruining her own life.

  27. amanda l

    amanda l

    Dag sedan

    i appreciate your video covering this recent GH upload. thank you for pushing thru ick for us!!!

  28. Daily Reads

    Daily Reads

    Dag sedan

    I think both of these grown women taking pot shots at each other on the internet are weird. They’re both in their 30s aren’t they?

  29. Mckenzie Walsh

    Mckenzie Walsh

    Dag sedan


  30. Elizabeth Kelley

    Elizabeth Kelley

    Dag sedan

    I wonder if she’ll ever realize that, even after all the crazy lengths she goes to, she’ll never “win”

  31. SisOfGlitz


    Dag sedan

    omg jessie's pregnant. gh needs to just let it go. g is just causing so must distress for no reason at this point

  32. Andrea Smirle

    Andrea Smirle

    Dag sedan

    take a deep breath, you are going to be okay xoxo

  33. Genevieve R

    Genevieve R

    Dag sedan

    Another one

  34. emmaloser642


    Dag sedan

    Love your content. But I will say. You speak so so so fast and it’s sometimes hard to follow you! I have a learning disability and you’re quite fast!

  35. Dene Gwynn

    Dene Gwynn

    Dag sedan

    Honestly sounds like they both suck

  36. Caroline Crisanto

    Caroline Crisanto

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  37. Loren Elizabeth

    Loren Elizabeth

    Dag sedan

    i think she forgets how vine was (like how tik tok is now). alx and curtis made money “living together” for that short period of time. they were paid to make content the whole time.

  38. Snakepoison87


    Dag sedan


  39. Naughty Nurse

    Naughty Nurse

    Dag sedan

    All I could say during Gabby’s whole video was “Who cares!?!” I don’t understand why she thinks she needs to prove that Jessie should be mad at Alex. It’s not relevant. She’s trying to justify her behavior by making someone else look bad. This was just pathetic and destructive. I don’t know who’s buying this bull shit!! Turns the comments off so nobody can tell her that’s she’s just trying to feed us crap! Someone needs to help her. I truly think this is genuinely a toxic person about to implode. It’s past the point of entertainment. I don’t think this is trolling anymore. I think she believes her own lies.

  40. Betssy Lopez

    Betssy Lopez

    Dag sedan

    when you’re interested in the drama but don’t wanna give gh views lmao appreciate you

  41. Clorox bleach

    Clorox bleach

    Dag sedan

    Somebody call child protective services

  42. mental health vents

    mental health vents

    Dag sedan

    Why did she have to return 🤦‍♀️

  43. Space CowGirl

    Space CowGirl

    Dag sedan

    “Which. One. Is. It?”

  44. Erin Bannon

    Erin Bannon

    Dag sedan

    Watching ads so you cant get a Cartier braceclet❤❤

  45. Melissa B

    Melissa B

    Dag sedan

    At this point she just keeps staying in her own head believing her own story and wondering wtf went wrong even if EVERYONE tells her what she did. Like Jessi telling her to stop bringing up her trauma and what does she do again? The exact thing she was asked to stop doing for the millionth time. Smh

  46. Abbie Lee

    Abbie Lee

    Dag sedan

    I’m exhausted trying to keep up with all this bullshit, I can’t imagine how tired Jessi is... she needs to just leave her alone and let her enjoy her pregnancy and family!

  47. Simeran Singh

    Simeran Singh

    Dag sedan

    It’s weird how GH says that Jessi had no friends but now all of SE-one is backing Jessi and GH is literally only friends with her boyfriend and cat

  48. Maria


    Dag sedan


  49. Cait Sayer

    Cait Sayer

    Dag sedan

    she's either manic or high as hell. if she's claiming to be ADHD, which I can kind of see (I have it), I know some medications can make you manic if you also have bipolar. I don't even know if she's on meds lol, but imo it probably wouldn't hurt to give them a go at this point.

  50. DCBobbles Vlogs

    DCBobbles Vlogs

    Dag sedan

    yes queen here’s a good ol comment for engagment

  51. Kelly Blandón

    Kelly Blandón

    Dag sedan


  52. GMM


    Dag sedan

    Engagement bc I’m glad you’re still physically well after inhaling trash for us ✊🏽😔♥️✨

  53. cowabunga


    Dag sedan

    you act like this is a bad thing, but secretly inside you know without any drama you won’t get a paycheck. You NEED internet drama to exist. If there was no one popular in a scandal, wtf would you do? You secretly love the drama and you love how lives are being ruined because you know it just means more coin for you.

    • Ruby


      Dag sedan

      Ma’am this is a Wendy’s

  54. beauty and the britt

    beauty and the britt

    Dag sedan

    Thanks for watching it all so I don’t have to click 😇

  55. Staci Renee

    Staci Renee

    Dag sedan

    I have a male cousin who behaves just like GH. He wants my attention whether it’s good or bad…he just wants me to engage with him. What I have done is completely ignore him. I don’t speak to him. If he tries to speak to me I act like I don’t hear him. I act like I don’t see him. He’s a ghost. It’s driving him insane. That works for me!

  56. A I

    A I

    Dag sedan

    It's not a conspiracy. You just post your tea videos crazy late so you always have to play catch up.

  57. DreamyAly


    Dag sedan

    i’m glad commentary channels exist i can’t stand watching GHs videos shes unbearable 😭😂 so i need to know what’s happening but i can’t fu**ing watch

  58. Ari Maggio

    Ari Maggio

    Dag sedan

    Commenting for engagement, I wish all of you to have clear glowing skin🌹

  59. Grace R

    Grace R

    Dag sedan

    So I watched the video before yours and I’m very confused did we watch the same video?

  60. Marta Mamelska

    Marta Mamelska

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  61. Elisa G

    Elisa G

    Dag sedan

    Dropping a comment so the algorithm can get Angelika her Cartier bracelet

  62. Carter Blake

    Carter Blake

    Dag sedan

    “i was her only friend, but we weren’t close friends at all”

  63. caffeinated capricorn

    caffeinated capricorn

    Dag sedan

    love you angelika!!

  64. Michelle Preuss

    Michelle Preuss

    Dag sedan

    I think she has Jessie and Trisha mixed up maybe she should put her glasses on

  65. FromtheGround


    Dag sedan

    Honestly, Angelika, idk how you do it. I couldn't sit through the first minute of Gabbie's most recent video.

  66. Belle Okoye

    Belle Okoye

    Dag sedan

    i think she’s obsessed enough with Angelika to be posting right after her, she name drops her all the time for no reason

  67. ivy png

    ivy png

    Dag sedan

    commenting for engagement but alsooooo angelika the way you do your lashes is beautiful! do you wear extensions or just mascara? o: either way still gorgeous! luv u xx

  68. Eseose A

    Eseose A

    Dag sedan

    Commenting cause Angelika suffers to Gabbies videos to spare us

  69. Emi Solis

    Emi Solis

    Dag sedan

    Why do people talk shit about commentary channels (specifically Angelica) when they willing watch peoples content I want to know about but don’t want to watch?

  70. Misha


    Dag sedan

    Oh please, she never had any record deal...

  71. Johnny Angel

    Johnny Angel

    Dag sedan

    Angelika how did you have time to upload when you were busy spearheading a Hate & Slander campaign?

    • Johnny Angel

      Johnny Angel

      Dag sedan

      THIS IS A JOKE BTW 💀💀💀

  72. Txri


    Dag sedan

    GH needs to leave Jessi alone :( let her live and enjoy her pregnancy

  73. A mess called Maci

    A mess called Maci

    Dag sedan

    My favorite part of the video was phoebe chiming in at the end

  74. kayla


    Dag sedan

    I swear she’s trying to be the new Trisha Paytas

  75. swan 18

    swan 18

    Dag sedan

    I'm losing so much Interest in this channel. seems like GH lives rent free in your head. sis.

  76. A. Kozak

    A. Kozak

    Dag sedan

    It made me actually nauseous to see her trying so hard to distance herself from Jessi that she referred to her as "this girl". Gross.

  77. Sandy


    Dag sedan

    GH: I'm officially offline GH like 4 days later: *JESSI SMILES KEY WORDS* She's really annoying meeee omg like girl stop *please* , let the girl live her life, she's done so much harm. I also really hate how public figures receiving death threats is a normal thing like, let's hope that becomes extinct sooner than later.

  78. Leecpc33


    Dag sedan

    She claims to not have known that Jessi was pregnant but she knows now and still won't just stop. Seriously what is wrong with her? I didn't know ADHD made you an awful insufferable person. I'm not even sure what the point of this series is. Its definitely not "art" as she claims. She's just a dumpster fire of a person.

  79. Brooke Marie

    Brooke Marie

    Dag sedan

    we just need to ignore her bc she will never learn lmao.

  80. Black Harvest

    Black Harvest

    Dag sedan

    They need to use this situation to educate people on what forms of abuse come in and look like. I know alot of people aren't properly educated on what to look for or what actually qualifies as abuse.